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rtLiaaED wkdnmdat mornings sr
Hood Rivkb. Omook
W. H. WALTON Editoi
Subscription, $1.30 a Year in Advance
Kntarad u Meond-claaa mttr. Feb. 10. at
the post office At Hood Rirr. Oracon.
vadar tba Act of March S. 1ST.
Taking the Census
Census taking, lays the Oregon
Journal, begins in three weeks. In
almost every city and community
in Oregon a howl has usually fol
lowed announct-oient of the count.
In several instances there hai been
a recount by local authority with
considerable additions to the ag
cremate. In all instances the offi
cial count has been disappointing
The farcical character of the pro.
ceed'ire has been a chief influence
in contributing to the result. This
was due to the incompetency of
census officials and the selection of
official enumerators for political
reasons rather than for census tak
ing. Tlie procesa has been so ha
bitual that the public looks with
lack of confidence on the present
numeration and thereby lays be
fore the census superintendents
unusual opportunity to make a
count of demonstrated value. They
will be censured if they fail to do
so. Continuing the Journal says :
Beginning April 13 and continu
ing until the count end9 there
should be a new order. Census
taking ii a serious business. For
a hundred reasons every resident
of the state should be found and
catalogued. Matters of very large
importance bang on the result.
Every citizan of the state and of
every city, town and community
it immediately and profoundly
concerned, and each should exer
cise surveillance, should render
every possible assistance to enum
erators and should make it a per
sonal concern to see that not a
soul escapes the count, iuch a
course will make the work effec
tive, will increase the final aggre
gate, will give confidence in the
census business and will yield ns
surcease from the long time ulu
lations that will otherwise follow
the announcement of the finding.
good authority during the past
week. . The project line will con
nect with the Grand Trunk, the
Hill road now being built up the
Deschutes, and with the Oregon
Electric in the Willamette Valley,
believed to be another Hill prop
erty. This will mean a gridiron
of new railroads for Oregon during
the coming few years that will
bring about a defelopment in this
state never before approached. All
Central Oregon needs is railroads;
it has everything else but people
and the railroads will bring them
Portland will have another
great Hour mill soon. Balfour,
Guthrie & Co., wheat and Hour ex
porters, have completed plans for
erecting a big mill at the foot of
Tenth street on the Portland water
front. It is expected to be ready
for operations during the ccming
fall and will cost about $250,000.
Plans provide for a combined mill,
wharf and elevator. The contract
for the wharf structure has already
been let. The mill will be reach
ed by ocean steamers and by rail
roads as well. It will be operated
by electric motors and will be one
of the most modern flour milling
plants in the country. Its daily
capacity will be about 1000 barrels
of flour. i
An interurban service that is de
signed to meet the needs of the
cities of the state has just been
announced by the Harriman lines.
pounds, live weight, and steers
of the best grade brought $6.75
per 100 pounds. Mutton also at
tained a record, a lot of good
grade lambs going at $12 a 100
pounds, an unusual price for any
$4,000 In Prizes
The larKeet publicity contest ever
known In the went In being conducted
by Klleru Piano I Inline, largest piano
ami talking machine dealers lu the
went. It Is a campaign in which a
number of the largest eastern piano
manufacturer have I Dined with thw
ho ne of Filers In order to bring their
instruments still more prominently
to tne trout in this growing western
All told over $1000 In prizes will be
distributed absolutely free, and
readers of this paer can find full
particulars lu the announcement of
tJiers 1'iano House on pages
O. A. C. Spring Athletics
Actlvltj In spring athletics has
commenced In real earnest at the Or
egon Agricultural College. Fielder
Jones, the famous ex-manager of the
worm s cnampion w hite Sox base
ball team, who has been secured to
coach the college boys, has taken
charge of the squad and put his can-!
dldates at work. All but two of the I
men who played on the team lust!
year are available again this season, j
With the peer of all basebull coaches
as leader and with a splendid sched- j
ule of games baseball promises to le
a popular line of sport this spring.
