The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, March 30, 1910, Page 9, Image 9

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Water VJorlza on the Farm
Yea, that's Just what we mean real wattr tmkt; runnlaf water la the kitchen, the
the laundry, the barn in fact, all orer the place. And it's all done by that tauk yon
wwn kii yanij WIUCT HI IDII pKlUTt tOf MtOCT ByilFtO, HI VftSliy Q III PTC DC
turn oia-iasmonea cievaiea tans wnicn worked Djr jrsvttjr. for the
Leader Water Supply System la operated by cotrtur4 air-reliable, aafe
and cleanly. Your windmill pump water Into the Una (which la already
full of air). The air, being elastic, la compressed into upper part ! the
lank, and force the water out through the pipes.
Tbia give you a. pressure, so that a powerful stream ef water la on
tap at every faucet, no matter whert It la located. And thia meana mbi
ku fn-pnfettan, for the preaaura la ulvnyt tn and always ready.
Now, the old style gravity tanks were either put is the attic or ait
anted on a high tower out of doom,
111 the former case, their weight when full, cracked the olasterina: or
they overflowed or leaked, flooding the rooms below.
in tne case or the outside tanks, the water often
frose solid in winter, necessitating expensive plumb
ing diiis; or it became not and stagnant during
uh summer ana until lor use. The
Leader Water
Supply System
avoids all thia, because the air-tight tank is
either in the basement or buried uniler-
L round below the frost line. Every outfit
i complrte, with full directions, and is
easily installed. The Leadrr System needs
no repairs, la suited to small buildings Of
large, and la moderate In price.
It os sand you our froa booklet. "How
I Holved the Water Supply Problem," the
story of a man who eurresfully equipped
his country boms with modern water
Writ for It today, before you forget
i ft yHt:j;
Apple Land & Orchard Co.
Office, No. 9 Oak Street. I'hone 26 or 2002-X
VCvsV-KaV -IAL KtL -KsC -i-A. -A X -KaV .f-Xx.r.XvPvF CT-X
160 Acres Improved
Other Improved Tracts
Several 40 Acre Tracts
Smaller Tracts
Timber Tract
This Property is All Listed
Right and Sold at List Prices
Waucoma Abstract & Investment Co.
First Door South of Hood River News Office
II. L. HOWE, U. S. Commissioner. Land Office Practice
Of Hood River Valley
TV A FEW WEEKS, almost be
fore you know it, the BERRY
SEASON will be at hand,
and from all reports the crop
will be a large one.
agMawy nai.iye-J Sanaa
The Apple Growers Union will ship
berries this year, and with its splendid stor
age equipment and shipping facilities will
be in position to help you get the best possi
ble returns for your crop.
We want your business, and in favoring
us you will also help yourselves by building
up an institution that is owned and control!-'
cd exclusively by growers of Hood River Fruit.
Tha Cook's Familiarity With tha Cap
tain Was III Timad.
Enos SIlMbv and - Ethan Knight
raine from the same Utile town oo the
roast t Maine. As boys they bad
grown up together, and now as men
the; were sailing together on the same
schooner. EKjuq was captain, and
Enos was the cook. Their position
might well bare been reversed, for
Ethan was better with the skillet than
Enos. and Euos probably knew as
niucb about navigation as his friend.
Still, they maintained their respective
plares, and neither thought of a shift
Usually on board the Maria there
was little formality between the cap
tain and the crew. In port, however,
and on certain occasions It was thought
necessary to maintain the dignity of
One day a naval officer came on
board on some business. Captain
Knight received blin In bis best man
ner, thanking bis stars that be happen
ed to have bis good coat on when the
officer arrived unexpectedly.
In the midst of their Interview In
the captalu's cabin Enos, apron tied
see la Ifca
behind, as was bis wont when not
very busy, poked bis bead in at the
"Ethan," be said, "wbere'a the sauce
pan?" Captain Knight frowned, and tbe of
ficer looked at once surprised and In
different. "Your conduct Is amazing, sir," the
captain said In bis most dignified man
ner. "Your saucepan must be where
you left it."
"You had It last, protested Enos.
You said you could fry"
But tbe captain bad slammed tbe
door. Youth's Companion.
Roughshod Methods of Sightsaars In
Albert Bigolow Paine says In de
scribing a visit to a Constantinople
'Some kind of ceremony was in
progress when we arrived; bit, as
usual in such places, we did not mind.
We went right In Just tbe same, and
our guides, too, and we talked and
pointed and did what we could to
break np tbe services. Old turbaned
sons of the prophet were kneeling and
bowing and praying here and there
and were a good deal In the way.
Sometimes we fell over them, but we
were charitably disposed and did not
kick them at least 1 didn't, and I
don't think any of tbe party did. We
might kick a dog kick at blm, I mean
If we tripod over one, but we do
not kick a Moslem not a live one. We
only take bis picture and step on him
and muss blm np and make a few
notes and go.
1 have been wondering what would
happen to a party of tourists Mos
lems, for Instance who broke Into an
American church during services, with
guides to point and explain, and stared
at the people who were saying their
prayers and stalked over them as if
they were wax figures. An American
congregation would be annoyed by a
mob like that and would remove it
and put It lu tbe calaboose. But, then,
such things wouldn't happen In Amer
ica. We have cowed our foreign visit
ors. Besides, there Is nothing In an
American church that a foreigner
would care to see." Outing.
