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the;hood river news. Wednesday, april 2g, 1911
On tin' cldenee of an informer,
-aid in be fitiiit t'l with the Law
it tul Order league, ninl brought here
lit lhi l k-mI authorities. Julia Fea
t In to 1 1 iin', purser on t he Steamer Ta
hiiina Him arrested when tin- limit
reached here Thursday ami lined
mi a charge 'l Illegally wiling liijuor.
The evidence w as secured I'.v W I".
Iliii-i', wliu came lieiv about two
i'ii iu'ii aii'l posed an a painter.
After working at this vocation (or a
day nr t o Reese iiiit work, mixed
willi the buys about tnwn anil car
ried a buttle of whiskey which he
fre. l offered an wan developed later
In ti t evidence. Hut one wltnenn
wan secured hiwever anil his testi
mony being incomplete no charges
could U' maile.
Hi Sunday, April Wth. Reese went
In ieeiinun tn the Tnhoiua w It ll
tlie liane liall club ami on his return
maile the complaint against Fen
t herntulie.
When bin unseroupuloii taction 1.
came known be suddenly lieeame no
unpopular that be left town Friday
on an early morning train. The wlt
nenn be w as dcpending-on be claimeil
bail lieen hrilied to leave town.
Sheriff Totu han lieen ilil
ligetitly scouring the Frankton and
IVtlmi nit dintrlctn for neveral days
looking for a 1111111 who In alleged to
have attempted an annault on two
m ho. il teachern employed at Frank
ton nchool and w ho live alone In a
In nine nearby.
The eplnode occurred Tburnday
flight. When the man entered the
bonne the teachers lieeame frighten
ed and ran out ttie buck door, one of
tin-in falling Into an Irrigating ditch
ami spraining ber ankle. Tim nelgh
born who were nrouned made an In
vestigation but the Intruder bad e
ca pcd.
An the sheriff ban only meagre des
cription of the man It In feared bis
apprehension will hedillieult.
An unknown man apparently .10
yearn old and a loborer, wan taken
from train 17 here Monday dead an
the renult of Injuries received near
Rlggs. The man wan walking on
the track and was hit by the pilot of
the engine.
He was placed on the train and
was being taken to l'ortland to be
placed In the bon Hal. but died jilnt
after reaching Hood Klver county.
The body was placed In charge of
the coroner aud was taken to Rart
tness undertaking entablinhineiit and
an effort Is being made to have It
The incmlx'rs of St. Mark's Church
are busily preparing an original en
tertainment to lie given In thenecond
wi-ek In May. It will be known as
the May-Racket Fete.
As the nil me suggest the fun will
center about bankets and their con
tents. The Work Ibisket will furnish
aprons for sale. The Candy Rasket
will tempi one with sweet. The
P.aby Racket will attract one with
Its dainty baby fixing. 1 he Lunch
I'.anket al ways approved by men will
appeal to their appetites by Its de
lirious viands und-so-on. A more
detailed uccount of the fete will ap
pear 111 the next Issue.
County Judge f tilhertson and Com
nilnsioiiers McCurdy and Rhodes
went to Cascade Locks Friday and
Investigated the road district In that
wot Ion In connection with the Port
land I lood River high way. Asa re
Milt the road money apportioned the
district at V lento and Cascade Links
will lie spent on roads which will
form part of the proponed highway.
The coiiinilt (' appointed by the
ommcrclal Club alno went over the
line of the road In Hood River county
Monday and will make n report at
the next meeting of the ( lub.
Oehauth Causes Dementia.
. A. Little, a laborer who has
Imi-ii employed In the I'pper Valley
w as arrested and brought to Hood
Klver Monday suffering from acute
dementia. His metitalcondlMon It Is
claimed Is due to a prolonged do.
baucli. Little Islis ked up In t he city
jail and Is tieltig treated by tlm coun
ty bvslolaii. If lie f ills to regain
bis mind In a day or two lie will Is
committed to the Insane asylum nt
Itlcytle anil Auto Collide.
A serious Hi'iideut was narrowly
nverted Monday when a boy nained
Hooker who was riding a bicycle,
ran Into nn automobile 011 K'th
street 'Mi'' blcjcle was smio-hed
unit the front on the auto damaged,
but the boy escaped with a few
is X?
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TIM IE PARDS TADR9 fW Stove nat Screes ou IKoney
Mrs. (ieo. Tyrdl lit visiting licr xin
tcr, Mrs L. J. Stewart.
MIkh M illy Stickncy was la l'ort
laud Wednesday and Tlmrmlay of
last week.
M. S. Smith entertained lii niier
and brother of the Locks for wveral
days last week.
ieo. Whiteside and family, of I'ort
lann, arrived Monday for a week's
visit at Skookum Orchards.
Mrs. S. F. Forest and family re
turned to Portland Thursday from a
week end visit at their ranch.
