The Hood River news. (Hood River, Or.) 1909-current, March 09, 1910, Page 2, Image 2

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Hood River
C orresponclence
Mrs. Lenn Chambers, who has been
spending a few days with I. I. 1'ack
ard, returned to Portland Tuesday
Mrs. A. J. Hay net aud daughter
Fannie, came up from Portland Tues
day noon.
Mrs. F.N. Forest and the children
came up from Portland Wednesday
for a few days at the ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hazel ton spent
Thursday In Hood Klver. The new
house Is uearlng completion and we
fear they have set it bard task for
the rest of us, for we can hardly hoe
to have a home so complete In detail
as theirs, at least, not until the or
chard comes Into bearing.
W. li. Arlxs had a rather exciting
runaway one day last week, In which
he barely escaped being killed, and
the team badly Injured, but they all
eaine out of It with a few bruises. W
t li. will probably see that the tugs
are unhooked before he removes the
bridles the next time.
1 he people here are all on the war
path at the prospect of losing the
mall delivery, it looks like u cae of
the tall trying to wag the don, for
there are Unpeople who will lone by
the proposed change, und only .T5
who will In any way be benefitted,
outside of the party who expects to
obtain the contract for Tarrying the
mall on the new route, and who
originated the scheme to change the
V.. ). 15lu Debar of Hood Klver, uc
coinpauled by p. Mr. Newcomb of Los
Angeles spent Sunday at Under
wood and were delighted with what
they saw of our country and ex
pressed that this side offered letter
opportunities Just now, especially to
the man of moderate means.
At the school election held Satur
day, H'C Lowden was elected di
rector for a term of three years, re
ceiving all but two of the votes cast.
Geo. Darting In the busiest man in
the community these days, as the
unusual amount of water this spring
has washed out the roads badly and
in one or two places made them
nearly Impassable.
Mrs. Amos Hoot and Mrs. A. Me
Lane were shopping In Hood Itiver
Mrs. Lizzie Lambert came up from
Portland Wednesday and spent sev
eral days visiting her parents," Mr.
and Mrs. John Evans.
Mr. ind Mrs. Geo. Chamlerlain
and J. M. Elliot went to Portland
Friday to see the air ship make Its
J. P. and J. M. Carroll were called
to Portland Saturday on account of
the death of Jake Yarnell. Mr. Yar-
nell suffered a paralytic stroke Fri
day w hlch resulted In his death Fri
day evening. He was a son-in-law
of Mr. and Mrs J. P. Carroll.
A. P. ISatcham, f I. G. Klblee and
K. McGregorattended the banquet
at Hotel Dalles last Tuesday evening
The measles are going the rounds
at present and school has been
lined for two weeks.
Mrs. (Jove left Friday afternoon for
her home In Hood Hlver and will re
main while school Is closed.
John Armstrong and family left
Thursday for their old home In MIs-
ourl where they expect to reside In
the future.
Now that good weather has come
veryone Is busy clearing land ami
he largest acreage In the history of
Mosler will I cleared this spring.
A proof that we are Is'lng heard of
abroad every day brings strangers
here seeking hotiies.
J. E. Higley returned from The
Dalles Tuesday with a fine team and
Amos Hoot lost a valuable horse
last week. It was the family driving
horse, so will be hard to replace.
Judge Lake and two other gentle
men from The Dalles were down the
first of the week to Inspect the Mosler
Creek wagon bridge.
Frank Mlddleswart left Monday
for Premerton, Wash., after spending
the winter with his parents.
A landslide on the grade north of
the toll bridge has Inconvenienced
the people of the upper settlement.
There Is need of walling the upper
side of the grade, letting the irriga
tion dltcb take chances on being
More water has Iteenon the ground
during the past ten days than before
known In this vicinity. Water came
down the canyon south of the
Butte and followed the channel to
the lower end where It scattered
great quantities of gravel and stone
covering Jesse Davidson's spring to
a depth of nearly four feet. Water
also washed through part of his
clearing, making gullies In I luces to
the depth of two to three feet. It
followed the road to the so called
Bone ditch and did great damage to
the road.
Miss Lizzie Cooper and Miss Laura
Purcell, our worthy lecturer and sec
retary respectively, attended the
county convention of the Grange at
Pine Grove Saturday last, and as It
was the regular meeting they enjoyed
the day exceedingly. They made the
acnuulutauee of quite a nuniler of
Pine Grove ieop!e. E. C. Miller failed
to make connections and then-fore
we only had two delegates.
