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Study: &ounFLO ZLOO GLVFuVV VtuGy on 6ept
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Bureau, but property manag-
erV noZ put tKat ¿gure FOoVer
to tKe VLngOe GLgLtV 7Ke me-
GLan groVV rent Ln ZaV
, but property managerV
beOLeYe Lt LV noZ FOoVer to

³7Ke bottom OLne LV tKat
Ze are Ln GLre neeG oI aI-
IorGabOe KouVLng anG may-
be KouVLng Ln generaO,´ VaLG
0LNe 0organ, tKe FLty¶V Ln-
terLm pOanner anG tKe OeaG au-
tKor oI tKe GraIt VtuGy, ZKLFK
ZaV preVenteG to tKe $VtorLa
3OannLng &ommLVVLon 7ueV-
Gay nLgKt
7Ke &Lty &ounFLO, ZKLFK
KaV maGe aIIorGabOe KouVLng
a goaO, ZLOO KoOG a ZorN VeV-
VLon to GLVFuVV tKe VtuGy on
The housing landscape
+ouVLng unLtV Ln $VtorLa,
aFForGLng to tKe VtuGy, are
about eYenOy GLYLGeG betZeen
oZnerV anG renterV
&Lty pOannerV tooN tKe gen-
eraO Ge¿nLtLon oI aIIorGabLOL-
ty ² KouVeKoOGV tKat GeYote
no more tKan perFent oI
annuaO LnFome to KouVLng ²
Joshua Bessex/The Daily Astorian
Workforce housing could be part of a new library project at
Heritage Square. The city has a lack of affordable housing.
anG IounG tKat perFent oI
KomeoZnerV anG per-
Fent oI renterV e[FeeGeG tKe
tKreVKoOG Ln
6urYeyV oI property man-
agerV, FommunLty OeaGerV
anG oZnerV anG renterV pro-
GuFeG VLmLOar IeeGbaFN about
tKe OoZ YaFanFy rate anG tKe
neeG Ior more aIIorGabOe
KouVLng 3roperty managerV,
KoZeYer, VtreVVeG tKe neeG Ior
ZorNIorFe KouVLng, not more
OoZ-LnFome KouVLng
7Ke FLty GoeV not KaYe a
VoOLG graVp on tKe e[aFt num-
ber oI YaFant unLtV
³7Kere reaOOy LV YLrtuaO-
Oy ]ero YaFanFy,´ VaLG 6ean
)Lt]patrLFN, ZKo VerYeV on tKe
3OannLng &ommLVVLon anG LV a
property manager
A task force to
identify options
7Ke VtuGy reFommenGV
tKe &Lty &ounFLO aVVLgn a taVN
IorFe to OooN at optLonV Ior aI-
IorGabOe KouVLng anG LGentLIy
potentLaO OoFatLonV
A draft study by city planners documents the affordable housing challenge in Astoria.
• There is a shortage of both affordable rental housing and affordable housing for sale.
• Rents and sales prices are high for most middle-income families.
• The number of remodeling permits has significantly outnumbered the number of permits for new
units in recent years.
• The Hispanic population has more than doubled since 2000, and a large proportion of the His-
panic community lives in Emerald Heights, a low-income apartment complex.
• The number of homeless people has grown as available housing has diminished.
• U.S. Coast Guard housing demand has driven up the price of housing because of housing
allowances and the reliability of Coasties as tenants.
• The City Council could establish a task force to explore options for affordable housing.
• The city should be proactive in promoting housing development.
• The city should discourage vacation rentals in residential areas that are not owner-occupied.
• The city should consider allowing accessory dwelling units — now only allowed in a basement
or other part of a house — over garages, as garage conversions or as separate structures.
• The city should identify locations for workforce housing downtown in public-private partnerships.
