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    Mrs. Warner of Scio, has sr j
rived and is the gueat of her eieter,
Mrs. A. J. Johnson.. ' . .
Miss Hill of Ssio, bas arrivfd
to visit her sister, who is a student
at O. A. C.
Mr. and Mrs. El Andrews en
tertained the Five Hundred club
and a few friends Saturday nigbt.
Miss LUlie Ranney has arriv
ed from Eastern Oregon after an
nbsenc3 ot tnree moatD3.
Mrs. Hammel and daughtfr
Blanche went to Portland to hear
Rosenthal, who appears at tte
Stanley Hammei and Mr. Bar
rett, of the junior pharmacy clafs,
at the college, went to Portland to
take the Stat? Board of Pharmacy
examination for juniors.
Among others who went to
Portland to see "Madame Butterfly"
were, Mr. and Mra. Lewi?, Mr. and
Mrs. Taillaadier, Mies Kline and
Mrs. Selling.
The wedding of Miss Louise
Webber, lormerl of Corvallis. oc
curs in Portland to mg'bt. Mrs.
John Allan, her mother. Mrs. Fran
cis, and Mrs. S. N. WLklns have
aooe to Portland to be gueets.
At a meeting lst night the
city council passed tin O'dinsnce
requiring all pieces where billiards
or pool are played to close - at mid
night and keep closed until five a.
L. A. January of Big Elk,
pleaded guilty, yesterday of killing
a deer out of season and was ficed
$25 and costs- The bearing took
place before W. W. January, father
of the defendant, all of which makes
a curious incident. The arrest was
made by Dsputy Game Warden
John Wells.
R. H. Woods of Portland, acd
Ernest T. Wella of San Francisco,
hop buyers, ere in town buying
hops. They bought tbe Clarence
Ireland crop, and are negotiating
for others. Hops pre looklDg up
and growers are holding for higher
Mr. Allingbam is here from
Colorado ntgotiatiog for the pur
chase of a ranch in the Alsea coun
try, ne ciean extensively in sneep
in Colorado and intends to 'stock
(the Altea ranch with tbe same pro
duct. The sheep business is a pay
ing proposition now daye, and Mr.
Alliogham ought to do well at the
ousinestf in tne Alsea country, wbere
ieed is so abundant.
Supt. Dsnm&n desires the an
nouncement to be made that all
persons desiring seeds for fair must
aiie iQBir urutr wna aim, . inis in-j
t aI. J !.L" LI 1 ' ml 1
-eludes free seede and seeds to he
. purchased. No person is compelled
to use thewe seeds.. Any seeds can.
' be used. All persons 'not sending
in their order at once will be unable
- to secure seeds from Supt. Denman.
Old landmarks are passing
-away. In the new town Corvallis is
building, the ancient maples on
Main street are accounted but of
place. At intervals the record of
how they are being felled, by the
"axeman is written. Under their 1
shades the dogs have slept and
lounged eince the days of the min
ing pack trains and the era of gold
dust. It is four of them fronting
the Hemphill property that are be-
.Jng laid low for the last time today.
A Parents' meeting is sched
uled for Fairmotint Grange hall,
on March 30. A programme has
been arranged. The following per
sons are on the programme: Prof.
X. B. Baldwin, Prof. George Cco e,
T. T. Vincent, Mrs. T. J. Risley,
3Ir8. W. B. Shannon, J. G. Gibson,
and Supt. Denman. A literary pro
gramme will be furnished by dis
tricts 34, 43, 6, 4 and 74. A basket
' dinner is to be an important feature,
I33very one is requested to bring
-a basket. .
-The winner in; the state Ufa?
torical contest &t McMinnville was
Miss Margaret Romig of Pacific
College. Her subject wai, ."The
'Goblin Army.", Second place, was
awarded to Francis Galloway of the
'": University of Oregon.' Third place
was given 1 to Pacific ' University.
.After the banquet in the evening
rmaoy good toaBts were nel'vered
but to the minds of many the best
toast of the evening was given by
Roy Selleck of O. A. C. His fnb
ject was, "The College Man in Ath
letics." ..EGGS from thoroughbred brown
leghorns, fifty cents per setting
. -v - . 1 .
lnaepenaenipnonc, 4zi vuivaiiis
Nolan's v whiter Carnival, next
-week; ' . . . v
t Clover and timothy at Zierolf's.
