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QJMAR. 12, 1907
. ' . ' Jerome:
: ' Willi aWTrayers' Jeiomeis pos-
( sibly .'great, "They say he is --His I
prosecution. of Evetyn Nesbit Thaw
id in which his : henchmen scour N'ew
'r- York and scour the earth in search
f inmpthino- to damage her '. char
; I acter, which she herself has testi
fied was bad, may., indeed, be a
sign of greatness. Her . admission
' 'is that at the age of r3 or 14 she
' fell into the ' hands of Stanford
i White. . She was poverty stricken,
and White was rich'. Herunspeak-
able mother, worse than no mother
: encouraged her to receive White's
attentions.. This woman's hand
that ought to have, been ' stretched
- out to shield her young daughter,
reached out instead and : accepted
1 . White's money. This hand that
. ought to , be extended to aid 'her
. child is employed in placing evid-"-V.
ence in the hand of the great Wil
.11 lir tn Tjavers Jerome1 to 5 further
. blacken the 'character of her wn
; . flesbt and blood.' ;'5;' With Such' ma
ternity what "else : but fall J could
have happened to Evelyn r Nesbit
. ... ,Thaw? " 7 "" :r:.
'- It may be court; it may be law
! "it'may be jurisprudence to:,insist
" ently hound: this girl" wife, but it
" is brutal,; it is diabolical; seven ;,if
t '"'" done by the wonderful: :. William
' y Travers' Jerome.-i - If left to : the
' American people to decide, they
" would acquit- Thaw and 'censure
'"'t Jerome in five minutes.-, riv ... .
San Francisco.i
; -Saii IjranciscQis' tp be" pitied.
Her "earthquake j witiv , its deadly
effects ofight to have , been enough.
. political outlaws that f add infinitely
. to, her 'wbes'';T ,She.;fia.. trdrunkeri'
:.?) judge wbpseprfepi ofla the bench
i ares JUfllawrul audi unpardonable.
: ' 'He cbuld-not be impeached
, r cause political brigands-" controlled
! r - the,legisl'ature. ". and' would Have
cleared this judge, tieirvibrf attire,
v: 1 a0f thimpeax:hmentjehargePehind
'- lie brigands there -is a " large and
j , ' owertulfaition;;
: J .? .'-8??ks,jtcay ! the 'chief of ttte bpg-
"i: ands from punishment for ;his" crimes
' 1 ; of extortion :and' sale ot j public
,r' franchises.: The smouldering fires
... . vbtfeudm.that nimble and' growl
"in the unfortunate cUyjire apparent
' : ly on the , verge , of bursting into
f ; ' full Conflagration at any time. It
' is'a spectacle for gods " and men, a
condition calling forth odium on the
'tr"cft'iZe'n"s','an"t3r,or"tne town,
For Butter Fat CW ai Made Eight
DoJJarj per Month Ea,ch.
iiuner tat----at the -local vcreamer-
iesis 34 cents. Up to the latter
tv . pan ot .; x eDruary w was' 36 1-2
nte.fe'ttitdod'jat that gute for
two montns, it is he highest
Piai ;eY?5 $$h?X ftlbcbistory,
2.1-2 being tne format h'Ign wafer
mark. The effect has been very
satisfactory to neighboring farmers'
1. all fof hom atibadthe iprfiper
f The incident recails"thevfact that
I nitfe heifers wkh .their , first calves
I haveifheBfcttvfrdfffiflathsyield-
j ed thllr'o-WeVViMper
I head per njtmtln fSuclvMresult is
within reafctf ctan&i$Mfo if t'ney
! "-, J?iH get hold of the. right kind of
I tgi- TKsrdatfyBltoWi-te&8tJ'-i
fcisfiedjith ftjcow yielding, less re
! turn, it costs aainucn to leea 'a
time to build up
sUch herds, but
fhftr are nrtaiHi" nnrl whpn ' :r(fi.''
"r tattied 'thejrpay tiiradsbmely fb.'Jthe
trouble. .
