The daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1961-current, December 22, 2017, WEEKEND EDITION, Page 9, Image 9

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    Dear Santa,
I have been good this year and I helped my dad last
night. I help friends. And what I want for Christ-
mas is a game board and a computer. You are the
best! Sincerly, Jasmine
Dear Santa,
I want to know if the elves can actually fly. I also
want to know if the reindeer are real and actually
fly. And can you get me a trampoline please. Sin-
cerely, Allie
Hilda Lahti Elementary
Letters to Santa
Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Claus? I have a list for you weiner dog
please and thank you can I hae a rodot that will clean
my room From Tug
Dear Santa,
I want a horse for christmas. A real horse that is
brown.Your friend, Addy
Dear Santa,
I want a pet fish for me and my sister. We would like
a gold fish. And I want Legos and a Nintendo 3DS.
And I will give you cookies and give my baby
brother some toys. Sincerely, Byron
Dear Santa,
Merry Chistmas! How are you and Rudolf doing?
What do you want for chistmas? Do you like me? Can
I get a glass doll. Can I also get a paint set. Can I get
a phone too! Thank you santa! Your friend Annalise
Dear Santa,
I want and elf for Christmas. I will leave cookies for
you adn carrots for the reindeer. Sincerely, Matteus
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas. How are your reindeer and elves
doing? For Chrstmas I would like a blue hoverbord.
Last Christmas my sister and I heard your rein deer
and your boots on the top of our roof. Thank you so,
so much. Your firend, Sadie
Dear Santa
For Christmas this year I would like a new Lego set,
a robot and a pet fish. What kind of cookies do you
like? I have been really good this year. I build my
dad a toolbox and I made my mom a flower out of
wood. What snacks do the reindeer like? Sincerely,
Dear Santa,
Can I have a Nintendo Switch for Christmas? May
I have please have candy in my stocking. my
cousins, sister and baby brother would also like
toys. Sincerely, Alan
Dear Santa,
I have been nice but sorry 4 times I have been bad.
But I tried my best to be really nice so I can get my
presents from you. So now I promise I will be so
nice so you can be Happy. Sicerely Mairah
Dear Santa,
All I want is a robot that can protect your room. How
ar your elves, reindeer, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph?
When I was 5 I got one of your reindeer’s bells. I
would like a new bell. Your Friend, Samuel
Dear Santa,
How are you this year? Can I have some Disney stuff
and some more kinetic sand? I am ver excited this
year! Come to knappa soon! Ho, Ho Ho! Your friend,
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want Kinetic Sand, a remote con-
troled robot and legos. I wonder what your elves are
making. I wonder houw your reindeer are doing.
Have a safe trip! Your Friend, Adam
Dear Santa,
I want a nerf gun and a drone and my brother want a
remote control car. From Rowdy
Dear Santa,
If I am good this year I only want two things. It is
cozmo and smart robot. I have one last thing. I
want a costco drone that you can use with phone.
one more thing. Pleas get me on your List. from:
sitka to: santa
Dear Santa,
Hope you have a Jolly Chrsitmas. May you
please get me legos, kinetic sand and a puppy, a
kitten and a protect robot. Your friend, Nathan
Wishing Everyone a
Wonderful Holiday Season
& a Prosperous 2018!
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