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Among: Our Teas
and Coffees
You are bound to find those
that just suit your taste.
Our varieties are so many
that you cannot fail to ob
tain just the flavoring you
most enjoy. Try a pound of
our special blends of both
tea and coffee. If they don't
induce you to buy all the rest
of your groceries here, you'll
be the first case in which
they have failed.
Gtoi Tbiigs (a far
The star Grocery
utm 4 son
Phone 53
Real Estate Bulletin
JOAAA Three scras close to town, house. barn.
POUW w.ll and all in 1 and 3 year old tree.
Euj term.
Z ;AAA Forty acre, i mile out. SO acres strict
pJWU. ,r first dua clarcd. on
county road. Easy terms.
$ 1 3000 Tn crB" m th Pin GroT
" trict, nearly all in trees, Estimat
ed crop this year 2000 boxes. Buildings, tools, etc
Reasonable terms.
9 A QAf) Twenty acres. 8 miles out, 10 acres in
' year old trees, S acres nearly cleared,
balence pasture; t acres berries between trees.
Small bouse. This price for a few days only.
Terms $2000 down.
Office New Waucoma Addition
pbonb 228-L
Tkt Lssiinf Canftctisnisti tni Tobaccslltt
(Billiard Room and Bowline Alley in Connection)
Agency Portland Journal
Oak Street
Hood River, Oregon
to tell here of the
bijr opjKortunities
to buy at a big
saving here and
now. So we ask
you just to come
and examine our
line of Sundries
and general line.
If you are a stick
ler for quality
ours cannot fail to
satisfy. If real
economy is your
watchword we can
surely suit you in
that direction too.
general learning
and i d e r ij
Wood and Hay For Sale. Horses
Bought and Sold on
I1CI WVsen St., Hoc Hirer Keigrtf
PAcna 113-K
Grubbing Outfits
Prefer Faultless No. 2 but
No. 1 will do if price is right.
State condition and price.
Address J. O. Goldthwaite,
R. D. R. No. 2. 'Phone
Odell 8X2.
Lane k
Confectionery, Cigars
Fishing Tackle
Spaulding's Sporting Goods
Ail Kinds of Soft Drinks
Oak St, opposite Smith Block. Hood River. Ore.
In order to allay any utit'iiwlneim
that limy exlwt aud to counteract
the continued iiilmvpreat-ntatlutiH re
Kardlujf the water supply, Hiitiiil'
were taken) from hoth nyateiiiM, at
our request, by Dr. ilrotiaoti. the
couuty health otHcer, on March 14 In
bottle furnished by 1'rof. Albert
K. Sweet xer of the I nlverstty utOn1-
rod at Eugene, and were eut to till
eminent bacteriologist forexiimina
During the two weeks prior to tnk
nig tnt'ie ampie the ground was
thoroughly soaked by heavy ruins
and uieltlujf snow, and If any Influx
l surface drainage were liable to
affect thin water It Hliould have de
veloped in this examination, because
t lie reservoirs had not lieeu emptied
for several mouths as is the custom
in the winter season.
Notwithstanding the exposures
above mentioned the report Is very
satisfactory and tu accord with sev.
eral reports made by this same com
petent bacteriologist during the past
two years.
Water collected In sterilized, glass
stoppered bottles sent from the l ul
verwity laboratory.
Samples received on Ice still uu
melted, March K!, 11)10. Cultures
made at once.
The absence of gas shows the sam
ples to be free from bacillus coll. The
absence of colonies on the agar plates
which are cultivated at a tempera
ture favorable to pathogenic bacteria
but destructive to the common
water, uon-pathogeulc forms con
firms the findings of the fermentation
The larger number of colonies on
gelatine plated No. IS Indicates ap
parently that the waters of this
sample are gathered from a drainage
area containing more vegetable mat
ter. The Kesldues and Chlorine are
practically the same as former an
alyses. Hood River Electric Light,
I'ower & Water Co., by
il. K. Davidson, Pres.
The Walkover moving picture film
created a lot of Interest at the Oak
last week. The shoes which wen
given away Wednesday and Satur
day evenings were won by little .Miss
Luclnda Luckey and Mrs. Fred Vo
gel. It is related that Mr. Luckey
instructed hi, daughter to win the
shoes for him when she left home for
the show aud she confidently replied
C orresponclence
Mrs. Alice Poole, who has returned
home. Is doing ulcelv since having
undergone an operation a few days
ago lu Portland.
Odell will have a meat market lu
the near future. We need a barber
shop next.
While everyone Is having a word
or two on the subject of consolida
tion of high schools 1 too shall ex
press a thought on the subject. 1
wish only to euumerate some of the
points 1 think worth considering.
