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Vol. XX.-No.
By B. F. Irvine
.tin nn w
I We Are. Now
Prepared to Outfit The
Man and The Boy
Om receipt of clothing this spring are nobby.
Big assortment.
Prices That Defy Competition!
Shoes P: B. Earths" are up to date in style and
the best wearers
Our Line of Medium Priced Shoes
Are from the bast factories in the country and al
are guaranteed shoes. Oar line of hats embrace all
the new styles. Oar prices are right and we ask - an
inspection of the above lines.
Call and See
What Various Districts Are Doug
Many Lines of Display Will Be
in the Competitive
What You See is Worth
Twice What You Read!
As you are now coming to market with th opportunity of
comparing values, we ask you to see our lines.
, We have a broken line of Ladies and Childrens Shoes,
which ws areclojiaj out at remarkably low prices. . Some be
fore your size is gone.
Also some remnants in Dress Goods, Wash Goods, etc,
at bottom prices.
Our new Spring and Summer Stock is arriving and is ready
for your inspection. Make money by buying pur lines, and save
money by getting our prices. f
Henkle & Davis.
best to demonstrate this fact, to the
many visitors that will be at the
fair, that they do not see it all from
a car window. It ie a a orjportunitv
never enjoyed before, by rural
neighborhood?, to show to the pub
lic the special advantages of their
neighborhood in the way of good
schools and highly productive soils,
and the result of the fair should not
be highly educative alone but a so
cial and financial benefit as well.
R. R. Miller,
Summit, Or.
Sells the Famous Parckard Shoe.
Dealer in all Mens Furnishings. .
Every pair guaranteed.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Intei est is waxiog warm all over
the county in the big All-Ben ton -Sahbol
Fair. Such an array'ofex
rjibiti &n was never seen before will
be on display. In every precinct
and school district, "yoUDg people
are striving to produce products cr
handiwork that will win one of the
many prizes. Tnere will be a rev
elation of Benton's possibilities
when the exhibits are all in place
when the fair occurs. Wait and
see. Here are statements of work
ia progress in various dish ict:
District 43. The following i my
report on the Benton County School
Fair: The Beeds were distributed
among the pupile, each pupil choos
ing the seeds he wishea to plant
The hoys chooaog the vegetable
eeeds while the girls choose mostly
flower seeds. Mu h interest has
been shown. in the work and if con
ditions are favorab:e I think their
display will be a creditable one,
considering the size of the school
and the age of the pupile.
Much eocouragement has been
given the pupils both at school and
at home, and 1 think the interest
will be stimulated by the parents
during the summer as they have
shown much interest in the work.
Tne school may not have a full ex
hibit, but expects to make a good
showing in individual work.
Edith MtCourt, teacher.
The following are nimes of the
pupils who will take part in the
fair: Helen Hodges, Er win Rodgers,
Harold Bailt-y, -Wallie Krocker,
Charlie Hale, Albert Hele, Verl
Hale, Pearl BalUy, Herman Sailey,
Elfcwortb Kay, Hazel Kay, Dollie
Glen, Alva Krocker, Monroe Win,
Anna Holman.
Cleona Davitt, teacher,
Albany, Or.
Dietrict Niv 3. The pupils of
district No. 3 expect to be heard
from as well as.eten at the fair
Garden making is in prcgrees and
if work has anything to co with it
we will get our share of the prizes.
We alro expect to take part in the
writing, map drawing, spelling ci
phering and all other contests. We
have our shoulders to the wheel
and we are going to lift to make the
fair a eucceos. Look out for us for
we're going to be there.
Walter Winniford, teacher.
District No. 5 District No. 5 is
vfry busy, preparing for the fair.
We will have exhibits in the agri
cultural, diawing, writing, sewing
and cooking departments. We ex
pect to have a complete exhibit,
and are trying for one of the grand
prizes for our district.
The chiltirtn are all deeply inter
ested in the coming fair, and are do
ing their best, their parents, aleo,
are interested, and are encouraging
them to put forth their best tftorte
Every cbiid in the school will b
represei tsd at the fair.
. Etta Young, teacher.
At . t c mi . -
uisttici ao. inis article wa&
Bti$ine$ Calk
ON -
Roseburp, Or., June 4. The con
tractors who are boring the well on
the Southern Pacific s property near
the roundhouse in this city, made'
an unexpected diecovery last Fri- J
uay. ror tne paei monin mey nave T7 - . . , . . . .
been drilling through a hard blue ' Valley & especially in and around the vicinity of our town,
In the march of progress now
the Willamette
stratum, but Friday the drill at a
depth of 600 feet, ped through
this formation, and into a sand re
sembling sea sand, but considera
ble at this point. A very salty
and brackish water began flowing
into the well and eoou reached a
depth of l3ofeet, or nearly sea level.
The United States geographical sur
places the exact measurement at
the place as being 464 feet above
the sea.
- Drilling operations were at onoe
suspended, and the strike reported
to the Southern .Pacific officials,
who wilt inve stigate, as tne contract
is for a looo-foot well, and it is not
known whether the company will
continue the work or not, as their
object in drilling the well is to get
a supply of pure water for use on
the trains and engines.
