The daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1961-current, December 23, 2016, WEEKEND EDITION, Page 15, Image 40

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    Dear Santa,
I hope you have a very merry christ-
mas. may I please have a gotar? I've
really wanted a getar for along time.
please tell evryone at the north pole
thank you. to: Santa from: Kylien
Dear Santa,
I would like a bake and a bitty bday.
Can you asek The render Thank you
for filing you to are houeses.
Love DesiRay
Dear Santa
I hope your raindeer like the carits.. I
was wandring if you cood dring me
Legos sopekens, Llittoles pet sope. also
a wodol Bubol. From Novah to Santa
Dear Santa,
I would love if you made me those two
exo-suits. I would also like the doos-
day imagin ex toy. love Odin
Dear Santa,
thank you for all the presents you gave
me. and the book. I like your sled.
Please say hi to the reindeer. bie the
way cood I have a lego millenaum
falkan.Sunserli Quinn
Dear Santa,
For Christmas can I please have a
American girl doll. I also want snug-
gles the toy puppy. Please say hello to
your elves for me. Please enjoy your
milk and cookies. love Taysa
Dear Santa,
can you say hi to Mrs Clause, for me
please. Because i saw her shoe on tv.
thank you for a fairy, sense it is chris-
mas merry chrismas.
Love Abby Gale B I love you gise
Dear Santa,
Thank you for bringing some of the
Toy's I wanted. Please tell the elf's
Thank you for making the Toy's for all
of the kids. Love Tanner N
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the gifs. I would like a
relu huskey. you are nis I like you.
You are cool I like yer evsu. pepl like
you. your are besb. Sincerely Evalin A
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the presints. I would like
a remote controlled car. I like the toys
you got me. Enjoy the mike and cookes.
from Liam to Santa
Dear Santa,
I have bin reley gud I reley wot a lego
fire fire stashie end the piy gam fur
my littl bruthr end me end a drt bick
end a big buk uv pok emon kris end
pokemon exes end a tuy. love Adrian
Dear Santa,
Thank you for dlivering all the pres-
ents each year. I would want a kitten
toy and a puppy toy. I will leev cookies
and milk. Love Lyla
Dear Santa,
Thank you for the candy in my stock-
ing last year. Can you make me a snow
glooe for Christmas. Can you tell Mrs.
Clause that I said hi and the elves.
Have a nice flight. I hope you enjoy
teh cream puffs or cookies and milk.
from Raegan
Dear Danta,
Thank you for makeing everyone
happy. I hope you enjoy the cookies
and milk and maybe a stuffed animal.
Merry chrismas Santa.
Sincerly, Mican
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like nun nums
num nums are were you make ipglos.
For christmas I would like the news-
pupet. from Kaegan O
Dear Santa,
I ben good. I wunt a play has and a
trea has. and I wille giv you sum
cooky and mellck and a fond. from Luz
Dear Santa. date 29, 2016
I would like is a snorkol. I would like is
a hole lego set. I would like is a ninga
go hole lego set. I will make cooies and
malk for you in the kethin.
From James to santa
Dear Santa,
I hop I.m on the nice list. I got you a
present. Thank you for makeing kids
happy. I will leve a candy cane cook-
ies. With out you no kids will be happy.
I want a xilaphone. Love, Kasie
Dear Santa,
I would like some magic to stand up for
myself. From, Avery N
Dear Santa,
I'm on the nice list. Lilly needs coal. I
wont for christmas books. form, hunter
Dear Santa,
I been vary good. I want for chistmas.
a mote catrol car. a mot catrol are-
plane. and a morbl maes. from,
Dear Santa
I have ben good I want a play houses.
and a tablit and a phon and a bike and
barbiys catsol and a toy car that you
can drive in.from Miakoda
Dear Santa,
Am I on the noty List just wandring.
for christmas I want 8 remot cantrol
glidrs and helocaptrs and cars and
arplans and trons I also want a Ipod
and a ar hocy tadle and a drone thank
from, Eli N
Dear Santa,
I have been good.. I whont a big pack
of pokemon exes and tablet. from
Dear Santa,
Santa I've Been very good. I hope I am
on the good list. I hope you have a
good Christmas. For Christmas I
would like a lap top and tablet. Thank
you agin and a book. From, zOliver
Dear Santa,
I am good. I help people. I will give
100,000 dollars to you. I want xbox
1. I want a computre. I want a phone.
I want a beach ball. I want a puce-
from Justin
Dear Santa,
I hoop I'm on the nis list for christmas
I wot num nom lip glos truck for
christmas and 50 dollars to. From,
Dear Santa,
I been very good. I wish you have a
very good christmas. can you give me
a dron a laptop and a book a christmas
book. I hope I am on the nice list.
thank you. HO HO HO From, Walker
Dear Santa,
I have ben good this year. Thank you
for being santa. I want a cunpyoter for
christmas. and a ps4. and a phon. I
wont a dron. thank you From: Ryker
Dear Santa,
I hope I am on the nice list. I help my
sister evrey day. I also try to help
avreone else. I do my best on my math
home work and reading home work.
from, Ashton
Dear Santa,
I relly like when you viset! I hope I'm
on the nice list.. I want a guitar for
Christmas pless. I will levae cookies
for you and carets for roodof. have a
marry christmas! I will also give you
candy. From, Annika J
Dear Santa,
I Hope I'm on the nice list thsi year. I
will leave cookies out for you. I feed
my baby sister everday. Can you Give
me maic a baby toy for her. How do
you get in my house. love, Sadie
Dear Santa,
I'm on teh Good list for Christmas I
want Air Hogs ThundrThrax.. I like
you veyemuth.
From, Talan
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