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    ff ' jp III
Vol. XlX -No. 3
and Proprtatr
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the Hatter of the Estate )
Louisa Ibwin. deceased. )
Votlce is hereby given that the undersigned
.as executor of the last will and testament of
Louisa Irwin, deceased, has filed his final ac
oount as such executor with the clerk of the
county court of the state of Oiegon, for Benton
county, and ihe said court has fixed Saturday,
the 8th day of September, 1906, at the hour of
two o'clock in the afternoon as the time, and
the county court room in the court house In Cor
vallis Oregon, as the place for healing any and
ali objections to the bald account, and for the
settlement thereof.
Dated this August 10, 1906.
Bxecutor of the last will and testament ol Lou
lea Irwin, deceased.
For The Ladies
Our Fall Line ot New Goods are Here!
Executrix Sale of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to the
nrnviaiAnn of -will of R. Wistar Morris, de
eased, and of the laws in such case made and
itmviried. the undersigned as executrix ot the
estate of the said B. Wistar Morris, deceased,
will, on and after the 19th day of September,
1806, proceed to sell at private sale and on the
terms herelnbelow pet out the following de
scribed real estate, situated In the county of
Benton and state of Oregon, to-wlt :
"The west half of section 9. and lots 2 and 3 of
anetion fifteen, lots Nos 1. 2. 3 and 4. and the
vrRt hnlf of the northwest Quarter of section 16
and the southwest quarter and lots Nos. 3 and 4
Ot section 10 and the southeast quarter and lots
lios. 2 and 3 of section 9. all in township 13, S.
U . fi WpHt Willamette Meridian, containing 862
89-100 acres of land In Benton county, state of
The above described property will be sold as a
vhole or in separate parcels as may be found to
the best interests of the said estate, and the
same will be sold for cash, or for part cash arid
part oa time. If sold lor part cash and part on
time, Ihe purchaser will be required to pay at
least one-half ol toe purchase price at the time
f executie the deed for the property, and the
balance wMuin one year thereafter. Deferred
mnemonic tn iImw lTitiAt at the rate Of 8lX Tier
cent, per annam, payable Bemi-annually, and to
be secured by mortgage on the property. All
sales hereunder wtil be made subjuct to con
firmation by the coumty court of ine slate or Or
egon, for Multnomah county.
Dated August 21, 1906.
Hannah rodney morris,
Bxecutrix of the last will and testament of B
Wistar Morris, deceased.
First publication August 21, 1906.
Last publication September 18, 1906.
Notice 1o Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
Melcena Wright has been appointed administra
trix of the estate of Thomas J. Wright, deceased.
All riBrsons having claims against said estate
are hereby required to present the same, duly
verified as by law required, at the office of J. F.
Yates within six months from the date of this
Dated at Corvallis, Or., Aug. 14, 1906.
Administratrix of the estate of Thomas J,
Wright, deceased.
Northern Pacific.
2 Daily Trains 2
Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Pao!
and the East.
2 Trains i Daily 2
Denver, Lincoln, Omaha Kan
sas City St. Louis and East,
Four dally trains between Portland and Seattle
Pullman Flrst-claes sleeping cars, Pullman
Tourist sleeping cars, Dining cars night and day,
wtroi vnuuu iuiu rtumi cam.
The regular Yellowstone Park Bute via. Lra-
Ingston and Gardiner, Mont., the government
o-moiKi entrance to me rare
Park season June 18t to September 20th.
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erasure s greatest wonaenana.
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boos can be had for the asking or six cents by
The Route of the "North Ooart Lsmited" the
Only Electric Lighted Modern Train from Port
land to the East.
The ticket office at Portland is at 235 Morrison
street, corner Third ; A. r. Carlton, Assistant
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or,
E. R. Bryson,
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Republicans Carry State but Wilh
Much Reduced Plurality
Democrats Gain Forty
Members of the Leg
islature Oihet
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Solo agent for
Chase & Sanborn High Grate
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OKVAixis, Oregon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
PORTLAND f The Bank o
SEATTLE f California
IA003IA )
NHW TOK K Mjssrs. J. IP. Morgan A Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. N M Rothschilds A Bona
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M. M
Ind. Phone 126.
