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VOLUME 7, Nl) . otf
Clever Young Forger
Hydfro-Electric Company
Asks Dalles Franchise
Fools New York Bank
Mayor Hartwiff and Council Come to Understanding: in
Regard to Warrants and Properly Signed They Are
Paid Into Court Judge Bradshaw Expected to Issue
Decree To-Day Ordering Plant Turned Over to City
Ordinance Providing For Bond Sale Passed.
A satisfactory understanding be
tween Ma.vnr Hart wig ami tin mem
Ihtm i if (lie city council In regard
to Issuing the warrantH tci be
tendered In payment nf the verdict
recently awarded tin? Pacific I'iiwit
& Light Company for the city water
ilant wax arrived at at a Nccinl
meeting of the city council Thursday
evening. Mayor Hurt wig stated his
position to the council In the billow
ing coiiiinuntcation:
September 14, lull.
To the Honorable ( 'ouncll of t he ( Ity
of Hood Kiver:
ientletneli: Kelatlve to certain ob-ji-ctlons
rained ley lue to the signing
of current city warrantH in the sum
o($"i.', Ill for fumllug the light and
water fund. I desire to Hay that
when the warrantH were presented
to nit- for signature I had not hail
the opportunity to consider the mat
ter, ami I ho stated to the recorder,
and denlreil time tocoiisldcr the legal
featurt'H of the Issue.
Having had time to coiiHlder the
mat ter of signing thene warrantH to
1m- tendered to the I'acllie 1'ower A
Light Compaiiy, and ulno having
given cltlz-iiH time to protest against
the procedure of putting the city
Into iledt very far exceeding theex-prt-HH
charter limitation of $.i.inmi, la
caHi they wIhIi to protest, I wlnh to
state my ponltloii as precisely an
1. The Issuing of Pity warrantH
creating a delit lieyond the express
limitation lixed liy t he charter In In
direct contravention of the charter
and hence In violation of my official
oat li.
J. The fact that the cltl.eiiH have
voted a In mi InHiie doen not empower
iih to legally InHiie w arrantH. They
did not vote to Innue current war
rantH evidencing an Indebtedness.
.'I. Section two of ordinance No
:i provlden that warrants Issued and
reentered fur want of fundn to pay
Hllllie hIwiII bear " per cent IlltereHt
aniiiially, while bonds cannot ever
exceed ti per cent.
I. Should t hene warrantn lie Insucd
and any contingency arise ho iih to
prevent the ready Hale of t he liondn,
t lie clty'H general ta x and fund would
neeeHHarlly have to redeem t hem, or
t he Innocent holder of t he warrantn
would 1m- Injured.
.'. The Hlipreliie court of thin state
Iiiih decided that an olliclal has no
legal right tu put into circulation a
commercial paper ly which any
holder may lie Injured for want of
fumlH to pay same.
However, gentlemen, having put
before you Home of the legal nnpcctH
of the matter, I wlnh to nay that If
yon fully liclleve that hiicIi a proced
ure would lie lawful and that the
majority of the citizens are In favor
of having thene warrantn Issued nnd
the charter delit ho exceeded, and If
you will, by unanlmoiiH recorded
vote of t he whole council, In form of!
DlAlfi IV WlNNjiNrHsACf
News Snapshots
Of the Week
fenflnit the Pioneer, hor British chnllenger. In n thirty mile nice on Huntington bny. New York, the Amerlenn bont Dixie IV. retnlned the title of Is-Iiik the
fustest motorboat In the world More than 100.000 Chlnniuen were drowned w hen nevernl unprecedented floods iwept tbe vast valley of the YanRtse Klutig.
ll rcHolutloii ho signify, 1 will Ihhuc
In thin connection I would also
like to call the attention of the mem
liern of the council to the ad visibility
of re-advertising the IHI,(HH bond Ih
huc together with the added nillolllit
necessary to take over the water
plant an hm lil IioiiiIh may lie Hold at a
lower rate of Interent and at a
greater premium.
1 would rcHpectfully renuent that
thin communication lie made part of
the olliclal record of the city of
Hood Kiver and liiHcrted In the miu
u ten. Youth renpectfully,
E. 11. IlAICTWIli,
Mayor of Hood Kiver.
1'revloiiH to the reading of theeoin-
muiilcation Mayor Hurtwlg Htated
that the announcement that he had
refused to sign the warrantn wan
premature and misleading. He had,
Iie Hiild, delayed signing them Until
le had given the matter mature con
Hlileratlon from a legal standpoint.
