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. -".vii vL; ??. I 1 III' ' I "li
Sale Extraordinary ! "
We have too large a stock of Ladies Shirtwaists. We want
to sell them, and quick, so here are our prices:
Regular $ I 25 Special $
Regular 1 50 Special 1
Regular 1 75 Special 1
Regular 2 00 Special 1
i s 'a ,;r r-.:;f c j v.,
98 T Regular $2! 50 Special $1 87)
14 Regular 3 00 Special 2 23
32 Regular 3 50 Special 2 61
49 Regular 4 00 Special 2 97
Regular $5 00 Special $3 69.
Sale includes new Johnnie Jones Styles. Latest fabrics,
mohair, batiste and albatross, all colors. No old stock
All this season's goods. ONE week only' at"'
A 4
The lack ot attendence on the
part, of the faculty of OAC at fhe
recent state oratorical contest was
the occasion of much; criticism. All
other Colleges were Represented 'by
rone or more of their faculty, but
not one was . in attendence f rpm
OAC a fact, that the people abroad
comment upon. Of course the dis
tance of the contest from home
might have had something to j do
with thi9, but,lhe writer had oc
casion to" Obsetve'tjaat .last year
when the "contest was held" almost
at our door the members ot jthe
Faculty who are'looked to, to take
more pr less interest in this depart
ment -of college activities was jnot
in evidence. Many ideas coulq be
gained that the professor could j
suggest to future aspirants! for;
forensic fame from OAC. One
never ? gams rmuch by remaining
within ones own little circle.; The
man or woman, who does the most
good is the one who associates with
others and from their experiences
invokes new ideas into his or ! her
own methods. !
These remarks are not intende
for the faculty as a whole, because
there are some who are not expect
ed to keep in touch with this branch
of work, had they the time. It is
to be hoped that hereafter more
of the faculty who are in tOJch
with this branch of work may be
seen at , these gatherings. . i
' -Ps ;' T;. Student.
. , n
For advertisements in thli column the rate
oi a cents per une will be charged.
i Watches; Clocks Jewelry repair
ing promptly and correctly done
at Pratts The Jeweler & Optician:
-I. iK:
Spring ana Snmmer
;e ,haju$t: received our first large
shi pment- of Spring and Summer goods
': i:C, ., JlIm)l MW , ( 1""";""-. ""P,"? r-s
..wnicniis' rjiow . openea anoz oiraspiayA: 4n
;aGfi;depaanent tor your inspection.- t3
Wfru CMSave 5 Per Cent.
i TVOt'youfi-Sash by traSng"wHrfuf: IP
you idont W cali and see. :
When you see it in our ad, its so ;
Gorvallis . - 'H Oregon
: ' ' S ; furtfier notice ALL glasses fitted by PRATT The
' i ' '. the Optician will be, ' ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED for
' v r ONE YEAR against BREAKAGE of ANY KIND. -
President Gatch andQlis
Gatch went to Portland Friday to
see "Madam Butterfly.. 'f 3 .
n. jones or Aioany, wno won
the state oratorical contest last year,
spent Sunday in town visiting with
mendss r,r tt r .
w J. i U U J J
Fran3cirPenderera8s..went to.
McMinnville Friday, and was in
attendance at the oratorical contest
Miss Mary Klecker 'arrived"!
Saturday irom a two weeks' visit
with Portland relatives and friends.
Walter Corbett's " stailing-iace
was absent from the general deliv
ery window at the postoffice, ' Frif
day afternoon and Saturday fore,
noon. He went to McMinnville to
attend the contest. . .. . ., .
Miss Melvena Elgin - left Sun
day for Marysville, California, to
visit her sister Sophia, who is a
trained nurse in : that city. - She
will be absent two weeks, visiting
San Francisco before her . return.
Superintendent Denman has
received information that the seeds
for use for the ' All-Behton-School-Fair
will reach Cprvallis not later
than the end of this week, at which
time they will be ready for distribution.
Get Rood garden, timothy, clover
all kinds of field seeds at Zierolf 's.
cook. Enquire : at
WANTED man to work on farm wanes
$50 per 'month and use of house. En
quire Times office. " -;
WANTED man and woman wanted to -J
work on a bachelor's ranch. . Call : or
address Tipaes office.
