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145TH YEAR, NO. 136
Photos by Colin Murphey/The Daily Astorian
Wade Tucker and Kelly Anderson prepare their trucks for a night of spraying de-icer on area roads.
Transportation crews fight against frosty roadways
renton. They load large yellow tanker
trucks with up to 1,600 gallons of the
de-icer at a time and fan out on loops
along U.S. Highway 30 east to West-
port, U.S. Highway 26 east to the
Elderberry Inn and U.S. Highway
101 south to the Tillamook County
line, along with state highways snak-
ing through the forests. Spraying at
a rate of 20 to 30 gallons per mile
from a line of sprinklers near the rear
bumper, they can put out up to 6,000
gallons in one night.
“We apply mag chloride as a pre-
treatment to keep ice from form-
ing on the highway due to wet pave-
ment falling below 32 degrees, frost,
freezing fog, and in cases, freezing
rain,” said Mark Buffington, District
1 manager for the state transportation
The Daily Astorian
hile many were rest-
ing up the night before
New Year’s Eve, state
Department of Transportation work-
ers Wade Tucker and Kelly Anderson
were on the road, spraying down the
region’s highways with magnesium
chloride to prevent roads from freez-
ing amid a forecasted frost.
The two maintenance technicians
are part of the crews who spend win-
ter nights de-icing roads before the
morning commute. Their main tool is
magnesium chloride, a mix of chem-
ical salt and water that quickly melts
through ice. The de-icer is purchased
in bulk and stored at stations along
the state’s highways.
Tucker and Anderson begin their
nights at a maintenance yard in War-
and dismissal
across Oregon
Kelly Anderson drives a de-icing truck throughout the region for the
Oregon Department of Transportation.
Uppertown couple stunned Walla Walla man
arrested following
by an attempted arson
downtown dust-up
No suspect
Harvey, 35,
allegedly fought
with police
The Daily Astorian
An Uppertown couple
awoke to a potentially dan-
gerous scene late Saturday
night when someone tried to
burn their house down.
Mari Inaba, 31, and Ben
Crockett, 32, heard creak-
ing noises at their 38th Street
house around midnight. The
house is roughly a century
old, so they didn’t think much
of it at first. They heard the
noise again, and their dog
began to bark.
“That is highly unusual,”
Inaba said.
Crockett checked a side
room and walked downstairs
before seeing flames near the
front door.
“It was very apparent that
someone left something there
to start the fire,” Inaba said.
After extinguishing small
fires on their front porch and
The Daily Astorian
Colin Murphey/The Daily Astorian
Damage to the front porch of a home on 38th Street in
Astoria can be seen after a suspected arson attempt
Saturday night.
the side of their house, the
couple found a burned shirt in
one spot, a burned worker’s
glove in another and a melted
gas meter that smelled of per-
fume or some sort of accel-
erator. The side of the house
sustained some fire damage.
The couple was perplexed,
unsure of who would want to
damage their home.
“I have no idea,” Inaba
said. “My husband and I
racked our brains thinking,
The couple has since pur-
chased motion-sensing lights
and a security camera.
Astoria police have not
identified a suspect. “It was
a little odd,” Interim Police
Chief Geoff Spalding said.
A Walla Walla, Washing-
ton, man was arrested Sat-
urday after allegedly caus-
ing disturbances at downtown
businesses and then fighting
with police.
Just after 4:15 p.m., Asto-
ria police responded to reports
of a man who had thrown
produce around at the Asto-
ria Co-op grocery store, stole
a cellphone from owners of
the Mai Tong Thai food cart
across the street and poured
hot sauce on a black Cadillac
Escalade nearby. A witness
also told police that the man
had shattered a piece of glass
in the area.
When officers arrived, they
located James Clive Alfred
Harvey, 35. He allegedly
struggled for several minutes
as officers attempted to arrest
During the tussle, two
Astoria police officers used a
stun gun to try to subdue Har-
vey, listed as 6 feet 4 inches
tall and 230 pounds. A Warren-
ton police officer and a Clat-
sop County Sheriff’s Office
deputy were called to provide
backup, and an onlooker also
provided assistance before he
was finally arrested.
One of several onlookers
recorded the scene with an
officer’s body camera after it
fell off, Interim Police Chief
Geoff Spalding said.
guilty Monday to charges
of assaulting a public safety
officer, harassment, aggra-
vated harassment, resisting
arrest, second-degree disor-
derly conduct, second-de-
gree theft, third-degree theft
and third-degree criminal