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Vol. XX.-No. 2
B. V. tBTm B01ICC
- - Mid ProprteCO
Our Store will offer a whole
lot of articles
At a price that will make
them move.
A big lot of odds and ends remnants at bargain prices
Overcoats ,or men and beys at cost . ,
Ladie3 jackets at one ;half price.
We are receiving by every freight some new goods
and will be prepared for the early buyers this month.
Don't forget thai we handle Sewing Machines, Carpets,
Bugs, Lineolums, Etc.
Call and See
Judge Barnea and Two Personal
Attend acts Present When End
Comes Dies in Delirium
at Sbiloh HouBe
. . - Other News.
Chicpeo. March 9. John Alex-
lander Dawie died at 7:40 o'clock
this morning, at Sbiloh House, Zion
when he died onlv Judge D. N.
Barnes and two personal attend
ante. It had been hie custom all
summer and winter to hold religious
services every Sunday afternoon in
the narlor of Sbiloh House. About
i50 of his original followers re
mained faithful and attended these
services. Ddwis always wore his
apostolic robes and made a charac
teristio address. Five weexs ago
these meetings ceased, and Dowie
anneared no more in public.
Since that time Dowie has been
e-aduallv !failine. Friday after
nnon. there was no indications of
approaching death. He received a
few followers and prayed for some
DeoDle. One of the attendants re
mained with him until midnight
and waB relieved by the other at
tendant.' " '
Shortly before one o'clock this
i i i
morning, uowie oecame aeiinouB,
and his talk was the same as at a
Oregon I
rellglore meeting in the days of his fit lieuteDant and general over-
prims, v n obuuuuucu jjcujiw n .vu BKr of the church, xhe month
the old-time s vigor, ordered ; the Voliva took charge of Zion City he,
guards to throw out auturrjere, ana b r of attorney, vested .in
him by Dowie, naa ait tne property
We Solicit Comparison.
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know that here they are
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and lowest prices.
i OUR STQCK. includes all the requisites of every game and
sport. We can fit you but with all the latest things whether you
want to-row, play base ball, tennis, fish, hunt or go bicycEngr
I We also sell Old? Gas Engines, Oliver Typewriters, Victor
Talking Machines and Sewing Machines.' .
M. M
Ind. Phone 126.
, v
"-.Comllis, Oregon.
divine healing aeeociatiou 'was for
merly organized in February, I896,
Dowie becoming . general overseer.
Four years afterward Dowie, before
a large audience in tbe Auditorium
Theatre, announced that he was
Elijah the Restorer. ...
Previous to this Dawie bad mark
ed out his plans for Zion City, the
crowning effort of bis life. . Six
thousand acres of land were pur
chased, and in .August,, 19ol, the
first building was erected in Zion
City, which a year later bad a pop
ulation of 10,000.: In Zion
City Dowie was supreme. The ti
tle cf the 6,000 acies, bought with
the money of the sect, rested in him.
Lots were leased, not sold. Run
ning for 999 years, these leases were
filled with the following restrictions:
The premises shall never be
used for a slaughter house, saloon
or beer garden, tobacco store, opium
joint, theatre, ; gambling establish
ment, dance ball, circus, pharma
cy, drugstore, office or residence of
a practicing physician or surgeon,
piace for selling pork or secret
meeting place."
