The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, September 14, 1910, Page 4, Image 4

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This is the crucial year for growers of this and other North
western Apple Producing Sections. It is to your interests to
become associated with reputable, experienced and up-to-date
dealers in Western Box Apples in Eastern Markets. We are the
pioneer house in handling Western Box Apples in New York
and European Markets. Occupying the strongest possible posi
tion to realize best results covering any and all shipments en
trusted to our care. Handling over 1100 cars of Pacific Cotist
Fruits in the Eastern Markets last year is a sufficient guar
antee of our ability to conserve your interests in every way.
IR A IE & " 0-0 ATP D IE LD
A g booster meeting of the Upper
Valley ProgresHive Association was
held In Mclsaac's hall at I'arkdale,
Saturday night, and a movement
Ktarted for a general Improvement of
the upper country. The association
Ktarted off with fifty members and
among other things took up sub
scriptions to the Apple Growers Fel
lowship. The meeting was ad
dressed on this subject by ('. D.
Thompson and two hundred acres
were listed for subscription with the
Fellowship Association. Committees
were also appointed and a complete
canvass will be made to get all the
acreage in the Upper Valley and have
Its owners co-operate with both as
sociations. Another matter taken up wusthat
of the proposed electric road which
was presented to the meeting by H.
H. Langllle and E. T. Folts, directors
of the company which Is promoting
the road. It was stated by fi. D,
Woodworth that he would take
$10,000 worth of stock when assured
that work on the road would be
Upper Valley fruit growers say
that It will have the largest and
finest exhibit of apples at the fruit
fair this year that has ever come out
of that country and that they are
preparing now to make It one of the
features of the show.
A visitor of note who was here
Thursday was O. I. Hefner repre
senting .. K. Donaldson & ., the
big department store people In Min
neapolis. Mr. Hefner was here for
tbe purpose of securing an exhibit of
apples to. be placed In the store win
dows of some of the big mercantile
establishments in the Minnesota
metropolis, many of whom liuve of
fered the use of their show windows
for tea days. This kind of an Hpple
show was Inaugurated In Mlnueapo
last year aud proved a big success.
Mr. Hefner says that about all the
apple growing districts of the North
west were represented except Howl
Itlver and that this year the Donald
son company Is anxious to have
big share of the population of the
city and state have an opportun
ity to see what he is told by experts
are the finest apples In the world.
The Donuldson company Is promot
ing the apple show with a view to
establishing a market for Hood
River's fancy fruit In that section of
the couutry. As a result of the ex
hibit last year this firm sold ten cars
of high grade western apples and the
company believes that there Is a
good market there for a big Install
ment of the best that the markets
Today Is the last day In which vot
ers may register for the coming pri
maries. Those who are putting off
this little duty have until today at
5 p. m. to "make good."
Resolutions of Esteem
Whereas, our heavenly father has
In his Infinite wisdom seen fit to call
to her long rest our ln-loved neigh
bor, Mrs. Hattle Cad well:
Therefore, be It resolved, that we
the members of Mountain Home
Camp, lioyal Neighbors of America,
of which she was a. member, extend
to the bereaved families our deepest
sympathy In this their sorrow, and
assure them while they mourn the
loss of a dear one In their home we
mourn the loss of a worthy neighbor
and friend.
And be It further resolved, that a
copy of these resolutions be sent the
bereaved family and one entered on
our minutes as a tribute to her
Adopted July l:i, HUO.
Mtf.i.i.a Fohk,
Emm a Jo.nks,
Tn the County Court of the State of Oregon,
for Hood River Count. In the matter of
tha application of Auruat Wilmn for lirenne to
well apirituoun, vinou and malt iKpiors. To th
Hon. Count Court above named: W, tha unrier-
irnad kmal Voters in fall Precinct, in aaid Hood
hirer County, hemby respectfully petit Km your
honorable body and auk that a Itc-triM to aell npir
ituoua, vinous and malt liquor in leaa quantities
than one a-allon, in said rails Precinct, in Hood
River County, Htateof Oregon, for a period of one
year, from the 6th day of October. 1110, beins; the
tint Wedneftnay of naid mnnth, be in;ued to Ausjust
Wilson; and we Jo hereby certify that w are
lvai voWs and actual residents in and have
been actual residents in said Kslls Prerine for
more than thirty days praw to tha time of urnin.r
above petition.
!ated thiN fti day of July. 1910.
