The Corvallis times. (Corvallis, Or.) 1888-1909, December 04, 1906, Image 4

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Tom Nolan returned yester
day from a Portland v;sit.
J. H. Harris left Sunday for a
business visit in Poitlan.l.
Floyd Kuff was a PortUnd
visitor during the holidays.
Chas. Cropp returned Sun
day tna Pill--i wheie he .spent
the vacition.
Miss Helen Gaies arrived Sun
day for a visit at the Johu Smith
h line.
Waldo Finn a member of the
football t 'am arrive I iu Corv.iUis
Sunday after spending a few days
at his home in McCoy.
Harry Fryer
for Portland after
o'5 !eft Sunday
a visit with co!-
lege friends.
Miss Lamb of Portland was the
guest of Miss Kate Moo e during
the Thinksg ving holidays, she re
turned Monday.
Miss Agnes von dar Helen a
member of the 'o6 class was inCor
valHs for the vacation-she returned
yesterday to her duties as school
teacher at Yaqnina.
Miss Ada McDonald of Alpha
Hall was a guest at the Simpson
home in Polk county during the
lioiidays, she returned Surday
Tue annual Thanksgiving ball
at the Armory Wednesday even
ing -ras p very pretty one, and not
withstanding the absence of many
...aiuMis va- well dUeoued. The
music was furnished by Steelham
mer's orchestra of Salem.
A parent meeting is to be held
by Supe'intendent Danmanat Sum
it next Saturday. A full program
me with literary and musical feat-an-s
has been arranged, and thete
will be a basket dinner. It takes
place at the Summit School house.
There will be services at the
Good Samari an Episcopal church
on t?uniay the 9th. conducted by
the Rev. C. H. Powell of Colusa
Cal. at 11 a. m. 7:30 p. m. Also
services wi11 be held on Monday
evening the 10th. Conducted by
Bishop Scadding at 7:30 p. m.
All are very cordially invited to
each of these services.
A much needed improvement
5s being carried out at the college
under the direction of Prof. Coote.
Th'. old fence along thswalk which
leads from the Administration
building to Alpha hill, has been
removed and a new wire fence is
unuergoing construction ine
shrubbery is Ldng pruned into
shaHi and
the trash burned.
The sidetrack to be used in
riiUlinx brick, lumber and other
materials to the Woman's building
at the college is nearly completed
. and will be r. dy for use in a few
'aye. The iron and ties are all
laid and only the finishing touches
are to be added The siding be
; gins near Oak Creek bridge and
rurs northeasterly to the 1 uilding
Marshall Miller has received
a letter from a Portland man mak
ing inquiry about' the prospects
?nd opportunities fo- uuiiding an
electric I'm into Corvallis. The
letter doe-, not give full information
and its cbaracteris such as to leave
the impression that the writer is a
"promoter and tha'. he expects the
vicinity to furnish the cash for
' the enterprise.
The appiran r" Prof Tail--andirr
and Miss Sheeny at an
organ recital next Friday night
wi 1 b? ha;1 wih delight by the
' music loving people of Cowallis.
Both of thee artists have just en
tered the full zeivth of their powers
and will do Etnpte justi to the dif
ficult numbers on the'r program.
The robust majestic tones of the
organ and the sweet human v cice
will be found blending in beautiful
A citizen was in a critical frame
of mind yesterday. The city, he
said, had required barbed wire tor
use in protecting hedges along the
side walks to be taken down.
Much st -ess had been laid on the
enforcement of the law in that par-J
ticular, and in many cases wire
was actually dragged out of hedges
that by growth bad completely ;. erj- (
veloped thern. At the same time:
he concluded, ths city park is com
pletely fenced with wire, and there
l he wire is allowed to stand un
challenged and unforbidden.
Buy your . Thanksgiving table
linens and napkins at Nolans, long
range for selection. Special prices
this month.
New line cloaks, suits, and
kirts. Rain coats and shirt waist s
ost received at Nolans.
J. B. Horner gave an Egyptian
raiseiouary talk Sanday evening
in the U. P. church at Sbedd. "
The Ladi VVltUt Club is 10
be entertained tomorrow ftrtioon
at the ocuutry hme of Ms. Gua
Vtvk PcnuVrgr" returned
Monday from a viclt with relatives
at Aunty,
F, I), Mclviuth rp'iit a few
day In Portland during tbcThanka
Slvii'is holtlaye, visiting iriende.
M uio Stevens gave a
diuMifi pny in Albany lat eve
vunjr. Jihn Withyoomhe, Charles
Sheffield, Keuton Wills and Miss
Kdna AM ft attended from this city.
The plumbers are at work to
day putting in the pipe for heating
1 hp ucw 110M office building. The
heat is to be. brought from a heat
1 apparatus located io the base
ment of the bank brick.
Attend the meeting of the Ben
tou County Citizne Loue tonight
io Firemen's lull. Pians will
be discussed at that time far the
organization of a Commercial club,
and for the leasing and furnishing
of permanent qurUrs.
