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Benton County School Pjpils Prepar
ing for All Benton School Fair.
Though few in rjunpkers Bud
youog in years, the pupils of thia
district are nevertheless, energe ie
in the w irk Lr the All Benton
County Fair. Naone Das refused
to takb p-trt in tbU matter, but
have gone 10 work with boe and
rake preparing the giouni and
plant fg 6eeds, vieiDg with tach
other tu see wbosa seda co ne up
firat and grow ibe fastest. Oje ii
tle girl ia expeciug; to maks some
tirsi-olaas butter, aud we have do
doubt ot hor success, as she is vny
diligent in all that he uodertakee.
Another girl but ix ytars of tige,
ia quite handy witb a needle, and
htmotich a handkf rohief for
tun fair. Lillitb McKenuey.
' District 23
la regard to the school Fair I
foatre not sent you a report for tbe
reason uat I have cotnparativf-ly
little to report. My boys do tot
wish to tahe part, paying that as it
comes in the middle of tsm harvest
eaeon thev cannot well attet d. I
have interested most of ihe girls
nd they have made li ts of the
contests they wish to fnter. The
seed 8 sent have been distributed,
and pamphlets sent into every
borne. But I caorjot get the enthu
siasm aroused that tbtrs ouglt o
be. Tbe matter may be brought
flip at tbe partnta' meeting and per
Ciaps if the older folks will tncour
ge them, tbe pupils will exert
themselves to make a creditable ex-
libit. The primary room has been
o; disorganized this year, that noth
ing can be expected from the little
folks if these parents do not, them
selvee. take the matter in band.
' H. h. Mack, teacher.
District 12
The Blodgett school is preparing
to take an active part in furnishing
exhibits for the Benton county fair.
It will . furnish tbe following:
Hemstitching, drawnwork, during,
canned fruit, jelly, bread, butter,
sewing, writkg, map drawing.
Some of the pupils will grow flow
ers, some vegetables, others grain.
Every pupil in school has concent
red to prepare something.
Anna H. Matbany, teacher.
District 79
Dietrict 79 expects to be repre
sented at the fair. The pupils show
great interest and hope to win many
prizes. Although few in number
we expect to bs heard from, before
i r T l ;ii 1
uie iair is over, mere wui ce ex
hibits from this district in tbe agri
cultural, sewing and drawing de
2arttnent8. Etta Young, teacher.
The garden feeds received. The
-school ia preparing to take an ac
tive part in the work cf the fair.
The parents have furnished 6eed
from other sources. Will Bend you
-e letter giving details later..
R R. Milltr, teacher.
District 50 "
We are doing all we can to help
the A 11 Benton School fair to be the
'biggest and grandest ever held in
Benton county. My pupils are
'watchi ng tbelr gardens very closely
and hoping that their plants will
ceceive the reward that is due them
w&eo the contests comes. One
gmpil is preparing a drawing of a
nted character. We hope this fair
win be very successful and will
SieJjj to push it along.
Mae Tracer, teacher.
1 am sending you a statement of
what tbe pupils of this district are
-djiog for the All Benton Fair. One
You will find enough t'ouble in life .without borrowing.
You can save trouble acd expense by buying Fart iture and
House Fornishirgs of us. ,
Take life easy. Come around and get one of our
$1.50 2z $3.25 2Saairicc2s
Enjoy tbe good old summer time on the porch or in the
shade of the old apple tree.
See Our Line of Go Carts $2.75-$! 3.50
We want you to know that we keep Folding Porch Chairs,
Folding Cots, Settees Camp Goods, and in fact everything that
is needful about tbe house.
are found here with a larger assortment to select from and cheaper
than any other place. Come and see.
Mo en berg & Cady.
Inez W. Warner, teacher.
District! 3
Our cMIrtten ar- roucb 'nrf-std
in tr e All Benton Far. Neatly to
ba 9 xkn oui kind of ; seeds a
grow uuii we txpect to have a to id
showing from ai9triet I3 Otrseed
were distributed early so that they
will have time to urow at their bet
period. We aLo txt,eet to have
represent? tives in sime of thf cod
tfsts at least. Owing to the email!
nets of tbe schrol "w will not be
e table 10 enter nearly all the com
petitions out want to put our. best
ioto it and feel sure it will make a
showing. G. E. Hetbeit, teacher.
District 5Q
Evergreen school : district 59 will
(bow what it i capab.e of d
i"g at the AH Benton Couuty
S:hooi Fair this fall. The girls are
already making their flower beds
and the boys will so.n begin plant
iog vegetf blei.
