The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, May 17, 1911, Page 3, Image 3

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The Best Motto:
ft m
and NOW is the time to buy a lot in the
jNejvt time &ou &ucilKmby the store Itvish
yottd stop a minute and taK.e a looK. cit
He's the ftnCSt jlc'cpmetcr made, the best looKing.
the best bum, the best running $2.50.
This is the clock they are advertising in the big magazines.
new townsite at
IF YOU are looking for a business location, or a profit paying
investment LYLE is the place to find it and NOW is the time
For details see RAINEY & FLEMING at the Hotel Oregon. They
will also show you the property
The NEW LYLE is not a shoestring proposition. There is
something big behind it and NOW is the time to take advantage
ofjt .
Keasey , Humason & Jef f ery
Tln May ItiiNkt't ft tt jtlvrn uinliT
the iMiHjilct'H of St. MarkV t-lm ri-li, nt
Hfllbroiincr Imll Thurxilny. i-venluif,
hMi'( itnotlit-r to tlx' delightful en
tcrtiiltuiifiitM Klven undiTtlic illnr
tton of Itt'rtor and Mrs. Slnipwoti.
The attfiidanrt', while iih larjto
iih It lillnht liave In-en, wan Uruv
enuuifli to make the affair a mihtchh
and llimirp a kooiI tlni" to all who
were present.
The May ItanketH, which were. In
fact, lare boot Iih Hhaped la the form
of IxiHketH and trimmed wit li km vly
colored paper, rlliln iriH and falirlew,
were lieantlful and their ware tempt
ing. In each lianket were fair hidh-H
or brave men, and the nxHort ment of
"ImijV ran from a el'ir to the
dalntlcxt and lilmli nt of ladle' wear.
The ohJ tltne kdiIi liar la a new
Ktitxe wan In evidence, a nnnilier of
little glrlM offering an aHxortment of
package In finh baMkets, from w hich
you drew your choice and paid the
price marked on It. A white-clad
chef peddled taffy-on 11 xtlck, which
found n ready nnle, ami u voting con
tent for the mont popular liootli re
Halted In the Honor banket captur
ing Hie irlw. The latter wan In
charge of Mr. ('. K. Hone ami Mr.
ICttil Ilancroft.
Ihirltitt the early part of the even
Inn n very pleaHliitf program wan
rendered. The llrt number wan a
piano nolo by Mr. ('. I). IliurlctiH.
Thin wan followed by a vocal num
ber by Mm. A.J. Jay rip. Minn 7.eek
ami Minn Knhiimoit ftave h recllatlou
from the Merchant of Venice, In con
tume. Dunne Sommervllle rendered
neveral nelectionn on the piano, fol
lowed by a duet. In continue, by Mrs.
.layne and Mm. J. M. Schmeltster.
The next number wan a vocal Detec
tion ciPiiK by Minn Hill, a nlnjrer of
prominence who In now living !
Portland, ami who watt here for a
day'H vlnit an the nucnt of Mr. I wile
I tinier. Minn llill'n accompanlliient
wan played by Minn Ida Bryant.
Minn llill'n effort wim tinlnhed, an. I
wan a rare treat for munle lover.
The cuiu-linHnir number wan the
tlalny cliorun, rcprenented tiy n larjre
ncreen on wtilch were arranged the
yellow petaln of that tlower, with a
hole In the center of each junt lare
cuoukIi to iHTinlt the Insertion of the
headn of a number of well-known
youiitf men. The head dlnappeared
one by one an liector Slmpnon reclteil
Home verneH which had very much
the llavor of that familiar riurncry
rhjine, "Ten Little Imllann." The
nketch wan preceded by a hoiik by
Mm. Slmpnon.
During the latter part of the even
In the law party enjoyed dancing
to the munlc of VokiTh orclientra,
which generously etintributetl Itn
nervlcen. The tnunc wan excellent
and the time perfect.
Copy for ml vertlnenientH rntMt In1
In the otlice liy Momlay noon.
The Hood Klver Mld-Columbla
Iieaitue team added nnother victory
to their already goodly string by tle
fcutluK The Dallen at the Wanco
county city, .Sunday. The local
eleven accompanied by i large num
ber of rooters went to The Dalles on
thnnteamer Tahoma.
The name, which rentilted In a
ncore of II to 4 In favor of the home
team, wan wltnenned by a. good at
tendance, ami Meyer nnd Large, the
Apple ('It y'n battery, put up n. good
game. Hoed Klver got 11 lilts off
Fagan The Dalle t wirier, while Mey
er held hi opponents: down to ".
