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Makes Home Baking Easy
Royal Baking Powder helps the housewife to
produce at home, quickly and economically,
line and tasty cake, hot biscuit, puddings,
the frosted layer cake, crisp cookies, crullers,
crusts and muffins, fresh, clean, tasty and
wholesome, with which the ready-made food
found at the shop or grocery does not com
pare. Royal Is the greatest of bake-day helps.
Send Name and Address
Mr. Baker went to Hood Kiver
Mr, Kawnnn was a passenger for
I'arkdnle Saturday.
1. J. Muhr lit herewith plow and
men for the spring work.
Mr. aud Mr. Wygnndt went to
Mt. Hood to eud Faster.
Mr. and Mrs. Winter and son spent
their Easter In Upper Valley.
Some of our young people attend
ed Sunday service at Parkdaie.
Miss Huth Hudson Is at her broth
er's In Hood lliver and Is quite 111.
Fred McCrae and Mr. Shoemau
came up Tuesday with a load of
goods for the new ranch.
The Episcopal minister of Hood
Klver was up Monday, making calls.
Mrs. Homer Kogers returned from
Portland with a little daughter,
April 9th.
The (irlblile Meat Co. and grocery
wagon make regular delivery trips
on Tuesday.
Mr. Mclsauc was out with a deliv
ery wagon this week thanks to
A gang of Japs are at work en
larging the Middle Fork Irrigating
Company's ditch.
Mrs. J. F. Thompson has returned
from Hood Klver, where she has
leen caring for a daughter and
Mr. Presser went to Hood Klver
on business and returned with a
team on Wednesday,
Mr. Ingram lias a meat supply
wagon and will deliver all phone or
ders. He also delivers groceries.
Miss Allen, of Parkdaie, was at
Valley Crest for the Faster services.
and sang for the congregation
Please come again.
Mr. :ind Mrs. II. ('. Allen and
daughter, also Mr. and Mrs. V. P.
Allen and son and Fred McCrea, were
visitors here from Oak (irove, Sun
Mis Farmer, of Portland
was up a couple of day s this week
Sliecame to meet her brother and his
famih, who have lust moved here
from northeastern Kansas. Mr
Fanner is to have charge of his uls
ter's place.
K. N. St roup came up from Port-
laud and spent over Sunday with his
('. (i. Nicliol aud family spent the
day Sunday with his brother at
Hood Kiver.
C. J. I.lttlcpage returned the first
of the week from a business trip to
Portland and vicinity.
The dance at St roup's hall Satur
day night was the star dance of the
season. All report a good time.
Miss lone Splaun came up from
Portland Thursday and visited over
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. John I.nngtry. who spent the
winter with her mother, Mrs. Sel-
Uuger, left for her borne at Lyle
J. M. Elliott returnod Friday, after
visiting for six months In Virginia
and other points. Like all M osier
ltes, he was glad to get home.
Mrs. Jack Purchett returned from
Dayton, Wash., Saturday, w here she
was called on acconnt of the Illness of
her mother, who died liefore she
reached there.
Among the Hood Klver visitors
Saturday were Mrs. and Miss Chat
field, Mrs. V. C. Young, 'Mrs. Geo.
Young, Mrs. Allington and children,
Mrs. W. A. Husbands and children,
aud Miss Maude Evans.
Dick Evans was taken to Portland
Wednesday, tJ an ear specialist, and
underwent an operation for a dis
ease of the ear. He Is doing nicely.
Iav Evans and Dr. Koblnson accom
panied him to Portland.
Mrs. Selllnger and son, Bernard,
left Thursday for their old home In
Pennsylvania. I hey expect to be
gone two moutns. airs, setunger
hasj been away from her old home
for some thirty years.
Paint Your Own
you can do it yourself and at little expense.