After properly considering the situ
atlon from the mayor's viewpoint
Councllmen I'.roHliiH and Early Htated
that 1 1 in i-in ik It an It wan believed by
the inemberH of the cotiticll that the
Is-st Interests of the city were being
nerved by taking over the water j
plant an speedily as possible and also i
In marketing the IioiiiIh, the provln
of the mayor's communication Ik'
complied with and that it lie ac
cepted. On a vote the motion wan
uuantmoiiHly nupportcd.
Proceeding on thin action Mayor
Hartwig Hlgned the warrantn and
they wen- paid to the clerk of the
circuit court la payment of the ver
dict. It In expected that .Judge
Hradnh.'iw will be here today and In
nue a decree ordering the water plant
turned over to the city.
Later the ordinance providing for
the transfer and sale of ties bonds
from l ien Co. to Morris Hron. wan
put on itn 1 1 1 1 1 1 passage and wan
unanimously punned.
Another ordinance affecting the
proponed municipal water system
providing for a Water Works Con
demnation Fund and placing the In
Intercst at per cent was also
passed, doing a way with one of the
main points In the mayor's objection
to signing the warrants,
Before passing the ordinance for
t he sale of t he bonds t he street com
mittee reported that It had thor
oughly illscnssed the communication
of. I. F. I'.atchelder asking that the
bonds be re-advertised and had come
to the conclusion that any further
delay In pushing the completion of
the new water system or In holding
up proposed street and other Im
provements wan inexpedient and
that there wan no likelihood of the
bonds being nold on any more favor
able terms. Therefore the committee
reported In favor of the pannage of
the ordinance.
It In expected to Immediately ten-
P8- - . W
4 r " i ii - Hf - , -
Fnink tlotch, cliiitnplnn henvywelcht wrestler of the world, successfully defended his title In I'lilrngo by throwing lieorire
llnckeiischnildt, tho "Kusslan I.loti," twice In Iojw thnn twenty minutes. Uogp'" Q. MIIU, Fnlted States senator from Te:i
from IS'.i'J to Pfls.t, diel nt his home In Corslcnnn, Tex . nftor brief Illness. Dutifully but unwillingly Jiiilge Wntsen sen
tenced Ilenrv C. Hentlle. Jr.. to be electrocuted Not. 21 nfter the Jury hml found him guilty of first decree wife murder Hv de
der payment for the water plant la
the Hum tixed liy the verdict and Be
nin a court order from Judge I'rud
nhaw authorizing the city to take
poHHCHHlon of the plant. It will then
be known what the attitude of the
company Ih In regard to the verdict.
The action of the latter will not,
however, deter the city from securing
the plant, an the cane can lie appealed
and adjiiHted outside of hucIi a con
tingency. The Htreet committee also reported
favorably on vacating the lower end
of Fifth Htreet to lie UHcd for making
a new Htreet from the Apple (Irowern
warehouse to the Htreet running
along the property of the vinegar
plant, the liridal Veil Lumbering
Company and the r
contiguous tu the
Ht of the dlHtrlct
railroad went of
town. The city engineer wan ordered
to Hiirvey and plat the Htreet.
The city inarHhall wan ordered to
take such action an the councll'ti at
torney should direct In abating nuln
anccH and the judiciary committee
wan liiHtructed to bring In an ordi
nance providing for placing notices
at the city limitH warning automo
hlllsts agalnnt npeedlng In the city
llmltH and placing the speed limit at
l." tnllen per hour, nnd also one pro-
vldlng for the regulation of the city's
canine population.
An ordinance making some changes
in the dutlen of the city treanurer
wan read and accepted. .
Complaiutn In two suits for dam
ages against Hood Kiver county
have been tiled with the county clerk,
aggregating $4. ". The suits were
filed by I '.in net iV. Slunott aed A. J.
lerby as attorneys for Matt Douglas
and Pavld Peck, who were seriously
Injured by a tree which fell on them
during 'i storm last fall.
Peck and Douglan, who had Ihh'II
working In the Barrett district, were
driving home, when the wind blew
the tree over and, In falling, It
crashed on top of them. The com
plaint alleges that the tree had been
a menace to persons and vehicles on
the public highway for over a year,
and that It wlin In a "decayed, rot
ten and unsafe condition." The re
sulting Injuries, It Is claimad, will
cause Ioulas and Peck to be de
formed for life, and therefore the
complainants ask that they be
awarded damages.
As jurymen In Hood Kiver county
paying taxes can be challenged for
cause. It In possible that the case
may be tried In Wasco county. It In
expected that District Attorney Fred
Wilson will be the county's attorney
in defending the action.