Simcel Betsor, teacher.
District 48
District 48 is making extnive
ureparationa for the All Benton
fair. We intend to carry off a
good number of the various prizes
and alio one of thoe three grand
pr.zs givm to tbe districts having
the best display at tbe fair. Each
student vil have a good agricultur
al display, whiie quit a number
will compete for tbe flower prize.
There will be contestants for the
ciphering and "telling matches.
Mica Harper, teacher.
Growing Fastest wiffl Least Fuss
And if you don't believe it, come and see
EGGS, Chickens and Butter taken in exchange for mer
chandise, can handle some wheat
1 DEALER IN EVERYTHING, Corvallis, Oregon. .
j Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK Bldg. Honrtt
10 to ia wd a co 4. ,
Phone, office SIS Residence 1 i 0.
Cprvallis. Oregon.
G. it. FAKRA,
Physician & Surgeon,
Office np sia;js ia Burnett Bricl-U a
idence on the comer of Mdieou and
Seventh et. . ibou at house . and office.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoie. Residence Cor
Fifth and Jefferson strners. Honrs 10 10
12 a. m., 1 In 4 . ip. Order? mny n
Aft fit Grshptn S v 'tn'l rrriy ettsr .
General Auctioneer. A Square Dea
and charges right.
Corvallis, Oregon.
is that the court will force the com
pany to sell it to actual seitler at
$a-5o per acre.'in tacts not to ex-
ceea too acres. Mill another coo
ttnhon is that farther legislation by
by c ingress : will be necessary
to put the land on - the mar
ket. In either case it seems to be
tbe view that the'; persons .who get
it will have to be "actual settlers
within "the" full meaning of the
term. That would mean that the
buyer would have to actually live
on the land, make it his home, and j
do those other. things .necessary .to
constitute a bone ffde residence.
This would be very likely to be in
sisted on if there is'.; a lorfaiture of
thecompany's hold to t,he land at
the present prices, the idea being
that if the corporation should be
made to obey the Iawj the "full
terms of the law in providing its
transfer to the buyers would also
have to be complied with, which
would mean a genuine residence on
the property so that the require
ments that it should go only to
actual settlers" would be carried
out. Further movements in tre
matter will be watched with much
f the girla is
ilantoo county.
drawing a map
Another one ia
da so me hemstitching, and her sis
tec is going to raise eome cabbage.
Ta boys are to raieeeorn,-another
is to raise carrots. Mabel Hibbs ie
going to raise cucumbers and and also can some fruit.
.Almost all of them have their
planting done. Myrtle Langley,
District 20
District 20 will have a display of
'vegetables and fruit grown by some
ot tbe likeliest, liveliest, and heal
Scramble for Them in Southern Ben
ton The Claimants.
People of the south end of Ben
ton are after lands out of the South
ern Pacific grant wbich they expect
the courts to cause to be sold at
52.50 per acre, as is provided for
in the law making the grant.
mere are three million acres of
these laods in the state, mainly in
of 1 Southern Oregon. Large tracts of
to j the land also lie in Benton county,
Notice to Creditor
Notice ia hereby riven that the nndersiened is
the duly appointed and acting administrator ot
me estate or a. w. jacason, deceased, pursuant
to the order of the county oourt of the state of
Oregon, for Benton count;. All persons hsmng
Claims aaainst said esbttn are notified to nreaeiu
tbe same duly Terifl-d to this administrator at
tne omce of Mcradden and Brrson In the city of
Corvallis, said county, within six months lrom
Dated May 24. 1907,
Administrator of the estate of S. W, Jackson,
Or-.'er of Sa'e.
r court ot the State of Oregon for
particularly in tbe southwestern
portion. Accounts irom Monroe
are to the effect that a large number
of persons in that vicinitv are ar
ranging to file on lands, expecting
that in doe time they will secure
title for the government price. It
seems that some attorney at . Junc
tion is handling the business for
tbem. A fee of $5 each is paid to
him and he prepares such papers as
are. necessary to give the proposed
claimant a srt of tcmibawk right
In the count
the county of
In the matter of the Guardianship of the person
anu estate 01 urrtruae A set ier, a minor.
Order to show cause.
The court having read the petition of Annie
Seckler, the duly appointed guardian of the said
Gertrude A. Uecklt-r. atkiug tbat the court grnm
an oroer, to eu lots rne ana two 111 oior-K seven
teen. In tbe original town of Marysvilie, now
Corvallis. Benton ccuuiy, Oregon, iu which eald
minor has an undivided oi.e-half interest, and
the court being lully advised lu tbe premises,
that it is necessary and for the best Interest of
said miner. .
