The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, August 16, 1907, Image 4

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Catalog House
' ., ' .... :
$km& JHtanual
j irw
Jt- AT j
For the next 30 days we will offer the entire stock of
Dry Goods, Clothing; Shoes and etc, at prices never before
offered in Corvallis.
This is a opportunity to buy 1st. class Merchandise at
a bargains.
We only ask you to call and compare prices with others
before buying elsewhere.
j When you see it in our ad its so
Corvallis - - - Oregon
Any one will bs brighter and health in warm
weather if they buy iheir grocries at our store-our goods
are always fresh and they are handled and kept in the
most cleanly manner.
We are Headquarters
for all kind of lunch and picnic
'. P HOME 203.
. . . - Recreation! ,
Are you going on a vacation, a trip to the mines, the woods - or to
the sea-shore. Yes? Then you need a time-piece, but can you afford
to carry that valuable watch to such a place as that? Certainly not!
Why risk the loss of the watch or the chance of a costly smash-up when
you can get comparatively accurate time with on of those DOLLAR
watches that Pratt the Jeweler & Optician sells?
A Parker "Luckey Curve" fountain pen is just the thing for these
occasions too. .
J t j
g t-rciy ucjjui iiieiu in uur
store is full of goods
We wilKhave for the fall
trade the largest stock of
general House Furnishing
$wds ever seen in this
city io which we very cor-
dially invite your careful inspection.
A car load of Iron Beds are now on hand, and we
A can suit you in every style imaginable.
We are headquarters for every thing in campers
.an Hop Pickers supplies.
Come and Investigate.
I Hollenberg & Cady.
B G. Borning,
The Grocer.
We are not inclined to spend much time in
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
and customers speak for themselves.
Vw Watch this space for Bargins -
No 603 43 acres, 30 incult, balance pasture and timber, some fine bot
tom land, house of 5 rooms, small barn, young orchard, 2 1-2 miles of
a good town, price if sold soon, $2000. This is a bargain. -.
598160 acres, 35 in cult, some good timber and pasture, good house
and bam, fine orchard, well watered, this is a good stock ranch price
$ 1 700. School house on place.
38310 a ores, all in cult fine orchard, all level, good house, fair bam 1-2.
mile to good town, good garden land, nice little home, price $1700.
Growing Fastest with Least Fuss !
And if you don't believe it, come and see
EGGS, Chickens and Butter taken in exchange for mer
chandise, - can handle some wheat
DEALER IN EVERYTHING, Corvallis, Oregon.
Educates for success iu a short time and at small expense, and sends each stu
dent to a position as soon as competeritT;, Quality is our motto, and reputation for
thorough work brings us over 100 calls per month for office' help. Individual in.
struction insures rapid progress. We teach the loose leaf, the card index, the
voucher and other modern methods of bookkeeping. Chartier is our shorthand:
easy, rapid, legible. Beautiful catalogue, business forma and penmanship free
write today. References: any merchant, any .bank, any newspaper in Portland.
No Prizes go with our
Chase & Sanborn High Crade
In fact nothing goes with our coffee but cream, suar and
' . Sole agent for '
Chase & Sanborn High Grade
-Mr. and Mrs. Rockey Mason and
Mr. and. Mrs. W D DeVarney were
visitors in town Tuesday.
Aernria in to hold her annual
regatta and country fair September
2-4. The labor unions of the city
are to join the regatta parade on
labor day.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Can
non ol Salem, passed through Cor
vallis yesterday en route to New
port for a few days outing.
The rush of people to the sea
side is slightly abated, although
many are still going. By next
week the tide will turn, and tbe
exodus begin shortly thereafter,
John Giblin. well-known pro
prietor of the St. Charles Hotel,
Albany, formerly landlord of the
Occidental, Corvallis, was married
Tuesday to Mrs. Mary Gallagher,
at Seattle.
Six fine deer, with antlers and
hides as well as quantities of meat
brought to town to prove it, are
what Arnold King and John Kiger
got in a deer hunt of a few days on
Green Peak, from whence they re
turned Wednesday night. It is the
best luck, so far reported this sea
son, with the exception of George
Denman and Mike Bauer.
Virgil Watters and fam
ily arrived Tuesday evening
from a camping trip in the
Yachats country. The scarci
ty of deer is illustrated in the fact
that Mr. Watters, who is accounted
one of the crack hunters of the
country and a rifle shot with few
equals, captured but one venison.
