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Vol.-XlX.-No. 3
B. F. IRVIKJt Editor
and Fropieti
' Summons.
In the Clmnlt Court ot the state of Oregon, for
Benton county:
J. W. WBtTSMAN, V ' Plaintiff,
VS. . '
3. R. Rainwater ant Lucy Kalnwatar,
bis wife; William Rainwater and
Surah Kalnvaier. bis wie; Anna
Kltng and Peter Kling, her hus
band ; Daniel Rainwater and Emma
Rainwater, his wife; Emmett Rain
water and Mary Rainwater, bis wife;
Marv clrk and Merton Clark, her
hutbaud; Anna Duley and Frank Du
ley. tier husband; Etuma Lauglihead
and 0. H. Laughead, her husband;
and Leo Oohen, Resale M uller and
Paul Jluller her huabaud, defendants.
To Berate Mnller. Emmett Rainwater,
Marv Rainwater, his wife, the above named de
In the name of the state ot Oregon, yon and
each of you are hereby summoned and required
lo appear and'anewer thecomplaintof the plain
tiff in the above entitled suit now on file with
the clerk of the above entitled court, on or be
fore the last day of the time prescribed in the
order for publication ot this summons, herein
after referred to, to-wlt, on or before November
23, 1906, and you are hereby notified that it you
fail so to appear and answer the said complaint
as herein required, for want thereof the plain
tiff will apply to the above entitled court for the
relief demanded in his said complaint, to-wit:
that he be decreed to be the owner In fee simple
of the following described real property, to-wit:
Beginning at the N W corner of the D. L. C, of
A. M. Rainwater. Not. No. 697, CI. 61 & 39 In T.
11 S. R. 3 and 4 W., of Will. Mer., Benton county,
Oregon, and running thence 8. 26.94 chains,
thence E. 12 27 chains, thence 8. 88 deg., E. 3.10
chains, thence N, 29.14 chains to the N. bounda
ry of said claim, thence S. 82 deg. 15 mln. W.
along Said S. boundary to place of beginning,
containing 43.20 acres, more or less, all in Ben
ton county, Oregon, save and except 13.18 acres
heretofore sold and conveyed to S. E. Rainwater
described as follows: Beginning at N W corner
of D. L. C. Not. 697, CI. 61 aud 39 T. 11 3.4. 3 and
4 W. Will. Mer., Benton county, Oregon, and
running thence N. 82 dec. 15 min. E. along N.
boundary of said claim 10.10 chains, thence 8.
to the N. boundary of W. V. & C. R. R. Co's right
ot way, thence westerly along said North
boundary to the west boundary of said claim
thence N along said weft boundary to place of
beginning, containing 13.18 acres, more or less;
that the defendants be required to perfect the
title ot said land by making, executing, ac
knowledging and delivering a deed thereto to
the plaintiff, or that in the event they tail so to
do that the decree of said court shall operate in
lieu of such deed, and that plaintiff have his
costs and disbursements, and for general relief:
This Bumimons is DUbllshed in The Corvallis
Times newspaper once a week, for six successive
ana consecutive weess, Deginning witn me isbub
ot October 1-2, 1906. and enaing with the issue of
November '23. 1906. under and in pursuance of
the directions contained iu an order made by
the Hon E. Woodward, judge ot the count;
court of Benton county, state of Oregen, date)
October 11. 1906. Date of first publication hereof
is October 12, 1906.
Attorneys for Plainiiff.
Winter Rates To Yaquina Bay
A low round trip rate of $y.5o from
Albany and $3 :2s from Corvallis and
Philomath to Yaqniua has been put in
effect by tbe Corvallis & Eastern dur
ing the entire winter and spring, until
May 31, l9o7. Tickets good for return
69 days from date of sale. Splendid acc
ommodations for all. at low rates.
g Full information from C. & E. Agents
or Conductors, of J. C. Mayo, Gen. Pass
A . tAloany. Tickets on sale daily.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton county:
Garbison Sheldon, plaintiff,
Ella W. Sheldon, defendant.