In December, I903, Zion (Jity was
placed under the control of a Fed
eral; receivership, which was dis
solved a week later on Dowie s pre
sentation of ability to pay dollar for
dollar on all indebtedness. , At that
time Dowie estimated the value of
his holdings in Zion City at $25,
000,000. iugnteen,, montns ago
Dowie began the promotion of a
second Zion City in Mexico. While
engaged in this undertaking his
health failed and ne went t Jamai
ca. wniie mere ne eunereu a siroae
of naralvsis from which be never
fully recovered. ,. ,
It was at this time tbat he ap
pointed Wilbur Gleen Voliva, his
belonging. to the church transferred
from Dowie to Overseer Granger,
charging extravagance and gross
mismanagement by Dowie. Voliva
called all the Zionists to tbeT tab
ernac'.e in Zion City and denounced
Dowie., With the exception ot less
tban 2oo of Dowie s former follow
erf , all the inhabitants cf Zion City
chose Voliva as their, future. . leader
and word , was sent to Dowie in
Mexico that he bad . been deposed
He immediately started for Chicago
and took the controversy! to the
courts for settlement.:- i
Since Dowey was beaten in the
fight for tbe control of .-the .'proper
tus tbat be iounqed,- the. propbet
NOTICE. I will pay the highest Mart
et price-in cash for Poultry, hogs,
veal calves etc. at tsolden's grocery
store corner Second & Monroe streets
opposite Corvallis Hotel. Your cash
is always ready and a square deal
guaranteed to all. . . Thon'. Boulden
And you will sure come agaih after seeing rbur Fine
': ''"" :"' Line of Baseball Goods Just in
Base Ball
Masks ''
' Tennis Sets
Boxing Gloves
Striking Gloves
Indian Clubs
acted juet as he bad on so many
previous occasions, tie graauany
became weaker, and tbe attendant
teleDhdned for Judge Barnes, ; who
reached Sbiloh House at 7 A. M
For minutes later Dow ie;was dt&a.
Mr. Dowie, Judge Dowie, the
prophet's father, and his son, .who
are at Ben McDhui, Mich., ;bave
been notified and are expected . at
Zion City today. .
Dowie was born m ,dinburcb,
Scotland, May 25, 1847. . In : 1860
his patents removed to Adelaide,
Austrslia, where for seven years the
youth was clerk In a busineES. tie
saved enough money during this
period to returnjlto ..Edinburgh at
the age of 2O to take a five years'
course in tneoiogy ana we aus. ,n hftd recovered his vior
1 ..(.. nuuk ortri Un- ' - -- "
brew, and cultivated a literary taste
that resulted in after years in a li
brary of 10,000, with which he was
thoroughly familiar.
Six years of denominational ac
tivity w aried Dowie, who longed
for a wider field of operations. He
forsook h's church in 1887 and went
to Melbourne, where he set up a
Free Christian Tabernacle, the first
of Us kind, and organized a divine
healing association, which after
ward became international in char
acter. H2 became president of this
association, aud gained fame by go
ing out into the country during tbe
prevalence of putna lever and ap
parently effecting many -cures by
prayer and laying on of hands, ;
. After 10 years at ; Melbourne,
Dowie decided to remove to Eng
land, where bis association bad a
number of branches, but the fates
took him across the Pacific, and bis
announced intention of making
Great' Britain world headquarters
was never 'carried out. Dowie land
ed in San Francisco in 1888, need
ing xnbheyiHe heeded $250, and
had iust told his wife he had "ask
ed God for it,? .: be said, when
man he had not seen ' in ..' months
cme along and put the amount in
hie hands. That was the starting
point in his- wonderful 'money-get
tine Career in the-western world
Two "yearslof ' wanderintf alone the
California coast followed, and then,
in189bivDKfXtowie;f1iis-i wife; bis
son'Alexande .'Johai Gladstone
Dowie; BnrjKrasvdaugnter, : Esther,
arrived id Chicago which waB to
be'tue theatre iof iusreat work.
During the oexfc five years Dowie
was arrested at least 100 times for
violation of the city ordinances re
latinr to the care of tbe sick, ' out.
the more trouble that was rnade for
him, the more he prospered. Branch
churches were established in - other
cities, a large hospital for the heal
ing of the sick wa9 built in Chicago,
a nrintinc Dlant nut in operation,
and a bank was also started. The
Christian Catholic church in Zion
City, the outgrowth of the original
Will Be Taken to Caldwell to Tes
tify in the Trial of Moyer, Hay
1 wood and Pettibone
Wallace, Idaho, March 8. "Just
That is Steve Adams' view of the
iemieeal of the jury which declared
aet evening it was unable to decide
whether he was guilty or innocent
of the murder of Fred Tyler.
