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Mafees Home Baking Easy
No other aid to the housewife
is so great, no other agent to
useful and certain in making
delicious, wholesome food
The only Baking Powder
made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
No Alum No Lime Phosphates
(Continued Krom Pace 1)
In t lie manger lu a fplrlt of rnlnrti
tlun to the new-liorn ktnn, mid
hearts were jilad beoaune of It. The
laxt deoa?e'n "coiuinerclallzlnn"' of
the day In pnnptnir. In thene later
day we ure made glad, uot ly nifti
to ux, but because we have, by some
thoughtful act emblematic of the
dayn origin, made another happy.
Jan. Watrener, Jr., Music )enler
In many localities It han become a
habit or custom at Christmas time.
In j;lvlnr prewnts, to try to nlve
jiint a little more than the other per
Hon, which. In many Instances, has
lecome nn abuse, an It has forced
many, through their peneroslty and
kindness of heart, to give more than
their means would justify. This situ
ation, or feeling' should not prevail.
Many a person, through the prompt
ing of a loving heart, has giwii more
In the expenditure of a few cents, and
even In the work of their own hands,
than toiue. other person has, whose
gift represents a value of hundreds of
dollars. No matter about the value
of the gift, whether It be large or
small, it should be given, and also
received, with a kindly, loving spirit,
a feeling which should prevail at this
season above all seasons a feeling
of '"I'eace on Karth, and Good Will
to Men."
A. V. )nt hank. Ken I Kstatt Not
to receive, but to give; not to get
benefits, but to confer them Is my
Idea of the proper Christinas spirit.
1. i. Cruiksliank. 5. l'l ami 1.1 (Vn t
Store The tiling that gives fhrUl
mas Its charm Is the giving of pres
ents rather than receiving them.
James Stranahan. Fashion Livery
Barn I believe In a sane Christmas
just as much as 1 do In a sane Kniiri h
of July. People hive gone crazy
about Christmas. 1 think we slioii d
have more of the Christmas spirit
ami fewer liidisi-rlmiua te Clnisi m is
Arthur Clarke, Jeweler A few
choice present for a few choice
friends, "Merry Christina" greetings
orally or l:y post card for those out
side the Immediate circle, that Is my
Ideal of a sensible Christ mas observ
a nee.
I, A Henderson, of Keed .V 1 It'll
di isoii. Heal Kstate To try to make
ever one about you happv ---that, in
itny opinion. Is tlie true Christinas
Sll II.
S. i;. Hardness, I'lirniture- Christ
ina inea ns more to me t li.i n a foot
les lurkey Ivlng prone on his back
at the head of the table, with the
aroma of celery, cranberries and
pumpkin pie tilling the room. Of
e Hirse t liese thing are good and I
would not pass them by without
giving them the attention tliey
merit, but the Christmas that Im
presses me is t he Christinas spirit of
g' hi -Mel lo wshlp: 1 he renewal of friend
ship; the reuniting of family circles.
I love the Christmas spirit that
awakens u to a real .at ion of Cod's
greatest gilt to the world. I believe
the little chllil should be a linn be
lievi r In Santa Clan, and tind all
the enjoyment in It that his little
heart can cherish. You may say
that Is deception, but It I- not. for It
represents the spirit of the times,
and to them it Is real, u hile to us It
I none the less real except the per
sonality of Santa Clans a they view
1 1 i in
.1. W. i'erlgo, of J. W. IVrigo Ji
Son. i nice rs More "Merry Christ
mas" and less reckless and indiscrim
inate giving would make a better
Christmas. In my opinion.
J. M. Wood. Grocer Frequently
there I more real Christmas spirit In
a whole souled, heartfelt "Merry
Christmas" than there Is In the most
elaborate and expensive gift.
C. F. Gilbert, Gilbert Implement
Co. Christmas creates and fosters
the same sentiment among mankind
that we ordinarily feel for a lodge
brother In other words. It makes
powerfully for a general fraternal
feeling among men, the "brother
hood of man." This, I think, Is the
most admirable features of Ynletlde.
G. W. Thomson, The i'arls Fair
One of tiie benefits of the Christmas
season I that it reminds us of old
friends renews old ties and strength
ens them; even if we only semi postal
card. It draws in closer again to
former associates whom we might
otherwise forget.