To Ella W. Sheldon, the above named defendant:
In the name of the state of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and reaulrd to appear ana
answer the complaint ot the plaintiff in the
above entitled suit in the above entitled court.
now on tile in tbe office of the clerk of said
court, on or before six weeks from the day
ot tee nrst publication neroni, to-wit
on or before November 13, 1906, and
you are hereby notified that if you fall so to
appear ana answer tne said complaint as nere
in required, for want thereof the plaintiff will
apply to the above entitled court lor the relief
aemanaea in his saia complaint, namely, tor
decree of divorce from tbe said defendant, for
ever dissolving the marriage contract existing
between the plaintiff and defendant, and for
such other further and different rule, order or
relief as to the court may seem proper.
This summons is pabllshed in the Corvallis
Times newspaper once a week for six successive
and consecutive weeks, beginning with the issue
of Snld newspaper of October 2, 1906. and enclng
with the Issue ef November 13. 1906. under and
in pursuance of the directions contained in an
order made by the Hon. K. Woodward, county
j iidge or Benio 1 county ..Oregon , being tne eoun
ty were tne above entitlea suit is pending in
the above entitled circuit court, dated Septem
ber 28, 1906. The date of the first publication
heieol is October 2, 1906.
. Attorney for min tiff.
Exceeds all
Quantity, Qualify &. Variety
"i-" ' "." '
Roosevelt Prosecution Heney on
Trail Postal Orders Taken
..'.United States Government
i ;. Interested Other
i - NeWS. -: r
Sold Cheap Watches Firet Meth
ods Exposed by , Man Who
Was Years With the Firm
An Intetesting Story.
Our store has never held such a line
in some of our Departments.
Received this week a big line of Mens' Clothing,
the quality higher than any of our former buys.
These goods are good fitters and the price will be
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Our line of Men and Boys Shoes fill the ! department
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We are receiving new goods every day and Jwill be
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Corvallis, Oregon
s -
Rogoway s Store
It will pay you to come in and see us before buying your winter sup
ply. We carry a full line of New and Second-Hand Furniture.
j San Francisco, Nov.r 15. New
'and sensational features have come
I to light in connection with the graft
investigation in this city. It Is
learned on good authority that the
relief funds for the fire sufferers
have been lroted to the extent of
nearly - $l,ooo,ooo. . So indignant
was President Roosevelt, on bear
ing of the stealing of the funds con
tributed by sympathetic citizens of
various states for the relief 'of the
unfortunates of San Francisco, that
he is reported, to have said that he
wd&ld brina the offenders from the
T rr ,-- r,--f, u
uttermost parts of the earth should
they make temporary escape.
Daring tbe fir&t days following
the fire 10 ban Francisco sympa
thetic citizens throughout the
cotfotry forwarded relief moneys by
postal orders and by enclosing scrip
in envelopes and other ; packages
The world not being acquainted
with tbe organization of relief bod
ies "id the city, forwarded financial
aid in care of Mayor Scbmitz.
It is said amounts ranging from
50 cents upward into hundreds and
possibly thousands of dollars were
sent -to tne mayor and that a com
paratively small sum only reached
the Red Cross or citizens' relief
committee as shown by the records.
It is estimated that tbe relief mon
eys were forwarded through
anoUOoeibly 3o,ooo postoffices of
the United States and also that
considerable sums came through
the express companies
Tbe interest of President RooBe
velt and tne lederal authorities in
this affair has been so great that
the president is credited with tbe
statement that the government wil
expend Sl.000,000 if necessary to
Furniture, Stoves, Ranges
Crockery, Glassware and Graniteware. Watch Friday's
paper for Price.
Highest Market Price Paid for
Hides, Pelts and Furs,
Money to Loan on all Kinds
of Security.
North east Cor. 2nd and Monroe Sts, Corvallis, Or.
E. It. Bryson,
Attorney At Law.
N ort hern Pacific.
)2 Daily Trains 2
Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
y and the East.
2 Trains i Daily 2
Denver, Lincoln, Omaha Kan
sas City St, Louis and East,
Four dally trains between Portland and Seattle
Pullman First-class sleeping cars. Pullman
Tourist sleeping cars, Dlulng cars night and day.
vuocrvuuuii una irttnor cars. I. ....
