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Vol . XIX-No. 3
and Prop. o"
Mr. J. Mon Foo, an experienced com
pounder of Chinese medicines, successor
to the late Hong Wo Ton?, of Albany,
Oregon, is now prepared to furnish Chi
nese medicine to all. The nndereigned
recommends him and guarantees satis
faction. Call or write him at No. 117 West Sec
ond Street, Albany, Oregon.
Jim Westfall.
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the County Court in the State of Oregon, for
Uie County of Kenton.
In the Matter of the Estate
Haj-y A. Garlintrhouse, leceaeed,
Kotlce is hertitiy given thrt the undesigned h&8
hereby filed hev final account in the estate of Ma
ry A. Garlinhouee, deceased, and the court han
set February 4, 1907, at the hour of 2 o'clook P. M
as the time ana the oounty court room, county
court house, Corvallis, Oregon, as the plaoe to
near objections to the same.
- Datea this 28th day ol December, 1906.
Executrix of the last will and testament ef Mary
A. Garlinghouse deceased.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, EasS E!2g. Boers:
IO to 12 And a to 4. .
'Phone, office 85. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon,
Veterinary Surgeon & Dentist
Office 1011 Main st Ind 204
Residence 1220 4th st Ind 389.
General Auctioneer. A Square Dea
and charges right.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Zierolf Building.
Pbysician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs in Burnett Brici Re?
idence on the corner of Madison and
Seventh st. Phone at honse and office.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over- postaffioo. . Eesidepce Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
en sr, iranam k nam's nrvs etare,
: Willamette Valley
Banking Company
, Corvallis, Oregon.
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Buys County, City and School
The Bank o
x. w ivB&-in;inn. . f. worc-an a Co
OIUCAOU- BhAtonal Bank of Xln Kepnb
IXXSDOH, ENG. N M Rothschild a A Bo n
CAN AD A . Cnlop Dank of Canada
FOR SALE, an organ.
Wicks, Corvallis.
Inqnire of Mrs
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This salve is intended especially for. sore
nipples, burns, frost bites, chapped hands,
itching piles, chronic sore eyes, granulated
ye lids, old chronic sores and for diseases of
the skin, such as tetter,, salt rheum, ring
worm, scald head, herpes, barber's itch,
scabies, or itch and eczema. It has, met
with unparalleled success in the treatment
of these diseases. .Price 20 cents per fxx
Try it. For sale by Graham & Vorthan
Notice to Creditors. .
Notice is hereby driven that the undersigned
'has been duly appointed administratrix of the
estate ot William F. Miller, deceased, by the
county court ot the state of Oregon, for Benton
county, sitting iri probate- All persona having
sent the same duly verified to me at my residence
in Summit precinct, in said county, or at the law
omce ot js. iioigate, in (jorvaius, Oregon, within
.six montns irom mis rate.
Dated at Corvallis, Oregon, Pec. 18, 1906.
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Mother Must Appear Authorities
Want to Krow Why Child Ia
- Allowed to Roll on Filthy
. Floor Behind Guard
ed Doore. , ;
Portland, Jan. 1. By W. P.
r'Strandborg in Portland Journal:
' Nine-year-old Mildred Crawford,
the child, whose mother has hyp
notized her into the belief; that she
is to be he "bride of the Lord,"
and lead the hose of "Holy Howl
ers" now holding forth in nightly
orgies at 235 S?cc-id street, is to be
J brought into juvenile court.
Last night Judge Frazer lsau'i a
Lcitation to Probation Officers Haw-
ley and White, with instructions to
serve it on the mother to compel
her to appear with the child before
The order of the court came as
the result of the disgusting practices
of the fit-throwing sect known as
the Pentecost Faith, whereby the
little girl is permitted to roll around
on the floor among negroes and
white men for a couple of boors ev
ery night. "
The padded-cell evangelists at
the St. John Gospel Mission had an
awful time with the devil last
Just exactly who sot the beet of
the rough-house is hard to say, for
the overlords of frienzied fanaticism
drove out the public, looked the
doors and placed two burly negroes
on guard in front, while the mem
bers of the "Inner Circle ' indulged
in "prayer service."
All the public could gather from
the noise that .emanated from the
holy of holies" was that men,
white and black, women, white and
black, and young girls were shriek
ins, and howling, stamping and
pounding, groaning and yelling in
flagellation of body and exaltation
of soul.'