It's easy to give it a beautiful, hard, brilliant,
varnish-gloss finish in black or rich appropriate
is made especially to give to buggies, carriages
and vehicles of all kinds, a tough, durable, glossy
finish that will look well and wear well. An
ideal finish for settees, flower stands, porch furni
ture, garden tools and all surfaces
that must withstand exposure and
hard usage. Keaay to orusn on
and the label tells how.
t if ffsTTi A
(From th. Enterprise)
A Knights of Pythias lodge was
organized In this place Saturday
night of this week. L. Isenberg, A
Clarke and Win. Davidson, of Hood
Klver, ami an otlicer from the head
lodge of the state will Institute the
lodge, which will start out with a
metuliership of about
There was no game in White Salm
on, Sunday, on account of The Dalles
failing to appear. The team at that
town has gone on the rocks for lack
of financial backing There may be
an attempt to revive the team later,
The Dalles team was t lie one that
had (ioldendale dropped out of the
Columbia league, which would not
have been permitted had there lieen
any Idea that The Dalles could not
put up Its guarantee. Next Sunday
White Salmon will play at Hood
With a couple of bullet In his body
am apparently ilea. I, a black bear
weighing -lot) pound suddenly recov
ered and attacked L. W. Wood, who
had shot and scut him rolling 150
feet down Kattlesnake canyon. It
was a foot race for one hundred
yards, with the bear at the hunter's
heels, and the latter unable to load
his gun. Had It not been for the
dogs coming up and engaging Bruin,
Wood would have had the battle of
his life. Two of his eight dogs were
laid out liefore he coiilil get In a fatal
shot. This Is the eighth bear since
early winter that Mr. Wood has
killed or helped to kill.' All the pelts
are preserved and average fl.i Id
Men with pneks on their backs
have lieen here the past ten days In
numbers, all looking for work. They
have heard that much development
is going nn, but there have lieen
about ten applicants for one lob.
Laborers have come here from the
cities of the west, the mines, saw
mills that have cloned, and from the
east, the cheap colonist rates bring
ing out hosts, who are distributing
themselves through the various dis
tricts. One man, who had just come
from Ctlilo, had a kick coming, his
story being to the effect that while
political orators In t lie east are elo
quent about protecting the Ameri
can laboring man, foreigners are
being given preference on the govern
ment works up the river.
With the finding of the benefits
and damages by the jury In the
Camas Prairie drainage proceedings,
the case has finally terminated so far
as the court H concerned, and all
that remains to now be done Is to
get the ditches going. Benefits to
the amouut of fJ4.S,54." 04 were as
sessed nnd $1J.;;u5 damages. The
largest lienefits were assessed to
Some of the
Apple Land
In Washington
Improved and unim
proved; small or large
tracts; easy payments;
near Goldendale, Wash.
A solid block of 160
acres set to winter ap
ples. W. G. DAVIS
Goldendale, Klickitat County, Wash,
Too don't need a smoke
hoima. Apply WRIGHT'S
HMOKE liquid rlv
ing two coats, which will
impart th. rich aroma
anrl cfaltaatA flftvnr tt
hi orj smoke to the meat, keeping it
sound, weet anil innect free Indefinitely.
Bold for 14 yearn all over U. 8. and Can
ada. Get the genuine. Fully Guaran
teed. Bold only In square quart bottles
with metal cap. Ask your druggist for
"Wright's Bmoke". Made only by
E. H. WRIGHT CO., t City, M.
Sold and Cuaraatoad bf
Tradk Manh
Copyright Ac
Anrnn. umillnf ww-h and (lampoon m.
fpilcfelf rtatn rmr opinion f rM whWir .a
Invention It prohnMj ptnrhlA. rommniili
tioninctlr-inniiiriiii. HANDBOOK on Pwmw
tent frn. Olflmit muwj for (MH-urln. Mtnta.
I'tlmits turn tfirouirti Munn to. no.IT.
tffelat nntu, without eliaf. IB lb.
Scientific American.
Capt. Mitchell, the largest land
owner, fS.SlW, anil damages, $45.