We have opened an. office over the
First . National Bank, where we
are prepared to handle all kinds of City
property tor pale also good farms, ; stock
ranchet. small tracts, near the City.1-If
yon can't find what:, you" wont come in
and seems, and talk it over. McHenrxljg
rFOU"BALE As I am croing out of the
f;:baslesBi3riUeeUniy -grain ware
house at a bargain or would exchange
for good residence in Uorvallis or a
small farm of eqnal value. Handled
47 000 bn of grain this season. R- - N
UK SALE, incubator,, good as new
For further information address S; B
Cramer. RFD 3. Independent phone
A complete . box mannfac-
T?nn p it n
ru. o&LdCi. a. compieie v oox
turine and plaining mill plant. Ad
dress E. Bnrkholder, Albany, . Oregon.
$5 REWARD. ..- :
A a ' r: For information that
"ivill lead'to the detectioa' of per-
sons who painted the figures "09"
on German Lutheran : church
Leder Bros.
-Frank Williams, who . for sev
eral months past has been employed
a: carp3ntry in the C. &. E. shops
at Albany, has bought an interest
in the hardware business of R. E.
Pugh of Philomath. ;, The new firm
is planning to-. enlarge its . stock
Prof. J. W. Riley of McMinn
ville; College passed through town
Saturday to be- in attendance at the
meeting1 held in " Albany to - select
the man" Who will be the student to
represent Oregon In - the Rhodes
scholarship at Oxford.' ; The place
Waswarded to a Willamette man,;
; "A district convention of " the
Rebekahs is to be held in Corvallis
on the. 20th. The attendance will
include delegations i froth"; Albany,
Bueha Vista. Philomath aad" Cor
vallis. The presiding officer will
be. Mrs.: Judge. Galloway,; of ' Mc
Minnville, vice president-of the
t- tfd
(i:U ir.7'1 0 ;
ii;jo .'j
-on 0 -0-j.
.iiTwr (i ,
'j. j!li:ilV.Oi:
f I'. !: auif t
vutmr. x -,
t the
Whete they qive something for nothing
il; ir.vo z'i
ft -
i;H ..iOi;;n ;
'- aui;;T
ir$$ijrn of. BaPowderjjrou
1: .
' .b;i
U! ,113 :,! jl... I'.-'-. .
uij -fi it ji,. .,1...
1 JiK-''nm. loi.'u-ui
priie; in
o "-Ml
" "'1 "irr.;, ..... - .1 . . .
1 I Av. nnuia
Summons. -.; ,
In the Circuit Court oi the State of Oregon tor
.. Benton County.
James W. Melville, Plaintiff, T ' ... ;
" V8. I" .' ,:. , .
Leath McCorMe, Dora E. Ayere,
Effle Hopper, Alfred Hale, Jen
nie Shivers, Frederick Elder and
Cynthia J. Sherman, Defendants.
To Frank Hale, Dora E. Ay res, Alfred Hale,
Jennie Shivers and Cymhia J. Sherman, the
above named defendants l.. i-. '
In the name of the state of Oregon, yon and
each of yon. are hereby summoned and required
to appear and answer the complaint of the plain
tiff lu the above entitled tult now on file with
iiiJlr1r rtt thp nliovp entitled roart. on or hpfore
wuvuon ot tuts 8ummong,De.i"; v
tn'tC- W before March-,I?9.'
Trt' hereby notified that U : on fall SO fo
;n2Jk25TaMwer the said compUlui as here
tor want thereof tne plaintiff will
apriyWeabo'e entitled court tor tUe rvliet
IDga oerbam ueeu luauv - xiarri&uii nuie; kuu
the defendant, Cynthia J. Hate . (now Cynthia J.