The Woodmen of the World
have elected officers for the eosuiog
vearas foliows:C. C, L. C. Porter;
A L., A. K. Rups; banker, George
Fuller; Clerk, W. A Buchanan;
physicians, G. R Parra aod B A.
Cathey.; f soort, W. J. Moore; watch
man, A. E. Lewie; sentry, George
E. Lilly; Manager, A. P. Johnson.
The car shortage meeting at
Eugene tomorrow i attracting
much attention and promises to be
largely attended. President John
eon wiil bring the matter up at the
Citizen's League-met ting tonight
and will probably appoint a delega
tion from Corvallis to attend. The
paralysis of various industries re
sultant from the car shortage is far
more serious than . anything of the
kind yet seen in Oregon .where, car
shortage has been a disease for ma
ny years,: ...,
Eighty-eight business men have
signed the ca'l for organization of a
commercial "clob in 1 Corvallis.
T went y more members are expect
ed to sign a call sent out for circu
lation among member? of the col
lege faculty. With more than loo
already on the ' list the success of
the final organization of the
enterprise is considered certain.
Preliminaries will be discussed and
action taken at a meeting of the
Citizens' Lrague to be held tonight.
In the probate court:' J.- F.
Yates bas been authorized - to pro
cure the Banton Abstract Company
to complete ao abstracted digest of
all property bslonging to the estate
of T. E. Hogg in Lincoln arid B n
ton counties. Eva I. Miller, admin
istratrix of the estate of W. F. Mil
ler has filed her bond for $6,000
with Titus Ranney and E. F.
Strouts ae sureties. E. F. Strouts,
Robert McFarland and William
Claik have been appointed apprais
ers. B. W. Johnson, M. M. Dvis
and G. R. Farra have been appoint
ed appraisers of the estate of C. ,H.
Corvallis is in the embrace of a
brick famine. An advertisement
elsewhere relates tbt the Corvallis
bri k ya d is without a supply. The
chief stocK of the yard was exhaust
ed by W. O. Heckert for use on the
new bank brick. The brick for the
woman's building comee Irom- Sa
lem and along tbe Westside. The
amount required . is over; 4oo,ooo
and io securing this buge' quantity
it is said Contractor Soook gobbled
up everything in sight. A. man
who wanted 250 for an extension of
a flue for his Dome was unable to
secure them a day or two ago. ,
Sunday was pleasant, and ma
ny people journeyed out to inspect
the work on the new Woman's
building at the college, i The- exca
vation is in progress and is rapidly
approaching a finished stage. The
frames are going up for the concrete
basement and everything is moving
along . with systematic precision
The completion of tbe. sidirg will
be of preat convenience in getting
materials on the ground.. It iB
probable that every phrrou who has
been at the scene end observed
tbe immensity of the founda'ion
was astonished tt the p opo tioo cf
the proposed building.
Watch, this space
25 acres near small town 12 acres in cultivation; ballance pasture and
timber, good house, barn, chicken house, good orchard near school, a nice
little home, price $1,250.
Good stroe and dwelling combined, barn with windmill 3 acres f of
with fruit; a fine location for small business, in little town, price $ 1 ,000.
26 acres 1 8 in cult; balance timber and pasture, house and bam, ' soil
sandy loam' Located near .own of Queensbury, Warren County New
York price $1,000, will trade for Oregon land. ' ' ", . '
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tsmptuously disregarded. . Finding
that he could eecuie no capital, do
rates and no cars, Mr, Sweet said
that he finally disposed of bis claims
to J. H Judeon for $4,000 and they
soon afterward passed into the
hands of tbe coal company.
But this did not end Sweet's
troubles. He said that he secured
employment 00 the Rio Grande
Western railroad, but wrs discharg
ed through' the influence of the cial
company officials, who also exerted
pressure ou a New York bonding
company to have his bond canceled.
He said that, while be was working
aa agent and operator in the office
of the Pleaeant Valley Coal compa
ny at Colton, Utah, be bad instruc
tions to copy from the commercial
wires of the Western Union Tele
graph company all messages affect
ing tbe icterests of the coal compa
ny. The attention of the president
of tbe Western Union wbs called to
this practice and the wires were re
moved from the office.
Slate Senator George B. Whit
more told of the-armed occupation
of George D. Halladay.B property
by Robert. Kirker and other armed
men. Mr. Whitmore eaid he bad
coal land of his own, but did not
work it, Uciuse the railroad com
pany demanded $3 a ton for haul
ing it to market. ... .
"They said." Mr. Whitmore tes
tified, "that they could sell me the
coal cheaper in Silt Lake."
,. N-rth Yakima, Wa3h., Dec. 1.
Becoming desperate over the failure
of the Northern Pacific to place coal
on the siding here for the relief of
the people without fuel, a raid was
made on a 1 oil t;ai 3 this Luoroit.g
as it wa' passing through the city.
