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    Corvallis Times
County Clerk's statement 01 the
financial condition of Benton County,
Oregon, on April 1st, 1907.
October 1st, 1906, To County
warrants outstanding .and
unpaid $13,403.55
March 31st, 1907, To war
rants issued for six months
ending March 31st, 1907... 12,794.03
Simpson's Busy Season is Now On
at the Pheasant Farm
Gene Simpson is a busy man
these days. His China , pheasant
farm just at this time requires much
attention because it is the begin-
-ninfr of the hatching season. The
first brood of the season was ex
pected today. Mr. Simpson has
one hundred China pheasants now
laying, and from past observation
and experience he is led to estimate
that from these he will obtain 4000
eggs this season, or an average of
40 eggs for each bird. It is not un
usual for a China hen in captivity
to lav 60 eggs in' a season and they
have been known to lay as high as
80. It is said that in captivity they
lay a larger number of eggs than
in the wild state.
Pheasant eggs are sold by Mr.
Simpson at $3.00 per dozen. The
trade in eggs is confined exclusively
to points on this coast, as the eggs
will not bear shipment as great dis
tances as will chicken's eggs.
Last season Mr. Simpson reared
400 birds, the earlier part of the
season being unfavorable, but this
season with ordinary luck, on ac
count of having a larger number of
birds he expects to bring 600 to
maturity. About 90 percent of
pheasant eggs hatch, but only 40
percent of the young birds survive
the first two or three weeks. Af
ter this, under Mr. Simpson's
methods they become thrifty and
are likely to come to maturity.
Total $26,197.58
April 1st, 1907, By County
warrants redeemed $14,295.23
By Road warrants redeemed. 3.139.14
By Warrants cancelled 8.85
Total amount of warrants redeemed
and cancelled for 6 months
ending March 31st, 1907. . .$17,443.22
April 1st, 1907. Total amount
of warrants outstanding
and unpaid $ 8,754.36
April 1st, 1907. Warrants
outstanding and unpaid... $ 8,754.36
Bal. State Tax for year 1906. 15,705.00
Total liabilities
Cash in hands of Treasurer
applicable to the payment
of County warrants and
State Tax : $18,914.20
Cash in hands of Sheriff, $7,
573.93, amount thereof esti
mated applicable to pay
ment of County warrants
and State Tax
Cash in Road- Fund applic
able for payment of County
No Cessation in Demand for Good
Draft and Driving Horses.
April 1st, 1907, Resources
exclusive of unpaid Taxes. $23,465.18
April 1st, 1907. Total Lia
bilities $24,459.36
Total Resources 23,465.18
Taxes, 1905-06, Li
brary Fund'
Rec'd from Sheriff,
Taxes, 1905, Road
Districts 4,997.21
Rec'd from Sheriff,
Taxes 190 5,
School Districts.
Rec'd from Sheriff,.
Taxes 1906, City
of Corvallis
Rec'd from Sheriff,
Taxes, 1905,- City
of Philomath....
Rec'd from Sheriff,
Taxes 1905, City
of Albany
Rec'd from School
Sup't, Institute
Rec'd from Re
corder fees
Rec'd from Clerk,
Rec'd from Re
demption Taxes
from 1897 to' 1908
Rec'd from part
payment on poor
farm 2,730.00
$24,459.36 , Rec'd from state
Fair exniDii
Rec'd from Poor
Rec'd from other
Rec'd from J. P
Rec'd from Road
Bal. on hand last
report, School
Bal. on hand last
report, Indemnity
Bal. on hand last
report Institute
Fund . ......
Bal. on hand last
report Road Fund
Bal. on hand last
Net Liabilities !
State of Oregon)
County of Benton)
I, T. T.' Vincent, County Clerk of
Benton County, Oregon, hereby certify
that the foregoing is a true' statement
of the claims allowed by the County
Court for the six months ending
March 31st, 1907; on what account the
same were allowed;' the amount of
warrants redeemed and cancelled dur
ing said six months, and the amount
of Countv and Road1 warants outstand-
In and about Corvallis there is ine on the 1st dav of Awil. A. D 1907,
something doing. every day in the as appears from' the records in my of-
994.18 report, Road Dis-
trusts .iwt.j-o
Bal. on hand last
.report, Library
$65,187.22 $32,970.78
j rr r . .. i- . - '
xramc 01 norses. ror a long time
the draft on Benton county for big
horses has been severe. To those
who know only of the many ship
ments from here it appears that the
supply would long since have been
exhausted, but somehow the flash
of a sufficient number of twent-dol-lar
gold pieces brings the desired
goods to market. The heavy de
mand elsewhere for heavy draft 1
horses and driving animals creates
a local demand and consequent
higher price for smaller draft ani
mals and inferior driving stock of
all ages.' A number of buyers from
points in Oregon and Washington
were in Corvallis this week in
search of good draft and driving
horses and the offerings in cash
have been so tempting that it was
difficult for owners of such to re
tain their property and a few did
not do so.
