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A carload of hogs and a car of
-cattle were shipped this morning by
Hour, & Jones to Portland.
Karl Steiwer of Jefferson spent
Monday and Tuesday visiting O.
-A. C. friends.
Mrs. L. F. Wilson and Mrs.
K. A. Helm spent Wednesday af
ternoon visiting Albany friends.
Hoppicking in the Oswald
West yard will end tonight. The
crop has been saved in perfect con
dition. Subject at the Christian Church
next Sunday moraing: "The
. Theory and Practice of Christianity;
Evening: "Leaving Home." -A
. special sermon to young people.
Monday a license to wed was
issued by Clerk Vincent to James
Edward Watson of Kings Valley
and Hedwig Pazina, aged respect
ively 28 and 16.
Lyman A. Bundy arrived
Thursday to resume bis college
course. He has been employed
since April in drug stores at Amity
and Dayton.
The Herron fruit drier is in
operation this week, drying Italian
prunes from the Herron orchard
of about 500 bushels. The same
:plant is drying prunes for Zierolf,
Hinton and others in the vicinity.
Congregational church-Worship
and sermon n '-oo. Vesper service
- and sermon 7:30. Strangers will be
made to feel at home in the church.
There will be a meeting of the
Plymouth congergation at 2:00'
o'clock. Services at 3:00 o'clock.
Presbyterian Church, M. A.
Hush, pastor. Bible School 10 a. m.
"Worship n:a.m. subjeci, "The
Knowledge of God". C. E. Meeting
. 6:30 p.m. Evening services at 7:30
subject, "Does The Church Give
.An Uncertain Sound".
Rose Eytinge, the well known
actress, who spent three months in
Corvallis last winter has accepted
an engagement in "The Bishop's
Carriage," and is to play the nig
Eastern cities during the season,
opening at New York nextThurs:
Mrs. M. L. Pipes and daugh
ter TTellie spent a few hours in this
-city Tuesday enroute to their home
an Portland a'ter a stay of nice
'weeks at Newport. The visit at
the coast was for tbe benefit of Mis-.
IKTellie's health.
iuc uwi ui iasi weaneuay
occasioned much remark. It was
a hotter day than is common in
.September. It was however, but
-one degree hotter than the 23rd
day of September last year. That
day the mercury went to 86. Last
Wednesday it was 87. On Tues
day it was 85 and on Monday 83.
The pastor's subj-cts at the
First Methodist church Sunday are
Morning: "Mountains". Evening:
-"The Chief Business of Life."
.fter the services in the evening
- an .""Acquaintance Hour" will be
v held far the purpose of the renewal
T I. 1, l f 1 . TTT 1 .
United Evangelical church.
.Regular services with the exception
inac me evening services will begin
one half hour earlier or Christian
Endeavor at 6:30 and preaching at
7:30 P- m. Morning subject "Gid- j
eori' (Fleece". Evening subject
Ujast Opportunities".
Perhaps the largest individual
-crop raised this season in Benton
ws by Herron brothers, Robert
and 'Clayton. The aggregate from
their fields was 8,ooo bushels. The
Ufirgest part of it was wheat, and
Lucy auiu.ii. uclulc mc laiii was
wt f r-rcffl r rr Art rnfc nor Kictid
rtuwi 111 1 1 fir wi rL MvrrayH
in - ( ii : 1 l 1
" O
bushels per acre. They had one of
tne -ocai'Viais crops iu iuc counry,
1 r t T- ,.1
o 0 j i
A teacher in a small school in
VGanMen was giving a lesson on the
vsjsoulation of the blood. Trying
to make it clearer, she said: "Now,
children, if I stood on my head the
"blood, as you know, would run in
to it, and I should turn red in the
face. Now, Jimmy," continued
the teacher, addressing a small boy,
"what I want to know is this: How
. 'CLLiiiy - uca.i 1 v u usiici?. Tier at:ie.
is it that while I am standing up
right in the ordinary position the
blood does not run into my feet and
turn them red?" "Why, because
yer feet ain't empty."
A commission of physicians
-appointed by Judge Frater of Seat
tle to inquire into their sanity has
-declared that Esther Mitchell and
Maud Hurt Creffield were at the
time of the shooting of George
Mitchell and are now afflicted with
aranoia, a kind of insanity involv
ed in structural defects of the ner
vous system. The commission an
nounces that they are lunatics that
orient to be confined in a proper
asvlum. and it is the plan to bring
them to Oregon for commitment in
the Salem asylum.
Dr. Pernot has returned from a
brief visit to Portland.
Rod Na9h passed threugh towD
today en route to Portland for a
brief trip.
M1b8 Lotta McAdanoa of Port
land, arrived Wednesday for an in
definite vieit at tbe home of Mr.
and Mre. Lee Heckle.
M. E. Church,South: Sabbath
School at 10:30, a. m. The regular
church services morning and even
ing. J. A. Ellison pastor.
Mrs. L. L. Porter returned to
her home at Oregon City, Sunday.
She was accompanied by her sister,
Miss Lulu Spangler.
