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Democrat ends all-night speech
as Supreme Court clash nears
Associated Press
Democratic senator yielded the
Senate floor this morning after
talking through the night to
highlight his party’s opposition
to President Donald Trump’s
Supreme Court nominee, Neil
But the theatrics from Ore-
gon Sen. Jeff Merkley could
not change the outcome, with
Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell and his Republi-
cans prepared to steamroll Sen-
ate rules in order to eliminate
Democrats’ ability to block
Gorsuch with a filibuster.
Merkley spoke through the
night, for more than 15 hours,
finally stopping midmorning
today with a final plea to col-
leagues to oppose Gorsuch,
a federal appeals court judge
from Denver.
“This is an extreme nom-
inee from the far right who
doesn’t believe in the funda-
mental vision of ‘We the Peo-
ple’ and makes decision after
decision through tortured,
twisted, contrived arguments
defined for the powerful over
the people, and that is unac-
ceptable,” Merkley said.
Following Merkley on the
floor, McConnell ridiculed the
opposition from Democrats.
“Democrats would filibuster
Ruth Bader Ginsburg if Presi-
dent Donald Trump nominated
her,” McConnell said, nam-
ing one of the more liberal sit-
ting justices. “There is simply
no principled reason to oppose
this exceptional, exceptional
Supreme Court nominee.”
State House passes tenant protections
Capital Bureau
SALEM — The state
House of Representatives
passed a tenant protection bill
32-to-27 Tuesday that lifts the
statewide ban on rent control
and outlaws most no-cause
evictions after a six-month
trial period.
“House Bill 2004 is import-
ant because it will help keep
more families in their homes
and help to create more sta-
ble and diverse communities,”
said state Rep. Carla Piluso,
D-Gresham, one of four chief
sponsors. “It won’t reverse our
housing crisis overnight, but it
is step in the right direction.”
Piluso and Reps. Karin
Power, D-Milwaukie; Diego
Hernandez, D-Portland; and
Chris Gorsek, D-Troutdale,
sponsored the legislation to
address the state’s afford-
able housing crisis. House
Speaker Tina Kotok, D-Port-
land, declared the measure as
one of her highest priorities
this session.
Rep. Carl Wilson, R-Grants
Pass, said the bill would be
counterproductive to what the
sponsors hope to accomplish.
“Just the fear of this bill
alone is leading many people
to raise their rents already,”
Wilson said.
Rep. Brad Witt, D-Clats-
kanie, agreed that the bill could
exacerbate the housing crisis.
“Oregon’s housing crisis is
a supply crisis. There simply
are not enough physical units
to house an ever-expanding
population to and in our great
state, especially in the Portland
metropolitan area,” Witt said.
Reforming land use policies
that limit housing development
and “a plethora of housing reg-
ulations and restrictions” that
compound the problem would
be more effective, he said.
The bill allows cities or
counties to impose limits on
rent increases but requires
those local governments to
provide “a fair rate of return
to landlords” and a process
to petition for rent increases
greater than the limit, so land-
lords can recoup costs associ-
ated with repairs and improve-
ments, Power said.
“Local control allows pol-
icymakers to create programs
that make sense in their indi-
vidual communities,” she said.
The bill was revised sub-
stantially to address the con-
cerns of landlords, includ-
ing those of Rep. Mark Meek,
D-Clackamas County, a land-
lord and real estate agent and
investor who authored the
Meek’s revisions pared
mandatory relocation assis-
tance payments to tenants from
the equivalent of three months’
rent to one month rent.
Academy: Board
aims to hire school
director by May 1
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“We have had various hur-
dles throughout this process,
and every time the seemingly
impossible became plausi-
ble,” Simmons said.
There are three separate,
two-month-long enrollment
periods in which students
can enroll. In the future, the
system would work in such
a way that as long as 22 or
fewer applications were sub-
mitted in the first period a stu-
dent would be enrolled. But
at any time in any stage there
were more applications than
spots, it would be open to a
lottery system, which does not
guarantee enrollment for each
“We are encouraging peo-
ple to enroll as soon as pos-
sible, because in the future it
is possible you could not get
Port of Call: Has
never been caught
violating liquor laws
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Psychiatric review board drops lawsuit
Capital Bureau
SALEM — After interven-
tion from Oregon Gov. Kate
Brown, the state’s Psychiatric
Security Review Board agreed
Tuesday to drop a lawsuit
against a rural newspaper seek-
ing board records pertinent to a
murder case.