This morning there was quite a
boat-load of horses for Portland,
flee and in my care and custody,
Witness my hand and official seal
this 15th day of April, 1907.
t. t.-vincent;
County Clerk of Benton County, Or
egon. .
Semi-annual statement of the Sher
iff of Benton County, Oregon, showing
amount of cash received, amount paid
to the County Treasurer, and the bal
ance on hand for the six months end
ing March 31st, 1907.
Oct. 1st, 1906, To cash on
hand- $ 4,456.48
To amount cash collected'. . . 77,177.05
Total $81,633.53
By cash paid to County
Treasurer $74,059.60
By cash oh hand 7,573.93
Total $81,633.53
State of Oregon)
County of Benton )
I, M. P. Burnett, Sheriff of Benton
whence a portion of them are tobe,ullty- reSn do hereby certify that
conveyed to other points from
there. Jesse Wiley sent several
below. Among recent sales were
a draft mare by Walter Brown to G.
A. Brown, of the Overland Trans-
fer Co., of Portland, for $230; large
mare by Sol King to same party.
Other purchases by various parties
were from John Whitaker, a draft
mare for $300; from Jesse Brown a
bay driving mare at $1,80; also
from Jesse Brown a span of three-year-old
draft colts for $500.
the foregoing statement is a true and
correct statement of the amounts re
ceived, the amount paid to the County
Treasurer, and the balance on hand
for the six months ending March 31st,
(Signed) M. P. BURNETT,
Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon.
Underoou-Un sale all this week
at Nolan's.
Want to go fishing on North San
tiam and tributary streams? Th
C .rvallis & Eastern R. R, Co. will
have a special train leiving Albany
at 2 p. m. Tpsday, April 30, 1q)7,
arriving at Detroit about 5:30 p. m
and re urnine leave Detroit 9 a. m.
Thursday, May 2. arriving at Al
bany 12:30 p. no. '. This service, in
addition to regular trains Nos. 3
and 4, on these da'ea will" allow
those who desire an opportunity to
take advaDtape of the first fishing
of reason. Tickets at rate of one
fare for the round trip with mini
mum of 9j cents from Corvallis and
one fare from Albany and stations
east will be on sale Apijl 3oth,
good gning this data only, return
ing 00 May 1 or 2. -
Geo. Nevins,
Gbd. Paes; Agt.
H. H Lng, Agt: Corvallis. :
H. H. Cronise, Agt. Albany.
Annual Picnic.
The Saver Camp of M. W. A
will give their 7th an Dual picnie at
Ridder's grove 2 12 miles sooth of
Saver Miy 25.
Report of the County Clerk of Ben
ton County, Oregon, showing the
amount of county warrants drawn, as
per order of the County Court, and on
what "account the same were allowed
from the 1st day of October, 1906, to
March 31st, A. D. 1907, both inclusive.
County Court $ 546.90
Circuit Court 393.90
Justices'. Courts '. 101.15
Sheriff's Office 814.98
Clerk's Office 834.00
Amount paid out' and on hand from
October 1st, 1906, to March 31st, 1907,
inclusive. . .
Paid on County
Warrants ....... $14,295.23
Paid Interest on
Co. Warrants.... 454.84
Paid part State
Tax 1905-06 11,015.00
Paid part State
Treasurer viola
tion game law . .
Bal. on hand Co.
Fund, applicable . .
to payment Co.
warrants, less $3,-
568.65 ' belonging '
to Rpad districts. 22,482.85
Paid on School Or-
Bal. on hand:
School Fund
Paid on Library
Bal. on Library
I Fund
! Paid for Institute
j use
Bal. on hand Insti
j tute Fund
Paid School Dis-
I tricts
' Bal. on hand .
School Districts..
Bal. on hand In
demnity Fund...
Paid City of Al
bany Paid City of Phi
lomath Bal. on hand City
of Philomath . . .
Paid City of Cor
vallis 5,037.79
Bal. on hand City
of Corvallis.....
Paid Road Orders
Bal. oil hand Road
Fund ..........
Paid Road Dis
tricts Bal. on hand Road
Districts' ;. ..... .
