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Vol. XIX.-N0.3
B.F. IRVIKS Elftnr
and Fropiieto
In the Circuit Gourt of the state of Oregon, for
Benton county:
J. W. Writsman', Plaintiff, 1
J. R. Rainwater anj Lucv Kalnwatgr,
hla wife: William Rainwater and
Sarah Kalnwaier. hie wife; Anna
Kling and Peter Kling, her hus
band ; Daniel Rainwater and Emma
Rainwater, his wife; I'.mmett Raln-
WHter and Mary Rainwater. hU wife;
Mary Clark and Merlon Ctirk. her
husband: Anna Ouley and Frank Dn-
ley. her husband; lloima l.aughhead
andC. H. I.aughead, her buaband;
RUl Io Coiieu. Bessie JI';!!er and ;
Paul Mulier hei huabuud, defendant.
To Bessie Muiler, Emmett Rainwater, and
Jlary Rainwater, his wife, the above named de
fendants: la toe name of the state of Oregon, yon and
each of you are hereby summoned and required
to appear and answer theeomplaintoi the plain
ti.i in tlie above entitled suit now on Qle with
the clerk ot tlte above entit.ed r-ourt, on or be
fore the last day of the time presi ribed in the
order for publication of this summons, niTL-in-itfler
icfer.ed to. to-wit, on or before November
i '., l'.:CC, and you are hereby notilied that it you
' f..:l to to p: near aud answer the said complaint
a herein reonire. fr want thereof the plain
tiff will app.y to the above oniltled court for the
lelief oeraanded iu his said complaint, lo-wit:
lhat he be decreed to be the owner In fee simple
of the fol:owhipt described real property, to-wit:
l;eg oning at ti.e N V cairuer ol the 1). 1.. ;, of
A. M. Rainwater. Not. No. C97, i'.l & ii'J In T.
31 S. ft. a and 4 W., of Will. Mcr., Benton county,
Oregon, a"d runnMig thence S. liti.iH chains,
thence K. I-.1 27 chains, tb-nce 8. S.i cteg., E. 3.10
chains, thence N, 2'.). 11 1 haius to the N. bounda
ry of s:i id claim, thence S. f-2 dog. r min. V.
aloDg Said N. boundary to p'ace of beginning,
containing 4:i.2D acres, move or less, all ill Ben
ton county. Oregon, save and except 1:1.18 acres
heretofore sold and conveyed to S. E. Rainwater
oescrlbed as follows: Beginning at N W corner
of D. L C. Not. (iU7, CI. .l aud :;9 T. 11 S. K. ;i and
4 w. Will. Mer., Benton county, Oregon, and
running thence N. s2 dee. lo mtn. E. along N.
boundary of said claim 10.10 chains, thence 8.
to tne N . boundary of W. v. & C. R. R. Co's right
o! way, thence westerly along said North
boundary to the west bouudary of said claim
thence N aloug said wet boundary to place of
beginning, containing 1:',.1S acres, more or less:
that the defendants be required to perfect the
title of said land by making, executing, ac
knowledging and delivering a deed thereto to
the plaintiff, or that in the event they fail so to
do that the decree of said court shall operate in
ileu of such deed, and that plaintiff have bis
costs and disbursements, and for general relief:
This summons Is published Iu The Corvallis
Times newspaper once a week, for six successive
and consecutive weyks, beginning with the issue
ot October 12, 11106. and enaing with the issue of
November 23, 1906, under and In pursuance of
the directions contained In an order made hy
the Hon E. Woodward, judge of the county
court of Benton county, state of Oregn, dated
October 11. 1906. Date of first publication hereof
is October 12, 1906.
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
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In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
neuion couniy:
Garbison Sheldon, plaintiff, )
Ella W. Sheldon, defendant.
To Ella W. Sheldon, the above named defend
In the name of the state of. Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff In the
above entitled suit In the above entitled court,
now on tile in the office of the clerk of said
court, on or before six weeks fiom the day
of the first publication hereof, to-wlt:
on or before November 13, 1906, and
rou are hereby notified thnt if you fall so to
appear and answer the said complaint as here
in required, for want thereof the plaintiff will
apply to the above entitled court tor tne relief
demanded In his said complaint, namely, for a
decree of olvorce from the said defendant, for
ever dissolving the marriage contract existing
between the Dlaintlif and defendant, aud for
such other further and different rule, order or
relief as to the coutt may seem proper.
This summons is pmbllsbed in the Corvallis
Times newspaper once a week for six successive
and consecutive weeks, beginning with the issue
of sold newspaper of October 2, 1906. and enclng
with the Issue ef November 13, 1906, under and
In pursuance of the directions contained In an
order made by the Hon. E. Woodward, county
judge ot Bento 1 county. Oregon, being theeoun
ty were the above entitled suit is pending in
the above entitled circuit court, dated Septem
ber 28, 1900. Tne date of the first publication
hertol Is October 2, 1806.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
E. B, Bryson,
Attorney At Law.
Northern Pacific.