Ten grades can be taught successfully
in at least five of the districts. The
upper two grades of these ten will
hold some pupils In school In each
place who would drop out If they
had to go to town for these grades
The grades above the tenth requir
ing so much labratory apparatus
cau best le taught In one or two
complete high schools. The time re
quired to travel to and from Hood
Klver by those living lu the country
Is sutllcleut to learn from one to
three lessons dally; and until we get
an electric line, the moral and Im
moral must ride together in a closed
conveyance. The cost of transporta
tion will hire an extra teacher lu the
country. Consolidation Increases the
etticieucy of a system very material
ly but consolidation can be consoli
dation without taking all the high
school pupils from all the counties
to Portland or without taking all
grades above the eighth to Hood
Klver. 1 believe I am right In saying
that the tendency along educational
Hues today lu the eastern states is to
place the schools, of whatever kind,
as near the homes as It Is possible,
that all may have an equal oppor
tunity for a complete education.
C. K. McCoy.
Mrs. Clyde Lyman ami baby are
visiting at the home of T. W. Atkin
son. May, (Jeorge and Hay Holes from
Pine (Jrove and (ieorgla Chamliers
from Hood Hlver have started to
school in this district.
NEWS in brief;
Hev. Walton Skipworth. presiding
elder of the Methodist church for this
district, was an Interested listener at
the open forum meeting Sunday
P. S. Davidson, H. D. W, Plneo. N.
C. Kvans, J. T. Holiertson and Fred
New by were Portland visitors Tues
The O.R. & N. demonstration train
will be here tomorrow afternoon
from 2:4." to 4:4.". It will be worth
your time to be present and Inspect
the train and hear the talks of the
Hev. T. H. Ford is In Portland this
week attending the laymen's mis
sionary convention.
Mrs. II. C. McOuire returned home
from California Saturday where she
has been making an extended visit.
Dr. M Thraue, who bought the
Hobluson place arrived here from
Madison, Minn , to spend the summer.
JWeto Spring Goods
A goodly portion of our new spring goods that we bought early have arrived and the styles, patterns
ana general appearance seem much more striking than any previous season. In fear of the fact that
everything in tne Wool, Cotton, Linon, Silk and Leather lines have been climbing skyward we have been fortunate in getting
together a nice lot of goods at prices that are exceedingly low and it will be wise to make your purchases early.
New Shoes
Styles run very much to
pumps; then we have a nice
lot just received in Oxfords
and regular light shoes, as well
as pumps in patent, tan, black
suede, ooze calf and kid.
These shoes are from shoe
makers who have a reputation
for making good goods and
up-to-date styles.
Galitees, Cheviots
Galitees are going to be pop
ularit makes good, substan
tial garments for all the fami
ly and their standard quality
is especially emphasized.
Cheviots for Men's Shirts,
Ladies' Shirt Waists and Ap
rons; waists and aprons for
the children there are no bet
ter goods.
We are offering Table Lin
ons, 72 inches wide in pure lin
on, patterns polka dot and
roses, poppy and clover leaf,
at $1.25 and $1.65. These are
exceptional values. Napkins
to match at $3.25 and $3.50
per doz. Don't neglect this
sale until they are all gone.
Guaranteed. Our line of
Black Cat Hosiery is the best
values on the market and ev
ery pair is guaranteed to give
satisfaction or replaced with a
new pair and no questions
asked. This i3 pretty strong
argument, but the style, beau
ty and values are in them and
you take no risk in buying this
Black Cat
' Hosiery
New Embroideries
An exceptionally pretty lot
of embroidery edges, inser
tions, corset covers, flounces,
beedings and allovers in Swiss,
Nainsook and Muslin, and we
are making special prices on
these lines for a short time.
The variety is too large to give
range of prices from 5c up.
We are offering special val
ues in men's work gloves; hog
skin gloves for ruff, hard ser
vice at 65c. Saranack buck,
soft work'glove, for $1. Sev
eral styles gauntlet gloves for
$1.25 to $2.
American Beauty. Style,
ease and comfort are the first
requirements of a corset. The
American Beauty corset is
built to meet these require
ments'and are guaranteed to
meet all demands. Get one
and if not satisfactory return
it. Prices from $1.25 to $3.50
ft lake Special Efforts ft .mi Our PitroDi Will
lit (! tbt Best Values aod Jerries Possible
New Ginghams and Percales
We have a nice lot of ginghams for
dresses, pattern colorings are clear
and pretty. While this line lasts at 10c to 12c. Apron Ginghams 8c to
10c. Imported French and silks 20c to 25c. Percales In blue and white, white ground with
polka dot and figures. Prices from 8c to 1 6c
On Way In Which It Rsssmblad a
Tiny Spsciss of Fish.
One winter some years ago a large
bale was killed near oua of the At
lantic seaports. Its carcass was taken
ashore, loaded on two flat cars aud
transported far Inland to cities where
a whale was a curiosttj that people
would pay to see. It was necessary, of
course, that the exhibitions should be
given lu uuheated halls, and as It was
a cold winter the whale kept In a fair
ly good state of preservation for a con
siderable u umber of weeks before It
became Imperative to close the amuse
ment season so far as that particular
cetuceau waa concerned. While It
was on exhibition lu Chicago a mer
chant from a little town In southern
Illinois, who happened to be in the city
on business, went to see it. When be
returned home he could talk of noth
tng else.
"You may think you've seen big Ash,"
he said, "but unless you've come across
a whule somewhere you haven't."
"Uow long was it, Jeff?" somebody
asked him.