The regular Yellowstone Park Boute via. Llv.
lnsrston and Gardiner, Mont., the government
omoiai entrance tome raw.
Pack season June 1st to September 90th.
Bee Europe U you will but see America first.
oian ngnc bee Yellowstone National Park
Nature's greatest wonderland. "
Wonderland Tha famous Northern Pacific
book can be had lor the asking or six cents by
mail. t f
The Route of the "North Ooart limited" the
Only Electric Lighted Modnrn Train from Port
land to tne .bast. .
The ticket office at Portland is at 256 Morrison
street, corner Third; A. D. Carlton, Assistant
uouorw rasseuger Agent, roitiaua, Or.
New Goods, Latest Designs and
Our Fall Lines of Jewelry and Silverware are beginning to arrive and
will be tbe largest and most complete line ever shown in Corvallis.
''Swastikos," the Japanese lucky charm and the latest thing in the
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A. C. Pins of all kinds. Alarm Clocks $1. ' Fountain Pens $1. At
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New Sporting Goods Store.
A new and complete line consisting of
Bicycles, Guns, Ammunition, .
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In fact anything the sportsman need can
; ' be found at my store. .
Bicycles and Guns for rent. General Repair Shop.
All Work Guaranteed. .
M. M
Ind, Phone 126.
- s -- CtorvaUis Oregon
unearth and bring the criminals to
Over loomf the most expert op
eratives of the secret service depart
ment have been at work among the
postofficea of the Union and in this
city tracing money orders and re
ceipts. The crime of forgery is said
to be included in the offenses
the raiders of the relief contribu
William J. Burns, one of the
most expert and successful deteo
uvea in tne employ ot tne govern
ment ii retailed to work in San
Krnciseo. Francis1 J.' Heney, who
with Burns was engaged in prose
cutiog important land frand cases
of Oiegon and California, was de
tached from that work and assigned
to the San Francisco graft invest!
So secret has been the work
these government agents that eve a
District Attorney Langdon was not
j acquainted with the main purpose
for fear tht he might "leak."
During Sohmltz' tour abroad he
ha-i been all the time under the
watchful eye of government agents.
Tbe first hint of thefts came when
$t,o85 in currency Beat from Sesrch
ligbt to the mayor's Office disap
peared. The express company has
a receipt for the money, and the
Searchlight editor, who sent the
money, has. a letter of acknowledge
ment, but the money is missing and
Scbmitz and all his underlings de
ny it was ever received.
Evidence of alleged graft in the
issuances of licenses for French res
taurants was placed before the
grand jury this . morning. Oa it
the investigators say they are post
tive they can secure the indictment
and conviction of men high up in
the administration. Befoie the iu-
ry went Into session Secret - Service
Agent Burns announced that the
evidence waB the most complete ev
er gathered in any casa and would
convince any jury in tbe world ; of
the guilt of the persons accused
; ine personnel, of. the witnesses
summoned for the first meeting
snowed clearly that the first evi
dence taken will be with a view to
icticd Abe Ruef.
Oa tbe center table of nearly eve
ry ranch houee in Benton county,
in common with every corner of
the United States, will be found a
bulky catalogue of Sear?, Roebuck
& Co , Chicago. This house does
an immense business and its wealth
is away up in the millions, so we
regard thiB bit of inside information
as to the methods once practiced by
the heads, and which have proba
bly not gone out of fashion yet, as
worthy the perusal and considera
tion of their Benton county patrone:
"Do you know how Sears, Roe-
buch & Co. started in business?"
asked Mr. Zandition of tha News
editor-recently. worked for
them 'nine years ago. I knew
ar when be was a station agent
in Wisconsin and Roebuck when
be was a watch peddler. One time
Roebuck wanted to go to Milwau
kee and didn't have the money ; so
he left a watch as securety with
Sears for his tare, telling him that
if he should be able to sell the
watch tor more than six dollars he
might keep half he made. Sears
sold the watch for $12. Ihen Sears
wrote to Roebuck in Milwaukee
and got him to send by express a
dozen watches to Bill Jones, Sam
Smith and a lot of fiotious names
These watches were billed out at
$25 and $10 paid on them appar
ently. Sears unloaded them on his
friends easily at $15 each, which
cost him and Roebuck J53 5O. But
the railroad company got onto the
eame and fired Sears, and two of
them opened an olhce in Milwaukee
Tiny bought a thousand watches
and shipped them to every express
office in Kansas, Missouri and Illi
nois. These watches cost 3 but
tbev sold as $25 watches maiked
$10 and to fictitious names. .
