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A Happy New Year
mahv vears it: has- been
, . ', . " , " . '. II-. .,
V -i. . J i i . y. ' ' v
our good fortune to annually
express our appreciation for in
creased patronage from our
exceptibri1 aridwe wanted thank
you for the biggest trade in 'our
history. It has been a banner
tisV breaking all r.e
We hope to continue
to enjoy -"urcolilfiSerice and
to merit, your custom to such
an extent that this year's busi
ness will besurpassedMuring
the year of 1907.
For advertisementi In thb column the rate
of 15 cento per line will be charged.
wow inai town reopie Arer Umy to further ibflame a passion al-l
f - dmuing adoul t rf.. f n r "irr" "t-
!,; ,?..','.' .' l.-i .', U J! ;. C Oi' .'i .'!!;!,; V j;
"MProf. Coote.1 is spending 'the
holidays at the bay.' ' ' ' ;
v. Born. ;vin Corvallis, i Saturday. 1
to the ( wife ;of Roy Rickaid, a son;,,
lirs-VS: 'Wfiinton'and 'childi
ren are spending a tew 'days Vith
her parents! Mr. and Mrs. Monioe
Chitders. near Bruce! . ' , '
I ! j 'i ::1 l ' '
; i -r-When ; the , Corvallis postoffice,
1$ ployed into jts: new quarters, , the
fixtures have been in use
for years, i are i to ; be. shipped f to
IEdlas, !:a-(i-..jt.ii: i; ti-'i
i-Mf '.and : "msPM -arrived
auditor was
some way on ner account ana esi
rsayed an ' apology which - seemed
fl'r.. Ifiixd : ill
There was a tnasked
Greatest of all Last Sales
Will begia Wednesday January 2nd 1907.
Offy . r-z bargains, in every department. And
as is cp- cast -n we wDI make this one of the
BAE GAINS events of the year. Space will
. not permit to quote prices on every &. !"cle in
J the BIG STORE?'' BuVvviil remind'you ' at
' it a genuine 'Bale.'
duced pric.3S.' "vi- '
' And" everything goes at re- w
10c OatiDg Flannel at..
,12 ie do , do
1 lot colored dress'goods ....
U. Vi'
.. 45
1 lot do do j.. ..,.: v...
,1 Jot $1. idof tViiU...XX...J.
54 in navy and green homespun
I'A in blue ladies clothe -.
15u MlLoleeh
-12 "'"d'.
- Extra heavy mixed shirting 20cl grades goes
at 12c
Men and Boys Clothing
$10 menSjguits reduced.
$15 do do .
.50 do v- do a
.66 do dcf -i
r $2.50 boys suits
;$.oo" . do,
$3.0 do'
$4.50 do
reduced to..
.:.......$ 7 95
$12.00 .
Youths clothing is included in this sale
20 iyards lgobd5;.caico ($ 1 :00
Extra ontable4Lihen-Napkins.
where-they wept lastweefc to, take
their sen JCenptb for'medical ad;,
Yicf-i'v nil' -y:i i Jcrt:y'-t3 :,
,i'4-The Right- Rev;i .C.s ScaddingJ
Dj Hi ,1 'Bishop of Oreigonio will hold
services ;iat the; -'Good .Saraaritan
Church; on Sunday the 6th ati'H'a).
m. i : Everyone.; cordially invited id
this servicej-' t-iii it: Imn '''!)
.,T Mr. Oleaerwater, a ntleman
accompanying. Mr. Skipc i to . Cor
vallis, on a horse buying tour,, pur
chased the well known pacing horse
owned by, ijr.,,H. Moore., Jtle; was:
averse, to selling the animal,, , but it
la stated.; that- ,he pbtajned a good,!
rpund price for; his; favorite. n; :
v i,SeveraI horses shiooed FridaVi
mbrnirig by1 boat from CorvalHsf.i
They: wete auinials bought by Mr.l
Wi. Sklpton ,ahd J Ir! ' Clearwater.