Mr. T. Mon Fob, an experienced com.
- pounder ol Chinese medicines, successor
;. o the late- Hong Wo-TongS of Albany,
Oreeon, is now prepared: to furnish Chi'
nese medicine to all. The undersigned
- recommends him . and guarantees satis,
Call or write him at No. 117 West Sec
ond Street, Albany, Oregon.
Jim Westfall.
Banking By Mail
(Correspondence Invited)
of the
Title Guarantee 6c Trust
Pays 4 per cent on Savings Accounts
Pays 4 per cent on Certificates of Deposit
Pays 3 per cent on Accounts Subject to Check.
J. Thorburn Ross -President
George H. Hill Vice-President
T. T. Burkhart , Treasurer
John E. Aitchison Secretary
240 Washington Street, Cor. Second
".No, s'w," repl ed Judge Danne;
"there will be no fctay," and turned
aonpt!y away.
.Immediately after adjournmect
of Judge Daone's court, Mr. Short
ritfge itas given into the custody of
a deputy sheriff, who accompanied
the lawyer to his office, where Mr.
Shortridte'e, law partners : at once
prepared an application to , the dis
trict court of appeals for a writ of
habeas corpus to save him from go
iog to jail.
, Within half an hour after the fil
ing the writ was granted and made
returnable at two o'clock. 1 It ,was
announced that P. F. Dunne,' a
prominent lecal attorney, would
represent . Mr. Shortridge in the
habeas corpus proceediogB." ;
Judge Dunne condoned the Ruef
Diuao perjory case to Monday
morniDg for argument on demur
rer. ' , '
New York, March 8. D. M. Del
mas, chief counsel for Harry K.
Thaw, when . court opened thiB
morniDg, officially announced, that
tbe . defense rested its ;case and
would offer no more evidence. Die
liict Attorney Jerome at once -, re
qaeeted an adjournment until Mon
day in order 10 prepare evidence in
rebuttal. Delmas agreed to the re
quest and the trial adjourned until
Monday. ; .--"
It is reported .that Jerome has
determined '.o recall Evtl n N sMt
inaw to the stand in order to 'in
troduce certain letters in
She cannot be recalled in rebuttal
of her own testimony. . It is ; also
announced - that May McKenzle,
Evelyn's friend, will be called ae
the first witness for the state.
The Countess of Yarmouth will
aleo be called by the state.. ' The
countees kcew much of the coupleV
sojourn-in Europe. ; ..' j
Thaw is vexed by . the delay, i
Upon returning to his cell he fumed j
and abused Jerome for causing
what he termed an unnecessary de
lay. '
Learning from Mrs. Thaw's own
testimony tl at she and yourg Jack
Barrymore had once been sweet
hearts, Jerome dispatched a trusty
henchman tojthe little resort hear
Boston, where Barrymore is in ' re
tirement, with instructions to draw
from that young man anything of
a derogatory character of which he
possessed the, knowledge. 1
.' The .henchman ob9yed. He pro
ceeded to the resort, and there, it
is.said, put to Barrymore a quesr
tion which cauaed the actor to slap
tbe deputy's face and then ' gra9p
him by the shoulders and .propel
him by aid of his boot : down . the
stairs. Also, it is stated, Barry
more requested the deputy between
kicks to inform William Travers
Jerome that he would receive simi
lar treatment if he asked the Bame
question. J., .;" '. --
lrry more is extremely , reticent
in regard to the 'affair,1 but; to a
friend be is. repotted to have Baid :
?'D n their irhptidence!; 5 What
do they thinkTaca. 'I know noth
ing against the 'poor ' girl's reputa
tion;. If I didl hope I am a gen
tleman and can perjure -myself like
one. " . , ":''' ; '
"No, I didn't kick him ver j ha.rd
tor 1 had my slippers on. . :-:
, Garden seeds of all kinds at Zierolf's
, . Vih&t to Do When Bilious..
The right thing to do when you feel bil
ious is to take a dose of Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets. They wijl cleanse
the stomach and regulate the liver and bow
els. ' Try it - Price 25 cents. Samples free
at uranam a wortnam s drug store.
Extraordinary Attraction.