The Malheur Enterprise
sought records held by the
board concerning Anthony
Montwheeler, who is suspected
of committing murder one
month after the board allowed
his release from state care.
Although the state’s attor-
ney general said last month
that the records were public,
the board last week sued the
Malheur Enterprise to keep the
records from being disclosed.
The Enterprise is a weekly
newspaper based in Vale, pur-
chased in October 2015 by
longtime Oregon journalist Les
Both the governor and Zaitz
said Tuesday the situation
exemplified an issue with the
state’s public records law.
‘Medical con’
The Psychiatric Security
Review Board is a 10-member
independent board that super-
vises people who have asserted
“guilty except for insanity”
defenses in criminal cases.
The board determines
where to place people such as
Montwheeler. According to
the Malheur Enterprise, Mont-
wheeler was recently released
from state care, although
medical officials said he was
The Enterprise reported
Montwheeler, 49, ran a “med-
ical con” in an effort to stay out
of jail after a 1996 conviction
for kidnapping.
He was released in Decem-
ber from the Oregon State Hos-
pital, the newspaper reported.
According to police, the
next month, Montwheeler
allegedly kidnapped and killed
his ex-wife. In the pursuit with
police that ensued, Mont-
wheeler allegedly hit another
car, killing its driver and injur-
ing the driver’s wife. Mont-
wheeler is now back in jail,
charged with aggravated mur-
der, assault and kidnapping.
Calling the circumstances
of the Montwheeler case
“extraordinary,” Gov. Brown
said in a statement that the
board agreed to both drop the
lawsuit and release the records
“I believe the public is best
served by bringing this matter
to an end now, rather than after
a lengthy and costly litigation,”
Brown said.
Unlike the Fish and Wild-
6 PM
Eatery and bar
Davis said Port of Call has
not always been managed the
way it originally was intended.
Though many patrons view
the nearly 3-year-old estab-
lishment as simply a bar,
Davis believes it should be a
family-friendly eatery until
late-night hours.
“We’re just trying to get
back to what our original
vision was,” Davis said.
At the same time, Saw-
yer notes that Port of Call has
always had a policy to not
serve patrons who are visi-
bly intoxicated. He also said,
unlike other Astoria busi-
nesses, Port of Call has never
been cited by the liquor com-
mission and staff has never
been caught violating liquor
“They really have passed
those tests with flying colors
and other establishments in
town have not,” Sawyer said.
This year, Port of Call has
taken steps such as offering
free nonalcoholic beverages
to designated drivers, closing
earlier, placing more empha-
sis on selling food and no lon-
ger serving Jell-O shots. Bar-
tenders will also be more
conscious of calling cabs for
customers and increasing con-
tact with law enforcement and
other establishments about
visibly intoxicated customers
or ones who attempt to drive,
Davis said.
Davis recalled a customer
who once told him, “You don’t
care about our health. You care
about making a buck.”
“Our first and foremost
concern is the protection and
safety of the community,”
Davis said. “That definitely
comes before making a buck.”
Alder and Maple Saw Logs & Standing Timber
N orth w es t H a rdw oods • Lon gview , W A
Contact: John Anderson • 360-269-2500
life Commission, for example,
under state law, the governor
has limited means to fire or oth-
erwise direct the actions of the
Psychiatric Security Review
The Malheur Enterprise
reported Monday that the Psy-
chiatric Security Review Board
had hired a private attorney to
pursue the lawsuit at a cost of
$400 per hour.
In response, the Enterprise
started a social media cam-
paign to raise money for its
legal defense. Zaitz said Tues-
day that he didn’t know how
much the campaign raised, as
they were to be sent to the Ore-
gon Newspaper Foundation,
but that the cause garnered sup-
port “from literally all over the
When a state agency denies
a request for records, the
requestor can appeal to the
attorney general for a legal
opinion on the matter.
in during a later enrollment
period,” he said.
Seaside Superintendent
Sheila Roley said the school
district will continue to pro-
vide support to the acad-
emy. The school’s permit to
have a charter school lasts
three years, Roley said, which
means they have until then to
open the school before need-
ing to reapply.
“The academy has worked
very hard to put together a
program and we’ll see how it
comes together,” Roley said.
By May 1, the board of
directors hopes to have the
school director hired, Sim-
mons said. The board is await-
ing a permit to be granted by
the city to start construction on
their property on Sunset Bou-
levard. The board is also in
the process of advertising for
teaching positions.
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