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    Vol. XlX.-No. 3
B.F. ERVXKB Editor
and Proprietor "
Notice of Final Settlement.
an the Hatter of the Estate
Locis A Ibwis. deceased.
Kotlce is hereby given that the undersigned
as executor of the last will and testament of
Loula Irwin, deceased, has tiled his final ac
count as such executor with the clerk of the
cmintv court of the state of Oiewro, for Benton
county, and the said court has fixed Saturday,
the 8th day of September, 1906, at the hour of
two o'clock in the alter noon as the time, and
the county court room in f be court house in Cor
vallis Oregon, as the place for healing any and
all objections to the said account, and for the
settlement thereof.
Sated this August 10, 1906.
R. 8. IRWIN,
Executor of the latt will and testament of Lou
tea Irwin, deceased.
For The Ladies
1 Our Fall Line ol New Goods are Here!
Executrix Sale of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to the
rnvltiions of the will of - B. Wis tar Morris, de
eased, and of the laws in such case made and
provided, the undersigned as executrix of the
etf&ie oi me sum u. wislhx juoiris, ueuruseu,
will, nn and after the 19th day of September,
06, proceed to sell at private sale and on the
- terms hereinbelow ret out the following de
scribed real estate, situated In the county of
Benton and state of Oregon, to wit :
'The west half of section 9. and lots 2 and 3 of
section fifteen, lots Nos 1, 2, 3 and 4, and the
west half of the northwest Quarter of section 16
and the southwest quarter and lots Kos. 3 and 4
of sectlou 10 and the southeast quarter and lots
Xoa. 2 and 3 of section 9, all in township 13. 8.
R. 6, West Willamette Meridian, containing 862
X9-100 acres of land la Benton county, state of
The above described property will be sold as a
1 whole or in separate parcels as may be found to
l she best interests of the said estate, and the
same will be sold for cash, or for pait cash and
part om time. It sold lor part cash and part on
time, She purchaser will be required to nny at
leastoue-ualf oi the purchase price at the time
f executi.s the deed for the property, and the
balance waiiin one year theieatter. Deterred
payments to draw Interest at the rate of six per
oent. per annan, payable semi-annually, and to
be secured bymottgiige on the property. All
aales hereunder wt II be made tubjuct tocon
firmatlonby the couaty court of the state of Or
egon, for Multnomah county.
Dated August 21. 1908.
Executrix of the last will and testament of B.
Wlstar Morris, deceased.
First publication August 21, 1906.
Last publication September 18, 190G.
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Originates From Burning Rubbish
Small Boy Spreads Report
in Poor Chicago District
and Tramples Teach
ersin RuehtoSave
Children Oth
er News.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned,
Meloena Wright has been appointed administra
trix of the estate of Thomas J. Wright, deceased.
All persons having claims against said estate
are hereby required to present the same, duly
verified as by law required, at the office of J, F.
Yates withlu six months from the date of this
Dated at Corvallls, Or.. Aug. 14, "1906.
Administratrix of 1he estate of Thomas J.
Wright, oeceased.
E. E. WlLSt;., '
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Only Electric Lighted Modxrn Train from Port
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General Passenger Agent, Portland, Or,
E. R, Bryson,
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Real Estate, Loan and Insurance
Gorvallis and Philomath, Oregon.
Chicago, Sept. 7. A mob of ig
norant, terrified mothers and tattl
ers Btormed the John M. Smyth
public school this morning and
caused a panic among the 1200 chil
dren in the building, which is the
heart of the Ghetto. The men and
women tought like beasts to reach
their little ones, who in their blind
fear they believed would be burned
to death. They attacked the teach
era wno strove vainly to prevent a
panic, and ran from floor to floor,
! mingling the names of their little
ones with the criee of fire and wild
supplications to the Virgin. Nine
teen nationalities are represented in
this district and all went mad.
For a few ..minutes the children
wavered. They heard bcth the
cries of their parents and the com
mands of their teachers. In the
end discipline broke under the strain
and boys and girls, big and little,
catching the Contagion of senseless
fear, trade a rush for the doors.
The teachers, mere girls, some of
them, pale, calm, stood against the
doors and struggled to restore ord
tr. By chance a merciful Providence
or sometning else, all escaped un-
hutt. Same of the smaller children
were bruised, frocks were torn and
i acts ecatched, but the madness
passed and the teachers restored or
der before any of their chareeB had
been injured.
Of couree there was no fire.
In the grounds of the Smyth
school tor e poi table . one-story
school structures have betn erected
In one of these the janitor swept to
gether a pile of rubbish shortly at
ter 9 o'clock this morning and light
ed it. A small bov, tardy and bat
ing school, saw the thin spiral of
smoke curling from the window. He
turned and ran homeward, crying
as be want:
"Th. schools burnin'; they'ee fire
' -1 i in
in me scnooi.