The Dalle wait the II ret to wore get
ting a run In the necond Inning, an
other la the third and one each In the
ntxtli anil eighth. Hood Klver
crowned the nack for one tally la the
third, neeured three more In the
fourth, and neven additional run In
the next three Inning".
The Hood Klver playern were an
follown Moore, Morne, Cantner,
Tate, tilll, Waldle, Large, Cray,
At Columbia Dark the Hetghtn
team played a 1 tot) content with the
Stllletonna nt rong amateur team of
Portland. The Hill tl welter, w alked
off the field victorious, both team
having played an almost errorlen
game. The Portland aggregation
lulled to get either run or lilt and on
ly one man go to first bane. Hart,
the Heights pitcher, struck out li
men and Went worth, the visiting
pitcher, seven. Next Sunday the
Height will piny the Kupert Kubes
of Portlund.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollar He
ward for nny owe of catarrh that
cannot 1h cured by Hair Catarrh
Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toied j, ().
We, the uudernlgned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 yearn, nnd
believe him lMTfectly honorable in all
business transaction, and financial
ly able to carry out any obligation
made by hln tirm. Wnldlng, Klmum
& Marvin, Wholesale Drugglntn, To
ledo, . Hall" Catarrh Cure In taken
Internally, acting directly upon the
blood nnd mucous surface of the
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 7.V per bottle. Sold by all
druggists. Take Hall's Family Pill
for constipation.
Celebrated (iulden Wedding
Mr. and Mm. D. J. Cooper, well
known In Hood Klver, celebrated
their golden wedding nnnlvernary nt
The Dalle last week. A reunion of
Mr. Cooper' brothers, sinter and
the children of Mr. nnd Mm. Cooht
wa lno held. Mr. and Mr. Cooper
were married at Mt. Vernon, Mo., May
!,Is,n, nnd came west two year later,
nettling In the Willamette valley.
They went to The ' Dalle XI year
ago, and have resided there ever
since. Mr. and Mr. M. H. Craft, the
latter Mr. Cooper' daughter, were
Writing to the Portland Commer
cial club, under date of April L'O, a fruit
dealing firm of Hamburg, (iertnuny,
advises that on that date two car
of Fancy Newtown Pippin from
Hood Klver were sold for from Is to
marks per box. These ure top
prices, such as have not formerly lieen
seen In the Hamburg market for
American apples. The Hamburg
dealer write that thin sale In more
Interesting on account of the fact
that these two cam came In compe
tition with the first Australian ap
ple of the new '.Top, but the latter
could not equal in quality the ireg ui
product, nnd accordingly brought
much lower prices.
A mark equalling In American
money about -I cents, the price ob
tained wa equivalent to ?4.:!i nnd
$40 per box.
The highest net price obtained for
the apple w tilch were shipped by the
Hood Klver Apple i rowers' I'nlon
wa $'J .V. a box. Thin in the highest
figure that American apples sold
abroad have ever paid.
Oregon Hotel Special Dinners
A special table d'hote dinner w ill
be served at the Hotel Oregon every
Sunday from ."old to ":".' p. in. for 7.")
cent. An a la carte meal will also
be served. Music by the Mandolin
Club. Dine with us."
Low Round Trip Fares
May 16 to 19,
22 to 25,
27 to 29,
June 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 21. 22,
28, 29, 30.
July 1 to 6, 19, 20, 26, 27. 28.
Auprust 3, 4, 5. 14 to 17. 21 to 23,
28 to 30.
September 1. 2, 4 to 7.
St. Paul, Minneapolis. Kansas
City. Omaha, Duluth, Winnipeg
Chicago. Milwaukee $72.50.
St. Louis-$70. 00.
New York, Philadelphia
Washington, Baltimore
Boston $110.00.
Denver, Colorado Springs
.May 12, 13 Minneapolis, St. Paul $60
A variety of routes going and
returning is open for selection.
Return limit October 31st. Stop
overs are allowed in each direc
tion. E. A. GIBERT, Agent.
White Salmon, Washington
W. E. CO MAN. Generml Freight A Paswnirer Air!
Make It a Point
to bring your
Puffed Wheat Coupons
in to us and get a pack
age of this popular
Breakfast Food free.
There's QUALITY to
it as well as all the rest
of our lines.
Don't Forget Your Coupons
The Star Grocery
"Go Tln')i'ji to Ent"
JohllSOn & Hale, Van Horn
T. W. Atkinson, oddi