C. A. I'lath, Prtig The Christmas
spirit Is as strong and active this
ji'iir as ever, but I find that the dol
la i s are limited, and judging by our
trade, recipients of Christinas re-
A Parho.I Wire Cut. Collar
tr S:uMi.' ti.iit not properly
h'-ulfd l.aivi a lilsrtcurintf
la the niKM ItrmrJr for All
AbrcibQ of the I'lenb.
I the t oi!nJ is rlonnsej and
the liiiim":it applied promptly,
the lie.ilni r jioii-s l.i'Kin.H at
fice n t i.. wound hejU from
the ins.j i, thus per
fornii:: 7 rfect c.iro that
lvavca I.j .... If t'10 wound
h i'U l-i cn t!. too quick
ly, t-.ii f.rnu under the ur
fice 1 nr. 1 1. a out into n run.
iu:iL' t nro t l it is hard t .1 euro
r.rd inev:t.ikly loavis a bad
i-wrers rf 1 1 oodoj st-ck pro
r tins i;-.:::uiit ti till others
I'' t
on !
.t r. : m, an 1 t li. v us, it
U'.' 1 1 animals, but
isan I'.'sh, as tt dooj its
n.Uic'.: and thoroughly.
I J.irr.
i'rio 1 ... ZOc fcnj (1.00.
F.d :.-.-J,pi-op. Ct.Louis.Mo,
falve Is
tor Sore
a healing
L2 L42&I.S
Jetotki' MrconncNomBv
minders will have to "take the will
f' r t he le'il" in man v cases
It. W. Pratt. Cashier Hood Illver
Banking ami Tmst Co. I believe
that there has been a perversion of
t he Christ mas season by many, who
have given prociits on something of
a barter basis, hoping to get some
thing better in return. A post card
or some tritle to show that you re
member your (1 lends, Is better than
expensive presents which you cannot
II. II. Iladlo, k. of Hadlock & Mc
Connei!, Heal F.state One of the
most admirable features of Christ
mas Is that It teaches the children
the great les-son of unselfishness.
Watch the youngsters ns they pick
out presents for "papa" and "mam
ma" and others: watch them on a
Christmas morning ns they forget
their own presents in enjoyment of
the pleasure tin !r presents give, and
you wld realiz- that they learn the
great lesson of self-sacrifice at Christ
mas time as at no other season of
the year.
A. S. Kler, of Kler & Cans, Irug
glsts Christmas Is essentially the
children's day, and we should get
our chief pleasure In making them
happy on that octasion.
F. A. ISIshop, Hood Kiver Abstract
Co. While some will at times criti
cize certain features of Christinas ob
servance, no one would have Christ
inas done away with. Jt would be
a. calamity, for It, perpetuates the
University of Oregon Glee Club
Songs Jo Sfa'ts Stunts
A backache from laughing Is guaranteed.
Better harmony in the songs Keener stunts
Hore harmonious skits than ever before.
Tickets on Sale at Clarke's Drug Store-Prices 50 and 75 Cents
fraternal and charitable feelings of
mankind as no other Influence does.
and mankind Is liecter off for every
recurring Christmas season.
P. ('. Young, Meats Christmas
should do m i li-li to train us In the
gospel of unselfishness and sacrifice.
"It Is more blessed to give than to
receive" Is very old, but it Is also
very true.
K. W. Kelly, Kelly Hros., Hay and
Grain A Christmas sentiment? Oh,
a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year to all our customers
that's all.
I, F.. Taft, Tuff Transfer Co The
great evil of the Christmas season Is
the feeling that all gifts must be
"returned" that Is, that whoever
receclves a present must Rive one In
return. I believe that would lie
remedied if gifts were confined to the
Immediate family circle and to the
needy, who In the nature of things
could not "return" the favor.
J. H, Helllironner, Ileal Fstate
Christ mas Is the one holiday of the
year that especially appeals to fra
ternal am) charitable sentiments.
Murray Kay, Civil F.nglneer Christ
ina doesn't seem the same as it used
to when we were boys. Why? Well,
not liecause the day has changed,
but because we liavechanged grown
up, I guess. And that Indicates that
now we should make Christmas
seem to other children the same as It
seemed to us.