It is therefore hereby ordered. That the nest of
Kin 01 bai-i minor, ana an otnei pertous interest
ed in Sbld estate appearb efore this court on tbe
8th day of June, at ten o'clock A. M.. at toe
court ran x taevetanr laden ot said cauntv
lu vol vsiiu vrosjou, ca iriMvemuewsj aa or-
aerwHnun vm rmgnuaeai a frayed torin me
Petition BVIein. atmi.
And it ia further hereby entered. That a copy
ot this ordvr be ptrtttabvd 1b the Corvallis Times,
a newspaper of general circulation published in
said Benton couuty, Oregon, at least once a week
tor iour successive sua coneccuti va weeas.
Dated May 7, 1907.
, County J udge.
thieet boys and girls on earth; also n s.uchcti,on. 83 m be selec,ed
boy who, in rapid calculating, is
not easily excelled in speed or ac
uraoy. Beware of Beaver Cteek,
.for oar school will be represented.
G. A. Peterson, teacher.
DiBtrict :
My pupils are making good prep
aration fer the School Fair and are
looking forward to it with anticipa
tion. From the moment we re-
ceived the packages of seeds to the
present time, there, has been a great
desire among the pupils to help
make the fair succeeeful. The ma
-jority of the pnplls have entered the
agricultarl contistandmany of Mum
now have the pleasure of eesirg
their plants growing nicely. Be
sides having the school well repre
. eented in this line we are also plan
ning to be represented in several of
tho other contests.
Such credentials as he prepares are
supposed , to give the claimant, a
firm chance to file. For the pres
em it appears mat no Dungs are
made, but that this detail is to be
attended to, later on. The Monroe
claimants idcludes most of the prom
inent citizens in and cut of the town.
The Times informant said Saturday
that, several dozen persons had en
listed in the scheme.
Of course, nobody knows what
the outcome will be. The corpora
tion will hold to the lands as long
as there is any law for it. In some
instances these lands have attained
a great value. Even the remedy by
which the lands are ti be made ob
tainable by the public is not de
termined. . One claim is that the
whole grant should be forfeited to
the public domain, and the railroad
has no further daim on it. Another
In the circuit court of the state of Oregon, for the
asmnuel E. Young, Plaintiff, vs. Curtis Beers
ana name eeers, nis wife, Kebecca Rindlaub
i auu oaritn cooper, ceienoanta, L,
' To Curtis Beers and Hattie Beers, defendants
in me name 01 tne state or Oregon, yon are
hereby required to appear In the above entitled
court and answer the complaint filed against
yon in the above entitled suit on or before the 3d
day ot July, 1907, and If you fall so to answer for
wanttaereof, the plaintiff will apply to tbe
court thereof for the relief prayed for in his com
plaint, to-wit: that plaintiff recover lodgment
against defendant, Curtis Beers lor $300 and in
terests, attorney fees, and costs; and that the
mortgage described in the complaint hereln.'exe
cuted by defendants Ourtta Beers and Haute
Beers, his wife, to Letha Dntnin
to Plaintiff, oa the K. 1-2 of the 8J E. 1-4 of section
. . . '" otM- nuuamewe meridian
containing 80 acres, be decreed a first lien or
saw property and that said mortgage be fore
closed and said real property be sold according
to law and that each of yon and all the defend
ants be forever barred ami fjwttnlrWMl nfF . nH
from any and all right, title, Interest and equity
ot redemption in or to said mortgage premises,
and that plaintiff have such' further relief as the
court may decree.
inis summons la published not less than six
consecutive wpeks, date ot ? first publication
to be May ai, 1907; date of last publication to be
July 2, 190T, date of appeal ance to be on or before
Julys. 1907, by order of Hon. -E.. Woodward,
county judge of the above county and state;. -.
Dated May 14, 1907. - - - -
Attorney for flalntlff.
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know good Tea from the poor and indifferent kinds not
by taste and smell, but by look and touch, We pride
ourselves upon the exceptionally high grade lines of Teas
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the most captious critic" will approve both. They are
great money savers to the householder, too, as a small
quantity goes a long way.
" We Are Headquarters For
Uptons, Teatlys, Fogers, SchillingsTea
PHONE 203.
Zierolf BiiildiDg.'
Phone Ind. 384. ;
Dr, Hanford
Successor to Eowen Lester
Burnett Bldg. Corvallis, Or.