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,VA vA'-V: f '
c 'Hii -"i i) AND MACK"
I I IT-''" I '" "' " - ' - ' ,-V-r., I
; t m rn rv i tv
Chas. H. HcCann After Certifying Check On Butler
Banking Company and Using Name of Well
Known Business Man Gets Away With $3,750
National Surety Company the Loser.
With the detection system of the
National. Banker' Association and
the Hums Detective Agency at work
all over the country efforts are being
made to arretit t'bar!e M. McCann,
who forged two eheckn made pay
able on the liutler Hanking Com
pany of thin city. One of the eheckn
won for $S,"."0 anil the other for
It Ik now known here that McCann
Hecured part of the money on the
larger check although authentic ad
vices to thin effect have not yet been
received. The liutler Hanking Com
pany, however, In not the loner In
the transaction an the eheckn were
preneuted for payment to the Irving
National Hank in New York, which
wan Insured agalnnt forgery by the
National Surety Company, and the
Surety Company will have to ntand
the Iohh.
Iu committing the forgery McCann
worked the very clever ncheme of
having a rubber stamp made with
the words, "Certified by the liutler
Hanking Company," stamping the
face of the check with It and forging
the name of Truman Hutler, cashier,
to the certification. The signature
being Identical with that of Mr.
liutler. The check wan drawn to
the order of MeCuou aud signed with
the name of E. A. Franz. No at
tempt was made, however, to Imi
tate the signature of Mr. Franz, his
name being simply written In at the
bottom. The check wan deponlted
with the New Y'ork bank for collec
tion and the tirnt that wan known of
the forgery here wan when Mr. liut
ler received a dispatch from the Ir-
Having in contemplation the erec
tion of a large store building on Its
lot, corner of Oak and Fourth streets.
In the near future, the Paris Fair
managern are having the space un
der the sidewalk around the pro
posed structure excavated. .lust
when the building will be erected has
not been decided on, but It niav be
started In the spring or next sum
mer. The present building. It Is
stated, has become too small to
carry the large line of goods carried
by the Paris Fair, which it is stated
would be enlarged If It had larger
The name plan In being followed
out by II. F. Pavidnon along his
property on Cascade avenue lietween
Second and Third, where the present
building of the Davidson Fruit Com
pany now stands and where other
buildings may be erected In the near
Warn Autoists to Blow Horns
The attention of the News Is called
to the fact, by several east side resl
dentn. that nut 'iiioblllsts are care
less about blowing their horns in
passing teams frotu the rear. Motor
car drivers are asked to be more vlu
llaut and take precaution against
possible accidents.
ir; (
vlng National, the vice president of
which In a pernonal friend of the
liutler and han vlnlted at Hood
Kiver, nnklng If the check wan . K.
A wire wan Immediately neat by the
Kutler Hanking Company ntatlng
that no ntich check had been certified.
The next day the check Itnelf wan re
ceived by mall, for collection and a
day or two afterward another
drawn In the name way, but without
the certification. Fntll further in
formation can be received It will not
be known how much the clever forger
han been able to obtain, but it In
known that he secured :S,750. Ac
cording to a New York paper thin In
the way McCann worked It:
"Friday a nice looking man walked
Into one of th lilggent national
banks in the city and Introduced
hlninelf an Chan. M. McCann of Hood
KHer, Ore. He had a canhler'n check
j on the liutler Hanking Company of
Hood Kiver. That happens to be a
a correspondent bank of the New
York concern.
"Mr. McCann Introduced himself to
the cashier. He knew everybody
connected with the Hood Kiver bank
and talked apples.cropn and weather
and made himself agreeable. He
had a check for Js,7."(J which he
would like to deposit with the na
tional bank here to open an account.
He wan not In need of any money,
but would like to deposit the check
for collection and nafe keeping. He
wan stopping nt the Plaza hotel.
"So this stranger, with no other
Introduction, opened an account
for $7r.O with one of the largest
banks in New York and went his
"There is several hours' difference
In time between Hood Kiver, Ore.,
and New York. When It wan noon
here last Monday the Hood Kiver
bank wan just opening Its doors.