The largest damaged were assessed
Frank Aldrleh, f 101W.40, and benefit,
of $0.7041.70. With the drainage of
tills (urge tract of rich land, larger
prosperity will lie reaped, and when
the Iiench lauds to the west are Irri
gated, ns they ultimately will lie, It
Is only a matter of time when n rail
road will tap the territory.
IVter J. Miihreame up to his home
stead Monday.
Several Inches of snow fell on April
1 1 th. making our farmers feel tint
winter had not really gone.
A few days ago Mr. Mcintosh re
ceived an order for one hundred day
old i-hlckeus. In very good shatt.
Mr. (ioodlnnder Is to lie the ditch
rider for a part of the season, and
Mr. Thomas Is the ditch company
It Is rumored that the west half of
Mr. Mcintosh's homestead Is relin
quished to some "new coiners" at
Parkdaie settlement.
Alfred Allen anil mother have sold
their homestead forti goodly sum to
a family liy the name of Ureen. re.
cently from the east.
A party of surveyors are doing
good work In the Valley Crest dis
trict. Among them Is a young man
from Vlento, Alttert (larabrant
(Continued from Pas 1
- r v i
A hftn1.onitr lltftatrntful wnwklf.
ml si Ion of mnf mrmtttin loorriAl.
Mtif montm IL Mura brail nwanA.r.
MUNN 4 Co,38,Br-"' New York
Vrwcn Offlo, e r bu wmbimioo. ia V.
associations. They have reports
from the entire valley from Selah to
Mr. Kolihlns estimates that .1,000
ears of apples were shipped from the
Yakima valley during the season of
1010, and that the output this year
will lie UOO cars, lie figures that the
output would only have tiecti IvM)
cars this season, even had there lieen
no frost, as the preceding was the
banner year for apples and they do
not produce to the limit every year,
but (ire Inclined to lie a biennal crop
The damage from frost Is placed at
V) per cent.
I'he of cars of peaches ship
ped in 1010 wus 1J00. With an In
creased acreage and the fact that
many of the jieach trees last year
were not In full liearlng, the jieach
crop might have reached l.iOO cars
this season. He thinks that the
damage has been 7.1 per cent, and
that there will lie only 1175 cars.
The estimated production of pears
was placed at 175 car", and with the
loss estimated at 2." per cent there
will be only l-'tO cars.
Prunes nnd plums had Ikh'H figured
at 140 cars, but the loss from frost is
put at ' per cent, so there will Im
105 cars.
Cherries and apricots are put at
five cars. A week ago apricots were
thought to have been a total loss,
but within the last few days the
hopes of some of the men owning
that kind of trees, has Iteen raised,
and they now believe they will have
a crop at least.
The estimate are more liable to be
Increased than diminished, as the
latest reports are more favorable,
and fruit that at one time was sup
posed to have Is'en killed shows
signs of life.
M. K. Olson, president of the Yak
ima Valley Fruit Growers' associa
tion, before the frost arrived, ex
pected that his output of ienches
would reach .0,000 boxes, a little
more than four and one-half car
loads, 1100 boxes to the car. Y'ester
day Mr. Olson estimated his loss at
only 20 per cent. Ills orchards are
at Parker, favored land.
Paul Krnger, fruit expert, who
made an Investigation for the Kurnl
New Y'orker reports: "In the dis
trict In which I Investigated and I
examined many orchards, apples will
e from ft", to 70 per cent of a normal
yield; pears will lie 50 per cent; prunes
will le a bully crop; enrly Crawford
eaches on the lower land are badly
Injured and will be. 1 would say, 20
per cent, of a crop. Klbertas will be
a 50 per cent crop. They are badly
hit on the lowlands. There Is no use
denying that we ha ve been lilt. We
have bi en lilt hard and some growers
will lose everything but there Is no
use saying that with regard to fruit
we are down nnd out this year for
such Is not the case."
