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Vol. XX.-No.
By B. F. Irvine
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Man and The Boy
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Mot or man Hull Wounded Hold
up on New Rose City Park
Line Ends in Murder Car- -men
Fight the Robber.
Conductor C. L. Neviua was shot
aod killed and Motorman B. L.
.Hall, was ehot through the right
'band in a battle with a lone bandit
(who held up car No. 136, 00. tbe
. Roe'Cuy Park branch of tbe Eet
Aekeny street car line, at y:dU last
night. There were no gaesengers
on the car. ; '..
- After robbing tbe conductor of
his day's receipts the highwayman
ran away and is supposed to have
boarded an eaatbound freight train
on tbe O. R. & N. ,
Conductor Nevius was with the
motorman on tbe front en 1 of the
car, which had just left tbe end of
the line, bound for Portland. JNev
ins was about to alight when f
maeked man boirded tbe front end
of tbe car.- . ;
UpoDJseeing tbat tne-sup;
passenger was masked, Motorman
Hall detached his controller and
threw it at the bead of tbe stranger.
He mused, and the bandit drew his
revolver, firing poict blank: at the
motor man. The s hot went wild,
but Mutorman Hall pretended be
was hit and fell off the car oa his
back.; ' V .v
Meanwhile Conductor Nevius had
retreated into tbe car, where the
bandit now followed him, pointing
his pistol at the conductor's' head.
The robber forced Nevius to produce
bis day's receipts, estimated to be
between $20 and $30, and also tock
his chain holder and watch.
At this juuctute, being unobserv
ed, Motorman Hall picked , up a
heavy rock and as the" robber came
out of tbe car door threw it. strik
ing him full in the chest. The des
perado was felled by tbe blow, but
quickly recovered and, seemingly
confuted, turned toward conductor
Neviua and fired two shots at. him,
botb taking effect in the region- of
tbe kidneys. The bullets ranged
slightly upward and came out 3 art.
below the Jasttib on either side
afti. K "nntfnr.ftVv-RSa fallen
.....v.. ..... . . (
the bandit turned tbe gun towards
Huh and fired twice, and ran hast
ily downHbe ra'lway tracks toward
tbe city. One of the bullets mang
led Hull's right band,7 two bones
beirg shattered. ' ?.
A few moments' later an east
bound freight came puffing flowly
up the gradeout of Sullivau'e Gulch.
It is supposed the robber boarded
tbis train.
The c uiraj o io motorman then
hurried to tbe HtU of his stricken
comrade and endeavored to assist
him to the car, but before be could
gain n s leet thi bdly wounded
conductor gave a gasp . and was
dtad.- '
- Calling a man from a nearby
cabin,-the motorman then assisted
in lifting the body of Nevius to tbe
car platform and "with his left hand
etarted the car for the East Tweo-ty-Etghth
street brn for assistance.
Arriving at "Twenty-Eighth street
and Sandy Road, an outbound car
was encountered, which was manned
by the motorman J. E. Hull, broth
er of the murdered mac, and coo
ductoi C. "p. dinger, why immedi
ately reversed their car ! and towed
the car bearing 'the: dead man to
the barn. '. ;
As the bandit fell off the car, af
ter being struck by tbe rock, the
robber dropped Ne?ius' cbainbold-,
er and watcn, wrucn Motorman
Hull recovered. . r
that the body would be exhumed
on Thursday, but tbis date was an
ticipated by two days, it n said, to
avoid publicity, Michael Feinberf
representing Public Administrator
Reddick, of Chicago, was present
throughout tbe proceedings and ix
preeeed satisfaction.
Baron von Szhlippenbach, after
viewing the body a moment, said:
"This is the body of Nicolai de
Raylan, who was for 12 yews my
Mr. Schaeffer has not yet ssen
the body.
The result of the inquest estab
lished beyond a doubt tbe identity
of the corpse as the body of deRay
lan and that tbe person in question
was a female.
