The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, May 17, 1911, Page 2, Image 2

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Coarrubt Han Schaf met A Mara
You want your clothes
to look right; that's the on
ly way to have them feel
right. You want them to
look as right to others as
to you. That means that
you'll have to buy
clothes and that means
here; and that means sat
isfaction in quality, style,
fit, tailoring and price. H.
S. & M. suits 0 nn and
at -OlOiUU up
OVERCOATS $16.50 and up
Other makes of fine grade of
all wool goods, newest weaves
and patterns for
$8.00, $10.00, $12,00, $15.00
We also have some extra
specials in the line of Men's
and Boys' Suits that will surely
be worth your while to investi
gate. Think of buying a man's
suit, coat, vest and Of Qfl
pants for the small sum wi J 0
We have one of the fin
est lines of Ladies' Neck
wear that has ever been
displayed in the city. Silk
and Persian Bows, new de
signs, your choice
each IUC
Double tab Jabots finished
with Maltese insertion and
crochet beading, some with
pleated edge with
fancy wash lace, choice 1 UC
Fancy Net Jabots with
bows, finished with wide
German Val edging, some
of fine lawn side pleated
baby Irish insertion; a very
large assortment of all the
newest designs and a.
your choice, each.. ZOC
Ladies' Imported Needle
work turn over Collars of
fiine Swiss Lawn, assorted
new floral designs, r
your choice, each.. uC
Ladies' Linon Stocks and
Bows with insertion, fin
ished with fine crochet
edging; net jabots small
bows in back, your nr
choice, each OC
Pointed Dutch Collars with
round mesh, val insertion,
some -with jabots with
Maltese insertion on
jabots, each JUC
Dutch Collars for ladies,
with rows of baby Irish
lace insertion and edging,
square and round shapes
with double tab jabots, all
the very prettiest nrn
designs, your choice. .DC
Boys' Suits
Here is certainly a big
bargain in Boys' All Wool
and Wool and Cotton
Mixed Suits. This lot in
cludes Worsteds, Serges,
Cassimeres and Mixed Suit
ings in blues, greys, browns
and blacks, ages from 10
years up to 16 years, and
in values up to $5.00 and
$6.00; straight bottom
pants, your choice 7C
the suit. (OC
Boys' Pants
Boys' Wash Pants of cot
ton cheviot, straight bot
tom pants, ages 10 An
to 16 IOC
Men's Dress and Work Shirts
We can certainly please vou when
it comes to the selection of a shirt,
whether it be for dress or every day
wear. Shirts of percale, madras,
soisette and cotton cheviot, in plain
and pleated bosom effect, with cuffs
attached or detached, and some
with soft French cuffs with collars
attached or neckbands, in sizes 14
to 19. Shirts suitable for all kinds
of wear. Men's Shirts for
25c, 35c, 45c, 50c and 75c and up in
cluding all Pure Silk Dress Shirts.
We have one of the best lines of
Ladies' and Children's Hose that
can be found anywhere, ladies in
black, fast color, seamless, pr. IUu
TD-DE PAIRDS TAPIR, 3fte Store ftat Saves 2jou IKoney
Thay Faca Fin, Imprisonment and
Loss of Citizsnship.
Every time a flow of uuvul vessels
Tlslta port there are sure to be a num
ber of desertion These come about
from various causes, and among the
deserters is always a large percentage
of recruits that come from Inland
states. To tbese young men tbe con
finement of a snip and dully drills
soon become Irksome. This, added
to seasickness, to wblcb tbey are al
most Invariably subject, produces an
Irresistible desire to desert. In oth
er Instances desertions come about
through the men becoming Intoxicated
and practically Irresponsible while on
bore leave. In the meantime their
Teasel may sail. Tbese men are not at
first termed deserters, but are set
down as stragglers. If, however, after
period of ten days nothing Is beard
from them by tbe ship's officers they
are then considered deserters.