JThe only theatrical production
illustrative of Scotch life now be
fore the American public is ''The
Bonnie Brier Bush' which comes
here next ; Thursday night. This
is the fifth year and fourth trans
continental tour of this enduring
stage prod action of Ian Mac Laren's
tales, and the continued popularity
of the play is ample evidence of
its genuine worth. , The same
beautitui ana costly . production is
used and .. the company engaged
to interpret this charming romance
of ";Auld Scotland' is. composed
of artists of prominence including
many who have been long identifi
ed with the play The reserved
sa e opened whh a rush this morn
ing, and it is evident that this pro
duction will be greeted by a crowd
ed house which is so richly deserv
ed. '
white Carnival next
; K. O.T.M. ; Notice. u-
. . . . . .
' All members of the Maccabees
are requested to be 'at lodge Wed
nesday evening. March' 13th 19071
TEAMING wanted All kinds of jobs
in. teaming done. Residence Ninth
and Jacksoo. ' Independent phone. . O.
. T. Murphy,. Corvallis. : ,
JNfiW iUJJAV, 1 bave: establislaed a
- junk business on Main street near the
, soda works where I will buy all kinds
of lank, including rags, rubbers. lead
copper, brass etc. J. J. Brown,
, Call For Warrants.
a otice is nereoy . given - tnat mere is
money on hand at the county treasurer's
office to pay all orders endorsed and
marked not paid for want of funds :up
to and including August 2nd ' 1906. In
terest will be stopped cn same from this I
date. Corvallis Ore. Ma-ch 9th 1907.
W. A. nucbasaa, Treasuier, Benton,,.
- -.. Co. Oregon.
- Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office:
Kosebure. Or.. Feb. 1907.
Notice is hereby eiven that In comnlifinne with
the provisions of the set of congress of June 3,
1ST8, entitled 'Ad act for the sale of timber lands
in the states of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory,' as extended to all the I
ramie Land states Dy act or August 4, 1892,
lames W. W alters of Monroe, county of Benton
state of Oregon, has this any filed 1b this office I
his sworn statement No. 7817 for the purchase of I
the nortn i-i of northwest 1-4 ot section Mo. 32 in
Township 14 S, Range No. 6 W, and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is more valu
able for its timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to said land
before county clerk and clerk of county court of
centon county, at nis omoe at uorvams, uregon,
on i nursuay me mtn aay oi May, .
Me namea Bus witnesses:
Ellis Hammer , of Monroe,- Oregon
Maniey tmcKingnam oi
, Bvron Woolridge, ot " "
Clyde Graves. of ic
? Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands nre reauested to fllethelr
claims in this office on or before said 16th day of I
. . .... .... (., agister.
Administrator's Sale of Real Prop-1
"' : -w erty. .
In the Matter of the Estate )
oi ; ;
Henry Holroyd, Deceased. ) !
Notice is hereby elyen that under and in dut-
Buanw oi au oraer or sale maae Dy tne county
court of the state of Oregon, for Benton county
on the 9th day of February A. D.r 1907, In the
above entitled matter, the undersigned as ad
ministrator of the estate ol Henry Holroyd. - de
ceased, will from and after . t - '- i ;;
Thureday, the 2 1 at day of March,
proceed to sell at private sale to the hiehest bid
der for cash in hand, subject to the: confirma
tion of said court.' all the following; described
real pupocbjr,Hi-wili:r.-j; j , ;.j f'"'r.
tots one (1), two (2), eleven (11) knd twelve
(12), Block Four f 41. Ravbnrn'a Addition to the
City or Corvallis, to Benton county, Oregon.- Said
sale being made for theoomose of navine claims
against said estate, and ohacgas aad.ixpentes ot
administration, - remaining unpaid.. Said - Sale
wiU be made subject to the dewer interest of Al
ice Holroyd, Widow ot Henry Holroyd, deceas
ed, in ana to tne aoove described premises. .
Dated, this February 14, 1907. '
Administrator of the estate of Henry Holioyd,
deceased. .
BEST BREAD and pastry can be
obtained at Starr's Bak-;ry.
Attention Farmers!
I Want Your Eggs and Butter
Alway Pay Highest Market Price
and You get Full Weight
and Measure!
Diamond W Coffee
Is a blend of the .
Richest Favored
and most aromatic
Coffee - grown.
Carefully selected
Thoroughly, mixed
Scientifically blended
Correctly Roasted
, iHL j Sf orning;
The Grocer.