David Whaley, who recently
sold his farm west of town after a
five years residence there, has em
barked in the real estate business
in Corvallis. His office is next door
north of the Blackled'ge furniture
store. His ad appears elsewhere,
as do many other new and interest
ing announcements.
1 wo gangs or surveyors ar!
running lines across the Cascades ,
with what seems a purpose to ex
tend the C. & E, road. One gang
is encamped at Sand Mountain, and
is working along the line of the
old survey of r890, according to
the Albany Democrat. Another
gang-arrived in Albany yesterday,
and the Democrat says they are
going out to locate a permanent
lirie for the extension across the
The O. A. C. friends of Forest
Smithson have always believed bim
to be a swifter man than Dan Kel
ly, the Baker City sprintei. Eve
ry time they have ever met; when
both were in prime condition,
Smithson has been the victor. The
report from Portland that members
of the Multnomah Atletic Club take
the same view, strengthens the con
fidence of the local college men in
the well-known O. A. C. short dis
tance runner. It was always the
opinion of the late Dad Trine that
under proper conditions, Smithson
was good for 9 4-5, and that he be
lieved to be faster than Kelly can
A little chap went to his moth
er one dav for a nickel. "Oh,"
said the lady, "be industrious and
earn your money. I am tired of
always giving money to you."
The youngster departedin thought
ful silence. Thereafter for some time
he did not make a single demand
for cash. His pleased .mother dis
covered the reason for this obedi
ence late one afternoon, when in a
secluded part of her garden, she
found her little son standing in the
center of an appreciative crowd of
urchins. Directly behind hin,
quite neatly printed on cardboard
and tacked to ths arbor,- was this
1 small worm for, 1 cent
1 large worm for . 2 cents
1 butterfly for 2 cents
1 caterpillar for 3 cents
1 hop toad for 5 cents
And the boy was doing a tre
mendous business.
A wreck on the C. & E. at
tracted much attention in town
yesterday. It happened to the
east-bound passenger, v.. cons' st
ing of a loc imotive, two box
cars, a baggage and four ' coaches.
As the train was passing up m the
approach to a bridge Between
Blodgett and Wren the two trucks
on the forward box car left the rails,
and the car itself -was thrown cross
wise of the track. The box car left
the rails, bnt the baggage car re
mained on the track. The sudden
stop shook up the passengers and
there was a period of excitement,
but no injuries. The trouble bap
pened at ir o'clock,- and it was four
when the passengers reached . Cor
vallis, having been transferred to a
special taken out from Corvallis by
Conductor Riley. The same train
passed back at six p. m. with bay
bound passengers, who were trans
ferred. The wreckage was cleared
away and all trains are on time . to
Persons havinsr rooms for I
aunng the All-Benton-School-Fair
will confer a favor by cummumcat
ing with A. K. Russ. j
She knew the man who sat behind
Was sizing up her hair
And peering through her peekaboa '
With rude, ill-mannered stare. "
When she could stand his gaze no
Resentment was so deep,
She turned round to rebuke the
And he was fast asleep.
Baptist church: snbiect for
Sunday morning, August 18th,
"Thv Kingdom Come." For Sun
day evening, 4 -Thy Will Be Done
on Earth as It Is in Heaven." Th
evening sermon will be preached at
ine union service m the M. E.
It is probable that balloon as
censions and parachute jumps will
be among the attractions at the All-Benton-School
Fair. Negotiations
are now pending.
Rankin Holdings Bought Forty Two
Cruisers are Operating in Benton
There is exceeding interest in
Benton over the operation of timber
cruisers, who are scouring nearly
all the standing timber in th
county. There are 42 of them, all
told, a number that signifies opera
tions of exceeding imoortance.
Thirty three came up from Portland
and went out Monday, and an add
itional nine came and went the sami
way Wednesday, It is announced
that the sale of the Rankin holdings:"
of 30,000 acres occasions the er
rand of the cruisers in part. That
much is announced in the Portland
papers. The transaction is report-!
ed to involve nearly a million and ;
half in dollars, being the bigisstl
transaction ever made on the Coast.