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Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
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Takea to Flight and Kills Himself
While Officers Are looking, for
- Hitn Kills Man whocaus
ed Hie Arrest Other
' News.
Salem, Nov. 10. One of the
mcst tragic, eeneatiocal and delib
erate murders, with an equally trag
ic su'.cide as a fitting end of the
vefcoie affair, at leaet, so far as crime
is'concernsd, tranepired in this city
stout 6 o'clock this morning when,
in a fit of remorse over the disgrace
of a night's debauchery and his sub
sequent arrest, Victor E. D'Anna,
a civil engineer for tbe Willamette
Construction. Ccmpany, and a pop
ular society man, deliberately shot
and killed Bscjamin Gohlson, an
employee of toe Farmers' Feed
Stabler, out of revenge, escaped to
tbe country and eluded arrest long
euongh to reach tbe asylum farm
six miles south, where he telephon
ed to a friend in the city, and - then
calmly went out . behind a near-by
woodpile and blew his own brains
out with tbe same revolver with
which the murder was committed.
Coroner Cloogh was notified of
the finding of the body, which wa9
identified as that of. D'Anna and is
cow reposing in the morgue in this
city. D'Anna was popular in cir
cles in which he moved and was
very brilliant, proud and ambitious.
The body will probably be shipped
to bis father in Oklahoma. His
victim was a steady, sober and in
dustrious young farmer boy, and
did nothing to merit the tragic fate
which he met.
- Until he reached .the asylum farm
D'Anna was seen only once after
leaving the city by the railroad
tiack near the Reform School. He
was first teen there at 11 o'clock,
hatless, pale and nervous, at a tel
ephone by A. B. Dilley, an attend
ant. Wnen he had finished talk
log be turned and walked out of
the building, but nodded an indif
ferent "How-do-you-do" to a like
salutation from Mr. Dilley, and
walked across the yard. Five min
utes later a hot was heard. His
body was found by John Noyan, a
farmer, behind a woodpile with a
nound in tbe head.
D'Anna was in the habit of going
out on periodical sprees, and drank
heavily all last night and up to an
early hour this morning. While
in a drunken stupor after his night's
carousal, coatless and hatless, he
put in an appearance at the Farm
ers' stables about 4:30 o'clock this
rrornirg, went into the sleeping
room occupied by young Gholsoo
and went to bed. Gholson called
in night Watchman John Longcor,
who made D'Auna get up and took
him to the police station. D'Anna
called up City Recorder Moores by
telephone and was released on his
own recognizance to appear at 10
o'clock this morning.
After being freed he is supposed
to have gone to his room, secured
his revolver and some cartridges,
and returned to the stable, knocked
on tbe door acd, when Gholson op
ened it, fired one shot, which took
effect in Gholson's left breast in the
region of the heart.
Gholson, who was up and dressed,
did not utter a cry, but ran as fast
as he could across High street to
the Low livery stable. Walter
Low the proprietor, saw him stBg
ger about and though it was a
drunken man. He approached him
and when near enough he recogniz
ed Gholson in the dim light of
dawn and incandescent electric
lights, and seeing blood gashing
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from his mouth in a stream, took
hold of him and said:
"My God, Gholson, what has
"I am shot," Gholson gurgled in
a weak voice, pointed to the region
of his wound and eank to the floor.
Low hastened to summon a physician,-but
Gholson eank rapidly and
died in a very few minutes, before
Dr. W. H. Byrd arrived.
Several persons in tbe vicinity
of the scene beard the shot, and a
few claim they saw the principal in
theold-blooded deed.
Edward Ellis, who is employed
as bartender in the Senate saloon,
across the street on the corner of
State and High streets, heard the
shot and went outside. He says he
saw one man emerge from a small
room in the livery .stable and run
across the street toward Low's sta
ble. Then a secocd man came out
and calling to the first one he com
manded, "Come back; don't go over
there." He then took to his heels,
and his retreating footsteps died
away in the distance'in a southerly
direction on High street. Ellis
could recognize neither of the per
sons in the early mcrning haze and
would not be able to identify either.
A white Stetson felt hat, light
black serge coat, and an umbrella,
positively identified as the property
of D'Anna, were found later by the
officers in the street in front of a
disreputable house, conducted by
Mre. Hattie McGinois, at the cor
ner of Liberty and Ferry streets.
When last Been at the Salem hotel,
where he again ealled up Recorder
Moore and talked about his troubles
over the telephone, shortly before 6
o'clock, and tbe shooting, D'Anna
wore a black derby hat and heavier
coat of dark material as described
by Proprietor P. Fennel. When
he finished talking over the tele
phone, he asked Mr. Fennel where
the young livery man s room was
and, upon being informed, went
out, and a few minuteB later a shot
was heard. When in the custody
of officer Longcor, D'Anna was very
abusive in his language, and officer
Longcor says he repeatedly threat
ened to "get" somebody for getting
him into trouble. D'Anna believed
Gholson had his misaing property
in his poeses&ion, and told Officer
"I will get him for it, 1 will get
you, too, before 3 o'clock this after
noon." -j, Gholson was about 48 years of
age and a son of Edward Gholson,
a pioneer farmer near Zsna, Polk
county, and bad been emp'oyed at
the stables, of which T. M. Jones is
now proprietor, for jost one year.