Northwest Prosperous
A. L. Mills, president of Portland's!
biggest bank, evidently knows what I
he is talking about when he says the
Pad He northwest is the most pros-j
road building now under way. This
work, he says, is showing t he confi
dence the leaders In the financial
world have lu this section mid it
naturally breeds confidence In others.
Seed Potatoes
Blue Stone by the pound
or barrel.
Lime by the pound, barrel
or carload.
Lime and Sulphur solution
by the gallon or in any
Land Plaster, the stuff
that makes your hay
crop, and now is the
time to use it. A car
load of Utah now in.
A complete line of Poultry
Supplies always on hand.
JOHN LELSN0 HENDERSON, frtildtnl: attornai it lea NoUrj Pvkll
A. T. ALLEN. Viet PrulStnt EDITH M. ANDREWS. IcrtaryTrayrtr
John Leiand Henderson
Law, Real Estate, Loans
Conveyancing and Surveying a Specialty
The President of the Company is prepared to do Surveying
find Civil Engineering Work of all kinds
Home and Pacific Telephones
For ten years Roosevelt haa en
joyed a wealth of publicity that
has nerer been equalled, and it is
to be hoped it never will be. We
say enjoyed because we believe Mr.
Roosevelt is "de-lighted" by being
kept in the public eye as never
was mortal man before. We hoped
when he arrired in the innermost
recesses of darkest Africa there
would be some let up to the efful
gent limelight, but not so. By
wireless, grapevine, jungle-grass
cable, pony express, foot runners
and whatnot the doings of this
most pictured and be-written citi
zen oi Lncie nam's domain ap
peared daily, weekly, monthly and
periodically. Nw, on the eve of
his return to his natire soil it
looks as if all that had been said
and portrayed before would be as
a hand bill for a moving picture
show to the advent of Barnum's
tircus, compared with what is to
come. The blare of Caesar's tri
umph, the ovation to the hero of
Trafalgar or the welcome extended
to the destroyer of Cevera's fleet
will be as naught to the home
coming of T. Roosevelt.
And why? Because there seems
to be a fixed idea in the minds of
n big proportion of the great
American public that there is only
one man who can run these United
States. If this is so we are surely
in a bad way. However, if it is
so let us elect Roosevelt for a life
term and hare done with such an
avalanche of printer's ink on a
subject that has ceased to be inter
esting except to the idolators of
the strenuous advocate of the big
stick. Instead of too much John
son it is a case of too much Roosevelt.
Portland, Or., March 20, (Spei-al)-That
James J. Hill will build
an eapt and west line of railway
across Central Oregon, from On
tario to Coos Bay, was stated on
WirstJ& Glass 4& Bargains
C.6 acres on the east side, all in orchard. No buildings $2,700.
CIO acres west side, very best land; 8 acres orchard 2-4 years old, 3 acres straw
berries; 10 shares water stock. No buildings $9,000.
C.10 acres on the west side, all in 4 and 5 year old trees; 6 acres strawberries be
tween the trees. Fruits of all kinds for home use, good buildings, farm implements.
$10,000 for quick sale.
C.10 acres west side; 8 acres in bearing orchard, good house with running water.
Splendid bargain $10,000.
C.20 acres on the east side, mostly in 3 year old Spits and Newts. Very best land.
Splendid bargain $16,000.
C.19 acres on the west side, 16 acres in clover and alfalfa; all first class apple land.
Splemdid property and fine building site. Red shot soil $7,500.
C.20 acres on the west side, all in orchard; 15 acres 3 and 4 year old trees and 5
acres in bearing. $1 8,000.
C.21 acres on the east side; 7 acres in bearing trees, balance from 2 to 6 years old.
Buildings and 5 inches irrigating water. $21,000 for short time only.
C.40 acres in Mosier; 20 acres in orchard from 3 to 9 years old, all good varieties.
Buildings, etc. $1 1,000.
C.40 on the west side; 8 acres in full bearing, 14 year old trees. 20 acres 4 and 5
years old. 5 acres 2 years old. Good buildings, splendid property. $50,000.