Juet why the police on the. beat
who had been notified to keep watch
of the place did not break in and
find out why little girls were groan'
in? and ecreaminH downstairs in
the chapel and upstairs, in the liv
ing room and bed room of the "He
ly Howlere," to the accompaniment
of coaree, rough shouting of men,
is 'not clear. At least, one patrol
men was informed of the situation, did nothing.
The orgy throughout was, if any
thing, more disgraceful than any
that had preceded it.No effort is made
to keep up a semblance of humility
or devoutness. It s nothing bat
noise, noise, noise, coupled with the
most sickening incantations, dis
gusting groveling iu the dirt, im
moral conduct as between the sex
es, to say nothing of the revolting
manner in which the color line is
abraded. :
All in .the Dame of religion, too.
The leaders of the infamous prac
tices are shrewd enough to know
just how to appeal to the long
haired, the. ignorant, trie watery-
eyed and the feeble-minded. Their
driveling ki-yis, they tell thoBe de
luded easv marks, are the word of
God in the unknown tongues. Their
rolling in spittal and dirt on the
duor they explain as the process of
eanctification. : Their inhuman eo
cenes with innocent little girls are,
they aay, nothing but God demon
strating tv at a "little child shall
lead them."
Before the public was excluded
from the meeting last night, two of
the shameless performers la the
blasphemous orgy used all the wiles
at their command to induce . two
young girls, apparently sisters, one
about I5, the other a couple of
years older, to "come forward and
be saved." They coaxed and teased
and importuned them. They even
seized them by the arm. When
the girls who had been drawn to the
meetine By curiosity resented the
indignities of the, "saints," and
started to leave, one of the padded
cell artists told the girls they need
not go forward in front of all the
crowd, but that he had a key to let
them in through the back way. v
The mountebanks were so brazen
in their efforts to get the girls un
der their control thai their exhor
tations were overheard by a number
of people at the meeting.
It is apparent to any one who
has watihed the operations of the
Pentecostal cult for a few days that
they are just experimenting with
the authorities. They want to eee
just how far; they can trespass
against the laws and against public
decency without police interference
before going the limit. It is only
too evident that these meetings are
rapidly degenerating into epaems
cf animal ftenzy, in which all ap
proach to religious liteB is dissipat
ed, and the whole performance de
scends into wild and dissolute rev
elry. The elect become a passion
drunken mob, uncontrolled; unled
ana unrestrained. The revival Ho
ly Rolleiism does not seem fur dis
tant. Unbelievers were cursed, the un-
regenerate were anathematized, and
because of the jeers and taunts of
those who attended just to witness
the madhouse ravings, the anoint-
ci" called down the vengeance of
heaven en all except the few whites
and blacks who .were thumping
deviis out of their well-btUbored
and salvation into their vacuous
pates on the stage.
Little Mildred Crawford, the 9-
yar-old girl who is under hypnot
ic control of her mother, went
through another series of pitiful
performances last night, getting rid
of a lot more devils, talking fn gib
berish twaddle, and with the other
"preachers" and nnverts working
herself into a frenzy which finished
in physical exhaustion.
Last night s bedlam at the Bless
ed Hope Mission was not objection
able as usual, though there was a
lot of idiotic dancing, yelling and
blasphemy, while a number of the
more exuberant could not ressit the
impulee to embrace everybody . in
reach, withont distinction of sex.
"Good work, God, good work!
keep it up!" and "Now, Lord, I'll
go the limit with you!" and many
similar blasphemous utterances fell
from the lipi of ths bedlamites.
"Hurrah, God! We're running in
the sinners. Nineteen hundred and
six will be a crpat vear for von!"
shouted one old wornm. .
The notoriety given the placb
served the two-fold purpose of bring
ing out hundreds of people and
keeping down the lewder features
of the orgy. Several brotherB and
sisters retired from time to time be
hind the screen drawn across the
stage at the far end of the room, to
be "alone with God, as it was la
ter explained.
Whites and blacks joined in the
revelry, and there were plenty c!
young women' and girls present,
the noisy demonstration continuing
until long after the old year had
died, l he leaders nad expected a
iarge harvest of sinners, but all they
got was a besotted wretch, who sob
bed in maudlin stupor as he gave
his "testimony. A number of oth
ers who nad been saved about once
a month renewed their vowe, and
from all appearances everybody had
a good time. Fear of police inter
ference prevented much rolling on
the floor of the sexes together,
though two or three of the most
"eanctified" tcok a few rolls for
good luck.
PoiUand, Jan. 1. Telegram: De
void of sentiment, temperament or
imagination, Albert Oleman, the 13
year-old boy who murdered his foster-mother,
Mrs. Ayres, near St.