The W. H. Kaupischcreamery re I
now manufactunag:fteatiy jopo, ;
pounds of btttterj tffaiSl'.l
TIMES ' -'-f v :s .- -y
PRINTING ,Sffiibloa
ISSWE CAN; FILIf your wants
us. Do you want
to sell your
farms, or business. Call
on us. we turnisn panners
and cash. Loan your money
Sparkman & Company Main St
Corvallis Ureg.
?. i : i t
Because Five Acres Last. Tear Made
ittJ)ioerJKore TnafiSO?"
Net Profit'-f ;,f v
acres 19 -pis i apple j, orcpara f , 1 ne
exceuerit returns ff'om his Orchard
last season had led to the proposed
extension of operations. From less
than five, acres of trees, he got an
aggregate of .500 bushels.- - -He!
sold the fruit In Corvallis' at kn av
erage : of 1.25.' per bushel : The
varieties were mainly Northern
Spy, Newtowns-and Spiizenbergs,
the latter predominating. The
trees are only six and . eight years
old: The fruit was", clean from
disease and . well ', formed. Its
excellence made a demand for it
and brought the price. Sprays
were applied with fidelity with the
result that less than three per cent
of the apples were affected with
worms. The total cost of spraying
was $27. The results show what
can be done with apple orchards
under proper conditions in Benton.
The net profit from the: scant five
acres was more than . many a farm
er got from 100 acres of grain. '
The same methods used in the
care of the orchard last year .will be
applied this season, except that the
apples at the proper time will be
thinned. The rule in this at Hood
River is not' to':- let: apples j grow
closer than three inches:apart.;The
purpose is to get regularity in size
as well' as perfect form; Symmetry
arid size has much to do with the
prices to be obtained.' Spraying for
San Jose scale Twill be applied with-
in 'a few days, and after-'that at the
proper times treatment for ; worms
will be 'regularly given ;the trees,
as that is Considered' to be-' a main
means of the success which attends
this orchards fT -f--w
4 In his new acreage Mr j TGroves
is: planting.!. Spitzenbergs:'altogeth
er, with the exception of 100 ;trees
Which ire Newtowns.'' These var
ieties are the'best for shipping pur
poses and bring- highest: i prices
The -Groves orchard isa located ;on
rolling gronndwith a deep soil,
apple gtowinr.
' The stbry of this orchard, is told;
and wiltretoldiyaj ltoTiivrtsL
fcfr'apple growing is business that
wijl pay in Benton d'andi one. Jh'at
the future-will See greatlyTdeveldp-edi'-
Itf-i Bellfountain and jWreri
precincts and " along s the foothills
there are lands that will some time
be set to apples -and ; : the men who
own themcwitt grow wealthy from
he industryii- -3;;iv- i: ,
t,'i:i; ?;j - t,;i :. ,T:, a-,- , ; -3':
10, Higter .Position' After- Twenty
Years at Coivalliis 'Harry '
...... . .... . ' , .Crpniser ;'''' -Jvi''-
Harry Cronise, who off l and on
has been station agent for the Gr &
a. at. coryaiiis tor . more ? tnan -"'20'
years, and who throughout ' the
long period.. has been one of the
most? popular ,nd..mostrfaifhful
agents (that.ever -served '. axailroad
company f.&tio'lorigif: at i his old
plce- i Saturday she quit the office
to uecome agent atupany -wiin, a
salary $25 in advarice of v wliat' J he
received atCorvallU-iHisun
of friends inthis.' city rejoice ajhis
pforaotionj;;but : extremdyjiegret'
his "departure from thelni.idsi;'
Throughibut;,his long (jareferf In te
local offic',there ' was'-tio 'ixayelef '
sa fiumbiv;rwnose .appucatwa iot:
infbrnl.Htioa,:; was.''-": I fcouWeOUsJ y'
agetfcy vA:pace;
master. T.hCtiUitin,';6irqngstions
that, are asknt;ii)'''Mflfr
Of little meannesses; that . the public
ftuu civiuv 1 xiUKf- . xi ;,siauon
rubs against an' agent' areasojj
ing iu 1 11c csireme, ouiSUJBes
things comned seldonfc4f ever
luffled the geniality of arry ;
Cronise, whose service in thef,
sition inthtcUy has been flaw
KEihof Jeii ietermin
Coivallis. Jtn;itreieantime. Clar
eace Albin, thfe alslst&M agent
charge of the office, , -ss
E. feB&0pES.-;Sbed s.tsrerPhone
piiise. a large supply-01 -ires n-
giraen" seeds m bulg just Teceur;
ea.5stt.1so 3ann-5eea waea
1 l)e4t!les)ndufe;i,l
I ichTCke'tt feedj; land plaster, '4tfc$
raV kinds "or'cioverVeieh'e
1 Can ; furnish rvetch- andtVelover
. .f Skiii Diseaae of Twenty Years'
I want yon to know how much Chamber
Iain's Salve ha done for me. .It Jias cured
my face of a skin disease of almost twenty
years' standing. 1 nave Deen treated by sev
eral as smart physicians as we have in this
country and they did me no good, but two
boxes of this salve has cured me. Mas.