Ahtong the purchases was a black
three-year-old, ferchepn colt oo
toiriied ffo'rii' john; Whitakerl ' ,;' ';
xrrrCharles McHenry,. aqdnjoy '
Price ihaye formed a partnership in
the real, estate business...; Ai feature
of the ; business jwill be-the promor
tion of residence; building..;. They
have secured rooms for the present
over Firsf National Bank, Corval-
AVG'Haridtord; ife
and' ; ?6n'' arrived from 'Portland
Thursday, At6!' become1 'permanent
residents' of Corvallis: .''Dir. Hand'-
jfbrd has purchased', the dental par
lors of Dr. Lester, and becomes the
successor of the latter, who has
been r in business " here' ' 16 years.
That, Dr. Lester ; has retired from,
the practice of dentistry is regretted
by many 'patroiis, but it'seems pro5-
bable that 'DrVHandford will be
able, to' render excellent professional
i L, .' THAT WILD MAN. '
burglar in '
thef north part: of Cpf yallis,, Friday i
morning, maybe. . j .Tbei ,! 4Ctcum-;
stances are as follows:... m y
: i Claud Wiley looks iafter; t Johnny
bpangter s- j fhickens K-whue ! Mr.l
Spangler and . family., are. out of
town.- As Claud vwas performine
this,- dnties,; outside rof .thjcSoanar'
lehomiji liei wl o'tXftou:ght , he
saw, a masked, man at oneqf; ( the
windows. ! The- i?rttrtlr ia ...wtnrfi
y ou "little Tascalj!' Caud a v$ the
alarm, and it;courpf a, few, ;minJ
utes; there', was;, Surrounding !,hfi
Spangler home an armed posse con
sisting of ! Chief,; Lane; Constable
Wellsy Jessez Wiley, vGrant JElgiu, i
Mike Bauer; Pro CprdleyirW. P,
Lafferty, and othera.o i'i They., : were j
armed with ,all : sorts. lof 4 implements
of.Varfate, from an antiquated pep
perbox derringer to . a 54 5 90 u Rem-ington-.ilA
hastyt Jnspectioni ,qi
iatms disclosed the fact : t that ; i Prof.
Gordley's gun wasn't loaded, but it
was calculated that the size; of ! bis
weapon would be in itself '. . formid
able,! and he was; allowed to remain
on 'the feiag:line!!.r) -t-'-ik ; r.'
'When every !a venue of 1 ' possible ',;
escape was well guarded;, wnea evi-
ery detail had beeui i settled Chief i
Lane and Constable Wells' entered
the house) bearipg themselves with
all the fortitude which' is-presumed
to' attach to theiir positions, and be
gan a systematic , search for the
burglar. -.-. . ; . ' . ; . 1
Meanwhile the outside guards!
stood in momentary, expectation of
being compelled to! shed , human :
blood in defense oitlawS and - brdeti.1
But the burglar failed tof put iri ap
pearance, and after a lapse' of fifteen
mfnutes, when! the .'nervotis; strain;
begankto Seriously affect the guards:
ChietiLanei mad has appearaxice on
the ! front ! porch. i and tin a few; well-;
chosea words assure&'theybattle ar-1
i that, in his opiniorii the burglar
had-r previous to their arrival.uefri
fected a successful "skidoo.ii
r.i . " .
ier, am laboring under , a mtsap-j
if .-iM-ii ,4- h ,--H-isitor.
could jBeet-tat jhe
va's mentally, perturbed ip
prehension. Is Mr. .Ietris
't't was 1 some tiie; before Mr. Rob-;
fnBon'was able to speak."" ;In i'the !
mcin time his countenance became i
purple; he stared " at his feminine
visitori' with f distended r eyes'; - he;
swelled up to abn'orAilproportions;;
.his breath camei in little snorts like;
the exhaust of a gasoline- engine;
but Was able naUy to . shout: j
V '.'GRkfTGod imOl U' vand : con-'
tinued : ''Jim Lewis connected, with j
this, office? Why, he has no office;
io a house! pyttffe ' office'1 is 'in the
iSTttEBTi-jle' Is;a;1rri'-!";- i
But the;rn-'5setigei had gotten duti
of the real,, .estate , roprns. i- as the!
