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of thousands of people across Argentina who have mobilized to
fight violence against women. Called Ni Una Menos, or Not One
Less, the movement has spread rapidly worldwide and now has
branches in New York, Berlin, Italy, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador
and more.
“With Ni Una Menos, women are no longer hiding,” says
Maidana, 29, who is scarred in her neck and chest and speaks in
whispers. Maidana marched for hours during the latest Ni Una
Menos protest earlier this month, holding a banner and beaming
with pride.
“Before, we wouldn’t talk,” she says. “I don’t know if it was
fear or shame, or feeling that justice was not on your side … I like
it that it’s now out in the open.”
Associated Press
London police plead for calm
after attack at mosque
LONDON — London police, already stretched by a series of
major incidents around the capital, are putting more officers on
the street to reassure the public after a driver plowed into a crowd
of people leaving a mosque early Monday. One man died at the
scene and 10 people were injured.
Police say a suspect was arrested immediately after the attack,
which is being treated as a terrorist incident.
“Extra officers are on duty in the area to help reassure the local
community,” Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said. “They
will be there for as long as they are needed. Communities will
see additional officers patrolling across the city and at Muslim
places of worship.”
Police said the 47-year-old man who was driving the van has
been arrested and faces terrorism charges.
The attack will stretch the capacity of authorities in Britain,
who have faced four attacks in recent months, together with a
major fire that has killed dozens. London’s Mayor Sadiq Mayor
Khan, the first Muslim to serve in that position, urged the public
to focus on shared values and urged the city to stand together in
an unprecedented period in the capital’s history.
Japan investigates delay in
reporting US Navy ship collision
TOKYO — Japan’s coast guard is investigating why it took
nearly an hour for a deadly collision between a U.S. Navy
destroyer and a container ship to be reported.
A coast guard official said Monday they are trying to find out
what the crew of the Philippine-flagged ACX Crystal was doing
before reporting the collision to authorities 50 minutes later.
The coast guard initially said the collision occurred at 2:20
a.m. on Saturday because the Philippine ship had reported it at
2:25 a.m. and said it just happened. After interviewing Filipino
crewmembers, the coast guard has changed the collision time to
1:30 a.m.
The ACX Crystal collided with the USS Fitzgerald off Japan’s
coast, killing seven of the destroyer’s crew of nearly 300.
A track of the container ship’s route by MarineTraffic, a ves-
sel-tracking service, shows it made a sudden turn as if trying to
avoid something at about 1:30 a.m., before continuing eastward.
It then made a U-turn and returned around 2:20 a.m. to the area
near the collision.
Iran warns missile attack on
IS in Syria can be repeated
TEHRAN, Iran — After firing missiles targeting the
Islamic State group in eastern Syria, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
on Monday issued a stark warning to IS militants, saying that
any future attack against Iran will result in more powerful
The Guard said it launched the strikes on Sunday in retaliation
AP Photo/Alastair Grant
A policeman stands near floral tributes left after an incident,
close to Finsbury Park Tube Station, in north London Mon-
day. London police, already stretched by a series of major
incidents around the capital, are putting more officers on
the street to reassure the public after a driver plowed into a
crowd of people leaving a mosque early Monday. One man
died at the scene and 10 people were injured.
for attacks in Tehran earlier this month that were claimed by the
Islamic State group. Iran has been involved in Syria’s long-run-
ning civil war, in which it has backed embattled Syrian President
Bashar Assad.
Iranian state television quoted Gen. Ramazan Sharif on Mon-
day as saying that “if they (IS) carry out a specific action to vio-
late our security, definitely there will be more launches, with
intensified strength.”
He spoke as part of a TV package about the missile
launches, showing them shoot off into the night from the
western province of Kermanshah. The Guard said it fired six mis-
siles in total from Kermanshah and also from Iran’s Kurdistan
province into Syria’s Deir el-Zour province, where IS has been
trying to fortify its positions in the face of a U.S.-led coalition
But the missiles sent a message to more than just the extrem-
ists in Iraq and Syria, Sharif told state television in a telephone
Argentina grassroots movement
fights violence against women
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — On Christmas Eve of 2011,
Maira Maidana lit a candle to the patron saint of Argentina and
closed her eyes in prayer - just like she did every time she feared
a brutal beating by her partner.
But this time, instead of the usual blows, she felt her
whole body catch on fire. When she turned around, she saw
him staring at her with a bottle of alcohol in one hand. Ablaze,
she ran to three faucets, but not a single drop of water came out.
Fifty-nine surgeries later, Maidana has finally found the cour-
age to tell the truth about what happened to her that awful night.
She says she owes that courage to a grassroots movement of tens
Harvard students’ ouster over
offensive posts stirs debate
LAS VEGAS — Few college-bound kids lose their shot, and
their slot, at their dream school once they get in, but it happened
at one of the world’s most elite institutions and for a reason that
has, until recently, hardly registered in the university admissions
process: social media.
Harvard University’s decision to rescind admission offers
to 10 incoming freshmen because of offensive Facebook posts
comes at a time of heightened attention to free speech and stu-
dent conduct on U.S. college campuses, and has stirred debate far
beyond the halls of the Ivy League school.