ShPTmBnltn Tneodore Hale, dated January 61
1875, so that the description therein shall read
M-fo71ows,,t-wltt ' -7. ' . iTAk ,'
BeKlnnlnJC at point tj!-cnains eas ra ms
southwest corner of claim Np aw, Deing ciaim oi
John Orimsley and wife, In Township twelve,
mnth. T-.ncR six west. Wlllamett meridian,
tneneerfeatiaegnaaim nineteen
and 20.100 chains, tnence east miy-iuur uu ui
100 chalDB to the west line ol tbe tract of land
sold by John Grimaley and wife to iGeww W.U
helm on tae btn aay oiucwwi,
cbrdSd Octot)eWt,-)69r-ttpage 148 nd,,149,fa,
Boot B, of the records of deeds 6f Benfon couttr ,
'Oregon, thence south U degrees lamia, east
twenty ana au-iuu cnaiua wuug . ,
i soutnjjOunaary jiuw ui i .w. .,
inu mst twentv-three and ,55-100 chains,
iiSenenorthrSwocnalna and thence west:twen-
tag 100 acre, being and situated, in Benton
county, Oregon; that plaintiff be decreed , the
owner In lee simpwoi vne aoovo. ooww
ictui::;-. ;rvni
iic.l s
5 Uf)jj vCTM
Grocery Store
tHwoerty ; that the. defendants nave Wiiu
a Liu
barred front
7. ,Kn-aln r.l thn.fl' ttiAV Oft
iyialiBins.aDrhb,t4tle,teres or tat.e In the
lWfCTO"WWl, ... . ... 1
This summons is puousnea m ib
Times newspaper once a week, for six ccesewe
AMUnCt.,tM.Mu.vH: tuMrfnnta? with the issue
ot Jannay 25j,?S07, aud,ending with he issue!
March 6, 1907, under and in pursuance of the di
rections contained in an order made by the Hoti;
-c wajw.'mI inHcTAnf thA conntv court: of Ben-:
ton onBty:iate. of n Oregon, dated January iSL,,
1907. Date ot first publication hereof is Janua
ry 26. 1907. E.B.WIBOH.
: rr i f Attorney for Plaintiff.
" Nolan's white Carnival next week.
Will lJunlap,--woose jaw -was
three times broken, in a rati irom a
dam recently, . was; in" town yester
day for medical treatment: " Two
rif fVi Krpate in Tifc lainf ' fl't firmW
knitted and the fhlFd isTapidly ad- wtre tiejtjip oh 'account
hering. The lower part ofchis lace
is fitill encased iu a; tin' frame that
firmly holds his. jaw in the ptoper
positions so that when it is finally
knitted it will be Aha the right spot
fo use. r; The football player
in still upde ,iie'csitf of taking
food in the sme way ,,'tbat he- dLd
when he,legan JifeA in liquid
form and,; w,ith ,a , tube, chewing
being impossible With him, except
in the case of the rag .. - ;4
' "' Dr. Pernot is i president, Dr.
Cathey, secretary, and Dr. ; Farra
treasurer," of the Central Willamette
Medical Association. They were
elected at a meeting "of the : organ
ization held in Albany Friday ev
ening. The membership includes
physicians and surgeons at Albany
Corvallis and other . points in the
valley., . Dr.' Bennett of Bellfoun
tain, is a member, and at the meet-v
ing Friday, read an important ppper
before the association which was
the basis; for an extended and in
teresting1 discussion: "The meet
ing was held in the parlors of 5 the
Alco Club, anJ was lar'geiy attend -ed
,' A banquet ..concluded the ex
ercises of ther;ening;f'r-:.lhe next
meeting occars at .jibanbij, c The
member'shipjndtidejffie ' counties
m Lrinn.Iyincoln and Benton...
m i , ',..u ''-;.,u:J I'1-"
., , ... -J--j:.,V;4ovv-4. r '
'' .ft-'. C .-t-t'.'U '; ' ' " '
' tS-ery fey students ; outside1 - "of
the class,rdeiegates': wentihto -''Mc
Minnville to attend the state orator-'
IcaTohTest-Friday; The : OAC
delegation was one of ; the smallest
there. Compared with - the." other
colleges represented it ought toave
been trie iargest as' there! are "store
than twice''a 1 many students en-iTaaVS2--jii,iQf'e.
Mpfee ihtefiest';;;"shouId - betaken iti'
these inteilectual; contest, and' then
the 'clian'1..,TvjMSwo-'' be
easier for those taking .part; 0 It ts-
iust as essential to have v a'-Hatge
following at arioratoncal contest to
PMh'the btatoif, on-' to victory as it
is vin a lootbau vMu, a , .Dask:et ; nail
gaineit . Those. wbop -iwent - to; Mc-
Minnville were more, than paid for
Slcn occasions, 'many new ,uM?IM9
are made, 'jiieas, ''gained1.1 'Of
course OA;C "Could 1 not bring home
the victor, but they should" all jbe
proud of the 'showiagniade'by' John
Schroeder." "Fourth placevwas,,in9t
bad in satin 'company-,- -:. .ml wtat.