W. B. Davidson expects to com
mence work In the Willow Flat dis
trict this week.
(juite a number of land seekers
came up to Dee Saturday on an In
spection trip. We hope they may
find land to suit each one as a good
future Is ahead of us In these parts.
Joe Dlmmlck made a business trip
to town, going part way Friday and
stopping at Pete Udell's. He re
turned home Sunday evening.
E. W. Clark made a trip to Hood
River Monday to see about storing
his goods which arrived several days
ago the roads Isjlng bad for hauling
at present.
Jas. Langllle Is somewhat under
the Weather and went to Hood Hlv
er Saturday to consult a physician.
Mac Hush and wife were In town
- -
Hev. Spaulding occupied his pulpit
Sunday morning speaking to nn up
preclatlve congregation.
The Methodist quarterly conference
will be held at Odell next Saturdav
and Sunday.
The W.L'.T. will meet with Mrs.
Clara Jurvls Friday afternoon of
this week.
Mr, and Mrs. Austin will spend the
summer In the vicinity. Mrs. Austin
Is a sister of Mrs. A. J. Grow.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Scolw-e are visit.
lug friends In Portland this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Slade's new home Is
nearlng completion.
Mrs. John Johnson and children,
also Miss Gertie Johnson, are visit
ing in the community.
Mr. Wnlker's people have vacated
the house owned by Mr. Mark and
will live on the property of Mr. Cut
ler, working for him this summer.
Mrs. E. Nlekelwou of Belmont visit
ed "her sister, Mrs. Campltell, Satur
day and Sunday.
Mr. Jarvls family lost their good
driving horse last week. Sam Camp
liell also lost a horse recently.
Zeua Miller has just closed a six
months' term of school and visited
her parents last week. She has an
other school engaged for the summer
Hoy Brock, who has been ill for
several weeks, is reported aij Improving.
K. of Ps, Celebrate Anniversary
To properly celebrate the founding
of the order of the Knights of Pyth
ian and also the organization of the
Waucoma lodge No. .'50 the memlcrs
of the local order gave a banquet
and entertainment last Tuesday
evening In the lodge hall.
The affair celebrated the-liith anni
versary of the national organization
and the L'Oth of the local order and
was largely attended. A program
arranged by Arthur Clarke was ad
mirably rendered after which V. C.
Brock and M. H. Nickclseu were pre
sented with handsome gold lodge
pins as a mark of honor for having
been members of the order fcr
twenty-five years. The presentation
speech was made by Hev. W. C. Gil
more and was responded to by Mr.
Brock and Mr. Nickclseu, who ex
pressed their appreciation of the
honor conferred on them by their
fellow members as well as their ur
prise permitted.
A supper such as only the Pythian
sinters c:iu serve was then placed Im
fore the merry knights, who feasted
and Indulged In the pastimes of good
fellowship such as the order exemplifies.
ST :
Sometimes a minute is of extreme importance. Your
nattn oiiuum uc unit 111c ociuiiu. li it a BU1IIC
thing is wrong. Let us examine it.
4P Watch Repairing Is Our Specialty
Opposite Butler Bank OPEN EVENINGS
In Brosius Block
List of Hood River Orchard Lands
11 Acres east side, all in 3-year old orchard, Spits and Newtowns, good 4 room
house, large barn, price $6000; terms.
10 Acres in Crapper, 6 acres in cultivation, 2 acres 4 and 5 year Spits and New
towns, 4 acres ready to set to trees, balance uncleared but good for trees, 3 room house,
barn, apple house and good well. Price $4500, half cash; 4 years at 7 per cent on
15 Acres 1-2 mile out, 10 acres in cultivation," 300 2 and 3-year Spits and Newtowns
4 J-2 acres alfalfa. Price $6000; terms.
20 Acres east side, all to trees from 1 to 4 years old, Spits and Newtowns. $1000
worth of stock and tools go with the place. Price for a few days $11000. Terras.
I have all kinds of tracts from n acres to 8o acres,
all set to trees, at bargain prices. Terms to suit.
Phone 98
At the Drug Store on the Heights
This is th season for Pruning
and Spraying. We have a
complete line of
Phone 99 First and Oak ytreetH