3OannerV aOVo urge tKe FLty
to be proaFtLYe Ln promotLng
KouVLng GeYeOopment, FLtLng
tKe FLty¶V Vupport Ior tKe 0LOO
3onG proMeFt anG 86 &oaVt
*uarG KouVLng
7Ke FLty KaV OooNeG at
pubOLF-prLYate partnerVKLpV
to KeOp ZLtK neZ KouVLng, Ln-
FOuGLng ZorNIorFe KouVLng aV
part oI a neZ OLbrary at +er-
Ltage 6Tuare, but tKe pubOLF¶V
appetLte Ior VubVLGLeV KaV not
been teVteG, anG may not be
VuI¿FLent to VatLVIy GemanG
:KLOe FLty FounFLOorV anG
otKerV KaYe FaOOeG on tKe FLty
to aGGreVV aIIorGabOe KouVLng,
OLNeOy be IraugKt ZLtK poOLtLFV
7Kere LV YoFaO oppoVLtLon,
Ior e[ampOe, to marNet-rate
FonGomLnLumV or otKer KouV-
Lng proMeFtV near tKe &oOum-
bLa 5LYer, ZKLFK many beOLeYe
Fater to VeFonG-Kome buyerV
1eLgKborKooGV KaYe aOVo
baONeG at neZ KouVLng Ln otK-
er poFNetV oI tKe FLty
1oZ tKat $VtorLa KaV be-
Fome a GeVtLnatLon, tKere LV
a baFNOaVK among Vome reVL-
GentV ² LnFOuGLng poOLtLFaOOy
aFtLYe tranVpOantV ZKo moYeG
to tKe FLty to retLre ² agaLnVt
GeYeOopment oI any NLnG
³, tKLnN Ze neeG to be Fre-
atLYe anG aOVo a OLttOe FareIuO
tKat Ze are FreatLng aIIorG-
abOe KouVLng Ior reVLGentV oI
$VtorLa,´ VaLG 'aYe 3earVon,
tKe preVLGent oI tKe 3Oan-
nLng &ommLVVLon ³1ot tKat
Ze beFome tKe ne[t &annon
Historian: 6tory GetaiOs µthe aGYenture oI getting aFross the Fontinent¶
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them,´ 0ouOton saiG “7hey
YieweG them negatiYeOy ,t
was the age they were in
7hey GiGn¶t Nnow how to
Fross that FuOturaO barrier´
'espite the GiIIiFuOties
with the natiYes anG the
harsh weather at 'ismaO
1itFh, 0ouOton beOieYes the
e[perienFe on the Foast enG-
eG up being positiYe sinFe iI
e[poseG the Forps to a new
enYironment anG FuOturaO
area ,n a broaGer sense, it
heOpeG the 8niteG 6tates
pOant a IOag on the :est
&oast so the Fountry wouOG
haYe FOaims in Iuture years
,t set the stage Ior the set-
tOement oI $storia, anG the
Oregon 7riaO
BeIore OeaYing )ort &Oat-
sop in 0arFh , :iOOiam
&OarN wrote in the MournaO,
“:e OiYeG as weOO as we haG
any right to e[peFt´
“7hat is a great phiOoso-
phy Ior OiIe,´ 0ouOton saiG
“His IeeOing wasn¶t aOO neg-
“,¶m proYiGing the pub-
OiF anG sFhoOars Zith the
originaO sourFes so they
Fan Go the interpretiYe, re-
Yisionist ZorN,´ 0ouOton
saiG “+ere are the raZ ma-
teriaOs at your hanGs <ou
Gon¶t haYe to go aOO oYer
the Fountry anG pore oYer
Dismal Nitch
Last ZeeN, 0ouOton Yis-
iteG the 'ismaO 1itFh site
Zhere the &orps oI 'is-
FoYery bareOy surYiYeG in
miG-1oYember 7he
OoFation oI the nitFh ²
somewhere near Highway
on the :ashington-siGe
oI the &oOumbia 5iYer ² is
the IoFus oI Gebate between
two OoFaO historians
Historian 5e[ =iaN oI
1aseOOe, :ash, puts the
Fampsite FOose to the :ash-
ington 6tate 'epartment
oI 7ransportation¶s 'ismaO
1itFh 5est $rea
Historian -im 6ayFe, oI
6eaYiew, :ash, interprets
the MournaOs as saying the
Fampsite was east oI the rest
area 6ayFe ² the :ashing-
ton 6tate HistoriFaO 6oFi-
ety¶s Oiaison to the Lewis
anG &OarN 1ationaO Histor-
iFaO 3arN ² was reFentOy
eOeFteG to the boarG oI the
1ationaO Lewis anG &OarN
7raiO Heritage )ounGation
0ouOton saiG he e[peri-
enFes simiOar Gisputes when
he Yisits other OoFations
aOong the Lewis anG &OarN
7raiO He stays out oI the
Gebate “,t¶s harG to say,´
0ouOton saiG “7here is no
arFhaeoOogiFaO eYiGenFe at
this point to pinpoint 'is-
maO 1itFh´
Joshua Bessex/The Daily Astorian
Seen reflected in a nearby picture, historian Gary Moulton discusses the Corps of Discovery expedition at the Seaside
Public Library Aug. 18.