We are not inclined
writing advertisements
and customers speak tor
6. B
crrsrvT)ii'SCrixrn aorirt
I ; V.'v;v;'''-Watch-thM -space for Bargiris in'
80 acres 2 5 In .cult., balance timber and pasture, new house, (air barn,
tame .frriit, ' 3.1 -1 xniles from town. This is a bargain at $1,500, terms
' 1-2 cash balance pn 'tjjjqie to suit at 6 per cent ;
.- 17 acres, 6 acres iri cult, fair house, good barn, fine fruit, well watered,
some limber and pasture, A fine. little home and a bargain at $1,300
Teri to siiit. ,- 2 l "rnrles ftom town, near school.
5 acres, weU improved, "good houre and barn, ' fine - fruit,'good water.
One mile from town. Price $l,80( " 1 .(;
A Good Cup Coffee
can be made from
Diamond "W"
Flavor Strength
The four essentials
of Perfect Coffee
which combined
delight the most
delicate Palate
and Educated
2 0 3.
to spend much time in
we prefer to let our goods j
themselves. - "
anrm oofrm am crarznn nfess
Notice of Final Settlement "'''
- Notlc II hereby given thatthe undersiirned ban
filed bit final account for settlement of tbe estate
of ElUi MoFndden deceased, in tbe oouuty
court of tbHstate of Oregon lor Benton countv,
and tbe said court baa fixed tbe hour ol ten o'
clock a. m. Saturday tbe is day of April 1907, at
tbe Court room of aald court at Corvallis, Oregon
as tbe time lor hearing all and tlngular tbe
matters in said settlement and all persons Inter
ested therein are hereby 1 otifled of said fact. -W.
8. McF.dden ?
Administrator of the estate of
Eliza MoFadden, deceased.
Dated If arcb 8, 1907,
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
bas tiled his Hnal nccount for settlement of tbe
estate ot t rancis Slate, deceased, in the county
court of the state of Oregon for Benton county,
and that SHid court bas fixed tbe bour of 10
clock A. M . ol Saturday We 6th day of April. 19r.7,
at the court room of said court at C?rvallls, Or
egon, as the time tor hearing all and singular
tbe matters lu aald settlement and all persons
interested therein are bereoy notlfiei of said
Dated MarohS, 1S07.
J. E. Henkle.
Administrator of tbe estate ot Francis Slate, deceased.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has filed his final account for set
tlement of the estate of John T. Slate,
deceased, in the County Court oi the
state of Oregon for Benton county, and
that said Court has fixed the hour of ten
o'clock a. m. of Saturday the 7th day of
apm, 1917. at tlie court room of said
court ut Corvallis, Oregon as the tima
tor hearing all and singular the matters
in said settlement and all persons inter
ested therein are hereby notified .f said
j. E. Henkle,
Administrator of the estate of
lohn T. Slate, deceased.
Dated March 8, 1907.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon
iur KemoD county.
In the matter of the estate of T. Es m-
ton Hogg, deceased.
To Naomi C Hogg. William Finkney
Whyte, William Burke, William Egenton
Burke and Emelie C. Bentley, and to all
otners unknown, lireetlng:
OREGON, you and each of yon are: hereby
cited and required to appear in the County
uourt oi tne state ol Uregon ror the County
oi tienton, at tne uourt Koom thereof, at
the City of Corvallis, in the said Coun'y of
Benton, on the 6th day of April. 1907. at
ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, and
then and there show cause, if any you have.
way tne petition or the administrator in
the above entitled estate should not be Grant
ed and an order made to sell the following
aescrmea real estate, to wit :
Lots five (5) and six (6) In block five
(5), and lot one (1) in block six (6 in
the Town of Corvallis : Lots five (5) and
six (6) in block two f2i of Fractional River
Blocks in Avery's Addition to Corvallis,
Benton county, Oregon. The' following
property situated in Polk Countv. Oreeon.
to wit : . Beginning at a point 26 rods east
of the southeast corner of lot number
three (3) in fractional block one (1), In
ta.H's Addition to the Town of Independ
ence, in Polk County, Oregon; running
thence north four rods, thence east to the
Willamette River, thence south 4 rods.
thence west to the place of beginning. That
certain river lot four rods wide by elKht
rods long and the building thereon, and
situated directly north of and adjoining the
river lot formerly owned by Smith & Van
duyn, and conveyed by them to T. Egenton
Hogg, both of said lots the one here de
scribed and the one conveyed bv the said
Smith & Vanduyn beine situated on the
west bank of the Willamette River at Inde
pendence, in Polk County, Oregon.