The cashier's check had just been re
ceived there when the day's business
was half over here. They did not
think of that at this end of the line,
but when Mr. McCann walked In
Monday morning here and drew his
check for $.!.7.'.0 they paid It without
a murmur. A few hours later they
got a hot wire from Hood Kiver In
forming them the check was a forg
ery. ( f course the poor forger loses
the balance he still has to his
It Is said that McCann came to
Hood Kiver some time ago nnd was
here several days. He became ac
quainted with the Hutlers and also
met. I. C. Skinner, secretary of the
Commercial Club. It In believed that
In some way he obtained Mr. Hntler's
nlgnattire and th-n picked out the
name of Mr. Franz as a well known
business man here In case of Inquiry
being made before accepting the
A description of the forger states
that he Is about J." yearn old w ith a
polished manner and very well
dressed. His height Is glveu as live
feet nine Inches and his weight at bi."
pounds. It Is stated that he was
clean shaven wit n llgnt brown hair
and a reddish tan complexion slight
ly freckled. The day after receiving
word that the chirk was a forgery it
Funis detective was sent here by the
Hankers' Association and put In
possession of all the information
possible and It Is expected that Me
Cairn will sooiu r or later be taken
Into custody.
A meeting of the A pplegrowern'
Fellow ship, to hlch all growers are 1
Invited, w ill be held Sat urd.iy, Sept. j
J.rd. In Hellbroiini r hall. The meet
ing w 111 be opi li at J:.".i p. m.
Prof. II. W. Lawrence, who has
charge of the orchard w ork In t tit' I
valley for the association, will ad
dress the meeilng and give a report
of his wot k during t he summer. He'
will also outline a course for future j
procedure. Ills talk Is expected to;
be Inst rm t i e and Interesting.
C. P.. Whlsler. manager of the
Kogue Kiver alley Fruit Growers'
Association, has been United tol
speak at the meeting, on thesubjivt
' ol pear culture, and Prof. P. I. Lew is,
horticulturist at the Oregon Agricul
tural College, has been asked to
speak on crop handling.
Mood River Corporation Claims Immense Horsepower
at Its Disposal Will Enable It to Supply Wasco
City and Council There Calls Special Session to
Consider Proposition.
The Hydro-Electric Company of
Hood Kiver, which In having a pre
liminary survey made preparatory
to starting work on a power and
light plant here, has extended its
operations to The Dalles and han ap
plied for a franchise In that city.
N. C. l-vans of Hood Kiver, repre
senting the new company, was In
conference with The Dalles council at
a special meeting last week. Ills re
quest was referred to a committee
composed of Aldermen Koontz, Mc
Inery, Schoren, Davis and Moore.
They met with Evans again Monday
ami w 111 report to the council at Its
session on OctoluT 3.
The Hood Klverite wants the priv
ilege of nupplylng The Dallen with
"Juice" for .V) years. He agrees to
begin work on the system within
two years and have the system In
operation at The Dalles within three
years after the passage of the pro
posed franchise. In addressing the
council Mr. Evans said:
"The situation here at The Dalles
In tbe name as at Hood Kiver. My
self and associates are getting ready
to Install an electric light plant at
Hood Kiver and we propose and
wish to make it large enough so that
we can also supply The Dalles. We
have secured a franchise at Hood
Kiver and there Is no reason why
people here should not give us the
the same privilege unless they want
to be held up and robbed. We will
guarantee to furnish electricity for
11) per cent less than the rates here at
the present time, and In reality the
charges of our company would prob
In the death of little Dorothy Collie 1
w ho wan struck and killed by a
motor car on the East Side road
... ... u i im -
' riut ruin (iiiriuoiuii i nnu 1
records its first fatal automobile ac
The little girl, who was aged seven
years, with her brother, still young
er, had just alighted from a vehicle
that had brought them from school
and were standing by the road on
the opposite side from their home as
the automobile owned by J. A. Ep
plng and driven by his daughter Dor
othy approached. Just before It
reached the children the boy darted
across the road In front of the ma
chine nnd his sister following him
was struck and knocked down, her
skull being fractured, aud other In
juries resulting. The car was quickly
stopped and Mr. Epplng, who was iu
it with his daughter, summoned a
physician. Dr. Shaw responded Im
mediately, reaching the scene of the
accident a few minutes nfter It oc
curred, but death had already eu
sued. At the time of the accident Mr. and
Mrs. Collie were absent from home,
Mrs. Collie being at one of the neigh
bors and Mr. Collie at Pine drove.
The painful duty of notifying them
w as accomplished by their neighbor
ing friends and the physician, who
nan an sjmpautj i r me griei ,
stricken parents. Fntll this year the
Collie children had been taught at I
noine ami w ere ni tending
school f. r the first time.
Persons who witnessed the acci
dent st ite that it was apparently
unavoidable as the car was moving 1
comparatively slowly and that the
lime gin seeuie.i in nesitaie. men to
make the fatal plunge.
