The daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1961-current, December 22, 2017, WEEKEND EDITION, Page 10, Image 10

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    Dear Santa,
I’ve been a very good girl. Please can I hae an
American Girl doll, and also I want a Disney Happy
Placces. Can I have a puppy? Can I have legos?
Your Friend, AnnaBella
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want lots of Shopkins. Is Rudolph
leading the sleigh? How is Mrs. Claus? Ho, Ho, Ho!
Merry Christmas! How are your elves? How are
your reindeer? Your Friend, Shaelyn
Dear Santa,
There is a little problem with Bells. She is staying
in the apple basket it is weird. How are the rein-
deer? Do you want juice or milk? What type of
cookie do you like? Can I have a lol suprise doll?
Can I also have a barbie set. I love barbies. Have a
safe tripe. Is rudoph being good. your frend, Kolbie
Dear Santa,
What I want for Chrismas is money and a drone a
remote control car and a kitten and new clos. folow
these instrashins ethen get what ever you want.
Love Danika
Dear Santa,
all I want for christnus is a 2nd drone. I’d love to with
them. From Fisher
Dear Santa,
I have been good this year so this year can I have a
barbie house. and barbie car for Christmas so how
my family has been but no my brother you bont
want to nowing about him by my granma has been
good my granpa has been good two people has been
good love Trinity
Dear Santa,
How are you doing? Have I been good? For Christ-
mas I want an American Girl doll. I love you Santa.
I hope you can find my new house. It is brown and
it has a lot of property. Love Isla
Dear Santa,
I want a puppy. I love Christmas. Thank you for
the toys. I love you. You have amazing reindeer!
Your Friend, Mason
Dear Santa,
Happy Christmas! I can’t wait for christmas! I
want a reindeer and an American Girl doll. Your
friend, Paige
Dear Santa,
My brother and sister and me and my mom and dad
have been good. so you sehtd the same Christmas
present chlet and Happy christmas Fane Marghus
Dear Santa,
I have been smart this year I have also been good in
soccer my brother Hunter has been picking on me
my sisster Haily has been good I want a xbox one.
Love Gunnar
Dear Santa,
I have ben as good as I can for Chrismas a wanta
hatchemal for chrismas. Love Jazzmine
Dear Santa,
have I bin good or bad can you get my baby druthr
now cloths. From Anamey
Dear Santa,
for christmas I want a drone, and nerf gun, a spy set
and stuffed animals. Love Lucas
Dear Santa,
This year a have got in trouble. But not all the time.
And meand my don’t abng ver well. But we all
desrv a present. so think you for presents ever
other year. Love Lizzy
Dear Santa,
Could you please bring me a gingerbread house? I
have been a very good boy this year! Your Friend
Dear Santa,
Der Santa clos I ben vere good this year and I want for
christmas is a hacahaml and a hors and a brbes
roudof To Santa From cheyenne
Dear Santa Claus,
My family is very very very good it is going to snow. I
want a dog and a horse. Love Lillyanna To Santa
Dear Santa,
I have been rilly good. I want a spy set and a spy soot.
and a puppy with a cage and ai lease and coler. and a
turtle. love Maddie
Dear Santa,
I wont a drom set and a roler skats and i am soper ex-
cited for christmas and have I been good I have been
thinking about being good for mommy and daddy
Thank you good biy love tunner
Dear Santa,
How are the lves? I realy want a remote controled car.
Also I want a Lego set. Am I on your nice list? I hope
I am. Love, Maddy
Dear Santa,
all I want for christmas is spiderman comeing toys
this year. From, Kooper
Seaside Heights Elementary
Letters to Santa
Dear Santa,
What do you like about winter all year? This year I
have helped my grandma work. I really want a Lego
Starwars set. I wish you a very happy Christmas and
a safe trip home. Sincerery, Max
Dear Santa,
I really like the presents each year you give to me.
This year I have been nice to others. Fro Christmas
may I pleas have Oonies mega pack. Thank you santa.
I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Love, Bella
Dear Santa,
I am very proud how hard your elves work. This year
I help my mom cook. For Christmas may I please
have a Shopkin set, I hope you have a good trip!
Your friend, Karla
Dear Santa,
Thank you for presents you have given us. I have
tried to keep my room clean. For Christmas. Please
bring me some Pokemon cards. Sincerely,Eric
Dear Santa,
Why is your beard so long? I helped family this year.
Santa will you please bring me a puppy for Christ-
mas. I like Husky dogs. I hope your reindeer are
healthy. Merry Christmas, Arianna
Dear Santa,
How many elves do you have? I helped somebody up at
recess today. Can I have Legos, this Christmas? I hope
you have a safe trip to the North Pole, From,Robby
Dear Santa,
How is your wife? I helped clean the ritty box at
home. May I have a veterinarv Doll house for Christ-
mas. I wish you a merry Christmas. Love Maple
Dear Santa,
When is your birthday Santa? I helped my sister with
dishes. Santa for Christmas please bring me a green
bike. Santa I hope you have a safe trip back to the
North Pole. From Jacob
Dear Santa,
I really hope you can come to my house this year.
I have been a good boy. I hope you have a great
Christmas. From Humberto
Dear Santa,
How old are you? I am cleaning my room. I would like
Pokman Legos for Christmas please. Love Mario
Dear Santa,
How hard do the elves work? Santa how old are you?
I want for Christmas a lot of Batman Legos. From,
Dear Santa,
Do you like toys? This year I cleaned my room. May
I please have a little robot named Cosmo. Santa I
hope you have a Merry Christmas. From, Nathan
Merry Chr
r istmas
and a
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