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OSU: University is reinvesting in its outreach positions
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“I was in 4-H growing up
and recognized a great need
for problem-solving research
to help people working in the
woods,” said Grant, who earned
a bachelor’s and master’s in for-
estry, working in programs from
the Appalachian Mountains to
the very forests her family toils
in Northern California.
Grant was hired in June as
the university’s forestry and
natural resources agent work-
ing with all aspects of natural
resources and forestry, which
according to the Oregon Forest
Resources Institute still com-
prises 30 percent of Clatsop
County’s economic base, and 11
percent of its employment.
“My job is to bring infor-
mation from the university, and
deliver that in a way that’s useful
for landowners, loggers, natural
resource managers,” she said. “I
also collect needed information
in the community (on) how we
can do things better.”
Grant’s position, formerly
based in Newport, covers Clat-
Courtesy of Oregon State University
Amanda Gladics, Oregon Sea Grant’s Extension fisheries management specialist, talks
with shrimper David Vandecoevering on the dock in Warrenton.
sop, Tillamook and Lincoln
counties. Like Senior, Grant said
she’s still introducing herself to
people, explaining extension’s
role in the community and orga-
nizing community events such
as forestry tours and an Oregon
State alumni reunion during the
Clatsop County Fair, complete
with the university’s mascot,
Benny the Beaver.
Fish support
region brought in 122 million
pounds of seafood in 2014,
according to the National Oce-
anic and Atmospheric Admin-
istration, an industry worth
$43 million. Fishing is the sec-
ond-largest industry in the
county after forestry.
Learning the needs of com-
mercial and recreational isher-
men, processors and isheries
managers, and how the univer-
sity can help, is Amanda Glad-
ics, who started earlier this
month as Oregon Sea Grant’s
Coastal Fisheries agent.
Gladics has worked with
commercial ishermen in the
past, studying the migration of
seabirds and Dungeness crab
around a proposed wave energy
site, and how to prevent the
bycatch of albatrosses drawn to
the hooked bait used ishing for
“I like working with isher-
men,” she said. “They’re super-
interesting people.”
While she gets to know the
ishing and processing commu-
nity, Gladics said she also wants
to help the public better access
local seafood through programs
like Extension Service’s Shop
at the Dock in Newport, where
ishermen sell product directly
to consumers at the docks with
the help of a university agent.
Corcoran said Gladics’ posi-
tion was approved by the Ore-
gon Legislature in the last ses-
sion, one of 11 new agents
statewide, and the irst time in
a decade the county has had a
isheries agent. The next ask,
he said, is an agricultural agent
to work with the myriad small
farmers in Clatsop County.
Funding for the program
comes from several sources.
Federal and state money pays
for salaries and programmatic
costs. The county provides the
real estate and funding for pro-
grams of special importance.
Agents also split their time,
Corcoran said, addressing the
needs of locals, while also work-
ing on statewide issues, such as
a project Grant is working on
investigating swiss needle cast,
a disease that defoliates Doug-
las ir trees.
“We lost our forestry and
isheries agents in the (eco-
nomic) downturn,” Corcoran
said, but now the university is
reinvesting in its outreach posi-
tions, and the North Coast is
seen as an emergent region. “It’s
good to be back at full strength.”
Review: Locals will still be able to take part in the decision-making process
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Across the river
Residents on both sides of
the Columbia River have been
disappointed about the loss of
design review boards, which
many see as giving communi-
ties a greater voice on devel-
opment. In Arch Cape, a tony
enclave south of Cannon
Beach, some are ighting Clat-
sop County’s decision to dis-
band a design review commit-
tee that has offered advice for
three decades.
Commissioners in Paciic
County irst began discussing
dissolving the design review
board in fall 2015.
Wolfe said that after much
public input, the commission-
ers inally concluded that the
board’s guidelines “are not clear
and objective.”
Some Oysterville residents
who attended the meeting felt
the county was abandoning a
system that had served its pur-
pose well for decades, even if
the county’s support for it had
Until new historic preserva-
tion guidelines are approved in
2017, the hearings examiners
will adhere to existing guide-
lines. And even though the pro-
cess is changing, commission-
ers say locals will still be able to
participate in the decision-mak-
ing process.
“We’re not trying to destroy
anything,” Wolfe said.