At tbe end of the ten day limit tbeir
allotment is stopped, tbe bureau of
navigation Is notified, and. In con
formity to an act of congress, their
Sects are sold before tbe mast. Tbe
amount realised Is placed to tbeir ac
count and tbe latter transferred to tbe
deserters' roll. At tbe end of six
months. If tbey still have not been
beard from, tbeir wages are declared
forfeited to tbe United States. Tbe
penalty for desertion Is fine and Im
prisonment as well as loss of citizen
ship. Tbe reward for tbe recovery of
deserter ma,y not exceed $20, and for
straggler tbe limit It $10. This sum,
together with any expenses Incurred
by tbe person capturing and delivering
deserter or straggler, wbeu it Is paid
by tbe government is charged against
the account of tbe man. If the enlist
ed man finds be bos been left ashore
and if be really bad no Inteutlon of
deserting be may report to the nearest
naval station or If in a foreign country
to the United States consul. When
this is done be is immediately tak
en off tbe deserters' roll and accounted
merely as straggler, tbe punishment
for which as a rule is light Marina
A Bit of Japansso Strategy That Da
ooivsd ths Entmy.
Many a man has failed to guess an
easy riddle because tbe simple solution
looked like trap to him. II ere Is an
instance In which this trait of human
nature was cleverly played upon by a
Japanese nobleman.
Tbe old lord bad been forced to flee
with only 300 men before an enemy
with 10,000 and barely bad time to
reach bis castle ahead of bis foes.
There were no re-enforcements near at
band, and be knew that if an attempt
was made to storm bis defenses be
nd bis men would be dead before belp
could come.
Tbe enemy's forces advanced rapid
ly, and scouts rode up near tbe castle
to reconnolter. To tbeir amazement,
tbey found tbe gates, doors snd win
dows open and all tbe appearance of
holiday celebration. Tbey rode hasti
ly bark to Inform their master that tbe
foe was dancing and that bands.were
playing music in tbe castle.
Tbe powerful enemy was too wfte a
man to put bis bead Into any surb trap
aa that. Tbe defenders of the csstle
must bsve some plan to slaughter bis
forces by wholesale or they would
never Invite him in that way. He
drew bark to a safe dlstsnce and en
camped to await developments.
Roon tbe re-enforcements for the cas
tle cam up behind, attacked him sud
denly and defeated him. while the gar
rison, which bad risked all on it
stratagem, charged him on the other
Copy for advertisements muwt !
lu the ofllct by Mon'lny noon.
I'nder the auxplces of Kenny, Hn
niason & Jeffery, who are handling
the Lyle townslte proposition, an
other eicurnlon was run from Hood
Illver to Lyle Sunday, personally
conducted by A. L. Kleiulnjr, who,
with J. i. Kalney, Is bundling the
property at Hood River.
The party went to Lyle on Pean &
Shipley's new steamer, the Ollle S.,
and report a very pleanant trip. The
new craft Is a beauty and made the
12 mile trip from Lyle to Hood River
lu 45 minutes.
It needed ouly a uluuee nt the new
townstte to see that thlnn ure mov
ing there. The entire new town, and
also the old. Is staked out In blocks
and streets, and street grading is
being pushed so rapidly that the
teams and men are being worked on
Building restrictions have U-en
placed on those who buy lots In both
business and residence sections, and
are being, rigidly adhered to. One
part of the new site I nut been taken
by the Arlington Club, of Portland,
which will build a country club
boune on It. and several other choice
sites are being reserved for various
purposes. A school building will be
erected, ground having been donated
by the company, and In the business
section several manufacturing sites
have been bought.
It Is expected that Lyle will In-come
tbe metropolis for n large section of
the lower Klickitat valley and also
the Camas prairie conn try, on ac
count of better road facilities and
ensler grades. Another party will
be taken to see the property next
Sunday, particulars about which enn
be learned at the Hotel Oregon.
At a meeting of automobile owners
and others interested In the Portland
highway, held at the Coin inertia
Club rooms Monday ulght. great en
thiirtluHiu prevailed and a strong or
ganization was effected. The main
purpose of the new organization Is
to secure better roads and primarily
to work for the completion of the
projected highway between Hood
River and Portland.
After a discussion of thp matter,
during which nil present gave assur
ances of their support of the project
and also tlmt they would work In
conjunction with the efforts of the
Commercial Club, the Realty Board
and the County Court the following
otlicers and board of managers was
elected: President, I-eslle Butler; Vice
President, P. S. havldson; Secretary,
W. T. Sleddon; Board of Managers,
J. Adrian Kpping. C. K. Marshall, V.
L. Clark. .1. H. Hellbronner and Al
bert Sutton.
I l'evun r irenaugn, selling agents
for the Hood River Orchard -Land
Company, report the sale of V2" acres
of Mowier View orchards during the
first 10 days of the month. There
were 17 different buyers of five and
10 acre tracts, the whole Involving
an Investment of between $m,0)0 and
$70,(X(0. CJulte a number of the buy
eys are recent arrivals from the east,
who after making an Investigation
of the Hood River district decided to
locate there.