The following real property in Lincoln
County: Lot number 2, Section 31, and
southwest quarter of the northwest quarter
oi section az : uot jno. 1 section 31 ;
Northwest quarter of the northwest quarter
ot Section Hi ; Ea-:t one half ot the south
west quarter of Section 29. and east one
half of the northwest quarter of Section 32;
me west one nan oi tne soutnwest quar
ter of section 29 ; lots 3 and 4 of Section
30 ; lot No.- 1 of Section 19 ; lot No. 2 of
Section 19 ; lot No. 3 of Section 19 ;
and the southwest quarter of the
southwest quarter ot ' Section 20 ; tbe
west ' one half of the northwest quarter of
section 29 and lots 1 and 2 of Section 30;
the south one half of the northeast Quarter
of the southeast quarter of Section 14 ; the
southeast quarter of the southeast quarter
of Section 23 ; and the southwest quarter of
the southwest quarter of Section 24 : the
southeast- quarter -of the .northwest quarter.
tne soutn nan oi tne nortneast quarter,
and the northeast quarter of the soutneast
quarter of Section 26; the northwest quar
ter of the northwest quarter of Section 26 :
tlie northeast quarter of the northwest quar
ter of Section 26 ; the southeast quarter ot
the northwest quarter of Section 23 ; the
north half of the southwest quarter, and
the southeast quarter of the southwest quar
ter of. Section 23 ; lots 1, & and 3 in Section
2& All of the tide and overflowed lands
on the -shore of Yaquina Bay, in front of
iul o in section 2 1 , ana lots x, z ana a in
Section 28, and lying between tne meander
line of said. lots on Yaquina Bay and low
water mark,- covering about 23.50 acres ;
the undivided one-half interest in lots num
ber 1 and 2 and the south half of the north
west quarter of Section 10 ; all situated in
Township 11 south, Range 11 west of the
Willamette Meridian in Lincoln County,
Oregon. j
Also the following real property situated
in Benton, Polk and Lincoln Counties, Oregon;-
to. wit
All of Section 31 in- Township 10 south.
Range 5 west; south half of northeast
quarter; northwest quarter of southeast
quarter and northeast quarter of southwest
quarter of Section 11, Township 11
south, Range 6 - west ; lots 1 and
2, and tne north half of the north
west quarter of Section 15 in Town
ship' 11. south. Range 6 west ; the west
half of the" southwest quarter, east half of
southeast quarter ot Section 33, Township
12 south, Range 6 west; the west half of
the -northwest quarter .of . Section 19, Town
ship 11 south, Range 7 west; south half
ot southeast quarter, and south half of
southwest quarter of Section 29, Township
9 south. Range 8 west ; all of Section 31,
Township 9 south, Range 8 west ; all of
Section 33, Township 9 south. Range 8
west ; -north halt of northwest quarter,
southeast quarter of northwest quarter of
Section 3, Township 11 south, Range 8
west ; east half ot southeast quarter, east
half of northeast quarter, northwest quar
ter, of northeast quarter and northwest quar
ter of Section 19, Township 10 south.
Range 9 west; all of Section 21, Township
10 south, Range 9 west; all ot section 23,
Township 10 south, Range 9 west;
north half of southeast quarter of
Section 25, Township IT south.
Range 10 east; southwest. quar
ter of southeast quarter, west half of north
west quarter and southwest quarter of sec
tion 19, Township 12 south. Range 6 west;
south half cf Section 9, Township 11 south.
Range 9 west ; southeast quarter of north
east quarter of Section 1, Township 11
south, itange 8 west; southwest quarter ot
northeast quarter of Section 1, Township 12
south. Range 9 west.
Said sale Is for the purpose ot raising
money to nay claims against said estate.
You are further notified that this citation
is served upon you and each or you by pub
lication thereof, In the Corvallis Time
newspaper four weeks under an order made
by the tion. E. Woodward, Judge ot said
court, on tne 12th day of February, 3907.
Witness the Hon. E. Woodward, Judge of the
County Court of the State ot Oregon tor
the County of Benton, with the seal of said
court affixed this ine 12th day ot February
A. D. 1907. ..
Attest : .
T. T. VINCENT", Clerk.
MONEY to loan on approved security
Apply to S. L. KHno ngent.