The daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1961-current, December 22, 2017, WEEKEND EDITION, Page 12, Image 12

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    Dear Santa,
Do you really like mild and cookies? I
babysit my baby cousin. I want PS4 with
a charger that is black. I will leave milk
and cookies. Thank you love Carlos
Dear Santa,
How many presents do you make in all? I
have been so good and trying to help my
baby sister. I left you cookies for Christ-
mas. By Ethan To Santa
Dear Santa,
Do you really like my cookies that me and
my mom make? I really help my mom
when she needs help. May I have a new
necklace. Love Emma
Dear Santa,
I have been working hard at school. I
would like 3Ds game. I will leave you some
cookies. Love Brendan
Dear Santa,
How old are you? I have been trying to
clean off my bed. I keep trying to be help-
ful. I want art supplies like paints. I left
you some cupcakes. Love Mariajose
Sear Santa,
I wonder if your bag is magical? I have
been doing lots if chores. I would like a toy
Batmobile. Love Cole
Dear Santa,
Are all your elves tired after Christmas
Day? May I please have some high heels
that are not too high? I left you some
chocolate hip cookies.
Be Safe Julianna
Dear Santa,
I’ve tried to be a good kid this year. How
do your reindeer fly? I would like a cotton
candy maker. U help my Dad set up the
bed. Iv’e got some carrots and for you
cookies. Logan
Dear Santa,
I would like a Ninga Turtles toy. I help my
Dad wash dishes. You are the best Santa
Clause in the whole wide world. Love Alex
Dear Santa,
How do you make so many toys? I help
my grandma make dinner, I would like a
Batman Lego set. I am going to leave you
some cookies and milk Be Safe Johnie
Dear Santa,
Can your reindeers fly? I always walk my
dog after school. May I please have a Gold
Yoshi toy. Have a happy Christmas. From
Dear Santa,
How do you make toys? May I have a
game station 4. I left you cookies. I hope
you don’t have a busy night. Love Brady
Dear Santa,
Are you really tired after you deliver
toys? I have tried to be a good kid this
year. I would really like a Nentendo
Switch for Christmas. I left you some
cookies, milk and carrots!
Love Xandre
Dear Santa,
Is it cold in the North Pole? I have been
trying to help my mom. May I please have
aps four I have left you cookies and milck.
Love Lucas
Dear Santa,
What is the weather like at the north
pole? I like your reindeer. I help my fam-
ily by unloading the dishwasher. I want a
phone for Christmas. From Olyvia
Dear Santa
Do you like the north pole? You are a nice
person. I have been cleaning my room.
May I please get a tablet for Christmas?
From Stella
Dear Santa,
Is it hard to live in the North Pole? I make
my bed in the morning. I wish you a
Merry Christmas. I would like the super
Star Destroyer. From Taj
Dear Santa,
Are you having a good day? I have been
good this year. I would like an electric
watch. Thank you for the presents.
Dear Santa,
Do you like it in the North Pole? Is it cold
there? I hope you have a safe chrip. I
would like an Xboxone 5 whith two re-
motekintrolers and one mike. From Trey
Dear Santa,
Is it hard to live in the North ploe? I help
my mom make my bed. Can I have a hov-
erboard please? I will bake cookies for
you. Your cookies will be good. From
Dear Santa,
Do you have a favorite reindeer? I like
Prancer the most. I have been good and
would like a tablet for Christmas.
From Guadalupe
Dear Santa,
How cold is it in the North Pole> I have
been helping washing the dishes. I would
like an ice cream Maker. From: Lilly
Warrenton Grade
School Letters to
Dear Santa,
What is your favorite treat? How cold is
the north pole? I clean my room. I would
like Hatchanils. Love London
Dear Santa,
Is it cold in the North Pole for you? I help
fold laundry. I want a Star Destroyer
please. From, Jack
Dear Santa,
Is it cold at the North pole for you? I have
been helping take care of my pet kitten
and clean my room everyweek. I would
like a princess car. From Adelyn
Dear Santa,
How was your Thanksgiviny? I have been
cleaning my room. I would like a toy Lom-
borghini. Love Tanner
Dear Santa,
Does it really take one night to deliver the
toys? I have been doing my best. I want
please a big toy dragon. I left cookies and
melk and carrots for your rein deer. Be
safe Amy
Dear Santa,
How cold is it in the North Pole? I help
clean the livingroom. I would like an
Iphone please. Love, Jazmin
Dear Santa,
How old is Rudolph? I am cleaning my
room. I would like a Hoverboard for
Christmas please. Love Lilly
Dear Santa I
s making presente hard work? I have
deen helping momand dad with my little
brother. I would like a police lego staion.
From Toby
Dear Santa,
How much do the reindeer eat? I have
been hel ping do the laundry. I would like
a snow cone maker. Love Evelyn
Dear Santa,
Is your sleigh oiled? I am helping my fam-
ily by folding their bed. May I please have
a Lego B-B 8 for Christmas? From, Ian
Dear Santa,
Is making presents hard work? I have
been helping clean the house. I would like
a Nintendo switch.
From Yosbany
Dear Santa
I want a big clow musen and stur to go in
the dow musen stove erse stuf and I love
you and elfse and midose. I want a ipaad
plese and sum oregin Duks stuff 4 tekes
for hweiiy and a coten candy mucen and
looo tekes for the sesaid are code and a
warrey way watr botl!from timber
Dear Santa
I’m I helped ueah my mrrom and I fed my
Dogs. do youn live in the noof prle? How
do you make toys Hiuw Dow You fit dawn
the CHimney I love you Santa Love Jaya
Dear Santa
Santa why do you Go down the cimy?
Best at school. I hav been helpenig my
mom, tried I triy my best. I am a goods
student. I re for my babey bruuffer.
Love Bella
Dear St. Nicholas,
I would love if you get me a sistr. Santa
Claus, how old are you? I am grate at
school From Alora
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday!
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