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Ono way I could save the earth is to pick up trash. The second way I could help
save the earth is to fi nd trash in the streem and throw it away in a trashcan so
wild life doesn’t get hurt. third thang I would do to save the earth is I can cut
down a old tree and replant a new one.
Aubrey Harrington
One way I would help Earth is peeck up the trash. A nuther way I would help the
Earth is to plant trees and fl owers.
Caitlin Davis
One way I would help the Earth is to pick up trash at the beach because the fi sh
could get traped in a waterbottle or a bird could swallow plactick and die.
Saphira Pietila
One way I would help the earth is picking up trash and help like cean the rodes.
and cean ole spills in the oshon.
Bella Celdran
One way I would help the earth is pick up trash because it could get in the water
and kill the salmon. catching salmon is my grandpas job!
Jack Wells
One way I would help erth is to clean oil spils off the sea. to sort trash in its bins.
And plant trees for annimals.
Dakota Betts
One way I would help Earth is pick up trash on the bech. pick up can’s and bag’s.
Kaden Roberts
One way I would help the Earth is by makeking the world priter. I can opull out
weeds and pick up trash, and cut down trees and plant more trees.
Kate Barendse
One was 2 help the earth is 2 pick up trash. another way 2 help the earth is 2 not
litter. and one more way is 2 keep the water clean
Mac Caron
One way I help earth is I pick up trash from streems and land. Another way is
when you cut down a tree plant a new one. The last way I help is plant seeds for
grass and other natril things.
Beth Larsen
One way I would help the earth is to pick up all the garbig. Don’t lidder. you can
halp by planting plants. Good bye.
Kiya Roe
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I think one way to make the world a better place is to pick up trash around your
house or school. Another way it to cut down a old tree and plant a new tree. The
last way is to plant seeds for fl owers and vegetables.
Mylie Lempea
One way I help the Earth is to help feed the animale’s. Because some people cut
animale’s food and homes and the animale’s. Because so we have food.
Mahala Knutson
earth day is the best day because you can clean the streams so fi sh dont get cault
in plastic bottles or they can eat metel and shards of glass help the world.
love Izaiah Leedy
ps it’s my birthday.
One way I help Earth is to sop peplle ploen the wudr licke peplle punen bodlls
and fod and cemols to ploet the rivrs and the osins.
Bradley Lindstrom
I would go to the beach and help get trash off the beach. If i see trash i will pick it
up. If there animals that have trash around its neck i would help it.
Hannah Johnson
I like to do beach clean up Because for fun!
Caitlin Kirn
I do not litter. I plant seeds. I will clean garbage in the forest.
Carter Foster
What I like to do to help the earth is pick up garbage!
Blake Miller
What I do to help the earth is I don’t litter and I pick up trash.
Payton Hall
Plant some plants to help with oxgyen.
Gunnar Scott
I would make the world a better place. By cleing the beach. I would make the
world a better place.
Danika Mundell
I like to plant things and pick up trash. I like to recycle and tell people to not
litter! I like to help my baby 2 year old sister throw away her trash.
Bailey Richardson
On Earth day I will not litter. I will pickup litter.
Jocelyn Tarabochia
One way I like to help the Earth is to pick up trash.
Another way I like to help the Earth is to plant trees.
Aubrey Rusinovich
What I do to help the earth is pick up trash at the beach. I
like planting fl owers in a garden or a green house.
I don’t litter.
Tony Bogh
Aemilia Gronmark
I help the Earth by cleaning up garbage and planting new
trees when I cut a tree down. I can also plant gardens and
keep the water clean.
Dahlia Koeppen
Don’t litter Don’t dump trash on the ground.
Tannar Cagwin
One way to help the earth is to get oil spills cleaned. A nother
way to help the earth is get rid of trash so it grows better.
Emily Martinez
L ongvi ew , W ashington
I like to help cleen up gurdige. I like to help plant trees.
Gavin Jasper
We began in the Pacific Northwest with a
alder mill, and have steadily grown
I am going to plant a gorden at my houes. pick up trash
to become the largest manufacturer and
from the side of the road. teach people not to liter.
global supplier of hardwood lumber. We
riten by Wyatt Jacobson.
produce 14 species of domestic hardwood,
import and distribute over 45 species of
DO NOT smoke or use tobacco. Instead of littering throw
exotic hardwoods, and source both
trash in a TRASH CAN. If you cut down a tree REPLANT IT.
appearance and structural plywood.
Nadia Gremar
Alder, Maple Saw Logs & Timber Wanted.
This is how I would help the Earth now here are some
Contact John Anderson: (360)269-2500
ways to help the Earth I would not be a litter bug picking
up trash and try to stop all oil spills.
Hattee Barnes
You cun hlep peopl clean. I wold go on the Baech. I wold
hlep the earth.
Isabella Ramirez
You can help the Earth is you can plant a garden and you can
pick up garbage in the baech. You can plant fl owers in a pott.
Marlena Johnson
I help the earth by picking up trash and planting trees,
gardens and berry bushes. I also don’t litter so our
inviorment stays helthy and clean! I also try to rescue
hurt animales that need help.
by Taeler A Hanseth
I like to help the earth by not littering. Another way is to plant
fl owers. One more thing is to clean up leaves so the grass can
grow. And those are ways how you can help the earth!
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