Many motners were standing in
the street bargaining with hucksters
or gosslppmg with neighbors. Big
brawny women those mothers are.
aad they love and fight for their
young as do wild animals, They
hsard the cry and took it up. In
three minutes thoEe wcrds:
me ecnooi is burning," wtre
ringing through the streets in half
a dozen language?.
Then came the first rush. Wo
men dropped nursing babies, turned
lrom washtubs without stopping to
wipe oft tne suds; dropped their
marketing in the street and started
madly for the school. At their head
was a man, and cere and there in
the throng were other men. but
nearly all were women, and all
were mad with fear. From narrow
side streets and twisting allies they
poured into Blue Island avenue
-1 he thin column of smoke sti
rose from the little school buildirig
be windows of the main structure
nete open and the hum of childish
recitation could be heard. Save
for the thin column of smoke there
was no sign of hre and absolutely
none of danger. But the unreason
ing mob did not stop.
Like a charging army the parents
swept through the ecbool yard and
entered the building by every door
leachers were swept aside an
trampled upon. Their order?, their
pleas not to start a panic and their
assurances that there was no fire
went unbeaded.
QSome of the frantic mothers had
heard from friends in New York of
the wild day there when the school
authorities had attempted to butch
er children. They recalled that now
and shouted that their little ones
were burned to death deliberately
They struck savagely at the frailer
women who confronted them and
Bwept from room to room, shriek
ing the names of their children un
til the building had been emptied.
shooting himself in the bead with a
shotgun. Temporary insanity is
the only possible explanation of his
act. McEUresh was one of the beet
known and highly esteemed fruit
men in this part of the valley. He
was a graduate of the University of
Illi ois and from I898 to 1901 was
professor of botany and etomology
at (he Oregon Agricultural college.
In the fall of I9OI he took the su-
periotendeney of the Wallace orch-
rd and filled it with entire satis
faction to the owners.
Mr. McElfresh was a conscien
tious man and worried greatly
whenever the work of the big orch-
rd did not proceed to the best in
terests of his employers. He was
jQBt. noisbing the harvest of a 300-
ton crop of pears, but in the last few
days many pickers left to go to the
bop Melds and be worried over that.
He ate his noonday meal as usu
al today and gave instructions for
the afternoon work. ' Hs then went
to the fiuitkouse, placed the muzzle
of a shotgun to his head and fired.
His head was nearly severed from
the body. He was alone in the
building at the time.
vv orkmen who were well acquaint
ed with him, and to whom he talked
moment before entering the fruit-
house, .saw nothing unuEual in his
MoElfreeh was a native of Illi
nois and was about 35 years of age.
He was married in February, 1905,
to Miss Gertrude Ewing, of Oswego
Or. Tnere are no children.
McElfresh was well known to Or-
egoa fruitmen. He attended horti
cultural meetings and frequently
delivered adddresses of a practical
nature. Funeral arrangements have
not been made.
Hftzelton, Pa., Sept. 1. Health
officer Bonner, of this city, was ap
proached on the street by a stranger
who said that he had decided to get
married, and asked the officer to
recommend some one to him.
Dou you prefer a blonde or
brunette?" aeked the of3cer,J
"I don't know what that nieans,"
the man said, "but I want one that
kin bake."
ThatkiDd," the rffher said,
"were all taken."
Winsted, Cone, Sept. 1. A man
identified as John A. Johnson at
tempted to enter the home or Ar
thur B Wellman, manager of the
Torrington Ice company io Tor-
ringtOD, last night.
Mrs. Wellman, who was alone
with her daughter, ran outside
when she eaw the man and seized
the garden hose. As the man grab
bed ner she turned the stream of
water into his face until he finally
released his hold, drenched to the
The daughter in the meantime
bad gone to alarm neighbors, and
the man was captured a short dis
tance from the hi use.
Silem, Or., Sept. 7. The first
gang of convicts to be used for farm
labor from the prison was sent out
today to Koeedale where tbey will
help harvest a prune crop for J. W.
Hunt. There were 13 men in the
gang, one of them serving es cook
for the rest. Ihere was a shortage
of help in the Rosedale district and
Hunt applied for a gang from the
prison.' The men were sent out up
on an agreement that Hunt shall
pay the same wages that are paid
to free men and the ft to will take
its pay in prunes and pears to be
used in feeding state prisoners dur
ing the coming year.