Corvallis, Oregon.
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Stock, Grain, Fruit and Poultry Ranches, write for "our
special list, or come and see us. We take pleasure in
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Real Estate, Loan and Insurance
v Gorvallis and Philomath, Oregon.
Portland. Me.. Serjt. 11. The
I , I L
I result, of the election in this state
yesterday evening, when therepub
lican Dlurahtv for governor, which
usually approximated 25,ooo, was
reduced toabout 8,000, while at the
same time the total vote was greatly
increased over the figures of four
years ago, is attributed by leaders
j of both parties to popular feeling
over the operation of the prohibito
ry liquor laws. Although the re
publicans reelected Governor Cobb the lour congressmen ana
will nave a working control of the
leeielature. the pluralities were so
generally reduced es to cause sur
prise. Governor Cobb and Congressman
LitUefield. in whose district the
most vigorous battle of the cam
paign was waged, and whose major
ity was reduced from that of four
years ago by several thousand, are
of the opinion that the Sturgis law,
providing for the enforcement of
the existing prohibitory law by
sta'e liquor deputes, was tte Lad
ing factor in the result, ine dem
ocrats made re-eubmisBion of the
liouor prohibitory amendment to
the people a part ot their piatiorm,
while the republicans stood square'
ly for indorsement of the prohibi-
torv plank and its strict eniorce-
The city of Lewiston was one of
tbe most important factors in re
ducing Littlefield's plurality, for it
gave to McGilucuddy a vote ot 143U
in excess of that given to JLittie-
eld. Four veara ago LitUefield
divided votes evenly with bis dem
ocratic opponent.
Of a etartliue nature was'the vole
for governor. Mr. Cobb failed to
carry his home city, Rockland,
where Davis received a plurality of
17- Augusta, the capital of the
state, went democratic by a small
margin. Sixteen out of 20 cities in
the state went democratic. Two
years ago when the candidates for
governcx were the same as this year
Cobb carried 18 of the 20 cities.
Littlefield's vote was 17 321, Mc
Gillicuddy', 16,187. Littlefield's
plurality ia, 1,134.
The legislature is republican, in
suring the reelection of Sanator
Frye. Republican claim 90 rep
resentatives in the legislature out
of i51. The v claim 24 out of 3I
senators. Officials at the headquar
ters of the Federation of Labor re
gard Litt efie'ti'j narrow escape as
a victcry, and are preparing to re
double their efforis to defeat other
candidates on their list.
The democratic vote for governor
is the largest cast by that party
since 1880. Two yearB ago Gmr
nor Cobb had a plurality of 26,ooo;
four seais ago the republican can
didate for governor had27,ooo Go
ing back to 1890, they ar ol the big
democratic tidal wave the republi
can plurality Wis 18 joo.
The republicans explain yester
day's slump by pointing to the dis
affection due to the Sturgis liquor
law, but this does not explain the
big democratic gains in all four
congressional districts.
Congressman Littlefield was Hot
ly fought by Simuel Gompers, pres
ident of the American Federation of
labor, but this antagonism did not
extend to the other three districts.
Secretary Tafr, Speaker Joe Can
non, Secator Beveridge, Senatoi
Lodge and other republicans of na
tional repute, went to Littlefield's
aid. The democrats relied on home
talent and Gompers. The result
was that Littlefield's plurality of
5,419 is cut to about 1,200. In the
other districts the democrats got no
help even from Gompers, yet they
cut the plurality of Allen in the
First district from 4,9oo to l,6oo
the plurality ef Burleigh in the
Third from 6,800 to l,5oo, and that
of powers in the Fourth from 8,900
to 4,ooo. -
., But for the country vote Gover
nor Cobb and Littlefield would sure
ly have been -defeated and both
Burleigh and Allen would probably
have fallen by the wayside. Th
democrats gained about 40 mem
bers of the legislature, but that body
remains republican by 45, against
a majority of 123 two years ago. 1
TJoopqna Valley News, Sept. 6.