Fahxtx Gbiffen, Troy, Ala. Chamberlain's
Salve is for sale by Graham & Wortham.
FrarOc, proves , is aUdinjg
list of Bill Ordered Paid at the
"March Term of tmtrCourt,
Hi Scheele; bridge-worlQ. -fiiSz
Fiahk Hamtnond' foad'wle 7 a., Jn
Bushong-& XrlixecttpsfW1
Lt. Uovey road sup. ; : 1 :
Hiram' Parker rd. wki 3 ,
Btishong & Co, tax ledger
C.-C. Rbinson bridge -work.
C. W. Hammond :; f. ,. .". .
John-Bieriepairing;c.;h side
walk .wt.',-i-i.-f.i ..,
O. W.; Beckwith bridge wk
L). u, Montgomery
Irwin Hodson Co
j . t .
uaic stamps r 20
T. B. Williamson bridge wk , ; 5 00
teder Bros " 1 ? '4 . - , 32 50
,:. " -. -y: - 3, ; " 1 1 50
uaniei &eeQ -; . 450
ueo. xobinson wir. fees pros
attorney7 150
Lieo. Piaster - wit. tees pros.
atty. " - 1 $0
Corvallis Times print & sup 57 00
City Water Works Water c. h. 2 10
C. A. Gerhard stationery, etc
Cor. Indpt Tel Co,: phones ,
Vidito Bros, livery hire :
Ohling & Penland rd sup
A. N. Harlan rd. wk. :
Cor. Transfer Co. drayage .
Vared Moore wit fees pros.
' ''' atty'; 'i : w :
Mrs. D.Huggins are co ,
5 80
5 95
2 50
-1 75
10 00
2 70
72 00
M: P. Fruit sal ferryman etc 52 bo
A.;L. Richardson bridge wk 7 bo
JS.; is. Switzer ). ---J :
3 75
10 bb
George Sheldon ' ; ' ; ; j s
Dr. E. Bennett med attend.
" i'v cb poor ' '- --a ir
Ijraham & Wells stationery
Brandeberry & -Wheeler lumber
bridge lumber
Benton County Review print T;.-
6 70
Levi Oren sawing wood i for
' jail ; ! ! ;': v:i':- " 25
S, H. Hortbn - indigent sol- :
dier, Boyd, Canada.; '970'
W. P;'McCee road woik team 2 50
Will; VaU Go. lights arcs':; ,
! C. h'. J7'1 --.J.WMjf;;, f-!-:;25:05
.-Rhodes - !wit fees' pros . 5
"atty1' i -;; .!- ; 6 '70
Corvallis Gazette printing & 0
:v .' sup J ''J-: '.3: -.via" ?i ;? io 8s
Walter Kisbr road wprkr;o; ; 6 00
S."!,. Elinfi sup'; co poor :?t; 14 70
W.J Newfda bridge wfe. 4-3 50
Weflsher- & Berman:- sun iail-' -to
ST Tartar-teacher's examY - 12 00
O. V. White -1- r; f. : --;M2 00
Rv Mi "Wade'&: Co'iroad sup! 22 39
Wl R. Jones "wii. fees; pros; - 4 -
- atty- . j 1 50
Benton Col' Republican print'
' - ing & sup v ; : 23 25
H. H.f Glassfofd sal janitori 40 bo
J. W. Vineyard wit.- fees pros
'. ' -'atty ' i--.-.. -'i-d
J. D. Wells constable fees, cr; 3 7; 50
Ross1 E. Moores & Co road no' -:
:,:tices "' - : ..f'?.- '.3 30
Ross Ei Moores & Co blanks r 9 67
Hi B: Nichols rebate on taxes' 9 76
J.E.Cronk 194
j. k... jsmnn roaa sup etc. , fcr 22 50
rrea Holmes road, graver . 37 00
James. Bruce-7;, rebate 011 taxes
" over assessment ... 5210
T. H. Davis sal assessor 8$ 50
Geo. W. Smith sal 1 coin & . ;
"""""road work' " -; 28 00
-rS'lra.1 .'': - . j
rerer jts.iqj5Lara.sai com tsc mil 19 20