Other schools say it’s an eye-opener for those involved in the
admissions process.
“We’re going to continue to watch how this unfolds and,
with other higher ed institutions, learn from it,” said Janet Bon-
kowski, spokeswoman for the University of Wisconsin in Green
Harvard rescinded the admission offers after discovering the
students had traded offensive images and messages on a pri-
vate Facebook group, student newspaper The Harvard Crim-
son reported. The posts were often sexually explicit and mocked
Mexicans, the Holocaust, sexual assault and child abuse.
79 now believed to have died
in London high-rise fire
LONDON — London police said Monday that 79 people
were now believed to have died in the high-rise apartment build-
ing fire.
Police Commander Stuart Cundy gave the new figure
during a statement outside Scotland Yard, saying it includes
both people who were confirmed dead and others who are miss-
ing and presumed dead. It’s an increase from the previous num-
ber of 58.
The new number may change as the investigation continues,
Cundy said. He said that the search and recovery operation in
the 24-story Grenfell Tower continues, he said, adding that it has
been incredibly distressing for families.
“It’s hard to describe the devastation the fire has caused,”
Cundy said, fighting back tears as he spoke.
He said it had been “incredibly emotional working in there ...
On Saturday, I went in myself and went to the top floor.”
Parks fee: Residents can voice opinions Kuhl: ‘I worked really hard for this’
Continued from Page 1A
billed through the city’s finan-
cial software, Angela Cosby,
the parks director, wrote in a
memo to the council. She said
they will also need more time
to make sure that the way the
fee is described and collected
lines up with language that
already exists in city code.
Customers receive water bills
every two months. It is likely
the $3 fee would be charged
in similar fashion and would
show up as a $6 addition on
consumers’ bills.
Even though city staff are
not ready for the City Coun-
cil to vote on whether or not
to implement the fee, Mayor
Arline LaMear asked that the
item remain on the agenda
tonight. She wanted to give
residents a chance to voice
their opinions as well as allow
councilors another opportu-
nity to discuss the fee and ask
The city is also looking
into raising the lodging tax.
A portion of the revenue this
tax increase would raise can
be put towards parks, but it
would be some time before
the city would see the money,
City Manager Brett Estes said.
City Councilor Cindy Price
has championed the water fee,
saying it is one way the city
could quickly raise money
for parks and begin build-
ing a base to sustain the parks
department into the future.
Between the fee and the tax
increase, visitors and residents
together would help shoulder
the financial burden of the
parks department, Price said.
Price and Estes have indi-
cated the fee will only apply
to residential water custom-
ers, to avoid double-charging
someone who may both live
and own a business in Astoria.
The fee, as proposed, would
not address multiple house-
holds that might use the same
At the City Council’s last
meeting earlier this month,
Price and other councilors
suggested the fee include an
expiration date, at which point
the council could review it,
make changes, renew it or do
away with it entirely. Accord-
ing to City Attorney Blair
Henningsgaard, the council
usually reviews fees annually
City Councilor Zetty Nem-
lowill argued against the
water fee at that meeting, say-
ing she didn’t see how a water
meter fee directly related to
the parks department and park
Continued from Page 1A
Emboldened by passing her
GED exams, she took some
classes at a local community
college, but dropped out after
becoming pregnant.
Before moving to the North
Coast, she and Steve had
been living in his hometown
of Reno, Nevada. Steve was
a U.S. Marine, and after get-
ting back from a tour in Iraq,
wanted to live somewhere
greener. The couple took a
road trip up the Pacific Coast
and stopped in Seaside, where
they settled in 2006. After a
two-year stint in Hawaii, the
couple moved back in 2015.
Kuhl wanted to re-enter the
workforce, but found most
places wanted a bachelor’s
“I thought, ‘I just want to
finish something,’” she said.
“I can’t say that I have a sev-
enth-grade education for the
rest of my life. I think I just
wanted some closure.”
Kuhl went to Clatsop Com-
munity College in fall term of
2015, in her late 30s and with
about 20 credits from a college
term at age 16 and another in
2007. She passed her classes,
but felt overwhelmed by a
particularly difficult math
class, quitting again in winter
term. “I’m like, ‘It’s not meant
for me.’ And then my husband
and the math teachers are like,
‘No, come back, come back,
you can do it,’ and so I signed
back up for spring.”
Kuhl graduated Saturday
on the Phi Theta Kappa honor
society and a 3.7 GPA, slightly
lower than her daughter’s. A
bilingual home visitor with
Oregon’s Healthy Kids health
coverage program, Kuhl said
6 PM
she will study for her bache-
lor’s at Warner Pacific Univer-
sity’s adult education program
in Longview, Washington,
with a focus on social sciences
and human behavior to help
advance in her line of work.
Despite all she’s gone
through, Kuhl said she still
felt silly for finally reaching
her first graduation at nearly
40 years old.
“I think if I had done the
traditional thing, graduated
from high school, I would
have already had it under
my belt and been like, ‘Oh,
it’s just an (associate).’ But I
worked really hard for this,”
she said. “It was really hard
to get this. Mentally, I had to
work harder for it than some-
one fresh out of high school,
or at least that’s what I tell
— Edward Stratton
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