10. A. Franz, House Furnlstier To
make others about him happy is the
est Chr'stiuas present a man can
give himself.
I Is A. Keed, of U. A. & A. P,
Keed, A t torneys As we grow older
we shift our views regurding Christ
mas, and from finding our chief
pleasure at this season In receiving
presents, we reach the point where
we get more happiness In making
gifts to others.
U ('. Sims, (if G. Y. F.dwards Ac Co.,
Keal Kstate Christmas gifts should
afford as much pleasure to the giver
as to the recipient. If the true Christ
massplrit prevails.
All kinds of printing at News office.
Don't Let the X-mas Problem
Worry You For a Minute
F RA NZ has appropriate gifts for all ! Just run in and let us suggest and show you the very thing for Father, Mother,
Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter. Gift things of beauty and utility, the kind that outlives the season and is a perpetual re
minder of the giver. Can you imagine a more delightful gift for a man than a safety razor, a rifle, or a big easy chair to
enjoy during the long winter evenings, and what housewife would not be overjoyed to find a set of silverware or a new rug
or davenport in her Xmas stocking. Come to the store that is brim full of such good things, where 4helpfulness and good
cheer" are the watchwords and where you'll feel perfectly free to just "browse" around, taking your time for making selections.
But please come early; don't run the risk of sore disappointment in finding the piece you Intended'' having laid aside, sold to some one else.
Of The Joys in Toy Land
Santa's Headquarters for Me!
Why! you'd never dream that such a world of
toys existed. Engines that run, tin tops that hum,
trumpets that blow -and dollies? Goodness yes!
The whole dolly family. Teeny, tiny ones and mid
dlin' sized ones and great big 'uns. Mr. Franz says
he is bound Santa Glaus shall not run short of dol'.s
so he is offering 25 dozen. Just think! That's 300
specially fine big dollies over a foot high with eyes
that open and shut, beautiful hair, all dressed up
At Onlv
VN axons
lea Sets
1 5 Cents
Ten I'ins
Doll f urniture
Magic Lanterns
Toy Telephones
kiding horses
Campbell Kids
1 wee Deedle
Character Dolls
Imported Decorated China
At Half Price
This is the finest lot ever open
ed in Hood Iiiver. Decorations
are all hand colored. There are
400 pieces and we will certainly
never aj?ain be able to offer a
value equal to it. It would look
very reasonable if priced at dou
ble. Hut if you come early we
will reserve your selections at
these prices.
Chocolate Sets,
twelve designs.
Dainty Sugars and
Creamers, set
Plates, Cups, Saucers, Spoon
Trays, Salad Dishes, Etc.
$3,50 UP
90c UP
Fifty Year Guaranteed
Community Silver
Serviceable as Sterling
Have just received a shipment
which includes all of the newest
creations in this famous ware.
Some of the choicest designs are
The SDiiavpooE
The Tlcur 3c is
No more enduring gift could
be liestowed than a piece or a
set of Community Silver.
Decorated China Carving Set A Shaving Cabinet Foot I.all
Silverware Rocking Chair Morris Chair A Knife or Gun
Coffee Fercolater Kitchen Cabinet Safety Razor Some Good Tools
Brass Jardeniere Vacuum Cleaner Smoker's Set A Watch
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Worlds of Dainty Little Gift Things for Everybody
Vases Horns Puzzles Hanks
P.locks Ralls Dominoes Fire Engines
Picture P.locks Animals Checkers Sweepers
Roly Polys Tran. Slates I)to Tin Dishes
Dolls Boats Games Nodding Figures
Tubs Baskets Furniture Tops
$2.95 Pine Rattan Rocker
Full size, roll edge; Portland stores are ad
vertising same rocker as Special $1.00 value
$15.75 Brass Bed
2 inch posts, satin finish. Only a few
sell at this low price.
Give Brasscraft
Leather Bed Davenport
$22.00 Less Than Portland Price. Think of that. Th!s
beautiful piece would make a mighty fine present for the family.
sets am
g nicer for young or old. Complete
d odd pieces.. 35cf 50c, $1, $1.25 and up
Corner 2nd and OafL E. Ao IF1RANZ COMPANY Hood '' Oregon