Helens, heard his fellow prisoners
in the county jail exchanging the
season's greetings tbis morning.
The New Year, 19U7. will be one ol
the most critical in the life of tbis
boy. but in dawn -did not ruffle bis
feelings, nor did bia surroundings
affect him.
There-was unconscious irony in
the remark '"Happy New Year!''
The shadows ot the gallons en
compassed others who received tbis
greeting. Among them was George
Blodgett, convioted murdeier, whose
cell Albert Oleman shared. Blodg
ett deserted his wife and fimily to
coneart with an underworld siren
and finally killed her. He is a ma
ture man with ' several children.
Albert, the flaxen-child,, aetasein
ated his benefactor in the home of
his adoption,
! "God Bless Our Home."
The familiar motto, made with a
blunt lead pencil on a piece of card
board from the top of a ehoe box,
was even more ironical than "Hap
py New Year." Ths motto, with a
piece of holly and one lone red
berry,1 hung on the iron grating be
tween the two beds and was flanked
on either side ty gaudy pictures of
all sorts, ranging in subject from
calendars to the photos of actresses
cot from the pink paper of the bar
APPEARS. Wires That Train Has Gone and
That He Has Also Reported
to Be Captured by Farm
ersBaggage Car Falls
on Occupants of
Topeka, Kan., Jan. 2. Passen
ger trains No. 29, westbound, and
No. 3O, eastbound, on the Reck
Island, - collided between Holland
and Alta Yista this morning, and
according to G. W. Bourke, super
intendent of the Kansas division,
3O persons were killed and 4O in
jured. Bourke so reports to head
quarters here.
Ten bodies were recovered from
the smoker of No. 29, nine Mexi
cans aud one American. The
smoker was crowded with Mexican
The baggage car raised the roof
of the smoker and came down on
the occupants, crushing them. The
baggage car, two chair cars and one
toutist sleeper of No. 29 were burn
ed. The trains were known as the
California Fast Mail end the Mexi
co Fast Mail, and were going in
opposite directions. No. 30 was
due at Chicago tonight. No. 29 left
Chicago Tnesday morning.
John Lynes, the operator at Vol
land has disappeared. The official
report at headquarters here saya
that he had orders to hold No. 29
at Volland. It is alleged that he
failed to deliver his orders to tbe
train crew. Later he sent to the
chief dispatcher the message:
"Twenty-nice gone, I have gon
It is reported that farmers have
captured Lynes and he is being re
turned to Yolland. Twelve bodies,
have beon taken to Alma and from
twelve to fifteen more are expected
to be found in the debris. The of
ficial estimate of the dead remains
at 30. The company's list of in
jured contains 24 names.
Conductor Gaines of No. 29 is
among the injured here. He says
that he saw the headlight of No. 30 .
and jumped through the window to
escape. He broke his shoulder
blade and bruised his face. He
says there were 52 Mexicans, four
cash fares, an interpreter and a ne
gro porter in the smoker. The por
ter was puilsd from the burning
cars by the pessengers and his leg
was twisted off at the knee to save
Nearly all the dead are Mexican
laborers known by numbers. Their
names are difficult to secure, though
the management is endeavoiing to
eoliet them.
Two injured Mexicans died en
route to tbe hospital and many of
the other injured are expected o
die. Many passengers were resi
dents of the Middle West, making
a short journey, and were injured.
The death list may reach forty.
New York, January 2. Such
directly opposite assertions have
been made by members and con
ectioDs of the Ncint fa mil v as to
ike attitude toward Harry K.Thaw
tu be taken by bi mother-in-law at
bis trial for killing (Stanford White
that it is impossible for an ou sidev
to ay which is right. Evelyn Ne.
bit Tbaw, tbe accused man's girl
wife, denounced vehemently the
Pittsburg report that her mother,
Mrs. Charles J. Holman, would tes
tify againet the prieoner.
Holman, young Mrs. Thaw's
step-father, insists that his wife will
give not only oral but documenta.y
evidence injurious to tte defense,
consisting of letters that passed be
tween tbe girl's mother and White
in connection with Thaw's ill-usage
of Evelyn Nesblt.
Mrs. Holrxan, tbe dispatches set
forth, has hated Thaw since the
time two years before her daugh
ter's wedding, because he beat the
girl brutally in a Paris hotel. There
and then she vowed to avenge her
daughter's hurts if she had to wait
a life time for ber chance. She be
came Harry Thaw's most relentless
enemy and through months that
dreggtd into years she has sought
an opportunity to punish the young
man for his attack on her daughter.
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