; You need a good vehicle. Call and see the
line of buggies, hacks aud wagons carried by
357.88 I
' 5,284.2 f
$65,187.22 $32,970.78
County of Benton )
' (ss. '
State of Oregon )
I, W. A. Buchanan, County Treas
urer of Benton County, Oregon, here
Recorder's Office. .......... . 451 48 , by certify that foregoing is a true
Treasurer's Office
Coroner's Office
School Supt's Office.... 550.98
Assessor's Office 384.50
Assessment and collection of
taxes 202.86
Tax ...rebate
Current expenses, stationery,
books, etc
Court House expenses
Jail -..'.-.v..-.:.;
Care of "poor. . .'.
Indigent soldiers
Reform School '.
Bridges, for material, .etc...-. .
Election expenses
Scalp ' bounty . , ; .
Witness fees, Pros. Atty. . . . .
statement of the amounts received.
the amounts paid out, and the balance
on hand in the County Treasury for
the six months ending March 31st, A.
D. 1907. " ,".
(Signed) W. A. BUCHANAN,
County Treasurer.
Don't Miss It.
Musical and elocutionary enter-
8273 vtamment, Wednesday May 1st, in
40.00 LIie vpexa nouse tor the benefit of
Village Improvement:
Box office opens at Graham &
Wortham's Monday morning. -
i ! Notice for Publication.
3,940.92, United States Land Office:
i 25.85
Notice is hereby given that In compliance with
Amount of warrants issued. .$12,794.03
the provisions of the actof ot,.. f i ...... v
1S78. entitled 'An act for th f ,ik. iJ
111 mo raw! in uaiuornja, Oregon. Nevaca, and
Washington Territory,', as extended to all the
Public Land States by act of August. 4. 1892,
lames W. W alters of Monroe, county of Benton
state of Oregon, baa this day . filed la this office
um ewuru luucmem o. (sit for the purchase of
the north 1-2 of northwest 14 of section, No. 82 in
Township U S, Range No. 6 W, and will offer
proof to tnow that the land fought is more valu
able for Its Umber or ptone than for agricultural
Semi-annual Kerort of County OH
cers, Benton County,' Oregon, for Six
Months Ending March 31st, 1907:
October 1st, 1906, to March 31st, 1907, fiSSS riS
Co. School
Fund Fund.
Bal. on hand last
report $ 1,255.95 $i2,231.68
Rec'd from Sheriff,
Taxes 1905-06:.. 42,735.46
Rec'd from Sheriff,
Benton county, at his office at Corvallis, Oregon,
He names an witnesses:
EUis Hammer -of Monroe. Oiesou
Manny Buckingham o .
Bvron Woolridge, of - '
Clyde Graves, of "
. Any and all poisons claiming adversely the
u uifi.-jw iRuudHi, 1 1 mifhwxi ro nie tneir
14,352.26 claims in this office on or beiore said 16th day of
May, 1907. BKNJAUIN L. EDDY,
Notice of Administrator's Sale.
Notiee is hereby gven that the' undersigned,
administrator of the-estate ot T. Egenton Hogg,
deceased, pursuant to an order of the "County
Court of Benton County, State of Oregon, made
anc" entered in the matter of the said estate on
the 13th day of April, 1907, will from aud after
the 25th day of May. 1907, oiler for sale and pro
ceed to sell, at private sale, for cash In band,
subject to the confirmation ot said County Court
the following described real property belonglug
to said estate, lowlt:
Lota Five (5) and Six (6) in Block Five (5) and
Lot One (1) in Block 8tx (6) In the town of Cor
vallis; Lots Five (5) and Six (6) in Block Two (2)
of fractional river blocks la Avery's Addition to
Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon.
The following property situated in Polk Coun
ty Oregon, towlt: Beginning at a point tweutv
elx (26) rods east of the southeast corner of Lot
numrjerea rnree (3) in fractional block One (1)
In Hill's addition to the town of Independence,
in Polk County. Oregon: running th,-nce north
Four (4) rods, thence east to the Willamette rlv
er, thence south Four (4) rods,.' thence West to
the place of beginning.
That certain river lot four rods wide by eight
rods long and the building thereon, aud situated
directly north of and adj dnin? the river lot
formerly owned by Smiiu & Vmdnyn, and con
veyed by them to T. Egentou Hogg, both of said
lots, the one here described, and the one con
veyed by said Smith & Vanduyn, being situated
on the west bank of the Wlllamtua riv.r at In
dependence, in Polk CfUDty, Oregon.