Going Astray at 8aa.
The difficulty of keeping a modern
steamship on a straight course Is no
slight one. Tbe helmsman steers by
the compass, and, while a single de
gree of deviation appears very small
on tbe compass card. It would If con
tinued carry a fast steamship four
miles out of her course In a single
day's run. Yet tbe compass gives the
course more accurately than tbe ship
can be steered. Owing to tbe deflect
ing power of tbe waves and tbe roll
ing of tbe ship, which If she Is of the
twin screw type causes first one of her
propellers and then the other to exert
greater effect, the course is continual
ly shifted a little this way and that
despite tbe helm. Tbe only safety Is ,
In correcting tbe compass course by i
frequent observations of tbe sun, moon
and stars. New York Tribune.
Leavaa It to Har Judgment.
"Am 1 tbe first girl you ever kissed?"
asks the fair young thing from the
refuge of bis shoulder.
"Well." he replies, "after the way
my arm Just naturally slipped around
your waist as you unconsciously lean
ed toward me and my fingers tilted
your chlu as you unconsciously lifted
your head and I bent forward where
your Hps were waiting and didn't get
tbe kiss either on your nose or your
chin, but where It belonged after all
that, aud with the knowledge of the
subject which you have displayed. I
shall say nothing, except that I leave
tbe question toftyour own judgment"
Saving His Mats.
On one occasion at a crowded per
formance at the Hoy a I theater In Syd- j
bey, N. S. V, a number of years ago '
a couple of sailors who bad been '
drinking were seated In the gallery. I
One lost his balance and fell Into tbe
stalls. The other Immediately cried, M
"Man overboard!" and dived after his
companion. With the provorblal luck
of drunken sailors tbe first escaped
with a broken leg and tbe second
without a scratch.
A Robbery That Paid.
Scott 1 always thought It was rough
on Adam to rob blm of bis rib. Molt
Yes; but, on the other hand. It was
the making of Kve - Exchange
We are never n hnppy or so un
happy as we suppose. Rochefoucauld.
Our Red Apple Specials
15 acres, 2 miles out on the West side, 300 Newtowns 3-years old,
200 peach trees 1 year old, new packing house. For a quick sale this prop
erty can be bought for about half its value on reasonable terms; see us in
regard to full particulars.
30 acres only 2 miles from town, highly improved, 3)4 acres bearing
apples, 2 acres bearing cherries, 15 acres 2 to 3 year old apples, 1 acre as
paragus, 3 acres garden; good 7-room house, bath, electric lights, hot and
cold water, barn and other buildings; team, wagon, buggy, harness, tools,
etc. Price only $35,000 easily worth $45,000. TERMS.
117 acres, 3 miles from P.O., 2000 apple trees, mostly Spitz and New
towns from 2 to 12 yrs. old, 250 pear trees, 125 cherry, 100 walnut and 100
peach trees; $300 sprayer, span of horses, wagon, chickens, tools, etc.
Four room house and good barn. Price only $40,000 for a short time. TERMS.
We have others
One acre or hundreds
It will pay gou to see our list
Office, 215
Phone 70
Davidson Fruit Company
We will handle Strawberries and other Fruits again this season
as usual and will give our customers the benefit of our long experience
in marketing Hood River Fruit.
Call at our office or phono us
General Office Phone 65 Ice Factory and Cold Storage Plant 65
r y r j .
uaviason rrun company x
We are prepared to do it in our large and well
equipped manufacturing and repair establishment
We would be pleased to have you call and see us
Our shop is one of the largest and best on the Pacific Coast. In it we are
prepared to handle orders of any kind, size and quantity, having special equip
ment and being experienced in the manufacture of Wagons, Wood Choppers,
Loggers' and Grubbing Tools. We can turn out or repair any kind of
Sledges, Wedges and Orchard Utilities. Not alone are we Blacksmiths
and Wagonmakers of a superior class, but we do
Our Horse-Shoeing Department is fitted up-to-date, in charge of men
experienced in that class of work. We make Horse-Shoeing a specialty and
assure our customers satisfaction in every job.
snow & UPSON
Shops, 1-3-5-7 Fourth Street (Opposite Gilbert-Vaughan)
For n (rood but lunch cull In at
Ross & Klclllinlx OyatrT riioiim. Mux
rlwool sweet crviuu nerved with our
cofftv, Mini iiUn fur sale In tiny iiiiin-tlty.
Tliom choice reMliIotice lot on ('an
cade avenue In Klvervlew I'ark w ill
not hint lotitf. Make your choice lie.
fore the U't lots are :one. .1. K
Hatcht'ldcr, 'Jl." I'nHcade avenue.
llarlinan & Thompson
Chamber el Commerce Bonding
Portland, :: :: Oregon
Cascade Avenue jf
Repair Work
Hood River, Ore.
If your borne In run down and out
of condition and you want to tet
til in In shape to do good strong
work litiv a pall of Kex Stock Food.
It will do' the Jol. Whitehead s.