Frank White bas accepted a
position aa piano tuner at tbe Flatt
er music store, this city. David
Lifter baa become an employe and
assistant at the fame establishment.
Teacher "Tommy, who was
Joan of Arc?" Tommy (who is
considered good at guessing),
"Noah's wife."
S. L. Kline arrived this noon
from Portland. Waller, who weDt
there with bini two days ago, will
remain in the city for several days.
Members of the Oregon Press
Association pasted through town
today en route to the annual meet
ing to be held at Newport tomor
row and Monday. Two business
seas-ions wiil be held tomorrow and
two Monday, according to Presi
dent Hayter, and several matters
of importance to the business are
to be considered.
The Newspaper statement is
that Hammond has sold the C. &
E. to Gould, and that it is to be the
mfans by which Gould's Western
Pacific line is lo reach tbe coast.
If true it will mean a connection of
the extended C. & E. with Eastern
lines and" a conversion of that line
lot 1 an important road.
Ose evening an argry com
plainant appeared inCoppie's barn.
"Your bull chased me across that
field ihis morning." "Did he?
Well, I am sorry. Hurt ye much?"
"eee here, I've come to tell you that
j ou ought to take that bull out of
tbe field." "It's my field, likewise,
my bull." "I guess you dont know
who 1 am." "Well, no, I duono's
I'do." "I am tbe mayor of Scar
borro and president of the Scaiboro
& Taitville Railroad." "B ye?"
arkt'd Jim, respectfully. "Well.
by did Vt ye tell that to the buil?"
The popularlv attended enter
tainments of the Wtstern Lyceum
Bureau of last winter are to be re
pelled again this eeascn with a
omplete change of attractions and
with programmes of higher order.
Ail Crvallisites rerre mler th" ex
cellence of labt w i Uer't- programmes.
They wtrd given under the auspices
of the Coogrejz-tioua lists, who are
managing the cuaittr again this
winter. Amoog the celebrities are
overuor Laiollette, tbe reformer
Btatssman, Leonora Jackson, the
violinist, wbo has played before all
the courts of Europe and many oth
er notable people, Th canvas for
tickets begins next Monday, and
those who fail to invest will miss
W. W. McDonald and wf. to H.
H. Harrison six acres at Summit,
George W. Fuller to Emma S.
Fuller, 2 lots in Wilkins add, $1.
Emma S. Fuller and hus. to Et
ta Fuller Howard, one kt in block
2 in Wilkins add. $1.
R. C. Baughman and wf. to B.
Small, two acres near Albany,
S.J. Irwin to H. R. Nehrbas,
M. J. Aldrich and hus, to F, C.
Walters 160 acres southwest of
Monroe, $2000.
Miriam Malone to F. C' Walt
ers, 140 acres sou tn west ot mon-
roe. $200.
W. G. Aldrich and wf. to F. C.
Walters, 152 acres southwest of
Monroe, $2000.
F. C. Walters and wf. to Monroe
Mill Co. . 106 acres southwest of
Monroe. $4697.
E. Hobson to the Moaroe Mill
Co., 320 acres southwest of Monroe
United States to W. H." Living
ston, 160 acres six miles northwest
of Corvallis.
A massive Quincy granite monument
has been erected over the grave of the
late Gen. Abner Doubleday, at Arlmg
ton. bv hia former comrades 01 the
First Corps Association, Army of the
Potomac. Tne column 13 similar to
that which marks the grave of Gen,
Philip Sheridan. . ,
Mrt $
Something New in Columbia Brussells Art Squares just received
at Hollenberg & Cadys
We very cordially invite every lady in Corvallis
and vacinity to call at our store and examine the goods
If you appreciate something EXTRA NICE you
will find it in these rugs. In texture, quaiity and de
sign they are absolutely the finest that was ever shown
in this vicinity at particularly attractive prices.
We can entertain you for an hour with our elegant
display of rugs and you will admit the time was well
Then kindly tell your neighbor when you go home
S he will appreciate it. We can also show you
Administers, Tapestry, Brussells
and All-Wool Art Squares. . .
Complete House Furnishers.
lash Paid lor
- I will pay the highest cash price for
all kinds of Second Hand Goods.
Northeast Cor. 2nd and Monroe, North Hotel Corvallis.
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turn green with envv. Trnn. if h
flea is found, tte money will be
Bat there is no doubt about the
presence of fleas in quantities at
the second district school. That is
headquarters and thtra are millions
in it.
Philadelohia. Sept. 18 While
uodergoii g an X-ray examination
at the Polyclinui hospital today
Martin F Mniohv of Renova,
Ptnnsplvauia, a in,ker and cn of
the richest men in 1 ha state, uied
as though stricken by lightning.
Mr. Murphy passed a rigid exam
ination before going into tbe oper
ating chair aod bis heart action
was Dronounced pertect.
