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    'jtfw "a. Aa'-aJUL.
Vol. XIX.-No. 46
BJJ'iffcV J if?' VftT
B-idFroir et9
'Notice of Final Settlement
lathe County Court in the State of Oregon, for
;t he County of Benton.
- the Matter of the Estate )
-'rr. of
Mary A. Garlioghouse, Deceased. )
Notice ta herel.y given thrt the undesigned has
hereby filed her final account in the estate of M a
:.y A. Garlinghouse, deceased, and the court hag
-set February 4, 1907, at the hour of 2 o'clock P. M
a the time and the county court room, county
joeurt bouse, Corvallis, Oregon, as the plaoe to
1 bear objections to the same.
--.Dated this 28th day of December, 1906.
i ' lit H AU8D1 F. STARR,
f Executrix.of the last will and . testament el Mary
' A. Garlingbouije jteceased... , -... .
1 Citation" :;
; In the Matter of the Estate 1
("Bbicbt H0IiBOXTIeceaSe'd. $
.-' -To Alice Holroyd, Edward Holroyd, James F.
. Holroyd, Bose La Lascheiur, Catherine Staples,
r -Bobert Holroxd. Ima Jean Holrord. Harry. W.
LAIolroydheirs Henryolroyd, deceased
f .".-tin the name of the State of Oregon you are
i-tiereby cited and required to appear In -the-Coun-
ty Court of the state of Oregon, far the County of
.Benton, at the Court room thereof, atCorvallis, in
i.tfie County of Benton, ou Saturday, the 9 th day of
, ebruary.iw, at een-o cioca in tne jorenoon 01
' that days then andthcra to. show, causa ifanyex
- isL why an order of sale should not be made, as
t prayed tor in the petition of W. S. McFadden, ad-
r.Tninistrator of said estate, of said Henry Holroyd,
i: deceased, of the following descilbed real proper
f' ty, to-wit:
.Lots one fl). two d). eleven fll) Bud twelve
r (14). Block Four (4), Kayburn's Addition to the
ielty or Corvallis, Oiegon.
.-.- Jlnfl vou are further notifiod that Ithls citation
7.1aerved upon you and each ol you, by publica
: rlon thereof, in the Corvallis Timbs newspaper
vIor four weeks under an order made by the Hon.
i-E-Woodward, Judge of said Court, bearing date
;J-itiuary2, 1907.
."Witness the Hon. E. Woodward, Judge of the
iCounty Court, of the State of Oregon, for the
tiqunty of Benton, with the seal of said Court af
' . fixed tnis the '2d day of January, 1907.
SEAL Clerk. ..
Our SaleSf or 7:
wilt be a
MoneycSaving " to ;all
r" )tfi:i;:' iy;i
v: :: to:
'AND CARRY OFF:, vii :
Train Crew Outwitted--fBoUomB
, Polled from Cars itod Coal Fall
, ing onuTack Blocks Cars. tf?
" North Yakima, Wash., Jan. 8,-
More than 20Q desperate citizens of
this citv and farmers of ,.tbe Btir-
OM-flfobodiag'- cqpntry wrecked a coil
Notice to Creditors.
.TNotice ia hereby given that the undersigned
- lias been duly appointed administratrix of the
r estate of William F. Miller, deceased, by the
Y. pountv court ol the state of Oregon, for Benton
rjconnty, sitting in probate- AU persons having
Irjaims against said estate are required to pre
.eritthe same dury-verlfled to me atm y- residence
I in Summit precinct, in said county,, or at the kiw
'office of BL Hplgate, in , .CprrajUls .Oregon,: jrJ.thin
aix months from this rate.
"Dated at CoTvailiBj-OTegorr. fes--18rl906trjj'' --4 s
' 'taTdmrhistratriz .
El E. Wp4UN
' Offirt, room 14, B&nK Eld. Boatai
' i'- ib-to uail a ,:-v. Vv'S-'H; i
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lA-:Wi-SJ-ajC2L." feJ.l.;luJ;"a
Ind. Phone 126.
lOr.Hij imt' :i: miiir ttttii- -f?iJ
b u 'Wflfsy- -.ii Corvallisi' Oregon.
2Uf. !l. ,'iUt '-
tt-iA naff
Jfffr- awtnsMO o- .,ririj r. -i'rvf :r ;ho:
J train at the Btation here at S:30this
auernoon ana cainea, on ine luei
they needed d"!. :he
cold snap.. . ;,fcwi-c .' tri-Zi '"'.
; The train coneisted of tweDty
seyen care when It palled Into Uhe
yardncrth of the; city at 3 P. 'M.