F. C. M'Reynolds
Teacher of Violin, Mandolin, Banjo,
Guitar, Viola and "Cello OAG School
of Music. Music furnished , (or! aB , oc
casions. ' Large or small orchestra. -
B. horning,
The Grocer.
We are not inclined to spend - much time in
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
and customers speak for themselves.
Willamette Valley
Banking Company ;
Corvallis, Oregon.
Deals in Foreign and Domestk
Bays County, City and School 1
Warrant. '
Principal Correspondent.
FORTLAKD '.The Bank o
8KATTL.K f Cmllfaraua
IOEW TORE-Heasra. J P. atornsi bo.
CHICAGO National Raaav r Tbe Mmpatt '
LOMDO, ENG. N Of HothwaU 4s A bom
CANADA . Cnloa Waak alOaaada .
Call for City Warrants.
There is money on bsnds wl'h City Treasnrer
to pay all endorsed warrants in general fund, up
to and including December 1, 1403. In tores t viil
stop on time from this date, stay . 1907.
city Tieasurer.
Notice of City Election.
Corvallli, Or., Hay 10, 190T.
Notice is hereby given that the aun Ual election
for the City of Coi rallis Oregou. will be held on
the 20th day of May. 1907. betrinnii.g at 9 o'clock
A. M., and continuing until 6 o'clock P. M. ot
aald .lay at the city bull of said city, for the pur
pose of electing one mayor to serve for a period
of two years, one police judge, one chief of police
and one treasurer, eacn to serve for a petlod ol
one year: Uri-t Ward, one councilman to serve
for a period of three yars, and oue couacilmau to
serve for tw years; Second Ward, oue couiicil
ma. to serve lor a period of three years; Toiid
W ri, oue councilman to a?rve iur a perljd ot
thr.eears; oue councilman to serve for a peri
od i f two years, and one councilman to serve fur
a peiiiKl oi one year.
G. B Rortiingw
Watch this space for Bargins in
No 608 43 acres, 30 in cult, balance pasture and timber, some finebot
. torn land, house of 5 rooms, small bam, young orchard, 2 1-2 miles of
a good town, price if sold soon, $2000. This is a bargain.
598160 acres, 35 in cult, some good timber and pasture, good house
and bam, fine orchard, well watered, this is a good stock ranch price
, $1700. School house on place. . . .. . , . . . . -
38310 acres, all in cult, fine orchard, all level, good house, fair bam 1-2
uinile to good town, good garden land, nice little home, price $ 1 700. 1 j.
he common couucil of said city has apn
ed A C White of Hie first Wrd, Joseph. Y.tes
for the becoud Ward, and K. H. Colburt, of the
third w era to be jurices ot fate tleciloo.ann c.
A. Uotild and S. L. Heuderson to act as clerks of
M nlei 'iou. .
l'at d May 10, 1907.
fullc Judge.
Not.ce of" Sale.
Pub'lc notice is hereby given, that the under;
tlgn'd, as the administrator of the estate ofPe
ter Wilson, deceased, by virtue of an order of
the county court of Jackson county, Oregon, sit
ting In probate, said oider being et date the 26th
day of April, 1907. will from and after Monday
the 3d day of June, 1907, ,.ud at and from the
hour of 10 o'clock A. Ia. of said day, onVr for sale,
and sell all of the right, title and interest ol the
ssld estate in and to all of the following de
scribed real property, situated in Bentou county,
Oregon, to-wit: i
'Ihe North-east quarter o' section 18. in Town
ship li South, Range S Went, containing 160
Said sale will take place at the law o flics ct E.
E. Wilson In Corvallis, Benton county. Oregon,
and will continue until the highest possible
price has been received for said tract of land,
and said pr petty rotd. Haul property will be
sold free ujt ail liens and Incumbrances what
soever. Dated at Corvallis, Oregon, this the 3rd day
olMay.1907. ,
Administrator et the estate of Feter Wilson,
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Ejtate
of - i
Eliza A. Knfcjht, deceased,
Notice I hereby given to all persons concern
ed that the unoeralgned has been duly a ppointed
administrator of toe estate ot said ilsa A.
KniKht. deceased, by the oonnty. eonrt of tne
state of Oreeou for Benton county. All perKMis
having claims against said estate ot Eliza A.
Knight, deceased, are hereby required tu pre
.sent the same, with proper voucners therefor,
duly ventied as by law requited, within tlx
' months from the date berof tojthe undersigned
I at his law office In Corvallis, Oregon.
DdtedApril 30, 1907..
C. C. W1L3UCI,
Administrator cf the E.tate of Eliza A Knight, '