Sec U9 for the Best properties in Rood River District
The Reliable Dealers
Beginning this week, gasoline mo
tor cars will be put in service on
the main line of the Southern Pa
cific between Ashland and Grants
Pass and another on the Spring
field branch between Albany and
Springfield. Another car of the
same type will be put on between
Pendleton and Umatilla on the O.
R. & N. within the coming week.
These motor cars are deeigned to
handle local business in the terri
tory they cover and serve the dif
ferent communities much in the
same way as interurban electric
trains. They have been found
very convenient wherever tried
and will no doubt aid the develop
ment of the districts served to a
great extent.
The Great Northern Railway
plans to run its crack limited
train into Portland by June 1,
using tne union racinc and
Northern Pacific tracks by virtue
of the traffic agreement existing
between the Hill and Harriman
ines in the northwest. This will
mean the inaguration of addition
al train service between Portland
and Puget Sound points, as well
as from this city to the East.
Cattle and' hogs have made
new records in the Portland live
stock market during the past)
week. Hogs sold at the remark-1
able price of $11.50 per 100
perous ttectlon of the United States.
He says capital of the country Ueany
and It is coining this way for lnvent
ment In large quantities. rroKp.cts
for this year are the lrent, he HfiyH,
the northwest has ever known. H
naturally attributes a very htk
part of the activity and hustle litTt.
about to the large amount of rnll-
Accordlng to a Hood IMver Japan
ese employment agent the little
brown men will become a scarce ar
ticle In the way of help In a year or
two. tie says that 2(KK) of them go
buck to Japan every year and can't
return on account of the exclusion
law. The Chinese are In the same
boat. It's up to somebody to start
eastern white emmlgratloii this way.
Dabncy's Furniture Store
You Can Oet Anything
You Want Either
New or Second Hand
For Vour home Very Cheap
Agent for CHARTER OAK Stoves and Ranges
Guaranteed Cheapest Outfitters
Phone 1053
If you want your young fruit trees to do well and
make a good growth, use some Dried Blood
and Bone when you plant them
Analysis, from State Experiment Station, Corvallis, Ore.
Nitrogen 6.65 per cent
Phosphoric Acid 7.85 percent
Made and for sale by J YQUNG, Hood River, Oregon
. M. 3CHM ELTZER, SaoraUry
Abstracts, Insurance, Coivcgaaclig aa Surety Bands
M'e'haveZthe only complete set of Abstract Looks in Hood
River County and are in, position to execute all work with
prom ptness and accuracy.
II e represent some of Jhe best old line Fire Insurance Com
panies doing business in Oregon, anil can give the pre insurance
obtainable for the money.
Our reputation as conveyancers is known to all. ,411 of our
work is guaranteed.
Come to us when yon want Surety Bonds of any description.
Office In tht DAVIDSON BUILOINO. N. E. Corntr Caicae Arcane ana Third (tree!
Capital, $100,000.00
Surplus, $20,000.00
Get-the Banking Habit
It Pays
The more bank depositors there are In a commu
nity the more prosperous that community will be,
both as far as the individual citizens are concerned,
and also as regards the community as a wholei
Large bank balances mean much prosperity. Take
the advice of men who are respected on account of
their success ask them the best way of keeping
money and they will tell you to deposit it In
fhe 5"irst rational 3ank
J W. HINRICHS. Vice V. C. BROCK. Aui. Cuhtcr
Successors to JACKSON & JACKSON
We have just put on our shelves complete
new stocks of
Canned and Bottled Goods,
Teas and Coffees
and are prepared to give prompt attention to orders.
Smith Lumber
Wholesale and
Retail Lumber,
Lath, Shingles
Etc. Lumber
delivered to
any part of the
H. H.
W. E. Colst
ft- yb
i , . i ok w s. i v
Electric Wiring and Fixtures
All kinds of Electrical
Supplies at Moderate Prices
Office and Dliplay Room it 117 State Street
Shop Phone 523- K R.iidence Phot fei-L