Twenty-five cars were left , on the
elding, a. quarter of a mile . above,
and tha engine with, two cars pulled
dQwn to the' water tans at tbe sta
'Moo ; platform to tate 'water; !:-
Air oucs toe two cars were noara
ed by people waiting for coal, and
tHey began to throw off piles of it.
When the engine wasJ watered, tbe
engnifetrset the two care i into the
yard of 'the Northwestern inc prove
ment company and started baofe; to
the siding, for the: 25 pars which
were to be taken to tne other points
east of'here!v';';.;;-J''-::''';' ,-. ' -; ;
By 'the iiine the euineer arrived
at hia train there- were , 50 teams
lined up along side. the cars being
loaded with the fael, and hundreds
more were, 'butryibg' to 'the place.
Fearing thg,t "the "engineer would
pall cut cf the switch, .with the coal,
several teams-: were,i; placed before
tbe eDcine,' and he was told that if
he attempted to'move ' he would be
thrown from the crtb,1 "
Some citizens had proposed them
selves with large timbers, and steel
rails to throw across tbe tracks be
low that pbi&t; but they ' lost their
nerve acd threw them aside, . The
ehgiaeer had orders ta pjooeed with
hie tram. He hesitated about fac
ing the angry1 citizena whacoafroiit
ed him. ,J He' -uHedUi th; thtottle
and. moved s.owly down the trackB
to the station, and etor ped in front
of the telegraph 1 drhce;o; get orders.
In' thft" rneantime hundreda. of
people bad bpa'-df a the ears and be
gan:,to throw ; the'iaU c&' along, each
side of ther main track.' .Sselhg tht
the company was. deiermired j. to
tnoVe the train eastward, aome cne
bfigan Jto pull, ther leyers'bf the "'-ad-iur
table -bottoms and'T-let ,!'the!'Cpal
ut on- the .jtraefc. Ttis waB.,'3one
witH each rjnvcknesa that then orew.
fkiied to tealrie wha't1"Was happen
ng until they, found tb"ir:train
stalled ia tHe midst'pf piles, of , coal
Twelve-cars werxeleased in this
taanfief. Ifciwas thea that jta"j rail
wav'SbmbanyteaHxedF the serious''
neBsoi pa suuauon ana a xau ior,
bel-poWSfSenlfc to S.ei;'rant:ind-:
his 'deputies :Tbe herifffcqu Jd not
be found and it waa not uut-.i some
tirjge'auerWafd' that a lotie - deputy
appeared,on;the jscene. ' The mayor
wasCalBO appealetl to'.'.' biot 1 hei '.gaid
"No pouoeman wasj insight t:the
time. ,0They!iimade!ia' ati- appoint
merit' t9,h8,fnfe6m of
the city:or elseC fctowe'away; in
some convenient .point to watch the
anair. when the' hottoms were
polled out oF tbe '1 care, iJtae strain
could not 'move; it had to remain
i f.eie mi an tne coat,, was., ia.en
There were nearly 600 tons, an
this was all carried away and car
ied eff m eacks" in about three
hours time. 1 "Not rover . 'bne-fourth
of the coal taken was paid for.;
The situation had ( become so se
rious that tbe citizens became xles
perate. CokI;Jb..b6npt(rmised
tor severe dtiy8.p.n;t only one-car
at a time was, set in here each morn
ing. . This la&ted no time with zero
weather pxeva'ihng. JiiMonday eve
ning all thbE 'who;h&a 'waited from
early :ni0it!f6rorMir$ttd feo't none
went to the mayor, .and, ked"him.
to take op the matter with the rail
way company.-" He sent them
Aeent.Meeks,1 but i the latter had
done all he ttfuld to' relieve tha siV
nation. Mem- t rut-. .:
A, telegram signed hy the mayor
the sheriff and the chief- of police,
was ' then 'sent : to Vice-President
LevyVat yabbma, a,iytsingJ him f
the critical, situation here, and tnat
it coat wasmot fbtthrming thffirSt
coal train to pass thiongh here
won!d ' he raided. " Manv ibeorile
have fuel tbnfght Who ijrefte yithofoffe
it last otght-i H is. now determined
.jwn;- 73T!jK(r:v"F .' -:o n
hy- tbe people here ;that every train
of coal will be held .upland raided
when it CQme& to this place, if . the
cQmpanyjid'OBe nqt-jwillipgly): bjcio g
.the fveL' 3t:; sc-i? ;nu..- nit, 'v'l
AUer:lpein842 qf , his - cars,, the
engineer pulled, most of r his ! train
to the cattle jard belowi tbe, city
and shoved. them -. oq tee- eiding.
This was too much of a temptation
to those In that;part'6f the city, and
second raid was carried out, rbut
not a great amount of tbe coal, was 1
takta, when . the: train moved to
Yakima CUy:four miles from here.