'Wben the agent reported . such
matters back as undelivered, then
this pair would write back that
some mistake must surely be made
but as Davment of $10 . had been
made on this watch they would a'
low the agent a commission of $2 to
secure the o her $l.s Well, the
watch scheme worked fine and the
pair cleaned up Then
thev bousht a lot of parlor sets for
children and advertised them, giv
ing the impression you would re
ceive a full set of furniture for $s
and tfao people bit all over thecoun-
try. uacie bam baa stopped bearst
Roebuck & Co.'s mail - fourteen
times for fake deals like this bat
has never been able to catch them.'
Sears is probably worth nine or ten
millions.. Roebuck ie working in
Des Moines, Iowa, for $18 a week,
having been forced out of business r
several years ago. As an illustra
tion of how this firm makes money:
About a year ago they bought -:
about three . thousand bicycles - all
alike, and they placed three prices
on the same wheel, which cost them
$6.50, and they sold it for $12.75,
$16.25 and $12.50. The same
wheel, mind you, possibly a differ
ent color of paint but the only dif- -
ferencq was that some people want
ed a $12.5o wheel and others a
$12.75 wheel, and they got what
they wanted. They work the same
graft on clothing. In catalogues
they, advertise clay worsteds, at
$12.50, $15 and $18. . No matter
what you pay you get tbe same suit. .
The name Saars, Roebuck & Co. is
tneir trade mars and as Roebuck
has been bankrupt for several years
he is-not connected with the firm.
Montgomery Ward is. practically
dead and has been for several years.
Yet tbeee people have been eo sue-.
cessfol in stealing from ihs public
such large sums that it is a wonder
Uncle Sam allows them to exist.
Taeir advertisement is deceptive..
They do not fill orders as the cus
tomers think they are filled, yet
they are Btnooth enough to keep
within the bounds of tne law some
way.. Even your oountry merchant
who pays a larger, whole sale pries
for his goods than they do. could
get rich selling a better grade of
goods to the people that patronize
these two big places. I worked for
Sears, Roebuck & Co. for two years
and I know what I say is true."-
Norton County News, Karsas.
Portland, Or., N v. 10. The
Journal says: Irregularities in tbe
purchase of some Indian lands on
the Umatilla Reservation held hv.
W. J. Furnish, Col. James H.
Raley, John Crow, Frank Curl and
Thomas Thompson are being in
vestigated by J. H. Alaxander,
special agent for the government
land office, with a view of setting
aside tbe deeds issued by the gsv
ernment for the land. From offi
cial circles comes tbe intimation
that prosecutions for tbe making of
false affidavits in the acquisition of
tha land, are likely to result from
the investigation. For some time
Edward Dixou of tbe Portland di
vision of chief inspectors, has been
having the conditions of things
looked into at Pendleton by Alex
ander and hie assistants.
FOR SALE. Clean vetch and
cheat seed. Matthew Thomson, C.
and E. crossing, Corvallis.
Avoid alum and alum phos
phate baking powders.The
label law requires that all
the ingredientsibe named
on the labels. Look out
for the alum icompounds.
NOTE. Safety lies in buying only
Royal Baking Powder, which is a
pure, cream of tartar baking powder,
and the best that can be made.
Portland, . Nov. ; 1 s-r-Portland
Journal: ' When Charles Royal was
first convicted of larceny in the po
. 1 ' continued on page 4. :
Watch this space for Bargins in
Something new every week.
A Sherman county wheat farm of 320 acres to ex
change fof Benton county .daily or stock ranch.
A fine 20 acre iiact value $1200 adjoining good
town to trade for foot hill rarrch.
A fine home in Portland, value $2500 to trade as part payment on
a Benton county stock or dairy ranch.
If you have anything to trade, let us have it. ' ' ' ' ''
: ' AMBLER 6cWAtTERS". v