Spangled .lady' retires .from the den!
of jlions, ftnd . the officej" jdjopri closed)
upon Mr. jRobinson s r unfinished
sentenc;. ; ' f)l
vAVjii: ' " '.M 'J 'it 0 ': J 'i
IS NOT pledged;'1
.! Y.
Escaped From Asylum War Captured
and Returned to Salem.
: Senate - Organization The. Plot
Thickens Senator ' Johnson 'and
,u Mr;; Carter J.' i-
The organization of the legis
lature is attracting large attention
throughout tbe state. It ; is dis
cussed pore ' apparently: than e vet
' before Why! it should 'Tbe so'is bqi
Tcnown,1 for. there is les sigulficahCe
to it .than ever before. ' There; is no
question, of. ; who ,, is ip be senator to
be 'decided, j .'That, was' done by .the
oeotSle in Tune. fi .arid 'the' wire. onll-
ingv and. barter usually ,in?!ident on
that ' jbcco'ut Ji's 'dispilnsed. ,itti.i
The' most ' that isnefttiriggje
over is the temporary honor' and
pbWer 'incident! ro the' offices' bf pre
side'nt' of-We sehafc . ahd: speaker of
the hoosei' i Men-'have ipetty'1 -ambitions'
afad' these hkve J to be1 reckon
ed' ;w'ith'in;a:ll walks of life, ' io 'the
legislatkires as well 's' out: Of them;
!:j Onerwarits to be'speakeTl another!
;6haff man 1 of t the : ways'and means'
omrtiittee "attd sicJ on J 'through the!
legislative t schedule, 1 -fist as one;
wants; td be constable t of a; precinct,
onrl onrkt-liAr nroclHnt 1-Vi TTr-ii ieA
:; y 'v: 'u Ciraiif Eln,V iVlistakja. '.C. , -3. .
'When' Grant - Elgin V ' saunters
Notice to Creditors. 0
lb. the Matter ot the Estate )
1 1 01 i 1
Jasper Hayden, Daceased.J
' Notice is hereby given to all persons concerned
that the andersigned has been duly appointed
iidmlnlstratrlx ot the estate- of Jasper Harden,
deceased, by the county court ot tbe Mate ot Or
. egon for Benton county. All persons having
claims against said estate of Jasper Hayden, de
ceased, are hereby required to present the suns
with the proper vouchers duly verified as by law
required within six months from the date here
of to the undersigned at her residence In Alsea
V"llev In Benton county. Oreion. the law
omoe 01 n. a. wiiaon, in uorvauis, megon,
Dated November . 1906.
Administratrix of the estate of Jasper Hayden,
; .- . 5 ; . t .-- . ...
Notice of Final
In the County Court in he State of Oregon, for
the County of Benton.
In the Matter of the Estate
of 5
Mary A. GarliDcer, Deceased. )
Notice Is herehv Eiven tbrt the nndeslened has
hereby filed hev final account in the estate of Ma
ry A. GarlinghouBe, deceased, and the court has
set February i, 190T, at the hour of 2 o'clock P. M
as the time and the county court room, county
court house, Corvallis, Oregon, as the place to
hear objections to the same.
Dated this 28th day of December, 1906.