No information could be gotton
ont of tbe Northern Pacific this af
ternoon as to. what; it intended to
do to relieve, the fael situation. -At
east 1000 teams-bad. drawu updur-
iog the day to get fuel, and about
that many r jnqre people were on
hand with sacks. Sonde of them
carried the fuel away on their backs,
and otners ueed'smalt hand sleighs,
and there were hundreds without
fuel. ' ' '.. -""'. . -
r,The following teleeram was re
ceived by Wayor Fletcher later tv is
afteTnepn, from C. M. 'Levy, third
vice president of the Northern Pacific;-
., .. T..... r .. . . '
"On my re(uia to Tacoma today
find your meieage pf.7tb. ' . Ship
ments of coal, have been made to
North Yakima nearly every, day
this month. Six cars were shipped
yesterday from Boslynaad six more
go forward today ...
'--i in:. i
IVt'WW.r- rT;nJ..''IJ
- -:'''7 ' i - ''::: :.r::
Charlea Foulk and Wife Says They
Distinctly Heard Human Voicbr
gfttthe Moment of the Tra'ge'.": 1
'J"" dy His Screams Heard.'1 ':i
' Two screams for help which came
from the lips, cf r Dr. Ph'llip.uEd-
wards Jobueon just before he was
tbrown, over the railing of the Ford
street yiadnct Sunday night were
distinctly beard by Mr. and Mrs.
Charles' FoiilkV who live in a house
that stands almost against : the east
end of the bridge. , -;They were, sit
ting in a . room that faces the bridge
and had they been looking out of
the window might0 have ': seen " the
victim thrown 'over ' the : railing.
But thinking that the screams came
only from boys who frequently hold
pign carnival ,oDice oriage nenper
looked' to see' "what 'was happening
until three or four 'minntea -after
the cries weie heard: , '
Then Mr; Foulk stepped out on
the porch just in time to see a Port
land Heights car stop and Conduc
tor Lbwery picked up Dr. Johnson's
hat and wallet. ' ' ' ' -
He could not tell at this . time
what it was the- conductor , picked
up,. but saw. that be got something
from the track. The brief space of
time that" elapsed between' 'the
scream's and the moment Mr. Foulk
saw-the coaductor pick up the doc-
tor'a hat .is contlusiye ; proof . that
the pries were made byUr.'Johneon
and this new evidence proves be
yond a doubt that ..the. physician
was robb- J and murdered by thugs.
Additional light,' is thrown . on
the mystery by Mr. and Mrs. Foulk
by evidence to the effect, that . the
two suspicious, characters " bad been
loitering about the vicinity of the
bridge for more than a week.', prior
to the murder and on.' Saturday
night, before the doptqrr.met ; his
tragic fate a man supposed to be
one . of these two was detected in the
act of attemnticg to burglarize the
tfoulk )iDme. . The presence in the
vicinity, ot these , two inen ' was
brought tp the attention '.of Patrol
man Mackey several, days before
the murder by persons who had
seen them i' skulking .about" dark
streets.-, j ., : . , . , , ; .'.'".. ,
- This,ne?s 1 evidence in the mys
tery ipaves, little doubt in the minds
of any one Eave Jhe ,rpolice that Dr3
Johnson was attacked by hold-ups,
robbed . and, then .thrown' off the
bridge to the'. hard street 117 feet
belowl. .The police are still hold
ing. to the suicide theory, while the
thugs who were seen prowling about
tbe bridge, and who most probably
are responsible' for the doctor's
death aremaking" good their es
cape." .ijsv'jrgO: aaaar'lf:'
The important information pos-
St. Petereburg, Jan.' 9. Lieu
tenant ..General '.Vladimir , Pavloff,
the, military procurator or advocate
generally known since the 'days of
the late parliament as "Hangman
Pavloff,' from the epithet constant
ly applied to him by the Radical
deputies,' waS shot and1 killed at 10
o'clock'this morninerwhile walk
ing inj the -garden ofechief mili
tary court building near tbe Molka
canal. J i
The assassin, who 1 was disguised
as a worKmanr was captured alter
a long chase through the crowded
city Btreets; during which he -fired
about 40 shots irom two revolvers
which he carried, killing a ' police
man and wounding a small boy; '
" The crime we" executed oelibe
a;te1y and ehbwed evidence'; of tbe
same careful preparation which was
cbaradtenst'c'et thermurders of
Generals Ignatieff and Von der
Launitz'and undoubtedly was. car
ried, cut by the' same organization
wcica, it 18 reported, nas stuteuueu
xmperor nicuuias auu eeverai ui
the .ministers to death., , ' "
The assaec-ln who wore the uni
form of a military, o'erk attached to
the court, su "eded in obtaining
entrance-to-tbe-garden-' ujder the
pfetf"of submitting:) a jeport to
the mllitatyi-pTDBecutori He ap
proached '''the; g;efaieralr,andi; when
within arm s, length, drew, an auto
matic pistol and discharged eeyen
ehots into PaVlofrs body. . Every
jshb'k wsta ,F ?R aimed .' Two 'of them
eral's breasty jfrom whicb.;rhe."e'ipir
ed while'beirjg carried to. hia apart-
ments: -;' ' '' ,w.;i.a
. "RVrirri tho nofni's ff "'trip ''whrin.-io
it sppeared that the- eteel-jicketed, messed by Mrs. ou was diecover-
bulleta-were aatteoedi at jthei tends, cu M;turBu a xc.cRiam. i-
in nrHpr MM ; f h'ooimlffhrjnffixfcmnra reSeHtattVe. " bitting In We TOOm
seFieatwrjtttiasisj: aaatiiyr8lippingJ':P9PnPlfid .by hjBreelf
anMhBrv,'ciir?.'of iOartrMfes- into' harid on the Tlight
his revolv'&draih2'WSecond;,.ctieB&.nd lpokiDg out .of'the'wm
weao"'''ine,a9si8flftija,aieroB8 the ".-40W P011 TOC'eCehVof the tragedy,
sasuen ntov - ttie s carriaee entrance. ."