Special Announcement
One Week
Graduating Dress
El Paso, May 28. In epite of tie
fact that a eimilar charge was in
vestigated and dismissed by a grand
jury some time ago, another com
plaint bas been nled with United
States District - Attorney Liewelin,
of New Mexico, that a tribe ot in
dians in that territory is given to
the worship of an enormous serpent
to which is fed the new-born babes
ef a puebla in which it is housed
and carefully attended and guard
The complaint was filed by a
Catholic-priest,' who alleges that a.
dozen- families' were r segregated
from several; Pnebls, around about
IwO years ago; and -.formed into- a
puebla by themselves. That ; al
though it is known that many chil
dren have been born to thtee faa
ilies not a child is to be found in
the PuebUu This led the priett to
press his investigations with the
result that he discovered in an
adobe house, isolated and closely
guarded, there is an enormous ser
pent, which is worshipped by tbe
Indians of all the Pueblas around,;
and that every babe born in the
small Putbla, and it is euspected
many others, are fed to the serpent.
Major Liewelyu, having no jurisdic
tion, has hied tbe amdavit 01 tne
priest and other evidence with the
territorial authorities.
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May 26th to Saturday June 1st in which we shall offer
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J. M. Noan & Son
39 cts:
29 cts.
25 cts.
21 cts
- feiin FrancUco, May 27. Tomor
row is the day set l.or the sentencing
of Abraham Ruef on the dbarge to
which be pleaded guilty two weeks
ago of extorting $1125 from propri
etor Malfanti, of Delmonicp's res
taurant, on a threat to prevent
tbe renewal of Malfanti's linnor li
cence. But eentenci , will not be
passed at this time. Ruef rtfeilliap1.
pear, the prosecution will -move the
postment of sentencing, and Judge
Dunne will acquiese. Tb prosecu
tion prefers to dslay Ruefs punish
ment until alter be bas appeared as
a witness against the public service
corporation officials, the mayor and
others now indicted by the Oliver
grand jury.
Twin Falls, Idaho, May 26.
Complaints were sworn out tbis
evening by S. E. Rozell, whose
daugaiir -WHS . killed by. a tiger
which escaped froai it cage in inc
Sell-Flot(S citcux ' lat-t fcaturJav
evening, agaio-t H, H. Tarn men, J.
F. Boofiit-,- Frank Tammeo aid
Chris O'Neil, charging them with
manslaughter. H. H. Tammen
and"?. F. Bontils, ptoprietors ot the
1 V A- - . P.I
louver pon, a e tne owners 01 in
show. Frank Tammen is thetrav
eling manager, and O'Neill is the
head keeper ot tne animal;.
It is also said that a civil tuit for
$5000 damages will be filed by Ro
zeil, in addition to tt,e criminal pro
ceedings. ' - !
It -'is- presumed tbe action agaimt
H. H; Tamxuen and Bjnflls will be
taken in tbe United States court in
Denver. Tbe arrest of tbe other
two men is txpected tomorrow.' ..
This Man bought
-his Fishing
Tackle of,
A Complete Line of Spauld
ing base ball goods at popu
lar prices. s
Phoenix, Ariz., ; May - 28,.- The
body of Nicolai da Raylan, whose
ser bar beer the subject of dispute
and litigation since lat December,
was exbomep yesterday afternoon
and taken to an ' undertaker' a par
lor, where jiie facts of the, disinter
ment were made known upen tbe
arrival late ' today of Baron ' von
Sjblippenbach, the Russian consul
at Chicago, accompanied by Samuel
J. Schaeffer, attorney for Mrs. Ac
na D. Ravlan.
Tne body was in a fine "state of
preservation and the -face, was en-,
tifely unchanged; VVben' the white
casket-Was opened the body" was
seen attired in a woman's white
robe,ii 1 , Ci "
It bad been previously announced
.Hcquiam, WasbM May 28 War-
rants were ittued today for the ar
rest of two dam-diggers of Moclips
for -robbing Indian graves of 'tbe
Qainiault tribe. Over 25 Indians
came to this city today and entered
complaint against the ghoulish
work. A warrant was sworn to by
John Cbepalis, a prominent Indian
charging tbe miscreants with rob
bing tbe graves of Jtt,is father and
mother-in-law. Several saw tbe
work done, and informeoV the In
dians. speaking of - the matter.
Jonn Cnepalis said: - ' J -
''Whiteman cannot rob the graves
ol our people and we woa't stand 1
fi 1 i. .
comeaay we eaten tnem and an
Indian will take his rifle and kill
him. We want 10 st p this- work
before it comes to that."
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Continued on Page 4.
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