Miss Epplng w is prostrated Ith
grief and her father overwhelmed
with regret by the tragic accident.
In tell'ng of it Mr. Fpplng !
"We were diMng at a mod rate,
spivd along the Fast Side road, j
when we saw a team stop la front of
us In the ml. Idle of the road. The
children In the vehicle alighted and
were standing beside the rig. My,
daughter warned them that we were
going to pass and tne seetii"! to
be expecting it Wi
them when the boy
. were right on
ran In front of
us. We barely uilss-d III in and the
little girl was caught as slie f. .1
lo wed."
No occurrence at Hood Kiver has
caused Its residents a greater sh.x-k i
and Mr and Mrs. cllle hae the
sympathy of t lie cut ire eouituiinlt .
ably be nearer half than what they
are now.
"The ordinance which has lieen In
troduced stipulates that work must
Is? begun within two years, but It
would not Is anywhere near that
length of time U-fore we could com
mence operations. As soon as I can
secure contracts enough here at the
reduced rate the plant would come
Immediately. It would probably lie
a matter of about six months.
"My associates and I have 7MX
horsepower in Hood river. We are
getting no revenue from It and the
only way to realize on our invest
ment Is to erect a plant. If the peo
ple here want relief from the exorbi
tant charges made by the Pacific
Power & Light company they can
sure get It. This franchise asked for
Is to their benefit as well as ours. It
Is a mutual proposition. They will
make money and su shall we. I see
no reason why towns like The Dalles
and Hood Kiver should be held up."
Mayor Wood suggested to the
committeemen who are to Investi
gate the matter, that they also as
certain how much horsepower could
be developed on the property of the
city water rights, saying that many
citizens are In favor of a municipal
plant. He said it was well to Inves
tigate all phases of the matter.
Tbe chairman of the light commit
tee of The Dalles council Informed
the mayor that the committee had
Interviewed the manager of the Pa
cific Power and light company and
that the latter official said he could
give no relief, that the Increase In
rates would be continued.
'Sieck" Ford, who drives a dellv-
?ri' wagon for Mc(iulre Hron." meat
j n,,irkt,t had a narrow escape from
,Ieatu Thursday morning as east-
1 . 1 . . .
bound passenger train No. 2 plowed
Into hln delivery wagon as he was
crossing the track ahead of the train.
Ford was thrown from the seat un
hurt. The wagon wan crushed Into
kindling wood and the horses cut In
several placen.
The fraction of a minute later In
crossing the track would undoubt
edly have cost Ford his life aud also
killed the homes.
The team was being driven up
from the sand bar, but owing to a
string of box cars on each Hide of
the erosnlug Ford could not see the
approaching train or hear it comlug.
Junt as the engine reached the water
tank the homes and front end of the
wagou got on the crossiug. The an
imals made a jump forward and the
huge locomotive struck the back end
of the wagon, throwlug It aside like
a match. Ford was thro wu ou top
of the horses landing astride of one
of them. Sliding to the ground
quickly he grabbed the lines and pre
vented the team, which hail liecn
knocked loose from the wagou, from
running a way. A large crowd which
wan at the depot awaiting the train
wit ni'H.-ed the accident and expected
to nee the young man and horses
badly Injured or killed, .lust an he
Parted to cross the tracks several
llu,u wn wtTe ,lt t. warehouse of
Stranahan .V Clark shouted to Ford,
endeavoring to warn hlin. but the
young man did tint hear them.
When told by some of the bystanders
!,.. ..v ,,..... ..I t.. I.I... LIM...I
.mil i in t li", li r-i-r- llll.l Kill' il
Ford replied, "Oh. vou cen't kill an
'irishman ," and went on about his
work of getting the harness loos.'
' rom the w ag .n.
A raised platform with a hole In
the center, being us.'. I to load dirt
from the excavation for the base
incut of t lie Fruit Fair Asno la Hon s
building, has been the scene, during
the past week, of several accidents
to horses, w hlch have partly fallen
through it. The tirt animal to pro
jet Its legs through the h..e was
g'X'ii out with little Injur , but a
stcolld horse. In a suliseipienf Hi i
dent of this kind, lloi.n. b red a n u ml
to sill ll III etelil that It loosened M
piece of she, t li on used iih I ii lug for
the hole, an I cut Itself verv bad:
I he animal wastmullv gotten mil.
Mild UIIS I lU.-Tl to Hi. i miil le of lis
,,wner. II A ,.re. to re..h.- the
at teuttoti of a etci tuar