At San Bernardino, Cal., Saturday,
in an exceeB of religious zeal, fol
lowing the advent of the Holy Roll
ers in Southern California, Mis.
Josephine Burton Young deliberate
ly set herself on nre, hoping by
martyrdom of fhmes to reach the
heavenly throne. Screaming she
ran through the yard, her agonized
cries being succeeded by prayer
such as Holy Rollers usa. Her
husband caught her and smothered
the flames but the woman died that
Devotion of a Worn on Rescues HiK
from Va It and Guards but
Till He Aflk e W; J
Bryan Reaches S'. Louis
His Speech Otbex
Portland. Sept. 11. Portland
Telegram: Teotythree yearB ago
today the "last sise" was anven
which wedded Portland to St. Paul
with iron rails. It was the greatest
event celebrated up to that
time, and eclipsed anything
Bince, with the exception of the
T.pwla and Clark Exposition in
Hsnrv Villarl could have been
elected to any office within the gift
nf the Oregon people when bearriv
el September lo, 1883, at night,
but all he asked for, after he attend
ed, was to visit the Chinese theatre
Portlanders were enthusiastic, how
ever, and while Villard and as many
of his party of German nobles and
British Lords as could crowd into
the Chinese opera house were smell-
log punk sticks, the citizens were
gazing at Portland's greatest illum
ination, at that date. .
There waa a celebration which
spread over several deys. It began
the night of September 8 and reach
ed a climax September 11, in a gi-
nantic parade up and down rust
street. For ten blocks, Salmon to
Vine streetB, First street was decor
rted as it never beenbefore nor since.
There were three large arches, while
everv building on each side of the
street was a mass of evergreens
flags, bunting, gas jets and pictures
Not even Presidents Koosevelt or
Harrison receiv d such a reception
Symbols ot nre were placed on
buildings on First, Front and Bide
streets, but the principal effort, to
decorate and illuminate was on
First. There were three miles of
gas pice required for the illumina
tions on First street alone, and on
the arches and buildings were 25,-
000 gas lets, i Electricity was not
used in Portland in those days, and
6uch a collection of gs jets had, up
to that time, never been dreamed
of. Busicefs bouse, were requettei'
to ba sparing with the gas in the'r
stores during the illumination in
order to keep a BtroDg pressure on
decorative jets.
As it was the "last spike" of the
Northern Pacific railroad, the local
office spread itself on decoiatioos
and bought 5J0 yards of banting
from one store. To illumkat9 the
Plaza opposite the court houfe, four
dozen Chinese lmterns wire bought
When men went along lighting the
gas jets Sep'ember lo, Portland
turned en masse to see the eight.
The only attempt Id 23 loDg years
to equal difpiay were the electric
J'g'ril.8 at', ia.-t yer'e Exputi-ion
Seattle, Wash , S pt. l2.-I0 the
court room where the is being tried
to determine her sanity Esther
Mitchell was reconciled to fcer two
brothers, Perry and Fred, this
af ernoon. As the two boys came
into the room ehe eprai g up from
her seat and threw her arms about
their neoks, kiseing each effusively.
The boys bai corns north to tes
tify for their sister, and eha ( recog
nized in their appearance an indi
cation of their love for her. When
they went away from Seattle, tak
ing their brother George's body to
Oregon for burial, Esther was in
different and almost, brutal in her
attitude toward the rest of her fam
ily. Either the imprisonment or
tha manifestation of her brothers'
interest has softened her, for this
afternoon she was overjoyed at their
Notice to Creditors.
Id the Matter ol the Estate
Feed Lonq. deceased.