Adams appeared in court this
morning, waived the right to ask
for release on bond and returned to
jail. The state aesertB that the
caee will be tried again, presuma
bly at the October term of court
next, but the opinion expressed
here is that he will be tried on this
charge again. He will probably be
taken to Caldwell, Idaho, in a few
days, to testify in the trial of Moy
er, Haywood and Pettibone, accus
ed of the murder of ex-Governor
Stunenberg, and in caee they are
convicted ne may ne tried later as
an accessory to this assassination.
Should they be released, the idea
is advanced here that Adams will
be tried for the murder of Settle
Boule, rather than tried again for
the murder of Tyler.
The trial just concluded is estr
mated to have cost this county
about $25,000, io which must be
added the expense borne by the state
and by thea Western Federation of
Miners, which provided for Adams'
defense. . ,.
service, after the .foreman declare!,
positively that it, was impossible tb
reach a verdict. In the courtroom
were all of 1 the - attorneys for both.
eldes, but only a few epectatora.
. The prosecution declares Adama
will be tried again for' the murder
of Tyler, bat not - sooner : than tha
next term of court, which begina
in October. Attorneys for the . de
fense openly state their belief that
Adams will never be tried again oa
the Tyler charge. 1 They point, to
the expense to the county of Sho
shone, estimated to reach $25,000
for this trial alone, and say" that
prosecution will, in their opinion,
ultimately announce that the case;
is dropped.
Practically every one in ;Wallace
was prepared for a hung jury, and
the . news which was spread by
newspaper extras came aB no sur
prise, ibe chief interest was in
earning how each juryman voted.
Attorney Hawley, leading coun
sel for the state, made the predic
tion immediately after tbe jury
went out, that it would hang. At
torneys tor the defense made a sim
ilar p t.d c ion. In fact, nearly ev
ery one who watched the case ex
pected this result, although there
was some surprise at the even divi
Wallace, Idaho, March 8. Six
to six was the standing of tbe Steve
Adams jurv, which finally reported
disagreement last night, after being
Lout 37.honrsv The jury was then
I A 'en ha rem A - - .-!.--;-.?--
The jury for many hours stood at
seven for conviction and five for ac
quittal, and it was only upon the
last ballot tbat the jurymen stood
evenly divided. .
George Wilson, one of the jurors
in referring to the request made by
tbejuxy, that the court read Ma
sons testimony to them, which re
quest was- refueed, said, "if the
court had read us that testimony.
there would have been an acquittal
The friends of Adams are delight
ed with the result, and declare it is
tqual to an acquittal. As this is a
mining town, the general sentiment
seems to favor Adams.
Judge Woods
for its patience
tbanked the jury
and diligence in
San Francisco, March 8. Abra
ham Rnef again failed to appear
this morning when his case was
called in Judge Dunne's, court.
Coroner Walsh reporting his ina
bility to find tbe indicted attorney.
Assistant District Attorney Hc-
ney was examining, tbe coroner.
when S. M. Shortndge, one of Ruef'a
attorneys,' objected to a question.
Judge Dunne ordered Shortridge to
take bis seat, but he , refused. Six
times Judge Dunne ordered the at
torney to eit down, but Shortridge
kept on talking. (Finally Judge
Dunne ' ordered a bailiff to. eject
Shortridge from the room nnlese ha
Bat down.
, The attorney finally took his 6eat
but kept on talking. Judge Dunne
then declared him guilty of con
tempt of court - and ordered him
confined in the county- jail for 24
i Heney read an affidavit, declar
ing the coroner's ' incompetency as
a peace officer for the service of the
bench warrant on , Ruef. At its
conclusion he applied-to the court
to appotnt an elisor to capture Ruef
and bring bim to the bar.' To this
Judge Dunne Consented, and court
waB adjourned until two o'clock to
allow time for the selection of a cit
izen to act in th sheriff's and cor
oner's stead. . As Judge Dunne waa
leaving the bench, ' Shortridge ad
dressed him, saying: '
"I desire to request your honor
for a stay of , execution, eay, 24
hours, in the matter of the order of
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