The Rose of Kden at the Monroe
Theatre tomorrow evening.
Work was commenced Monday on
the new Sproat block which will ad
join the Eliot building and will con
form to the latter In architecture.
The new building will be two
stories and basement, 100 feet deep
by ."0 feet wide. The front will be of
yellow pressed brick with double
show windows on both floors and
when finished the entire building will
le occupied by E. A. Franz. The top
floor will le devoted to carpets and
furniture and the rest of the building
to other articles connected with tbe
hardware, crockery and furniture
business. - ' .
The construction of the building,
which Is In charge of Architect It. B.
Bartlett, will be pushed and It Is ex
pected to have It finished and filled
with stock by Sept. 1st.
Baptist Church Notes
Mr. Hargreaves will preach both
morning and evening.
Morning worship at 11 o'clock.
Subject of sermon. "A Model Sunday
Scoool". Evening praise service at
S o'clock.
For Sunday evenings a series of
sermons Is "being prepared' on the
theme "The Man of Sorrows", the
same being a discussion of the simple
life of that world famous one who
never led an army, wrote a book nor
held a political ofllce. Wherein was
His Immortal Influence?
A cordial Invitation generally extended.
The ladles of the United Brethren
Church will meet with Mrs. J. R.
Mckelsen at Alderbrook Friday nf
ternooti of this week. For particu
lars they are requested to phone Mrs.
C. S. Jones.
If you belch up a bitter tasting
liquid It Is a sign of bad digestion.
A dose or two of Herblne will cor
rect the disorder. It stimulates di
gestion and purllies the bowels.
Price iHte. Sold by ('has. N. Clarke.
Big Dance at Mt. Hood
A big dance Is advertised to take
place at Mt. Hood ball, May 20th,
under the dlrctlan of. the Good
Times Club. Music will lie furnished
by Newman's orchestra. Tickets
$1.50, Including supper.
To-day and every day, let us
With the correct DRUGS of
greatest power, a moderate
equipment, and long training
we surely can and do give the
best results in Prescription
Compounding always.
Chas. N. Clarke
Hood River
I117E wish to announce to our friends and former custo
mers that we have bought the Grocery Business
of Smith Bros, where you can find us at all times with a
large and complete stock of everything in the Grocery
line at prices that will interest you. J We will continue
the business under the same policy established by Smith
Bros. strictly cash to all. By eliminating the expense
of delivering, bookkeeper's salary, and the loss of bad ac
counts, which is a part of the credit business, we are en
abled to sell you goods at prices that will save you money.
Watch our ad. for bargains
is what "Teddy" will.'say when
ho n11a fr. coa rri t arna mm
ninjr. Of course you'll have
to "show him" that it's
and bulbs from here that you
are usinjr. Great men the
world over acknowledge the
superiority of our work. Ma
terial used is always the best.
Office Phone 3
Residence 272M
May, Oats, Rolled Barley
Bran, Shorts, Straw
Fourth St. Bt-L Oak and Stat.. Phone 227-M
Hair Switches
From Your Own
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Mail Order Filled
R. F. D. No. 3
Legal Papers carefully drawn.
Money loaned on f irst Mortgages
Fire Insurance in best Companies.
Surety Bonds of all kinds.
Stenography and Typewriting.
Business promptly attended to.
JOG Oak Street
Hood Hirer
IHcunt Hccf Railroad
Tim. T.l.U N.. 3. Fff.rtrv. Aivil 17th 17 01 A M
A.M. -South N.-tm-P.M.
8.00 Hood River 3.10
8.05 Powerdale 3.05
8.15 Switchback 2.55
8.35 Van Horn 2.30
8.40 Mohrs 2.25
8.55 Odell 2.15
9.10 Summit 205
9.20 Uloucher 2.00
9.40 Winans 1.50
9.45 Ar. Dee Lv. 1.45
10.15 Lv. Dee Ar. 1.25
10.25 Troutcreek 1.20
10.40 Woodworth 1.05
10.50 Ar. Parkdale Lv. 1.00
Sundavft. north hnunri train ritf run tci Ivmiti laf
hove tchcdulc, Icivirtg Parkdale ) p. m.
A. WILSON, Agent.
Utah Land Plaster
Arsenate of Lead
Lime and Sulphur Solution
Seed Oats