The following real property in Lincoln coun
ty: Lot numbered Two (2). section Thirty -one
(31), and southwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of section Thirty two (3J) ; Lot No. One
(1) section ThlrtJ-one (31); Northwest quarter of
the northwest quarter of section Thirty-two (32) ;
East one-half of the couth wet quarter of section
Twenty-nine (29), and east one-half of the northr
west quarter of section Thirty-two (32) ; the
westone:haltof the sonthweat quarter of sec
tion Twenty-nine (29); Lots Three (3) and Fou
()of section Thirty (30); Lot No. One (1) ot)
section nineteen (19) Lot n numbered Two (2
eectiou Nineteen (19); Lot numbered Three (3)
of section Nineteen (19) ; and the southwest quar
ter of the southwest quarter of section Twenty
(20) and west one-half of the northwest quarter
of section Twenty-nine (29) and lots One (1) and
Two (2) of section Thirty (30): the south one
half ot the north-easti quarter of the southeast
quarter of section Fourteen (14); the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter ot section Twenty-three
(53); the southwest quarter of the south
West quarter of section Twenty four (24); the
southeast quarter Ot the northwest quarter, the
south halt of the northeast aunner. and tha
northeast quarter of the southeast quarter of '
of the northwest quarter of section Twenty-six
(26); the northeast quaiter of the northwest
quarter of section Twenty-six (26) the southeabt
quarter of the northwest quarter of section Twenty-three
(23) ;. the north half of the southwest
quarter, and the southeast quarter of the south
west quarter ot section Twentv-three (23); Lots
1 , 2, and 3 In section 28. All of the tide and over-flowed
lands on the shore of YaqiluaJBav in
f .-out ot Lot Eight (8) in section 27, and "Lots
1, 2, and 3 in Section 28, and ljing between the
meander line of Eaid lota on Yaquina Bay and
low water mark; covi-rlog about 23 SO acres; the
undivided oue-half inter, t in lots numbered 1
and 2 and the south half of the north .vest quarter
of Section 10. all situated in towasnin ll tjnuth.
Range 11 West ot chs Willam its M ri iian lu
Lincoln County Oregon. . .
Also the following real property situated in Ben
ton, Polk and Lincoln l-ounties, Oregon, to-wit:
All of Section Thirty-one (:il) in Township 10
South, Range 6 West; South Half of Northeast
Quarter: Northwest Quarter of houthusi.
and Noitheast Quarter of Southwest Quarter of sec
tion 11, Township 11 South Kange6 west; Lots 1
and 2 and the North Half of the Northwest Q larter
of Section 15 in Township 11 South, lunge u '.t;
the West Half of the Southwest Q iartei, Ea t Ha'.i
of tbe Southeast Quarter of Section 33, T.,wnstitp 12
South. Range 6 We.; the West Half of the Nonh
west Quarter of Section 19. Township 11 somli,
Range 7 West; S.-ulh Half of Southeast Quirter,
and South Half of Southwest Quarter of Section 29,
Township 9 South, Bange 8 West; all of Section 3L,
Townbh'.p 9 South, Range 8 West; all of Section 33.
Township 9 South, . Kange 8 West; North Hilfof
Northwest Quarter, Southeast Quarter jof North
west Quarter of Section 3, Township ; 11 noulh,
Range 8 West; East Half of Qua-ter,
East Half of Northeast Quarter, Northwest yuirter
of Northeast Quarter and Northwest Quarter of Sec
tion 19, Township 10 South, Hange u West; all of
Section 21, Township 10 South Ringe fl West; nil of
Section 23, Township 10 Sou'h, Rangs 9 Wert; Nor b.
Half of Southeast Quarter of Section 25. Township
11 South, Range lo East; Southwest Quarter of
Southeast Quai ter, West half of Northwest Quarter
and Southwest Quaiter of Section 19, Township 12
South, Range 6 West; South Halt of Section 9,
Township 11 South, Range 9 West; Southeast
Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Section 1, Town
: ship 11 South, Range 8 West; Southwest Quarter
of Northeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 12
South, Range 9 West , . .. ; -
Offers for the purchase of said real property
may be made to me in writing at my officein
the Zierolf Building, Corvallis, Oregon;; from
and after the 25th day ot May, 1907; and the
said sale will be concluded by me on Friday,
the 31 si day of May I907, at my office for the
best effer by me received up to and at that time
Dated this 26th day of April, 1907.
: . J. Fred Yates,
Administrator of the estate of T- Egenton Hogg,
deceased. ,
North of Hotel Corvallis
I have a brand new line of Furniture, Carpets, Matting
Wall Paper, Window Glass, Trunks, and Valises. And I
make picture frame i to order. Please give me a t .
Yours Respectfully
A H Kempin
Corvallis, Oregon.
No Prizes with our
Chase 1 Sa
nborn High Grade
In fact nothing jjopp with our coffee but cream, sugar and
Sole sgsut f jr
Chase &
Sanhora High Grade
Uodermuslin sale all thia week
at Nolan's.
Something Doing
Beginning March 9th there will be something dbing in our De
partment Store you will find us as usual up and a-cominj in our great
Reduction Sale forMarch. Call in and we will convince you.