When the train stopped a score or
more of the people who had " beo-n
waiting in line tor three days for
their turn to get coal boarded' the
coal cars and began ti load the fuel
into their wagons, drawn . up along
side of the track. TrainmeD , came
along to 'stop t them, but , alter a
threat to bodily barm, the trainmen
left the men tak'mg the coal. Of
fers were made to pay for it, but
there was no one on band to receive
tb price - - -
Three trainloads of 100. cars
parsed through during the day,
and late this afternoon only four
carloads were set in here. This was
done after the superintendent of the
division had been notified that there
was a movement on foot to hold up
the trains and rob them of the fuel.
The situation is critical here.
There is no fuel at the City hall,
and many of tbe school districts are
out and will have to close. Only
f.iur carloads have been received
here eince Wednesday.
OWNER of Portland Real Esta
if you want to sell write me at
one;. John B. Matthew?, 722
Chamber 'of Commerce, Portland
High Price-
' "Packed in FuJJ Mtasurr Eotf7
J. A. Folger & Co.
... San Francisco
for Bargins in ; .
fiTjlP Always
6HGRAC I 't Sold
Always found at the store of
Special 5, 10 and 15c
Sale Now on.
Bring all your eggs and butter to
Have You Bought that Winter
Suit Yet?
If not. come and let us figure with you. We have
a fine line of ready-to-wear clothiag also a large line
of samples we take your measure and guarantee a fit.
Give us a call. "
The only exclusive Mens Furnishing Store in Town. " '
Corvallis, Oregon.
The Grocer.
vWe ardt inclined
writing advertisements
and customers speak for
& B
Greatest of all
on the Market.
In Serving. Can be- bought- at '
1 ( i
MOSES and get the highest
to spend much time in
we prefer to let our goods
Food Productions ;
: :'' : : - : :
Mr. J. Mon Foo, an experienced com
pounder of Chinese medicines, successor
to the late Hong Wo Tod?, of Albany ,
Oregon, is now prepared to furnish Chi
nese medicine to all. The undersigned
recommends him and guarantees satisfaction.
Call or write him at No. 117 West Sec
ond Street, Albany, Oregon.
Jim Westfall.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice ts hereby given that the undersigned
has been duly appointed the executor of the es
tate of Ann (Jomptou, deceased, by the county
court of the state of Oregon, for Beutoo county,
All pt rsons having clelms against wiid estate
ore notified to present the same duly verified as
by law rrquiied within 6lx months Irom the
date hereunto the undersigned at the office ot .
K. Bry.son, In the city ot Corvallis, Oreiron
Executor of the estate of Ann Conipton, dec'sd
Economy fruit jars at Thatcher
& Johnson's.
CLOTHES CLEANED and pressed at
lowest prices one door south of mar
ble shop on Main street.
Physician & Surgeon
OSce, room 14, BanK Bldg. Hoarsi
10 to 12 and a to .
! Phone, office 83. RAiHAnAi
Corvallis, Oregon.
VeterinarT" Surgeon & Dentist
O&ce 1011 Main st Ind 204
Residence 1220 4th st Ind 389.
General Auctioneer. A Square Dea
ana charges right
Corvallis, . Oregon.
Zierolf Building.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office up stairs in Burnett Brick Raa
idence on the corner of Madison and
Seventh st. Phone at honse and office.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over Ttfiilpna rim.
Fifth and Tefferson streets. Honrs 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Grabam & v'--thata's drug store.
Leave orders at Zierolfs for fresh
Yaquina bay oysters for delivery Sat
Rogoyay's Second Hand Store.
Fresh Yaquina Bay oysters at
Zierolfs every Saturday. Leave
orders now.
Chicago 17 Hours Nearer via this Pop
ular Columbia River Route..
Pianklin was right when he
said, " Lost time is never found a-
gain. " The O. R. N. in addition
to giving you 200 miles along the
matchless Columbia River, saves
you 17 hours to Chicago. It is the
Short Line to Lewiston.
Short Line to Palouse. country.
Short Line to Spokane, 1
Short line to the couer d'Alene
Short Line to Sait cake City
Short to Line Denver
Short Line to Omaha
Short Line to Chicago.
Short Line to all points east
Three trains east daily, 9:30 a.
m. 6:15 8:15 p.m. The 'Chicago
Portland Special is as fine as the
iinest. Every comfort of home.
For particulars ask any agent of
the Southern . Pacific Company or
write v . ;
Wm. McMurray,
Gen. Pass. Agent
. Portland, Orego n
Banking Company
oiv"..(, Our con.
Responsibility, $100,000
. Deals In Foreign, and Domestic
: - : Ezchaaga.
Bays County, City and School
Warrants. L
Principal Correspondents.
FOKTLAND ( The Bank o
8KATTT.E f California
NEW TOKK-Meana. J. P. Jforpan Co,
CHICAGO NaUonal Bank of The.Bepnb
. lk.
LONDON, ENG . N M Kotbacbildi A Son;
CANADA TJolce Bank ef Canada t.