Executrix of the last will and testament of Mary
A. GarliDghouse deceased,
' Saturday a rumor found currency
in tpwn to the effect ; that a wild
man was at large in the timber on
trie Beach place just across the river;
inquiry developed the fact that a
man; sparsely clad arid acting in a
Strange manner had ire? lly been seen
at? Intervals in' ) the" neighborhood,
his first appearance berng on Triurs
day. , He wore no coat nor vest,
the upper portion' of his body being
dad m a hickory shirt. ' A pair of
taitered overalls which failed utterly;
in the puapose for which they 'were
intended, gave evidence of shatterS
ed reason. He had only-'1 a sem
blance of covering for his feet, ' and
he was cpmpelled 'toH Shufflti 'along
without raiding' hik feet, in order to
prevent his shess from1 falling off:'
He was without Socks, - but he had
attempted to supply their' place by
wrappihg straw1 about his feet; 'He
was emaciated 'to an' 'extreme de
gre'e. The ": unfortunate ; v man' s
whole appear?nce gave ' evidence of
much privation and travel upon in
hospitable courses. ' .; '
. Repiesentatives of the Benton
county sheriff's office sought the
m?ia ijpfoh tWO occasions but were
unable iocate him. FinUy, on
Saturdiht-i a phonriessage
came ,to Sheriff Burnett stating that
a posse-of Linn county farmers had
the wild man surrounded,' five miles
east of CJo'rvallis; and, desked the
snennvs presence, itrwaax ont ot
SberiffUBIirnett' :-urisdictioii and
again, it was: as near to Albany as
so Corvallis, . so the Benton sheriff
teierred r t.hei; matter -thetlvinn
county; sUeri3Y-'r -.ji ..w .?,ir; vf,
J , Saturday: the',; latter took the
strange WanMRtQ custody, , hot' be
refused tx give:any account ofhim.-
seli except to -siy; . that. h& , was , on
hiS:yfa.y to ithej iVC'aehalis mounts
tVteJh a .Report is! that the man, had
escaped itom ;the-. asylum two . or
thrjee;weeks';agQ, ;:and,that ;h.e was
reufced; to that institution Saturday
evening... - : ,. s .; j,.,
he trequranymeeT;srwiTd -
babe in arms, "at a point ' a ; ! block
distant-from' their' nbm'el'j; Here.' hk
such ctcasiorlin h,ade pf thei;
old maple1 1 tree, he ; frequently 'fix
ercises the prerogative of husbabd"-
and lather and kissesthe' baby
ft was -at thid identical ' location
as Grant walked' homeward in the
shadow - of : Wedo'esaaV 'eyenlngV
that he heard thecroat 6i a : childJ
that was 'borne. iri-the 'arms pfi: its
mother.1 : Grant ' addressed them in
his usiial fatherly manner and ' es
sayed to take' the 'child ' from : .its
mother's embrace X'Vo
! Tb Gtaht's; utter vJhf prise- 1 a;nd
mortification,; the"' lady sprang- awav
with the exclamation,' ' 'How V dare
yoti approach' me' c in ''this5 mariner
Mrs telgihr" 'has'he'voiceofa
fieighfadr- woman-'ahd; it' was 'Pot
until " late the? following ay ' that
the' incident: ! adjusted to' - the
satisfaction of all' fcooc'rtir1J t U. i
4V, fl yv-lU'ir:! i.-j.ii;;l fV.
$3Uta;T -Qia'ps ' .lias ' ' certainly' picked
Victor Moses' store as his headquarters
this year. He gives no prizes, but 'relies
on the merits of his goods to sell them
LOST. Locket and chain. It is
blue having shape of a heart,
Finder please leave at this office.
1 :-
) i-i
She DiqVKick Maier;,
The number of patrons In F. L.
Miller's store r eceritly was fsever'el y
taxing : the: energies f-the 1 derical
force;. ' ' A yoUUg lady stepped'1' in;:
Mt. Miller-birflself 'went forward to
wait upon herJ he f wahted shoes'
tor berselfii-;Mri Miller sat - upbii a
low :stdol fitting tbe; ' ' shoes; ' f when
suddenly his seat '' lurched and .the
merchant fell ; backward, heels Up."
The corrmotion attracted attention,
and a clerk, 'observing the situation
exclaimed,' "Hello, Mr. Milltr, did
she kick' you over?" Every per
son, present, . with - one esrceptadii,
regarded the -incident ' wltaTtWl'
hilarity.3- ''J:A..iJl:l.
i srtfiv
. -j-Jim lwi;WaOTiJn:i.,v,.r! .
, Th.necsssiiifiSisof this, stot y. rei
qaire the ''sttteOtrGob-beir
inson and Jame'v Eewls,;- Cor
vallis real estate dealers, are men
who, to put it asm.ildly as possible,
have no love for each other,..,, .. . .