Halsey Perry, of Fast Orange. X.
J., arrived at Underwood last week.
He Is at the IJomlnuer place fur the
Henry Love's mother, who han
lieen residing In Taeoma. recently ar
rived to spend the summer with hliu
on his ranch.
Ir. W. S. Manners and family, of
Montclair, X. J., have located on
their ranch In I'nderwood for a stay
of six months.
The Woman's Club of .Nobility Hill
met with Mrs. C. M. Vinton last
week Itoll call was answered with
current events.
Miss Ann Vnnnett, of Hood Kivcr,
spent the week end at the Highlands,
as the ifilest of Miss Molly Stlckney
and brother, Harry Stlckney.
The Ladles' Club -if I'nderwood
Flat met with Mrs. W. II. Klue last
week. A pleasant time was enjoyed
by all. and the adjournment was
liiade to meet with Mrs. Wcndorf
this wit'k.
Mrs. H. W. Hamlin entertained
the yotinirer set Sunday evetilnir with
a chnlinjr-dlsh supper. A cozy even
ing by the fireplace was afterward
elljoved bv the Misses Florence
Holmes. Hazel Holmes. Molly Stlck
ney, ISob I'lthouser. Frank 1 1 out;.
!!ov Melius, Marrv Stlcknev and Mr.
Many Improvements are noted
alonif the I'lidiTwood road this
sprinif. .1. V. Shipley has l'." acres
cleared and set to trees, II. V. IJom
Inuer five acres. W. S. Manners -JO
acres, li. II. Hazeltotl five acres. '. M.
Vinton five acres, and tin- Highland
Apple Co. I'.'i acres to be ready for fall
trees. A J. Hay ties Is building a :!U
by 71 foot warehouse on his ranch,
to be used for apple packing, etc.
Fverywhere one sees development,
and no one can say that I'nderwood
Is not "booming the boom."
ieo. McCulstlon is very sick with
the measles.
Miss Frnestine lieed, who has been
very sick. Is Improving.
Mr. and Mrs. 15. W. LaMar spent
Sunday nt the home of Holier' Taz
well, of Menominee.
F. J. Koliertson and Mr. Keid, of
the Stanley-Smith ollice, were Kuth
ton visitors Saturday.
Mr-", lleula and baby, of Hood
Klver. spent Saturday niifht and Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Tazwell.
We are ulad to hear that the mill
at (ireeti Point will soon start and
work will commence lu earnest here
at Huthton.
.1. K. MeOiistion and wife returned
Friday from a month's stay with
Mrs. McCulstlon' parent, at Skye,
Wash. Mr. McCulstlon I much Im
proved la health.
Mrs. F. (). White expect to move
Friday to Stella, Wash., where Mr.
W hite has been working for several
months. Her friends uave her a fare
well dance Saturday nlKht.
The Cartwright Concert Company
If all representations are correct,
the Cartwrlitht Concert Comyany,
which appear nt Hood Iiiver next
Monday evening under the auspices
of the liarnca Class, Is one of the
very best that has ever stopped here.
Fach of the four member Is a star
of International reputation. Last
year the company toured Furope
and made a blif success. Its appear
ance here will be a rare treat and a
law audience Is nntlclpted. The
sale of seats Is announced elsewhere.
Jackson Placed Under Bonds
F. K. Jackson, on complaint of
Hugh Moore, was arrested Thursday
for practicing as a veterinary with
out a license. Jackson was ulven a
hearing before Justice I'.uck and
placed under JfJuo bond to appear
for trial.
Let us invest a portion of your
money in northwestern Klickitat
county. B. li. Duncan & Co.
Jesse Dayton, imed about years,
died at his home In this city Sunday
of tuberculosis. Mr. Dayton came
here from Seattle about a year no
and had lieen affected with the ills
ease for some time, but uutll a month
nj?i he was enipli '. ed a operator at
the Oak movlny; picti:re show'
lieslde hi wife Mr. Dayton I sur
vived by two sin all children.
Funeral services were held Tuesday
morning it 1 o'clock atltartniess
Chapel conducted by Kev. C F. Perry
llurlal was la Idle wild Cemetery.
To the Members uf the Hood Kiver
Commercial Club: You are hereby
notified that at the next regular
meeting of the Hood Kiver Commer
cial Club, to be held on the evening
of Monday, May Nth, lull, in the Club
Kooms, the matter of filing Supple
mentary Article tf Incorporation
will come up for consideration.
Your presence at the meeting is
Fiinkst C. Smith. President,
J.'C. SkiNXKit. Secretary.
Otto Kreisler Has Hand Crushed
Otto" Kreisler, aged 1 years, who
went to work In the carpenter shop
of Joe Wright, Monday caught his
han 1 lu the planer and had it so
badly mashed that three fingers had
to be amputated. Kreisler, who
was unfamiliar with the machine,
put hi hand under tiie table and
got It caught in the plates.