i'ri" V .v . ,,--.r.i.r
Jie4Wanted f Quiet :v:'-u '
;A netTOup looking man went in
to a storethe . otherj qay and sat
down for half i an hdurj Lor so, when
tt clerld'askedji him if there was any
thing' tlheyuld do! fdi him. He
.SrftpMlan aiiytbiagrThe
Clerk, we&.awav &6Z t MX IW'tn
i;Iiiv.-1tbe proprietcr
iujxj iiinj; anu asKea it ne want'
ed tp be s'libwn anythiig. 'No;''
said the , ervou linan'. ' ' ''I J; just
wanted t6'sit': afound.'sl- Mv thv-
,sician' liasl1 r?cokttieiiaed quiet for
me, AndisaVa .above alt, thines. to
avoid jbitig w a .crowdi.1 Noticing
ypti did riotdvertise : in the
newspapers, hpneht bis would
so I dropped in for a lew Uc;Us.of
isolatfehi'4 Ex,
S ' 4 '
FRUiT i!TREE spray, adv quaijjty: at
SaMth & Dwson" next to K.
Saiith & Company. -f
Kotke. to Bidders. 1 , f
. BidsTor'-paifttiikg the rterior of the
ohAra honnn be received ' by-the
manatsfimenL' work to beein as : soon aa,
l1aeeatheirW18).3J30iilt.!' Material ,aLd
ltaj3Trabo?io be figured separately. Propoa-
alb are also invited for the construction
of an incline floor in the opera boose
For specifications, call oJf W. F; Groves
PIANO TUNING to Ma?i i&t.
siifpeclalfprjces. f$ Also - music
v tought in airgrade of difficulty.
1 Frank A. White, phone. 405.
Corvallis, Ore. 15
gQRjSALE good all round team
-of gray iour yeaf: olds, can fa
seen at George Smith place nea.
Catholic cemetery. -For further
particulars inquire of B. I,. Tay
R. F. O. 3. Independent phone
30 00 . v
: 2 OO - ..... T? 'y- -4V
The Mosque of Omar.
The Mosque of Omar is situated on the summit of Mt. Moriah on
the identical spot where the Temple of Solomon once stood. It is
in the center of the Temple Rei which is the exact shape of the
OAC campus and contains about 35 acres. The picture is one of
the fifty that is to be thrown on jthe stereoptican curtain in the chapel
this evening under the auspices of the classes in advanced history.
What You SeeJsortlv
Twice Whkt You Read!
,; ' ' As you are!'n6w coming
companng values, we ask you to see our lmes 4 .;-
. We have a broken line of Ladies and Childrens Shoes,
which We are closmg cut at remarkably low prices. Come be-
tore your size is gone, ..
Also some remnants in
at bottom prices.) '',-.-tu:-y-i
. 7 Our 'new Spring and Sumrnet Stock! arrivingand is ready ,
for" your iinspecttoh ,J$ake; money byr bnyinff our lines aad sdve
... ' ' "'w'-'i- f . - - '-'' .v:.. v'.
money by getnngtjur pnces
No Prizes
mm r sannnrn. Hwn lirane
In fact nothing goes with our coffee but cream, sugar and
fvl ; jZ;
:j 1 ; Sole
sfeiSoJiuorD HlgB Grafle
' J ; ' :il:i'. -f ..
' ' R.J. MOSES. 1 ,.r .