;A short time ago, a young lady
Stenographer was required by her
mployers to convey a packager-of
eg?l papers to Mrs. Lewis. She
asteued to the bffice: of Robinson
Stevenson, and
isked f, Ir'.V)Lewis was in, ; ". ,
Ji Mr. Robinson "colored visibly. at
the mention of the. name, but arose
nd managed to inqhire, ifeith a de'
gree of .poIileriess,.:i IWhali Lewis;,
1: 'Mrl Jim J L:ewis:w!in:nb'clntiy
responded the' young1 lady.0' ';' ' ,' ''-
; A darker cloud overspread ' Mrl"
Robinson's face, and with some
thing of a tremor iri his voice, but
still having a put pose to be. civil,
answered with considerable force,
"No indeed, he is not in here."
trving, .to riiake lbrig and loud talk
.on (the subject of lfis)'atftre . .prgatii
zatiap." . '
-,! For president of ,the senatei Sen--ator.
Haines of Washington, . a very
.excellent., gentleman , and . Senator
Hodson pof r Multnomah, ..another
meritori'ons citizen are I the, leading
candidates";. , Senatqr, Haines,.is a 1
banker been ', Hillsboro and
-Senator Hodson is a member of. a
well known: printing and publishing
house. ' His friends dairh that the
"Washington County ' man' has the1
plum already landed, but Mr. Hod
sons' friends deny it. In this ' con
nection Senator Johnson of Benton,
is as ;yetl: tinalligoed.- He is fre
quently counted with .tbe ' Hodson
liriehp but It is without authority.
Senator ijdhrisori' and a number '' of
of central Willamette Valley s'enat-i
or 3 have an " orgariiziteon ' of their
pwti ,lri! which' they ' are' understood
to' be' pledged tb act tog- ther not
6rily:as!'!t;oorgariizatibn but in' all
matters of legislation: !' '.Trrey claitil i
that it is only fey someisuchl' ari ati
ratigetnerit for 1 standing - together
for bettefbf, worse are" they able to'
make headway1' against (;the ;m6re
numnrouS; delegations of .the .larger
counties.) , ; Senatoj: Job nscat declared
yesterday,;, that ? -hU; (Organization 4s
still intact andithaivbe is absolutely
pledged to neither candidate for; the.
oresidencvl ;and expects; to sol re4 1
main until-the ordDear. titnelcomes. -t . 5
i a. a. i -a. -
!i Itlis understood ; thati Represens
tative Garter isj t iSimilarly sitjaated
inithe .houaei.k A thresi oil fourrcoi?
nered figbtjl is iri -i! progress for, the
speakership with" chips falling in all
directionsii Fraufe Da vey' the well
known newspaper man is a leading
candidate and. is said to have lots of
backers, his friends claiming that
he has no less: than .34 already
pledged. ' Ben J on ps of Polk -is an4
r, leading . candidate -1 whose
friends are active in his behalf,
while W. I. Vawter of Medford, is
also in the field, and with many
supporters., Vawter' s strength is
said to,, be aided by Multnomah
sytnpathizersVwho will, if they can
not, land a Multnomah man go
.largely to himbecaUse Tpf jjhat he
did for Multnomah on the speaker
ship two years ago. It is, hpwevelr,
'i'W th'at'J. mye-,r,hs'-': friends in
even over a Multnomah, cmdiiat.
-i;cfRepres0nWti.VSf,Car,teif,;,;o far, s
declared to) be; unpledged and,! with
an abiding hope, of landing in the.
line uiylid"le.,5-r-'i '! I
To Have Great Meetine Man
BsntoE'.tt j Goiiij to Aliend. .
The excellent program and- di
rectory ot the atate Horticultural
society just being sent out by the
secretary, E. R. Lake, marks an
epoch in tbe history of this most .
useful and efficient organization. "
It now rarks as the largest or
ganization; of its kind on the Pacific
coast pnd one of the largest, if cot
the. largest . in the , United States,
the! membership' numberipe some
thing over six hundred. . ; -, , . , : . . :
This present large membership is
due to-a very active campaign just
nuisnetjrj4y the society s, committee
on affiliated loc-.l societies. At the
last anhbal meeting the constitution
of the sodety was so atnencVd ss fo
include lorl' organization t brough
iffiiiation, and as a resul t of the
work ' done by this ; committer-ia'
dozen or more .1 county: arid: tiist.Ict
organizations have been, effected.
To the work of thit committee h?s
been, addcl a very strong factor in
the enps offered by the .commksion
men of Portland who last year, gave
seven cups. J. H. Reid gave one.