‘It’s a grand story. The adventure of getting across the
continent. The miserable, incredible situation they were in
coming down the Columbia. Wet, cold and dangerous.’
— Gary Moulton
Tale of Two Forts
0ouOton is soaNing in his
time at )ort &Oatsop, whiFh
he FonsiGers a IasFinating
part oI Lewis anG &OarN¶s
Mourney He saiG historiFaO
sFhoOars, inFOuGing himseOI,
enMoy Fomparing )ort &Oat-
sop anG 1orth 'aNota¶s )ort
0anGan, the two pOaFes the
Forps wintereG
6FhoOars Fontrast how
the group IeOt about na-
tiYes, the situations anG the
FOimate oI the *reat 3Oains
FompareG to the FoastaO en-
0any FonFOuGeG that the
Lewis anG &OarN ([peGition
haG a GiIIiFuOt time at )ort
3art oI the harGship at
)ort &Oatsop reOateG to the
Forps not unGerstanGing
the natiYe tribes Irom their
point oI Yiew 0ouOton
notes that the sFienFe oI an-
thropoOogy was years away
1ot onOy GiG Lewis anG
&OarN not unGerstanG the
GiIIerent FuOtures, but they
reIuseG to aFFept them,
0ouOton saiG
“7hey were so put oII
by the natiYes that the FuO-
turaO habits were aOien to
A grand story
$s 0ouOton Iinishes
“Lewis anG &OarN 'ay by
'ay´ ² e[peFteG to be
FompOeteG by the enG oI the
year ² he reIOeFts on what
has Grawn him anG many
others to the story oI Lewis
anG &OarN
“,t¶s a granG story 7he
aGYenture oI getting aFross
the Fontinent 7he miser-
abOe, inFreGibOe situation
they were in Foming Gown
the &oOumbia :et, FoOG anG
Gangerous 7hey pusheG
into the shore at 'ismaO
1itFh :hat a name ,t says
it aOO ,t wasn¶t a happy
time,´ 0ouOton saiG “7he
Grama oI the story appeaOs
to peopOe´
OLCC: 7he agenFy ZiOO start OiFensing retaiO arounG IaOO
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³6eeG to VaOe´ aOVo KeOpV
enVure tKat a OLFenVee maLn-
taLnV FompOLanFe ZLtK tKe
86 'epartment oI -uVtLFe¶V
³&oOe 0emoranGum,´ ZKLFK
VpeOOV out tKe IeGeraO goYern-
ment¶V marLMuana-reOateG pro-
KLbLtLonV 7KeVe LnFOuGe not
VeOOLng ZeeG to mLnorV anG
NeepLng tKe Grug oII tKe bOaFN
³:e Zant to Vee peopOe
ZKo Fan pOay by tKe ruOeV,
anG ZKo pOay by tKe ruOeV
eYen ZKen marNetV are
tougKer,´ 0arNV VaLG
+e aGGeG tKat ³VeeG to
VaOe´ VerYeV aV a VubVtLtute
Ior tKe tKree-tLereG VyVtem
tKe 2/&& appOLeV to aOFoKoO
but not to marLMuana
6omeone LnYoOYeG Ln tKe
GLVtrLbutLon oI aOFoKoO muVt
be OLFenVeG aV a proGuFer
or a ZKoOeVaOer or a retaLO-
er, but neYer more tKan one
at a tLme But Vomeone Ln-
YoOYeG Ln GLVtrLbutLng marL-
Muana Fan be OLFenVeG Ln any
number oI FapaFLtLeV at onFe
groZer, proFeVVor, ZKoOeVaO-
er, retaLOer, Oaboratory teVter,
reVearFKer, etF 7KLV FompOL-
FateV tKe agenFy¶V abLOLty to
IoOOoZ proGuFt, a Ge¿FLenFy
Ior ZKLFK tKe barFoGLng oI
pOantV may FompenVate
7KougK tKe agenFy KaV
been moYLng at IuOO VpeeG Ln