1 ' j ... - :
Somethinq Doinq
- Beginning March 9th there-will Ijertfsthing doing iiCour. Del
partment Store- you will -nnd u&a9. usua.l up ad aoming.. in. our .. great
Reduction Sale for March. Call in and we will convince you.
to market with the opportunity , of i
Dress Goods, Wash Goods, etc.
: v ' .r? ikt jW
& Dwi.
go with our
"'" p i ;? i -.
1 ERQb F .
agent for .. ,.'.'ri ...
- In th carcult Court of th State of Oregon for
Benton County,
E. WiDarkee, Plaintiff,
Annie E. Dnrkee, Defendant
To Annie E. Dnrkee the above named defendant :
In the name of the State of Oregon yon are re
quired to appear ana answer ine complaint mea
against you In the above entitled cause on or
before the frith-day of -Mirca. 19J7,- and: f you
fall so to answer, for want thereof the plaintiff
will sddIt to the ooorvfor ,iho relief demanded
-itthi,,,jQmplaliit. to-wlt: lor a decree of the
roan uumkhvius wuu- ixjuLiaci ox mainuiuu f usw
existing between the pl&ln tiff and defendant and .
for the tare and eUstcnlyiot-Frank BJaik,,V.
r. iuiKee, ana s r. 1. uurKee, omiaren-or
plaintiff and defendant, and lor snch other and
further decree aa to said eourtmay seem equit
able.- c. : C i m i i
This summons is served on you brpiimtcatfoa
pursuant to an order of the Hon, E. Woodward.
oounty judge for 1 Benton county, Oregon, made
on the 5th day Of. February, 1907. ;
The aaie 01 the first puoucanon nereoi is rD
ruary 8, 1907 and the last publication thereof
will be on Match 22, 1907.
Dated February & 1907.
' j j McFACm
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
. .. Notice to Creditors. f
George Bearing , fistate:
Notice is hereby eiyen that the under
signed has been appointed the executrix
of the last will and testament and the
estate of George Beamis, deceased by the
(Jonnty Oourt of tne State of Oregon: lor
Benton county. All . persons ha vine
claims against said estate are hereby no-
tiued to present the same to said execu
trix at the office of McPadden & Brvson,
at Corvallis, Oregon duly verified within
six months from the date hereof.
Dated February 8, 1907. j
Onie Beamis, :
Executrix of the estate of
George Beamis, deceased.
For Kbeumatic Sufferers. ;
The Quick relief fromnain afforded bv an-
plying Chamberlain's Pain Balm makes it a
favorite with sufferers from rheumatism,
sciatica, lame back, lumbago, and i deep
Seated and muscular pains. For sale by
Graham & Wortham. -
Phone Ind. 384.
Dr, Harifprdl
Successor to Bowen Lester
Burnett Bldg. Corvallis Or.
F. C. M'Reynoids
Teacher of Violin, Mandolin, Banjo,
Guitar, Viola and 'Cello . OAC School
of Music Music furnished for all oc
casions. Large or small orchestra.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK BldgV Hooru
Phone, office 212 ResidehcSlfSO
iVeterinarT Surgeon & Dentist
OMce 1011 Main st Ind204
Residence 1220 4th st Ind 389.
General Auctioneer. A Square Dea
and charges right ;
Corvallis, Oregon.
2ierolf Building.
G. it. FARE, A,
Physician & Surgeon,
- Q$.Qe tip stairs in Burnett Brick Rea
ldecTott - tHe! cotntT of Madison Md
Seventh et. Phone arinse ndoffice-
Pliysiciaii & Surgeon
- Office over postofEce. . Residence Cor
Fifth and Jefferson' streets. Hours 10 U
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & V1 ham's drug store.
Willamette. Valley
BarMhg CBrripkny
- : Corvallis Oregon.
RESPOrEITf $ 1 00,000
Deals, jn Foreign and Domestic
A O -J Exchange. (
- Bnys Connty, City and School
:c so.
Warrants, t
POKTXANX (The Bank o
SKATTtB ? pallfornla
--.". ' J "
tfETW TOBK Hemn, J. TP. Morrsn A Go.
OHICAJO National Bank of Xhs Bepab
Ho. j.
LONDON, EJTQ. N fit RathiahUds San
C AKADA .-TJnla Rank af Canada
Job Printing
at Times Office