Thrones with
a King.
Fisherman's luck means a wonderful catch once in a blue
moon. But all moons are alike to the man equipped from our
superb Sporting Goods' stockthe latest in Rods, Reels,
Dandy Minnows, Hooks,'Bicycles, Sundries, ulfery, Sewing
Machines and Sewing Machine Supplies, Edison - and - Victor
Talking Machines, Records and Supplies, The hunter will find
himself in a paradise of his own when he lands in , this fine
Sporting Goods stock. You are welcome to buy, or admire,
just as you choose. Unmatchable prices how.
nothing is more conspicuous than the spirit of progress on
among our merchants, to this end and to keep in the front.,
rank in the business community, we shall inaugurate a series
of modern methods in the line of
"Profit Sharing Sales"
that should be appreciated by all our patrons.
This will not mean that we shall have a sale of every
ar ticle in the store but one line of merchandise will be taken
from each Department every week, and offered you at such.
a reduction that will not fail to have your hearty support,
London Tit-Bits: ' Among the his
torical curiosities tj be teen at
Chatworth House, the residence of
the Duke of Devonshire, is a willow
tree that actually weeps, very oiten
to the personal discomfort of taoBe
beneath it.
To the casual observer it appears
just an ordinary willow, but on
close inspection it is seen to be art
fully artificial. It is made from a
metal to closely resemble a living
tree, and each of its branches is
covered with innumerable holes. In
fact, the whole tree is a monster
syringe, being connected to a water
maid near by.
The key for turo:n on and cff is
close at hand, and many a vUiting
party has been enticed beneath its
branches by practical jokers.
New Orleans, June 4. The sen
tence of the court in the Greene and
Gajmr cas involving over a half
million dollars fraud in govern
ment contract work in the Savan
nh Harbor, was affirmed today in
an opinion handed ' down by the
United States circuit coutt of ap
peal p. The sentence is four years'
imprisonment each and a fine ag
gregating $s75 000.
Jndge Saelby and McCormick
rendered the opinion, and Judge
Pardee dissented.
Benjamin F. D. Greene and John
F. Gaynor, the defendant, appeal
ed on I9U3 assign mtnts of errors
Most interesting tf tnese was the
cla'm that their extradition from
Canada, a case which went to the
privy council of -England before be
ing finally tried, was illegal. They
alleged they were extradited upon
one offense and tried upon another.
Upon this point the court says:
"It is not unusual, nor would it
be exyedient or practicable, for a
warrant of extradition to describe
the crime 'with all the fullness that
This week we shall offer
Dress Goods
mutt be for the same criminal acts,
it does not fjlLw.that the crime
must have the sime name in both
prpfed for us before Mr. Miller T1 qu d ma indulgent
' i- . . 1 Woib extradition and indictment
school. We will have a later re
port from the prestnt teacher to ap
eir shortly.
The children are pleased with the
prospect of a pleasant time with
other ecbools and an opportunity of
comparing the hard work they are
doing wrth the work of other schools.
I think it is an added impetus to
the pupils and teacher as well as for
thoroughness in their work. Al
though the spring has been back
ward and work in the gardens great
ly retarded, the eeeds distributed
to the schools, with many others,
bavj been safely put away in boxes
of loam prepared by the children
in their homes, and the knowledge
of conditions necessary to produce
beet results are eagerly sought' for.
I have noticed the rainy day play
time seems to bepleasantiy employ
ed by the girls in various kinds of
sewing;-and aB for baking bread,
every metnoa. xnown among wo
men is being investigated.
The enthusiasm in this fair is not
and should not be confined to the
school and teacher: but every man,
woman and child should do their
before or after this date at these prices
65c Wooi Dress Goods at 48c
These goods come in popular Shepherds Plaid effects, 40
inches wide, all wool,
Black & White, Blue & White, Brown & White, Garnet & White,
See Window Display
"Ladies Suit Special"
You should suit yourself with a suit at the prices we shall
offer them this week for we are going to make this depart
ment even more popular than it ever was. You know the
styles are absolutely correct and when you talk of "Wboltex
quality" it means "Good Goods and Make up" combined.
Chicago, June 4. Chicago's ar
my of meat-eaters is facing a run of
high prices which threat ns to force
the man who does not earn more
than $2 a day to a vegetable diet.
Meats of all kinds, with the excep
tion of the poorest cats of beef, have
been rising steadily for three weeks
and dealers say that the advance
will contmne.
In some of the poorer sections of
Chicago retail-, dealers have' not
handled a piece of meat except beef
tor the last three weeks. Lamb.
pork and other meats are beyond
the reach of their customers. The
retailers found that . these meats
were spoiling on their cntting blocks
because people could not afford to
buy thf m, and in consequence they
quit buying of - , the - wholesalers.
Lamb .advanced three cents
nound in the last three weeks and
the big wholesalers eay they cannot
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10.00 Ladies Suits this week
. 7.95
20.00 '
6.00 Misses u "
7.50 "
The confidence we have in the merchandise we offer is
backed by years of experience and we hold ourselves per
sonally responsible to our customer which merits . your
confidence in us.
TO Holati Son
- - - Oregon.
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