eTTaitttgfTablei The old
one has done duty there for . many
Jong, year rW I
Miss Minnette Philips, who
is teaching school in Linn county,
spent Sunday at her home in this
r-Rev. F. V. Baer of Moscow
Idaho will hold services tomorrow,
Btedassday, evening at the Episcp
pi! church beginning at 7:30. (
,-wXDne of the Five Hundred clubs
was-efitertained along with a num
ber oiinvited, guests at the Covell
home Satuidiy nighjf.i. g I
w. ijinora rjesn7once j a
resident of Corvallis, and Miss
Henrietta Dorris of Eugene, were
married m Portland Saturday, j
Vocal and instrumental recital
by. pupils Of the OAC School 1 of
Music Saturday,-March i6th,i at
8:30 p. m. at College chapel. Ev
erybody cordially invited. Ad
mission free. j
Mrs. C. M. McKellips accom
panied - the delegation from the
college , to the - oratorical contest
held at McMinville last Friday
evening. It was voted . that she
made an ideal chaperone.
In a game of base ball on i the
College grounds Saturday after
noon the OAC team defeated the
town team by a score of 19 to 2.
Battery OAC -Rooper and Wolff,
town Huff and Cooper.
The unlucky man who fell in
a cess pool connected with . Adam
Assell's establishment has been
street talk ! since Saturday. He
went clear under and was ; only
rescued in the nick of time. He
was practically buried in the filth
when Mr. Assell and others reach
ed him' ' and his extraction involv
ed much difficulty. He rolled in
to the place by accident. : tie is
John Scott. : : ; ;: . - - ;
Miss ; . Helen Crawford's class
in pnysical culture will give an
exhibition drill on the afternoon
of the2oth.:inst,? These drills are
becoming quite; . a . popular ' feature
with the department of physical
culture. . Lxooq . crowds are m evi
dence on . ... these';- occasions which
shows that,, a great deal of 1 interest
istaken in this branch of co'lege
training! . ,; . The public-is - cordially
invited -to attend.
'George Small of ' Silver- Lake
who" has been visiting relatives
and- friends., in . this . vicinity : f o
the past week leaves soon ' for the
return trip, "via;; of ShanikbC Mr
Small. left silver. Lake two weeks
ago by stage, .expecting to take
the train for Shanikp.s but upon
arrival at. the latter point trains
of wash
outs , and. the iQUfhey to Biggs had
to be ., mada. by -stage making' a
five days ' continuous1 stage 'trip
with only one night's sleep.' -
' -Buyers arerStill scouring Ben
tonlcounty :ter: horses. -: s The fde
mand is the greatest and the price
the highest within- the- memory of
all now living; , How one man
paid more ; than : $2,1500 for nine
horses was told in a recent Times
An old gray mare whose locks were
whitened by the snows of 17 win
ters was sold by. Tames Henderson
recently for $125, George Cooper
went that sale one better, and sold
a mare 21 years old lor. me same
price. 'T Buyers will take anything
in the shape 4 of horse : flesh that
cah get out of its tracks at a price
to make the seller, dizzy.-...
t The seniors in the mining class
atthe college leave Friday evening
loj the anhual fyisit : to Southern
Oregon mines' ; They go to study
thewof kings, of; the mines in actual
operatibn, . td; gather 1 specimens of
pre and to colleqt practical - inform
ation on the subjects in their course
of study. ... Xbe members of the class
today on a business ; visit.
jamies Ball, ' a- well 1 known
figure of Newport known for long
years to All oldtime Benton County
ites is dead. He - was buried at
.Newport last Thursdays He r,was
one of the most genial men (that
ever lived, and a pang of regret at
his passing will be felt by all who
ever knew him. :- :
Harry B. Hall, of Los Angeles,
superintendent of ; allowances for
the postofice department was in
town ' yesterday to -" i jspect the
Corvallis postoff ice with refer ence
to the contract made by him in be
halt of the government before ; the
building was erected. , Aftec.Jook-
ing me ottice over, ne .declared it
to be the best appointed . and
equipped office of its class- oa the
coast, stating that it more . than
met the requirements of the con
tract and in all things it was high
ly acceptable to . the department.
ne oiiiciany coniirmea tne con
tract, and left on the six o'clock.
train for Portland. '
How Women are Crowding Men out of
Positions This one is Theatrical
Advance Agent.
A young woman, traveling as
advance agent for a theatrical com
pany invaded Corvallis Saturday,
and thereby afforded illustration of
how woman is crowding the stern
er sex out of positions of which he
was formerly the sole guardian.