Notice ia hereby slven to all Dei-Rnna nrnintm.
ed that the undersigned has been duly appointed
ouiuuiuuawr ui UIO asubie Ol 8H1U rea AjOng,
deceased, by the count; court of Benton count v.
state 01 Oregon. All permim havitm claims
against said estate of Fred Lose, deceased, are
hereby required to present the Siiiiie, with the
proper vouchers, duly rerlfliHl by law requir
ed, within six months tmm the dnttt hoNWf, to
the undersigned At hU rtl.!eu In Summit pre
cinct, Benton county, Oregon, or t the Uw ol-
nce or c. a. wuson, in .'orTftlll, OIsr(l, '
Hated this 7th dtiy of September, it,
. ., , . H. K I.O.VO,
Administrator ot the estaw (if ftM Long,
Denver, Sept 11 O i January-
12 last, Frederick J. Harvey
declared dtad by K-nps Ci y phy
sicians. Tne papers putdii-heddea-te
notices, his funeral was bt-Id nanr
his body placed in ib? (airily vault-.
About th middle of My the body
was removed to the home of ht
parents. On September 4 Hrvy
came to life nnd tbe next dav man
ned Miss Lilly Godfrey, of D-rvri
They left at once on a weddit ft
Mr. Harvey is the son of Barnarss-
riarvey aia g'aoason 01 luounTw
ed Frederick Harvey, the million
aire owner of all the eatir g housea
on the Santa Fe line and mot-t o
those on the Frieco. The family
U well-known throughout the Uuiis.
ed Statee.
Although all an "ins nn a? a res
piration bad ceased, his amanctiffl
wife, Mis? Godfrey, would hae i
that he is not dead. Stie wept ana
moaned, took the death watcb uposa
herself, and would not leave toe
casket until it was placed on a ali
ble slab next the caket aims, km it
er and aunt in the family's ugnwj
closed vault.
For four months Mr, HMveyvfajr
in the company of bis-dead ancea-
tors until Miss Godfrey, crazed by
the feeling which gr-w upon bessr
that her beloved wat not deady ia- -turned
to Kansas Cuy and begged
and pleaded with the family to ac
company her to the vault. His
mother accompanied her, and wbe
the vault was opened t; jeeK as
tounded to find ibfeoKtffi't open, ai?
oversight of the aadertbkr. -
So lifelike id. the body appear
that they took ife to. the Ha rT
house and attended? it, daiits u
September 4, when ffatwejisudWu
sat up and proved to be in, FUci X
goou pnysicpi conoiuon tbaC aaaatl
Miss Godfrey were marritd tbe meat
day and departed on a , wedding
tour, being due in Denver next,
St. Louis, Sent. 11. A trpmen-
dous ovation was tendered W. J
Biyan by the 12,000 peonie eatrur-
ed in the Colieeum fojight wbea
he Btepptd upen the platform and
toA bis seat. With one accord the '
audience rose, waved flags and
shouted unu tbe strains of "Amer
ica" by the band were drowned out
Cheering continued four minutes
and was fir a ly silenced by Nation
al Democratic Ccmmittteman W
A. Rothwell. who started to mnl?f
aspeech of ictroductkn. He bad
scarcely btgun before a cJarmr arose ""'
for Bryan. Mr. Rothwell thereut-
1 n cut short his speech acd present
ed wr, isrynn with a wave of hi&
Mr. Biyan motioned for silence
w tb a palm fan. He said in part
"It's wrm enough when you
ke p still. I didn't want you to
increasi tbe misery by exeition-
You have cheered enough to cbeet
my beart, and 1 sm glad to be here
I have been trying to find home for
more than a week tnd I have found
it so homelike every where tha' I
can hardly tell where I live. I have
always suspected that Missouri felt
friendly. Ste has shown it on ma
ny occasions, but neer more sotbaa
tonight. -
"I want to show you it is bettejr
to trust the democratic principles
to the democratic party than to
trust them to eny man wbfss party
denounces him tor fcllowicg them.
I w.ant to rtm ni you that ihe most
popular art of Mr. Roosevelt's ad-,
ministration was hia bringirgpeacs
between two nations. Ke tetiled
the coal sink after a loss of $99,
000,000 to employers, employesand
the public. It wa a grand ai t. 1 '
applauded him for it. But where
did he get tbe doclre in tbe re
publican plalfoin:? Ho got il frcui
the demorratio plattoruo, and 1
wrote the plank myself. If he could
gain popi l.r ty by settling one
strike thai co $99,ooo,ooorwby not
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