A. C. fWel Jrjseph Schmid. Be
Frank William K. B. Curtis
Chaa. Olen (Hto Schmid
Jack M-O.ry A. A. Hynns;
I had Cla.ier G. 8yrin
J P. Wilder C. Nelson
John rtuM c. Wwdward
C. J. Ne.lle ien Canlun
Chaa. Fitxpa trick
E. Eric k son
L. P. Day
L. E. Ostbers;
Glen Gorton
Tim Fitzpatrick
Frank Kenney
Aux. Peterson
VV'rn. La hey
R. Fetcher
C. H. Simpson
L. L. Collins
B. M. McKinnon
L. Fetcher
Sam Woodward
James I. hey
Frank Kotrers
A. E. Kelly
C. A. Hroiliar
C. L. Gorton
C. Hafrvhlom
E. Hatrirblom
Ralph Keed
Abe brunbeuirh
Erick Granatrom
J, Gorton
J. F. Hendrick
Clark W. Thompson
H. C. Lew
Notice in hereby Riven that I. the undersinarned,
will on Monday, the 3d day of October, 1910, at
the hour of ten o clock a. m. of said day. or
soon thereafter as the same can be heard, present
the foretroinir petition for liquor license to the
Hon. County Court of the State of Oregon, for
Hood River County, at tha Court House in tha
city of Hood River, and apply to naid court fur a
license to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors.
in quantities less than one a-allon. in rails Pi
cinct, in said Hood River County, for a period of
one year from said 5th day of October, 1910, as
prayed in said petition.
Iated this ZHh day of July. 1910.
A. W. Meyers
Chaa. Gray
H. Glazier
W. M. Ash
T. W. Badder
E. Nelson
James Stewart
H. W. Taylor
A. B. Glazier
Patrick McElUny
Pat Lahey
Wm. La n ire
Henry Goyette
L, G. Pierce
J as. Swoboda
John Catea
A. F. Nelson
J. Catis
Frank Hall
J. Schmid. Jr
Frank Anderson
Nicholas Stokoe
Ben Johnson
W. O. MacKinnon
R' N. Elliott
Will H. Duncklee
Frank Con ion
E. A. Alwick
Wm. Frizzell
Tn th County Court of the State of Oregon, for
Moon Kiver tounty. In th matter of the ap
plication or t. Nelson for a license to aell apirt
tuoua. vinous and malt liquors. To tha Hon.
County Court above named. We, the u ndeniiirned.
legal voters in Falls Precinct, in naid Hood Kivar
County, hereby respectfully petition vour honor
able body and auk that a license to sell spirituous,
malt ano vinoua liquors, in lens quantitiea than
one gallon, in Mid Kalis Precinct, in Hood River
County, state or Oregon, for a period of one year
from the 4th day of October. l!ilU. being; the first
Tuesday of said month, be iiuiued to K. Nelson;
and va do hereby certify that we are legal voters
and actual residenta in and bave been actual resi
dents in said Falls Precinct for more thsn thirty
days prior to the time of signing the abova petition.
Dated this 6th day of August, lftll).
E Frickson
Jamea Stewart
J Schmid. Jr
Krick Granstrom
A A Syring
J P Wilder
F Hall
A W Meyers
Otto Schmid
Frank Rogers
J K Hendrick
W M Ash
(i Syring
Frank William,
H Clay I.evy
A H Glazier
H Glazier
T W Hadder
E A Alwick
Jack McCory
J S Whita
Aug Peterson
H K Kelly
Wm Uhey
Thad Glazier
Patrick M. EIlaney
Gust H Mattaon
Frank Cordon
John Husa
Chaa Gray
Tim Fitr.iatrirk
C Hagghlorn
W T King
Wm I,ange
I. F. Ostberg
Chaa lm
H M MacKinnon
L P liar
Notice la hereby given tha, I, the undersigned,
will, on Monday, the 3rd day of October. 11(10. at
tha hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. or aa aoon
thereafter aa the same ran be heard, present tha
foregoing petition fur liquor license to tha Hon.
County Court of tha State of Oregon for Hood
River County, at the Court House in tha City of
Hood River, and apply to said court fir a license
to sell spirituous, vinous and malt liquors. In quan
tities leaa than ona gallon. In Falls PreriDCt, In
said Hood River County, for a period of ona year
from said 4th day of October, I'.ilO. as prayed in
said petition.
Dated thiaZnh day of July. 1910.
Pat Lahey
August Wilson
Frank Anderson
Glen (iorton
W O MacKinnon
C L Gorton
A Heal
A C Pestel
Will H Duncklea
Hen Johnson
Nicholas Stokoe
(ieo W Stok
Chas Fitipatrick
J 'iorton
Henry (.oyette
Henry Knowles
John Cates
Wm Fruzell
I. L Collins
Charles Malley
Jacob Snyder
F H Douglas
Jamea I.ahey
C. H. Simpson
H. K Flsgg
Clark W. Thompeo
Abe Rrunheugh
H. W. Taylor
Frank Kenney
Sam Woodward
C. Nelson
C. F.. Swanson
A. F. Nelson
I, , G. Pierce
Clem Woodward
Jaa. 8woboda
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