She was Miss Florence L. Newman
who came as the advance agent of
The Bonnie Bnei Bush com
pany, whicn appears in tne upera
House Thursday evening. She is
from New York City with head
quarters at the Knickerbocker, the
base of operations for almost an,
infinite number of traveling com
panies. She is 26 years of age and
has been traveling six years as an
advance agent. She is a very
sightly; person, well dressed and
according to the statement oi locaL
people was well able to drive at
good bargain for the people she-
represents. .
She travels about a week ahead
of her company, and .arranges the .
preliminaries as to hotel accommo
dations, transportation details, bag
gate contracts, bill posting. and
kindred duties. The loneliness of
the life, throwing her constantly a,
stranger among stranger:!, is her
chief objection to . the business, but
this" she says is atoned for by ther
fact that it gives her remunerative:
and easy employment and a wide
range of travel. :. She was in Cor
vallis a day, leaving for Albany on
the evening' train. In' timet it
seems as if women will hold posi
tions in every' walk of life, barring
of course those in which physical .
phase is largely involved; : She is
fast demonstrating that she has the
'capacity, and that is what the em
ployer is looking for.
; !The Bonnie Brier Bush" which ?
Miss Newman represents, is a New
Vork. organization with a play
dramatized from , the well known
tO)k ofjthe same name, Augustus
Thomas, one of the greatest play
wrights in America being one of
the dramatists. It is a drama much
after the order of "Kerry Gow"
which was recently produced at the
Opera House with such satisfact
ory results.
Manager Groves had to give a
big guarantee in order to secure
the attraction. '
Joff by Mr.' Boquet and others
Whist was afcKndUTgea in. xnose
OTesent,were,Messrs. Finn, Yeageri
Pendergrass, Nola Reid. G,Storief
H. Cook, John'- Clark, Ctwwtorffc
Cole,''' Will' WickS"nd John -Withy
combe.;,.' Alt voted it a very pleas
ant evening an4 . washed their -host
maBy bappy and prosperous years.
areBeu.Greehhaw, G. J. Riley,
J. Lfngaas. "F, M, , Hofer, and P. J.
Jones, They aire ' accompanied by
Jnstrjjctw'ProsbstI. They go to
Various: groups of jnines id Joseph-;
iot and Jackson , counties. :The
miners in al cases afford the stud
ents every . facility , for observation-
ana;stuay;- . anil ' '
-36he' of the "social events ,of the
season took place Saturday even
ing, .when Arthur ' Boquet,. m-;
vited a few o'f f:hisii!friends , in to
SDend.the evening';;Theaffair, was
k dinner in horiof of Mr. Boquet' s
LJl 1 LllLlilV . 11 was OI.l-iV.tlT otaft
nature?; the ,iboysJi:even preparing
te"sumpuotls;dinnefp whichy was
dinW: i 'After 'rdoinfe 3 more,, .than
jus.ticefo'thespread,;' the -estsso pthersof note in the theatrical
rallra tn ftis Cltrirtir' 'l VrW-irn':i Where-li ' . j I U. oil tmltv
X - i.. . .U b U W -,.,1U, " " -
stories, ,were told, and'arfew vocal
Thrrsday Night. -Of
all the book plays that have '
been done in New York the past
three years, the adaptation of 'The
Bonnie Brier Bush. , was undoubt- .
edly received with t'he greatest fav
or.. 'MacLarens Scotch" tales were
dramatized by James MacArthur.
editor of the ." Bookman' ', and
Augustus Thomas, the author of
'Alabama'-', .-JArizpna." and "The
Otber.Girl." The part of Leach
land Campbell, the old Scotch shep-
ard. is known as one ot; the great
est characterizations of the present
era . in theatricals, and . has been
pronounced by critics a masterwork.
With a carload ot special scenery
;is promised an adequate portriature
of the scenes irom which tan Mac
Laxeni storJes.were taken, and the
company is fully up. the high stan
dard maintained in" the past and
includes manv o the original cast
world, and number&in.. all twenty
oeoole. The entire -.Kirke La
and ins,t'runiental solos were struck-gjieTie production will be used, and
off h-w'-'MrV1 rWitiet"- and otherSi'l t otAra frvr tVincp voha
a treat i9l in store for those wno
witness this beautiful play. Owing
jp the heavy expense, in bringing
this company " to ' Corvallis . the
prices will be 5V 75 and I
Seats now selling.jq
- Garden seeds, timothy and clover seed
and all kinds ot field seeds t Zieroir.