This year the commission men. eive
eight," ;the. nurseymen three, society
othcers, one. , II. S. uile & Com
pany, Salem, one, 'the society, four,
besides, several minor awards.
There is no doubt that it is this
feature' thkt will draw the large' at
tendance that is assured at the an
nual meet,' iri the K. P. Hall, Port
land, Tuesday, January 8 and last
ing three days. ( ' - .' '' -:,'
Last' year's exhibit of fruit was a
plate contest;' this year it will be a
commercial package contest, with a
few plates; ibis condition ieing re
quested by thbse who have donated
the cups. '- This fact will make the
'exhibit1 'doubly : valuable to' tbe
grower, jsacker arid shipper of fruit
from ah educational point Ot t'lew
as the exhibitors ! on thisi'oc-'WlcU
will be'from " British ''Columbia,
Idaho, Washington. 'Eastern, and
Soufh'erfa and Western Oregon pnd
pcsiblv Hood P.jyer. - '
'-'''Southern Oregon" has a greater
interest iri this corripetition' ' than in
any' forhier event of the kind in the
society's history.
WiHantte Valley, growers will
try' 'to t-uow'- 'those Hood River
chaps' a tiling or two in apples,' and
Iri walnuts for which there are four
teen' specinl prize?. w------'"T-,i.
irigtpri' and the ' Valley will show
something ' surprising to even the
oldest.' .".
' . The Hoiiiculitirist who rni'es
this meeting will certainly fail i o
see the biggpst commercial fruit
exhibit ever' made in the Pacific
Northwest and the greatest event
thus far iri the history of the Ore
gon State Horticultural Society.
Kev ads today;
FOR SALE. ,A wiadmill, . tower and
:,25Go kallom rd-Tccd tack,.. Inquire
at .Corvallis sawmilj. .. .
EQK SALE Ttoroug1?hrH 2 yar
1 Bull'.1' Dels v, ' separator 350 pounds
capacity, nearly new. E. J, Harring
ton phone. 704.
WAKE UP. ,; Take notice. There , will
. be sold at Corvallia Auction sIj o
Saturday next commenciri at 1 p. m .
!; sharp.Tbe following- loo Head oCsdep
,.1, extra good dri ving r.o.:sjhr8e hjrs:
'; icdws, I' ' ininher, - 3 -' inch " wago
bev wagon: Other articles too' nam
v eroua; 10 mention hre. Gome pr
pared .:jotiij:- bitrg something
Rogoway's Second Hand Store.
PIANO TUNING up to May 1st.
; .at special- prices. -;:. Also- music.
V tought in all grades1 of difficulty.,
Frank JAi . White; phone;1 405.
VjCotvaJUs, Ore... .-;.? :-'r','
: n't"- - nif t.h,"1- ' 1 -
LOST between Lobster and Insrale a
a larite Holstein Jersey cow. The an
imal has an injured eve. Rubin Nor-
1 wood, Irrisburg; Oregop."4- ' .-"ij
.1 ... :r. 1 11:.. mr ' ;i
WANTED at once by old' established
L pttblishing bouse five good solicitor's
on good salary basis call for Stephens
at Corvallis 'HotT. ': Apply on Moti
!v,day from 1 p. m, to 7:30 p. m. . r
FORSALE mill and timber, sawmill
and 80 acres fine tiaiiwi for sale. . j
DiterjTi; iInonire,.B.. i ,T?j Tt"'., ;..
orvaHis, Oregon,
.WANTBD.-.Two ; more.; car -rlods
of vetch seed fpr .Spripgdelwry.
vetch hay. For sale or trade a
6 year old-horse, .clcait , clover
seeds, and all kinds of farm seeds.
;V,seje,sapesaiWeisher t &. Gray's
' (uStbte'r): Vt'fitOOksimV.'Vt.KM.t
- People having- Second - 'Hand
goods of any kind for sale, drop a
postal to O. Rogoway, Corvallis,
Ore., and' he will call.
Men jto cut 30,0 cojtds
' yoi wood by Mike,: Iygrand-,-i For
'information apply at Wm.Broders.
DON'T FORGET the auction sale
each Saturday at the Red Front
Sarn. , r-