"It was mighty close to ninety feet
ami about fifteen feet thick. It waa
the biggest thing I ever saw out of the
water that swims In the water."
"Well." said the vlllnge doctor, "you
didu t expect to And It a smelt, did
"No." he answered hesitatingly, "but
It did. just a little."-Excbange.
Thty Became a Society Craze at One
Tim In England.
Plaster patches were Introduced In
England in the reign of Edward VL
by a foreign lady who In this manner
Ingeniously concealed a wen on her
neck. They became sucb a craze and
were curried to sucb exaggerated
lengths that they were dually lam
pooned out of sight The men, as well
as the women, stuck themselves over
with these beauty spots. No lady of
fashion considered her toilet complete
until she was equipped with ber little
box of patches cut In her favorite de
sign. If one happened to come off In
company she hurriedly replaced it
with a fresh one from the box.
At length patching In England went
so far that party spirit was symbo
lized by the position of the patches.
A letter In the paper on June 2, 1711.
tells of a visit to the Haymarket and
the discovery by the writer of three
classes of women In the boxes all dif
ferently patched. Upon inquiry he
discovered that those who patched on
the right side of the forehead were
Whigs and those who favored the left
were Tories, while those who patched
Indifferently on either side were a
neutral party, whose faces had not
yet declared themselves. London 8at-
turday Heview.
A Lazy Rae.
A lazier man than the average Bur
man It would be extremly bard to
flud. When It is absolutely necessary
for bhu to work be generally bits upon
some method which will save him a lot
of exertion. If he wishes to cultivate
a ple e of ground be seta light to the
brushwood as a cheap, easy and effica
cious method of preparing the soil.
For two or three years be cultivates
that piece of land, aud then be seta
light to another sot allowing the Jun
gle to grow In the old place, which
will be ready for reburnlng when the
other ground wants a rest. Rice
growers dlsense with plows, turning
loose Instead a number of buffaloes,
which cut up the saturated soil with
their hoofs. When a Burma n has
earned a little money he Immediately
proceeds to Rx-ncl It all. for the Bur
mese bare no ambition to be rlcb and
never board; consequently there are
no large landowners, and. there being
no aristocracy, the people are as near
being on an equality as possible.
A Poser.
A vegetarian writer narrated In a
recent address a "poser" that his little
son had put to blm.
"My little boy." said the speaker,
"often turns away from bis lentils and
expresses a longing for chops and
roast beef.
"The other day at table 1 explained
to him that we become what we eat
that by eating vegetables We become
mild and placid, but by eating meat
we become savage and gross.
'"Well, papa.' said the lad. 'If It's
true that we become what we eat.
why don't cannibals become mission
aries? "
Fishing For Plundsr.
A visitor to one of the hotels at Pe
kin was awakened during tbe night
by tbe noise caused by tbe fall of a
roll of paper. (Jetting out of bed, he
saw with astonishment a pole, to
which were attached a Ashing line and
book, moving about tbe room, collect
ing various objects and removing them
through the window. Upon going
downstairs be was beard by tbe bur
glarious Chinaman outside to whom
tbe rod belonged and who escaped,
leaving his Ashing line behind blm.
An Effectual Cur.
"She wants to be a sister to me."
"Ton can easily get her out of that
"Treat her as yon would a sister."
Kansas City Journal.
and Builder
PsrsunsJ Attention Givsn All Work.
Phone 307-K. Residence. 720 J una 8 tract.
Newtown and
We still have a fine block
of first class, one year New
towns and Spitz. Stock is 4
to 6 ft., and 3 to 4 ft. high.
This stock is grown by irri
gation, has a splendid root
system and is the highest
quality obtainable.
If you wish any of the
above stock, together with
any other
write at once as our supply
is being rapidly exhausted.
We supply Yakima Valley
grown stock only.
Yakima Valley Nursery Go.
Toppenish, Wash.
Send in your order today;
write for catalogue
The Steamer TE A
leaves Portland for The Dalles, Big
Hddy, and way points, Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.,
returning Mondays, N edncsday a and
Fridays, leaving the Dalles at 7 a. m.
Resumed service f-eb. 1st, 1910.
Legal Papers carefully drawn.
Money loaned on f irst Mortgages
Fire Insurance in best Companies.
Surety Bonds of all kinds.
Stenography and Typewriting.
Business promptly attended to.
306 Oak Street Hood Rirar
Real Estate
Correspondence Solicited
L. E. Foust
Automobile and Bicycle
Gear Cutting and Fitting1.
All kinds of Machine work
done. Prices reasonable.
8lxth and Columbia Street, fhons 109-x
Htr Ousts.
Hubby There's another cbap com
mitted suicide bemuse hla home was
Wide 1 dare any It will be happier
now. Illustrated Hits.
A cruel story runs on wheels, and
every hand oils tbe wbeela as they
run -Oulda.
National Life Insurance Co.
of U. S. A.
Established 1868
Over One Million Dollars of
Insurance in Force in Hood
River County.
For rates or Information apply to
J. M. Schmeltzer
Local Representative, or
A. B. Combs
State Manager, Portland