Oregon hotel Special Dinners
A special table d'hote dinner will
be served at the Hotel Oregon every
Sunday from :'.V) to .'- p. tn. for 7't
cents. ' An a la carte meal will also
be served. Music by the Mandolin
( lub. Dint; with us."
The Sans-Soiiel will 'meet; Thurs
day, April L'7th, with Mrs. Imholtz.
Xo. 1 State St.
A. L. I'pson, of Portland, came up
Friday for a look at his property In
the I'pper Valley.
Kev. F. A. Harris Is in Portland at
tending the local association of Con
gregational churches, as the preacher
for till session.
Dr. Clarence Xichols, of Portland,
h is Jaken the Osborn bunualow In
the Oak (irove district for the sum
mer and with Mrs. Xichols Is now
occupying It.
Mrs. Wm. Yates a ml daughter Mis
Fva Yates, Mrs ('has. T. Farly, Mrs.
Win. Haynes, Mrs. Win. Sheets, and
Miss Ol.le Sturgiss were the guests
of Mrs. J. II. YaiiDcllan at a house
paaty at The Dalles Thursday.
The liver loses Its activity at times
and needs help. Ilerbine is an effir
tlve livfr stimulant. It also purllies
the bowels, strengthen digestion
and restores strength, vigor and
cheerful spirit. Price .Vic. Sold by
Cha. X. Clarke.
"True and False Liberalism" is the
subject of the sermon next Sunday
at the 1'nltarlan Church. Mr. Mc
Donald will consider the question,
"Are all the liberals In the liberal
churches" ami "Are all truly lilieral
who attend the liberal churches'.'"
Strangers are especially Invited.
Mrs. Filinund L. Simpson will give
a tea on Friday afternoon from three
to five at the Krctor.v In honor of St.
Mark' (iuild and the ladles of the
parish. All the (iulld members and
the ladies connected with or inter
ested In the work of St. Mark's
Church are cordially Invited to at
tend. At the Congregational Church next
Sunday morning pastor Harris will
speak on "The I'nwritten Word of
(iod" a complimentary sei-uion to
the one of last Sunday. In the even
ing the service will begin at eight
o'clock. It will be n May Day ser
vice with a short sermon on "The
Hurt In Runaway thrown forward onto the burse,
Robert T. Vewhall, local agent for causing the animal to run away.
the Milton nursery, was seriously In
jured Monday while driving to Ills
home on the heights. His buggy j
was Inailinl with fruit tree, one of ;
which caught In a wheel and was
When the horse and buggy crashed
Into a fence. M r Xew hall was t hro wn
out. His legs were lacerated and
his trousers torn off, but no iioiies
were broken.
To-day and every day, let us
With the correct DRUGS of
greatest power, a moderate
equipment, and long training
we surely can and do give the
best results in Prescription
Compounding always.
Chas. N. Clarke
Hood River
F. Lock hud his hand operated on
for blood poison last week and at
last report was doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Lyle. of Ca mas
Prairie, nre visiting Mrs. Lyle'
brother. A. J. Snyder, at Ruthton
this week.
Mr. and Mr. ('. U. Morton enter
tained at dinner Tuesday evening
Mr. and Mrs. lidlamy nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Tazwell.
A farewell dance was given Mrs F.
O. White by some of the ladles of
Ruthton, Saturday ritgnt. About
twenty-five gathered at the Menomi
nee hall and spent an enjoyable even
ing. At 11:: refreshments were
Mis l'tia I'.aker was pleasantly
surprised Thursday by the arrival of
hep father, mother and little brother
from Warren, Oregon, for a week
end visit with her. W hile here they
were entertained at the home of F.
R. A listen.
Mr. and Mr. Will Fbv were pleas
antly surprised last Tuesday evening
by a number of neighbors and friends
coming In to help them celebrate
their silver wedding. The party
came with well filled liMKels. so that
after a ni'-rrv evening a nice lunch
was served. The tokens of love pre
seated to t lie happy couple wen
Sliver Klines, se i oi nvrr winie
sp'ions, silver lierry spoon ati'l nugar y
bow l, and net of linen napkins.
late hour all left, wishing Mr. and 1?
Kitchen Queen Patent Flour, Guaranteed, $1.25 Sack; $4.90 Barrel
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Cottolene No. 4 Pails .60C
Gold Dust Washing Powder 20c
Postum Cereal per package 20c
Holly Milk, dozen 95 cents, case $3.75
( Quaker Rolled Oats, large package 25c, 2 for 45C
Quaker Toasted Corn Flakes 3 packages 25 C
1-4 case Picnic Crackers $1.15
1-4 case City Soda Crackers $1.15
Ivory Shaker Salt, 3 for 25C
Del Monte Honey per jar 25C
New Cream Cheese per pound 20c
Young American Cheese per pound 18C
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