and ' her hus
shei heard the
threatened the potter with bis pis
tols and dashed down G'.ibka 'street,
with a-CJiewri cj 30jj house porters
and o)jrt- rtacbxB in pure-uit.; ;
'-v A polrc'emin iu lr bl of - the; Ito
5i'ri-f ::f 'it-iL.:. i - a
prJiitii vjpti. uuupe anciiipiru u
seize rih seaKeip', , hu y as" t hot
down. by the latter, -vyfeo t tifped autl.
opened- fife "fn Ms putsurti;"wnadt.
i'ng a.ho'y. Th'assassrtf-'then.
sumed bis flight though the itrtetg,
firing :afc the police fcfSceis and
house portersp'Whd' attempted to
bar his w ay , Wh'eh'hls- a m m u ni-
liipn gave ,w.ay ne was ia, prcepie j
aiid captured -at i LanVen n 'kiwKs. m
Notice. " :
: w The lawreges that" anyone;
owning or barborjng a jdog.; within
the Corporate I,imits of the Gity of j
Corvallis,: shall on 'or betore the
first day of January t of each year,"
pay!:inta.the:cityitreasury-:.the sum
of one dollar for each, male and two
dollars for each female dog so own-"
of the- fatal
4Ve 'finished Our d'naer about
I .ou ouuuay uigui, siiu sue, ttuu
f-'et'ih" hBte'i eaiina. '-'It was nearly
8 b'clocfev I .think';' whi-n I'heard a
loud scream? It'sodiiaed as thougi
it were made by some one - inf dis
tress, nd it. r-ame trom about the
center qf the bridge. - Tt died away
and'after a ecnd'i silence I heard
another ' serf am The second''" was
very e'hort'nd J'faiht,Tas though it
were1 muffled cf choked off." - Then
absolute bilenc prevailed ' V-
' MTbe cVles were eo' indicative of
distress and eo'peculiar that' -Ihey
attractf 6. y&y attention y jry 'q aick
jy. ",;las 'riot feeling 'well, so I
spoke to'rfiy htisbaiid ,- - telli & g him
lhaf some one nta'-tBe1 bVi3g wa8 in
trouble, I athu?' I asked him to
walk 'but on the balcony and -see.
lirebov;4 stated the limaies it
jrambeott upi.fheiCD'ief MPblice
Xmzxf&s and wif.--the tax
isnof .paid'at: b'iice' ' iahaff J,4ceed
to ccfllect Jt''acftofj0g to;iaf W;
.. . , ' J9jI. tstuistit.y
Boys frequently congregate 'on : the
bridge and make lots- of noise, and
he reriiarked thaf tt ;as 1 probably
only sbrhiain'oysT.I had &h intuitive
feeling,' TiOughj' hat J something
was wrong, and kept insisting that
olf the tax., is.not,.paid.. . by the I he go-out and-rookv
"i nree or iour minutes later ne
walked pet on tbe parch. Ashe did
o ha sa w i 'car s'tbr'and Baw the
condpMt6t;ibff fiiid pickup ome
.tbiBgirorxtoehrjdg He ichbldn't
see what it wass aod he, dihrt , know
:, tontmned on naee 4 " T
laansaa Saw- -ivii. o iai?j ;
Si.ltU'''ri.'!I?""li ;
ays nit . rsJilr' -.afjj
"MBlinajmi ;