Seattle, Sept. 7. Superior Judge
Frazer this morning set S ptember
24 as the date on which the trial of
Esther Mitchell, charged with mur
der ing hf r brother, George Mitch
ell, will begin. Tbe date of the tri
al ol.Mrs. Maud .Creffield, who is
charged jointly with the Mitchell
girl, has not been Fet as yet. The
charge against both women grew
out of the shooting of Franz Joseph
Creffield, the Holy Roller leader,
by G;orge Mitchell in. this city laBt
May. Mrs. Cieffield is the wife of
the Holy Roller leader.
Fighting Now in Progress in Many
Parts of Island Palma Refuses
"All Attempts at Compro
mise Only Hope for
Peace Lies in In
vention. Havana, Sept. 8. Trapped and
badly whipped in a battle almost
within sound of the palace in this
city, the insurgents in this province
are scattered and demoralized. Col.
Asbert, who commanded the in
surgents, is among the seriously
wounded. The list of dead is said
to be very large. So far as known
the fight grew out of a misunder
standing on the part of tbe insur
gents. They had been told that an
armistice bad been declared and
were coming into Havana when they
were met outside the city by a de
tachment of rurales and a fierce
fight endued.
For more than an hour the rebels
stood their ground, but at last they
were forced to retire, taking their
wounded with them and leavicg
many dead behind. Colonel Asbert,
although desperately woundeo,
made his escape. Later in the day
when Been at the palace, President
Palma said:
"The fiercest fighting that
has been from tbe beginning of the
war took place today, yet the news
papers printed a report that a truce
bad been officially proclaimed. As
this false news was first spread by
apparent friends of the government,
I consider it an act of treachery.
"I have never said or done any
thing which could be interpreted a
recognition of the belligerency i f
rebels. When General Menocai
aeked permission of me to see th
rebels, to induce them to mak
peace without granting them any
thing contrary to the dignity of the
government, I consented, but not
with the idea of stopping the war
lor a moment.
"If General Menecal succeeds in
bringing about a compromise be
tween tbe political parties the gov
ernment will be glad. But it will
not take any part in a compromise.
I consider tbe publication of the
news of a truce as a dastardly trick
designed to promote yesterdayV
battles at Cienfuegos and in the
province of Pinar del Rio."
News comes from f inar del Rio
that aa aim red train sent against
General Pino Guerra has been forc
ed to turn back. The commander
seems to have learned that a freight
train ahead bad been stopped by an
armed force and be lost no time in
tak'u g to the woods, in spite of the
fact that' he had two machine guns
he made no effort to teBt the strength
of tbe.rebels. Encouraged by tbeir
success the insurgents are now
threatening to blow more bridges
and are assuming tbe offensive in
every direction.
According to a jeport from Geu-
eral Montalvo, the battle near Ci
enfuegos yesterday went on till
mgbt. Then both sides withdrew
to their positions. Over 20 were
killed and many were wounded on
both t-ides. Tee loyalists at right
received reinforcements from the
city. The rebels were commanded
by Guzman and Portola. Tbe loy
alists were in command of Valle
and Gaines. Tnis is tbeir thirden
cbunter icce Wednesday.
The Cienfuegos Correspbndencia
says that Guzman declares he will
take particular care to destroy the
property of the Americans in order
to force intervention by the United
States. He said to leading Spanish
merchants who visited his camp
that Spaniards would be respected,
for he had no hope that Spain would
induce the United States to assume
any attitude.
Salem, Or., Sept. -7. F. M. Mc
Elfresh, superintendent of the large
Wallace orchard near this city,
committed suicide this evening by
Notice to Creditors.
Ia the Matter ot the Estate
FRi'.D Lonq, deceased. )
Kotlce is hereby given to all persons concern
ed that the undersigned has been duly appointed
administrator ot the estate of said Fred Long,
deceased, by the county court of Benton county,
state ot Oregon. All persons having claims
against said estate of Fred Long, deceased, are
hereby required to present the same, with the
prope r vouchers, duly verified as by law requir
ed, within six months from the date hereof, to
the undersigned at his residence In Summit pre
cinct,, Benton county, Oregon, or at the law of
fice ot K. E. Wilson, in Corvallis, Oregon.
Dated this 7th day of September, vm.
j , ... K.K.LONG, -
Administrator of the estate of Fred Long,
1 diseased. . .. .
Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 4.
Ewald Conrad, alias Baron Santos
von Dobrowski-Donnesmark, who,
it is alleged, deserted bis American
wife at Paris, taking with him $8,
ooo worth of her jewels and some
money and who was arrested , Au
gust 23 on a churge of robbery but
discharged because he was not cul
pable nnder German law, baa again
been arrested, accused of burglary.
Sacramento, CaL.Sept. 7. Gov
ernor Pardee, at the request of At-
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