The surgeons believe that some
unknown quality entered the ray
ni frillfld him. The examination
wa-madeto determine whether or
not Murphy was suffering from a
cancer, lhe ray enterea tne inroai
on the left side, two inches below
the ear, snd penetrated diagonally
down and through the chest to a
Doint of emergence just below tne
eighth rib. The course of the ray
was directly through tbe heart.
As the X-rav flashed upon Mur
phy he stiffened strangely . Imme.
. . . . 1 j
diately the ray was tusea oa ana
it was found tbat Murpbv had been
Noh Wehstt-r's turn:
What is tbat fearsome rumbling
tbat we bear?
It seems to come from down be
low tbe pave.
Can it be tbat another earthquake's
Ob, no; keep cool aid banish every
That's Noah Webster tornug in
his grave.
Rogo way's Second Hand Store.
A FINE line of Zonophone lecords.
i isher's music store.
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter ot the Estate )
Feed Long, deceased. ) '
Notice is hereby elven to all Dersona concern.
ed that the undersigned has been duly appointed
aanuniEirafor 01 tne eiaie 01 saia rea imub,
deceased, by the county court of Benton county,
state 01 uregon. AJ1 persons naving ciauns
aealnst said estate ol Fred Lone, deceased, are
proper vouchers, duly verified as by law requir
ed, within six months from the date hereof, to
the undersigned at his residence in Summit pre
cinct, Benton county, Oregon, or at tne law 01 of E. E. Wilson, In Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated this 7th day of September, 1906.
administrator of the estate of Fred Long,
& Cafly.
Send Hand
How frequently does a toad line simi
lar to the above greet us in the news
papers. The rush, push and strenuous
ness of the American people has a strong
tendency to load up to valvular and other
affections of the heart, attended by ir
regular action, palpitation, dizziness,
smothered sensations and other distress
ing symptoms.
Three of the prominent incrodionts of
which Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery is- made are recommended by some
of the leading writers on Materia Medica
for the Gure- of just such cases. Golden
Seal root, for instance, is said by th
Unitci States Dispejtsatoby, a stand
ard authority,-"to impart tone and in
creased power to the heart's action."
Numerous other leading authorities rep
resent Golden Seal as an unsurpassed
tonic for the muscular system in general,
and as the' heart 13 almost wholly com
posed of muscular tissue, it naturally
follows that it must be greatly strength
ened by this superb, general tonic. But
probably the most important ingredient
of " Golden. Medical Discovery," so far
s its marvelous cures of valvular and
ether affections of the heart are con
cerned, is Stone root, or Colliiisonia Can.,
Prof. Wm. Paine, author of Paine'a
Kpitomy of Medicine, says of It:
"I, not lonir since, had a patient who was
y) much oppressed with Talvmlar disease of
rue heart thai his friends were obliged to
i'arry him up-staira. He. however, eradually
recovered under tbe influence of Collin sonin
(medicinal principle extracted from Stone
roots, and is now attending to his business.
Heretofore physicians knew of no remedy
for the removal ot so distressing and so dan
serous a malady. With them it was all
guess-work, and It fearfully warned the
afflicted that death was near at hand. Col
llnsonln unquestionably affords relief in
such cases, and tn most instances effects a
Stone root fs also recommended by Drs
Hale and Elllngwood, of Chicago, for
valvular and other diseases of the heart.
The: latter says: "It is a heart tonic of
direct and permanent influence."
"Golden Medical Discovery," not only
cures serious heart affections, but is a
most efficient general tonic and invigor-
ator, strengthening the stomach, invig
orating the liver, regulating the bowels
and curing catarrhal affections in all
parts of the system.
Sr. Pierce's Pellets sure Constipation.
If you want clover and grass
seeds go to Zierolf s.
Economy fruit jars at Thatcher
& Johnson's.
YOUNG PEOPLE can save from S5Q to
$i00 by takinztbeir Business or Short
hand training in the Corvallis Business
College, and are more sure of a good
position than if they attend a school
in Portland. How is the time to en.
ter. Day or Night school.
Rogoway's Second Hand Store.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Ik hereby given tbat On the 28th day of
July, 1906, the un-'erelirned was duly confirmed
and appoiuted executor of the last will and tes
tament and estate m Zelle Dodele, deceased, by
by the county court the state ol Oregon for Ben
ton county. All peisons haying claims against
said estate are required to present the same du
ly verlfled to me at my. home near Wells, In
Benton county. Oregon, or at the law office of
E. Holgate In Corvallis, Oregon, within six
months from this date.
Dated at Corvallis, Or., this 3d day of August,
19C6. l
We are Giving
Our special attention and will promise our customers bar
gains in the following lines:
Dry Goods, Gents CU&tmg,
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We Have
Both ph
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the manufacture of the entire product. The name is
Packard Shoes
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The Gem Cigar Store
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Jack Milne, prop.
G. B. fiorning, g
The Grocer. p
We are not inoliapd
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
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6. B
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Hop Baskets, Japanese Cuffs,
. ......
Groceries, Meats, Provisions,'
Flour, Etc. Etc.
In fact we carry the
assortment in groceries
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Hodes' Grocery
to spend much time in 5