reFent montKV, ³tKere KaVn¶t
been reVLVtanFe to GoLng
tKLV,´ 5anee 1LeGermeyer,
2/&& goYernment aIIaLrV
anG FommunLFatLonV GLreF-
tor, VaLG ³3eopOe NnoZ Lt¶V
KarG, but tKey¶re Ln tKere, anG
tKey¶re GoLng Lt´
Hashing out details
2nFe KLreG anG traLneG,
tKe neZ 2/&& ZorNIorFe
Zon¶t KaYe a great GeaO to
FonIront on tKe 1ortK &oaVt
² at OeaVt not rLgKt aZay
$VtorLa KaV tKree oI¿FLaO-
Oy OLFenVeG meGLFaO marLMua-
na VKopV, anG ZKen 2regon
6enate BLOO NLFNV Ln 2Ft
, tKe VKopV ZLOO be aOOoZeG
to VeOO reFreatLonaO marLMua-
$FroVV tKe bay Ln :arren-
ton, KoZeYer, tKe &Lty &om-
mLVVLon YoteG not to aOOoZ
meGLFaO marLMuana GLVpenVa-
rLeV to VeOO reFreatLonaO mar-
LMuana :arrenton GoeVn¶t
KaYe any meGLFaO marLMuana
GLVpenVarLeV operatLng
1eLtKer GoeV *earKart,
anG tKere are none Ln tKe
ZorNV, aFForGLng to *earKart
&Lty 0anager &KaG 6Zeet
+oZeYer, Ln 2Ftober ,
tKe FLty YoteG to LmpOement a
perFent ta[ on groVV VaOeV
oI marLMuana anG marLMua-
na-LnIuVeG proGuFtV to FarG-
KoOGerV unGer tKe 2regon
0eGLFaO 0arLMuana 3rogram,
anG a perFent ta[ on groVV
VaOeV to non-FarGKoOGerV
6eaVLGe KaV tZo meGLFaO
marLMuana GLVpenVarLeV, but
&Lty 0anager 0arN :LnVtan-
Oey GoeVn¶t NnoZ LI tKe &Lty
&ounFLO ZLOO aOOoZ tKem to
VeOO reFreatLonaO marLMuana
Fome 2Ftober
&annon BeaFK¶V buVLneVV
OLFenVe appOLFatLon GoeVn¶t
aOOoZ Ior buVLneVVeV tKat YL-
oOate IeGeraO OaZ, Vo, at tKe
moment, meGLFaO anG reFre-
atLonaO marLMuana IaFLOLtLeV
are oII tKe tabOe VLnFe marL-
Muana remaLnV IeGeraOOy LOOe-
2nFe tKe 2/&& VtartV
aFFeptLng appOLFatLonV Ln
-anuary, tKe agenFy ZLOO
OLNeOy prLorLtL]e tKe OLFenV-
Lng oI groZerV Vo tKat tKey
Fan to get tKeLr proGuFt to
retaLO Vooner ratKer tKan Oat-
er, 0arNV VaLG 7Ke agenFy
ZLOO tKen Vtart OLFenVLng retaLO
arounG IaOO , Ke VaLG
One pressing question
Kasn¶t gone unmentioneG
ZitKin tKe agenFy :iOO tKe
Oregon /iquor &ontroO &om-
mission FKange its name"
7Ke agenFy Kasn¶t taNen a
position, 0arNs saiG +oZeY-
er, some peopOe KaYe ÀoateG
the suggestion “Oregon Li-
quor anG &annabis &ontroO´
,t ZouOG be Fost-eI¿Fient
at any rate the Fommission
ZouOGn¶t neFessariOy haYe to
Fhange the aFronym on its
August 26-29
l u c k , M o o
O i n k
O i n k , C l u c k Bringing you delicious
fair food , live music,
great exhibits and fun
carnival rides for 119 years!
Opening Ceremonies;
Intro of Fair Court; Stoddard and Cole
Carnival rides – wristband day;
Scott McDougall and 2015
Fair Court Coronation
8 PM Nothing New - Main Stage
Old ddle
Jam ival
Fe t !
Market Livestock Auction;
Senior and Military Day;
Lulu LaFever; Tony Wintrip
4-H Cowboy Breakfast;
The VanBlaricom Family Band; Country Mile
(Sponsored by Sunday Afternoon Life);
Jesse Lee Falls Band;
Cheerleader Demonstration; Anatize