D'Anna was about 3o years old,
and his relatives all reside in Vir
ginia. He has been employed by
the Willamette Construction Com
pany as engineer in charge of a
surveying crew in laying out the
line of the Oregon Electric Railroad
Company, which is building be
tween here and Portland. He was
quite popular here and was also
well known and popular in Portland
Either etung by remorse over the
disgrace of lis &r rest for he was of
exceedingly proud spirit, or else
firmly resolved to kill both Ghol
son and officer Longcor and then
commit suicide, D'Anna hastily
scrawled two notes while in his
room, aiter his arrest, one of which
was addressed to his father, Signor
D'Anna, Oklahoma City, Okla.,
and the other to Miss Lena Hutton,
a young society belle of this city,
and sister of tbe wife of State Land
Agent Oswald West, with whom he
kept company. In the note to tbe
latter he said: "Dearest Jake Keep
this as the last of my only. Think
of me no more. Yours and only
yours, Victor."
In that to his father be wrote
simply: "Good-bye, papa; I can't
stand this disgrace. Victtr."
All colors of pyrograph leather
at Ingle & Tozier's.
Citizens of the Town at Once Be
gin the Rescue of those Pinned
Down by the Wreckage
and Tangled Iron Work.
Long Beach, Cal., Nov. 9. With
no warnitjg save the cries of the
workmen who first felt the floors
sag beneath their teet, five stories
of the central part of the new $250,
000 Bixby Hotel collapeed at 9:35
tbis morning, carrying nine men to
death in tbe tons of tangled wreck
age. About 150 artisans and la
borers were scattered through the
structure at the moment it fell, and
of theee nearly 100 were carried
down in the ruins.
Seven bodies have been recovered
from the mass of debris in tbe base
ment, and one of the injured died
late this afternoon at the Long
Beacb hospital. 1 he last two vic
tims were found at 8 o'clock tbis
evening, and the rescue crews are
still at work in the hope of uncov
ering the body of another man, sup
posed to be buried there.
Nine injured workmen are being
cared for at the hospital, but it is
believed that all will recover. All
of the men on the contractors' roll
are accounted for save one, suppos
ed to be still in the ruins.
Immediately after the collapse of
the structure hundreds of bystand
ers lent willing aid in tbe work
ot rescue. The Southern Pacific
and Salt Lake & Pacific Electric
railroads sent crews of laborers to
the scene and under the dirwHrn
of City Marshal Young, Maur
Downs and Contractor Spalding the
task of removing the wreckage was
begun. Company H, Seventh reg-
iment, N. G. C. was called'out and
lines were throw.n about the bn tid
ing, all but the rescuers being ex
cluded. Pitiful scenes were enacted among
the throngs who stood outside the
lines waiting for news. An aged
mother sat all day long on the bluff
overlooking tbe hotel, weeping and
watching for the body of her sou.
Five times the stretcher bearers
were called, and, headed by a Cath
olic priest, a little processian emerg
ed from the building to where the
undertakers' wagens were waiting
At tbe first call for help the wo
men of Long Beach began prepar
ing food for the rescuers and estab
lished commissary table3 near the
building. When it became appar
ent that the bottom of the ruins
would not be reachtd tonight, lights
were placed over the wreckage that
the work might not be interrupted.
Late in tbe day the Salt Lake rail
road brought a steam crane to the
bluff behind the hotel, where it
conld be used to move the heavier
pieces of wreckage.
Cornictiog causes are assigned
for the collap.e of tbe central wing,
and to investigate the disaster a
commission of architects and engin
eers was this afternoon appointed.
Tbe new hotel is built on the
beach sands facing the ocean. To
this fact Contractor A. F. Soauld-
ing attributes tbe disaster, alleging
that the footings were insecure and
weakened the ttrvctuie.
John A. Austin, of tbe firm of
Austin & Brown, architects for the
building, ascribes the disaster to
the premature removal of the sup
port of tbe 01 crtte work on tbe
fifth floor, alleging that tte cement
had been given but three instead of
six weeks to "set."
Almost without exception tbe
men contend that the building felt
from the top, carrying the lower
floors with it.
R. A. Zee, who was taken from
the ruins witb his leg gashed and
suffering from internal irjuriee,
"I was at work on theiouith floor
of the building nailing down s joist.
I noticed four or five laborers carry
ing a heavy beam from the front
towards the central porth n of tbe
building. When they arrived about
the center, I saw them let tbe beam
fall with unusual violence.
' The whole building shook, and
then seemed to crumble and fall be
neath all of us. I saw workmen
jump in all directions, and In an
attempt to escape the wreckage, I
fell straight back into theinterior cf
the structure. When I etruck the
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