No-Dust Waxine
Is a preparation to absorb the dust
when sweeping. It prevents breath
ing It. Disease germs are there.
You carefully protect your hair ami
clothing; we aim to protect your
lungs from the germ-laden dust. A
new set Is costly and hard to get.
and repairs nre expensive. Fifty
pounds, $2 (HI; 100 pounds, $:l 00; 200
pound barrel, $5.00, f. . b. Portland
Order from Crescent Chemical Co.,
520 Washington St , Portland, Or ,
or K. A. Franz. Hardware Co., Hood
Klver, or through your gns-er.
F.very family that has children Is
liable to have croup; Invariably nt
night. If llallard's Horchotind Syr
up Is kept In the house, It saves going
after the medicine nt an Inconvenient
time nnd checks Hie attack promptly.
Price 25c. 50c and $1.00 per bottle.
Hold by Chan. N. Clarke.
Neglected wounds produce old sores and
tbese In time develop ulcers wuicn eat away
tbtt vitality.
Snow Liniment
Is a Healing Remedy for All Ailments of
the Flesh of Man and Beast
The speed with which this splendid liniment heal op a bad
wound or sore has surprised and pleased those who were accus
tomed to the slower and uncertain effect of less powerful reme
dies. It mends the lacerated flesh ro quickly that there Is but
little time lost from work. In relieving rheumatic pains, neural
gia, sciatica. It has done and is doing a wonderful work. Many
chronio victims of these diseases have found to their great satis
faction that It cures an attack In a fraction of the time required
by the ordinary treatment.
It Is equally effective in the flesh ailments of animals. Owners
of blooded stock value It highly for two reasons: It beals sores
and wounds quickly, and leaves no disfiguring scars.
- This remedy is needed In every home. If Its great power and
efficacy wm generally known, no family would be without It,
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per Bottle.
Stephen. Eye Salve la safe and .predy rrmrdy for Sere Eye..
The Hood Kiver Apple Vinegar
Company has opened a bottling
works In connection with Its elder
and vinegar plant ami Is now put
ting out all kinds of soft drinks. In
cluding cider, which" It Is making a
specialty of. The quality of the
goods being put out by thecompany
Is said to lie tirst and 'a g.i.xl
trade In them Is being secured.
The new plant Is a natural acces
sory of an Institution of this kind
and tielng a home Institution It is
expected will get a good patronage.
Harness for Sale Nearly new lit lit
double driving harness at a bargain.
J. Kuapp, Phone :i2:'.2-.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury
Am mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely de
range the whole system when enter-'
Ing It through the mucous surfaces.
Such articles should never be used
except oh prescriptions from repu
ti.ble physicians, as the damage they
will do Is ten fold to the good you
can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. .1. Cheney & Co., Toledo, ().,
contains no mercury, and Is taken
Internally, acting directly upon the
blond and mucous surfaces ot the
system. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure, lie sure you get the genuine.
It Is taken Internallv and made In
Toledo, Ohio, by F.". I. Cheney & Co.
Testimonials free. Sold by all drug
gists. 75c per bottle. Take Hall's
Family Pills for constipation.
Tacked Safle
Of Reserved Seats
Concert Go.
Friday Morning 9 a.m.
Clarkes Drug Store
Reserved Seats 50c
Auspices of Baraca Boys
Upper Valley Lumber Co.
We are now in a position to furnish
of the'various kinds
Apple Boxes and Strawberry Crates for this season. Orders and bills
promptly filled.
MAY & VFIISI:L I 1-2 mile Southeast of Parkdaie
Don't Leave the Hood River District
Mosier Valley
N ln ml frlvanfaw for fruit rmwinff
unfxrpllcd. IsnH prkt have doubled In
tat two ypmrn but are not half that akJ
for aimilar land in other wort ion. Buy
now before Rpcrulatora aM their profit.
6 Miles Fast of Hood Klver, Oregon