The daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1961-current, December 22, 2017, WEEKEND EDITION, Page 15, Image 15

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    Dear Santa
I have been wanting an Iphone 7 plus,
throwing knives, a rolex watch, and a
baby brother. What cookies do you want?
What do reign deer want. An I on the good
list I help out my mom because she wants
me ti do it.
to. Santa Love, Brodie
Dear Santa
I want the new lego Ninjago movie and 4
tickets to Lego Land. I also want Pokemon
How do you get around the world? I do my
chors everyday.
Sinsilry Adrian
Dear Santa Claus
I want for christmas a Barbe. Hey Santa
Claus What’s your favorite cookies? How
may reindeer do you have?
Dear Santa
Can you get me a hat like yours? How
many elves do you have? I should be on
the good because I told the truth
From Avery
Dear Santa Claus
I hope I am on The nice list beacuse I help
my mom getting her charger all the Time.
What kind of cookies do you like? I want a
drone, LEgo Ningago set, ps3, car mustan,
rele dragin, and a computer. and Hamster.
friend Donovan
Dear Santa
I was good this year. I helped my nana
take care of my baby cousin who is 2
years old. Can I have some LPS , please
Santa? I live in Hamind. and please get
me a Barbey car.
From Ravyn
Dear Santa Claus
I remember you from the mall a week a go
in Portland. For Christmas I want a drone,
a PS4 a hover board and a dirtbike. Thank
Love, Wryker
Dear Santa
Can I please get 3 kittens, LPS, Double
hatchamal, New Shoes, a micro, phone, a
minecraft shirt, a huver board, and figit
spinner. Thank you!
Love Lilly
Dear Santa
I wish I can see you and your pet reindeer.
I want to have a new house because our
house is moldy and spidery. I also want
light up shoes and a pretty dress that is
veyylam. I wish I can have a new baby doll
too. I like princess books and frozm books
and easy books too.
Love Autumn
Dear Santa Claus
How are you? I’ve been good This year
can I have a phone? I also would like a
moster High Doll and 1,000 Dollars.
Love Charlotte
Dear Santa Claus
How are you? I want a dirt bike or I want
a $1,000,000 guarters to buy a dirt bike.
Love Nikolai
Dear Santa Claus,
To Santa Claus from Gema How are you?
dollars, a phone that can never die with
no trackers and a desk. Thank you! I love
you santa claus.
Santa claus Love Gema
Dear Santa Claus
I want a dirtbike and a a new house. I
want some mney so I can be rich. And I
want a dog, too.
Love, Colby
Dear Santa Claus
How is Mrs. Claus? You Know how my
dog Benito is lonely? Well, I woud like toh
have a friend for him. He is really lonely
from Penelope
Dear Santa
How are you? I’d like a phone, a doll-
house, Twho chargers, a pony, makeup, a
Dress, a Pair of high heels and an elf on
The shelf, please.
Love Teagan
Dear Santa
I’ve been very good. for Christmas I want
a mine craft video game and I want some
sketchers. Thank you Santa.
From LJ
Dear Santa Claus
How are you? What are you doing right
now? I’ve been good this year. For Christ-
mas I would like the lego Ninjago Fire
Mech, and a 3DSX1. Thank you.
From R.J.
Dear Santa,
How are you this year? I’ve missed you!
I’ve been really good this year. For Christ-
mas I would like dog and cookies. Or I
would like a computer. Thank you!
Sincerly Emma
Dear Santa
I missed you! I’ve been kind of good this
year. for Christmas I want a phone, a re-
mote control monster truck, 10 bag’s of
Pokemon and 10 toy car’s. Thank you
Love, Blake
Dear Santa Claus,
How have you been? I’ve missed you. I’ve
been good this year. For Christmas I
would like a phone, a fur Real friend dog,
and ipad and a charger for the phone.
Love Kylie
Dear Santa Claus
How have you Been? I missed you this
year. For Christmass I want New shoes
And a minicar And I would like a
10,000,000,000,000 to get a mini dirt
Bike And A nerf rifle And A call of Duty
wal fair game. Thank you.
Love Ryder
Dear Santa Claus,
I missed you! I have been good this year!
For Chrismas I would like dolls. a nail Kit
for my fingers and snow!
Love Kemiry
Dear Santa,
I was good today, can you get me an X8
for Christmas
Love, Wolf
Dear Santa Claus
How have you been? I’ve missed you. I’ve
been mostly good this year. For Christmas
I woule like a phone (that works) and a
jeep. Thank you
Love June
P.S. Please send my friend Honey girl (she
is my Elf!)
Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Claus? I have been good this
year. I want Minecraft story mode season
two and a million dollars.
Love, Caitlyn
Dear Santa Clause
How are you. I’ve missed you. I’ve mostly
been good This year. For Christmas I
want an ipods a stuffed animal and a an
ipod case. Thank you!
Love Avery
Dear Santa Claus
Santa you are handsome. How is Mis.
Claus? Can I have a Hatchamal? And I
love Christmas!
Love Adalyn
Dear Santa Claus
How have you been? What I What for
Christmas is some G.I. Joes and I also
want a mindcraft Video game. I also want
ot get a dirtbike. Thank you.
From Brady
Dear Santa,
How have you been. I have been I have
been good this year. I want G.I. Joes and
a remote controll car. P.S. pleas bring our
elf freind Frissi. Thank you
Frome Ella
Dear Santa
Thank you for all the presents last year.
This year I’d like animal type things. I re-
ally like horses, dogs, cats, and guinea
love Mia. to Santa Clause.
Merry Christmas
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