‘A community divided’
Oysterville is still a desig-
nated National Historic Dis-
trict. The area also has a sim-
ilar county designation that
encompasses some structures
not included in the historic dis-
trict. The design review board
was charged with preserving the
character of the historic area by
deciding what other locals could
do and could not do with their
houses. It also made plenty of
suggestions about fences, gar-
dens, gutters and lots of other
Fans of the board said it
empowered locals to decide
how to best preserve the charac-
ter of the historic village. It kept
Oysterville beautiful, they said,
even if it stumbled a bit along
the way.
However, other residents
thought the guidelines were too
vague, and said the various par-
ties often interpreted them dif-
ferently. At its worst, critics said,
the board pitted neighbor against
neighbor. Others claimed the
board had become dysfunc-
tional, and thought board mem-
bers were too easily drawn into
petty disputes.
“It is indeed a community
divided,” commented Rogers.
“It’s become harder and harder
for us to referee.”
The ive-member board had
traditionally been made up of
residents, and ideally, design
and historic preservation pro-
fessionals. It was a quasi-judi-
cial body, so the members’ deci-
sions sometimes had serious
legal implications. For that rea-
son, Wolfe said someone with
legal training and a good under-
standing of historic preservation
should be making decisions.
‘One problem
after another’
Everyone in Oysterville
agrees on one thing: They love
Part-time resident Bradley
Huson bought his place in 2009.
He loved that he didn’t have to
worry about what was going
to “plop down” next door, he
said in an interview at his fresh-
ly-painted pale pink house.
A former city councilman
and mayor in Ruston, near Seat-
tle, he now owns a pair of land-
scape design and interior design
businesses and makes a weekly
commute to Oysterville. Huson
spent part of his summers on the
peninsula as a kid. To him, the
quaint historic district seemed
like the perfect getaway. And
it was, at least until he wanted
to make a few changes to his
“It’s been one problem after
another,” Huson recalled.
Huson said that when he
irst approached the board about
making changes to his property,
a board member made a motion
to deny his application within
minutes, “based on nothing.”
He was eventually approved
both times he went through the
design review board process,
but, he said, “The irst time was
so hideous I hired an attorney
to do it the second time, and I
didn’t even go to the meeting.”
Huson’s lawyer showed up
armed with plans, schematics,
even a scale model. Huson says
the board took the presence of a
lawyer as an affront.
Huson said some residents
were already doing whatever
they wanted to do by then, so
he followed suit. He painted his
house pink, removed some trees
and tore off his porch, without
seeking the approval of the local
“Until someone is going to
do the process right, I wasn’t
going to be participating in it,”
Huson said.
Though he’s pleased with the
county’s decision to eliminate
the board, he feels the damage
has already been done.
“Now I realize the rea-
son everyone hates each other
is because of design review,”
Huson said. “It pits people
against one another.”
‘It just imploded’
Greg Rogers bought the his-
toric Oysterville Store, an adja-
cent house and 10 acres in 2011.
He wasted no time replacing lu-
orescent lights with period light-
ing. He painted the interior in
what he believed to be original
A part-time Seattle resident,
he served on the board until a
few months ago, when several
members resigned. He describes
the falling out of the board in
one word: “Exhaustion.”
“It just imploded,” Rogers
said. “It was untenable and it
was becoming a legal liability to
the county.”
Rogers supported the switch
to a hearings examiner. He
thinks a more neutral third-party
will be able to de-escalate what
had become an often combative
Staunch supporters
Nyel and Sydney Stevens
live a stone’s throw from Huson.
They have never made any
changes that required the full
board approval process.
The Stevens’ didn’t live in
A - Charter Astoria/ Seaside - L - Charter Long Beach
Oysterville full-time until both
reached middle age, but Syd-
ney’s family has deep roots in the
community. Her great-grand-
father was a co-founder of
Over the years, the Stevens’
have seen — and often resisted
— changes to the village, which
now has just 12 full-time res-
idents and less than a dozen
truly historic homes. They were
staunch supporters of the design
review board.
Nyel Stevens defended
the board at the county meet-
ing, saying that eliminating the
board would further erode the
character of the town they’ve
worked so hard to protect.
“It’s changed too much,”
Nyel Stevens told the
The Stevens’ place the bulk
of the blame squarely on the
shoulders of the county. Nyel
Stevens said when the county
was supportive, the board
worked as intended. He recalled
that until about 10 years ago,
county representatives attended
every meeting. But as county
staff thinned out, so did involve-
ment with Oysterville.
“I don’t think anyone cares,
Sydney Stevens said. “They
don’t really know about the his-
tory. And they don’t have an
investment in the history.”
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