The buyer is said to be) a big
pastern syndicate. ; -
There is also a story that South
ern JPacitlc iana grant lands are in
volved. This cannot be confirmed;
save that parties from the vicinity
of where the cruisers are at work
say some of them are cruising
Southern Pacific lands. This, how
ever, has not been confirmed, but
rumor has it that the land grant
lands, of which there are 50,000
pcres in Benton,, are in the
The prices at which the 'time,
changing hands is believed
almost fabulous. Future de
ments will be watched with inte
Every foot of railroad landlhas 1
tuea on Dy squatters who claim H
should be sold to them at $2. so
per acre. -, . ;
An article in yesterday's Oregon-
iau says the lands of the Southern
Pacific are not sold, bat that the
company lost all records of the
land in the San Francisco fire; that
present cruising operations are to
renew the information lost, . and
that it will be required in combatt
ing the struggle that is imminent in
which forfeiture and other moves
are threatened. ......
Notice to Bidders.
Notice is hereby elven that the undereiened
constituting the Sewer Committee of the Com
mon Council of the City ot Corvallis. will receive
bids until 6 o'clock P. M.. ol Tuesday, the 27th
day i.t August, 1907, for the construction of each
of the foil 'Wing sew its, to-wtt:
Sewir from a point la the center of the alley
through block 11. Dixon's second addition to the
v;ity ot t;orvaiiia, zis feet aistaut Trooi toe norta
property line of said block and running thence
soutneriy tnrongn toe center 01 tne auey ot
blocks NoS. li, 12 and 1 in Dixon's cecond
addition to said city. and across,
tbe intervening streets. connect with the--lateral
eewer torough block 1, county
addition to said city, Zl a point 67.5 et!
distant southerly from the south boundar
linn of said block 13 aud m the center ot-tht
auey u exteuaea. - 7
Sewer from a point in the center- i th alley
througn block 1. origlnjal town 01 MaO'Svile, now
the city of Corrains 111 jBenton coyly-'pieman,
and 67 feet from tne souh properly Uiie-'n sua
block, thence northrrJv through thecfiitr or ne
alley ot blocks 1. 2 aud 8, original town of iU
ryaville, now Orv-iUn. la ross the tvtcrvnu.
iug streets to a point 111 JjeCrsuit Htret 2ii6tet
from the south bouariijiy of stM sMvet auu
to connect with th&Jtueicou ri t sewer
Sswer from a point in M nr street opaiiite
the center of the alley tbrouti block 11. oriiUHl
town of Maiysville. now city of Corvlih, aud 20
feet from the property lina of said block 11,
thence tntougn toe center ot me auey snrougn,
block 11 and 10, original town of Marysvnie, now
l.ort-allls, aud across tbe Intervening streets to a
point near the soutbstrie of Jefferson street an d
to connect with the Jefferson street sever.
Sewer from a point iu Monroe street opposite
the center of the alloy through block , original
town of uarysvllie, now the city ot (Jorvallls.
and 20 feet south of the sooth boundary of said
block, thence northerly tbroWh the center of
the alley of block 6, original town ot Maiyjville,
now the city of Corvallis and block 1, Dixon s
first addition to the city of Corvallis and aoross
tna Intervening Btreets to a pilot near the north
elde of Van Buren street, and tu connect with the
Viin 3uren street sewer.
Each of such sewers li to be contracted and -equipped
with onpurtenances iu accordancewlth
the drawings and pi in and specifications there
lor on file with u police Judge of said city.
No bids will be received except aeperate and
dl.ilncc bids f.r the construction of each sewer
ai d ich bid mi.s-. be accompanied by a cema--ed
cucck upon some responsible bank In thorn m
of one-fifth the amount of such bid, payable to
the order of the police Judge of said city, to se
cure the city and the property owners affected
against loss or damage ou account ol the failure
of such bidder to enter Into contract with the'
city and give bond for the faithful performanea
thereof as required by the respective ordinances
of said city, providing fur the construction of
said teveral sewers, reference to which is heieby .
Bids for the construction ot any of the forego
ing sewers may be left with the police judge of .
said city pi lor :o the time aforesaid. All sach
bids will be reported to che Common Council of
saia ciiy tor action at h next aucceeaiug regu
lar or special meeting following the expiration
of tbe lime for receiving such bids, :
.Dated at Corvallis, Oregon, August 16. 1C7.' .
hewer Committee.
1 .