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    The Hit
Of The SeasonOur Artist's Work
The crowds watching him work in our window tea-
tify to the interest being taken. No such work of
art has ever been on exhibition in the city before.
Many well-known local faces are now to be seen,
giving satisfaction to the most critical. Don't fail
to see them. : : . : : :
For the benefit of those not yet familiar with this
exceptional offer, we again announce the following:
You purchase $1 worth of goods in any depart
ment and get a coupon. One coupon and 87c gets
you A Bust Crayon Portrait. All work
guaranteed. Come and see where you can save
over $1 on this one article. Offer good 'til Sept 9.
The Artist will Finish all Work Before leaving the City.
For advertisements in this column the rate
of J5 cents per line will be charged.
SpeGial Sale
Saturday Sept 1 1906
Of Boys and Young Mens three-piece
suits vest coat, and pants all sizes
from 13 to 18, and 32 to 36, ranging
in price from $4 to $12.50, that we of
fer for this Sale at half price.
Established 1864.
f $4 00 Suit for $2 00
5 00 Suit for 2 50
600 Suit for 3 00
And so on up
Parents are invited to take advantage
of these sales, as wew o inaugur
ate the fall sales bv giving you extra
The People's Store.
Corvallis, Oregon
The "Palmer Garment"
For Women, Misses and Children
1906 Fall and Winter 1907
R. H. Kaltz, the piano tuner,
will be at Hotel Corvallis j next
M. E. church, South, Sunday
school at io a. m. The regular
church services will be resumed
morning and evening. J. A. Elli
son, pastor.
E. T. Harrington has two
three months- old pigs that cost him
$50. They came from a well
known breeder at Spokane and ar
rived Wednesday. They are Big
Boned Poland China, and are de
scendants of p. pen of swine that
took 20 prizes at the Lewis and
Clark fair. They are probably the
best bred hogs in the county.
A sale of the Burt Lacy resi
dence property took place Wednes
day. It was purchased by J. Sen-
ger, who paid $2,500 for it. Mr
and Mrs. Senger leave tomoroow
for a three weeks' visit with rela
tives near San Fraacisco, after
which they return to Corvallis and
occupy their new home. The Cal-
norma visit will be to a home which
Mr. Senger has not seen for 30
The Salem Journal says cards
have been scattered throughout the
valley, sent out from Independence
to attract people there for hoppick
ing, which bear the expressions:
"Plenty of booze and a h 1 of a
time. What do parents think of
such a place for permitting their
boys and girls to go to pick hops.
The Journal rises up and protests,
declaring "it will keep away de
cent families and is a slander on the
intelligence of the people."
The following real estate trans
fers have boen filed at the court
house: M D Allen to T W Walters
158 acres, east of Monroe, $2,000;
State of Oregon to Howard Morley,
449 acres. $562; Sam King to Lillie
J. King, two lots in block 18. Si;
J B Smith and wife to H F. Martin
and wife, 39 acres near Albany,
$1750; Charles Evans and wife to
Thomas Warren, 80 acres in Alsea,
$613; MP Burnett, sheriff, to M
P Totten, tract in Alsea, $613; A
D Perkins to T K Weatherford, 160
acres N E of Monroe, $1,000.
At her home on Eighth street
yesterday, a lawn party was given
by Mrs. W A. Wells in honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kirkpatrick
and their son, of San I'rancisco
Sixteen friends and relatives of th
Wiles family were present, and :
feature was that each was required
to render the first reciratton given
as a child in the public schools,
years ago. Those present were:
Mesdames H. F. Fischer. Ann
Smith, Johu Hayes, E. H. Taylor,
John Smith, Lillse Taylor, S. N.
Wilkins, Annette Jacobs, Minnie
Lee. Rose Selling, Charles Kohn,
Fied tterchtold and Walter Wiles.
The Fall Season is right at hand and if you have been
ing the merits of different lines the time of decision
is now. We will show you the "Palmer Garment'
line the most stylish garment you can find.
We are not only showing the best styles but in addition, the
beet workmanship and quality of the "Palmer Gae
hent'' are unexcelled. -
We Ask You to call on us whether
us pleasure to show
you buy or not, it will give
Sole Agent.
Corvallis, Or.
A Full Line of Groceries,
Crockery and General Merchandise
. 1 "'"''' . '
Special attention given to Phone
Orders and City Trade
Eggs and Chickens always bought
at highest market price.
Give me a trial order. Quick delivery.
A new Postoffice It will
Eclipse Every Office in the
Corvallis is to have a new post-
office. It will be of such character
as to cause the bosom of every Cor-
vallisite to swell with pride, and
the eye of every stranger within
our gates to dilate with admiration.
It will eclipse any postoffice of its
class in Oregon. In the matter of
conveniences, lights and fittings it
will be the equal of any postoffice
in the country. The old boxes and
furniture now in use will be re
manded to some other less fortun
ate town than is Corvallis, and in
stead there will be new boxes of
the most modern design, framed in
Oak, hung in the richest fashion
and in every respect of rich and
elegant finish. The floor of the
lobby, will be of tile. Instead of
two windows as now, there will be
half a dozen, one for general deliv-
ery, one for stamps, one for regis
try, one for. carriers and one for
money orders. , The plan is to have
the establishment . perfectly adapted
to the carrier system, which will
come in the near future. Corvallis
people have not dreaded of it, but
if the business of the office grows
in the future as it is growing now,
delivery by carriers will be institut
ed within three years, certainly not
later than four. A growth like
that of last year, would make it
certain in three. For the quarter
ending July 30th, the receipts of
the office showed an increase of 20
per cent. It is growth that is
quietly going on while people are
sleeping, and seems scheduled to go
on in the future.
The new postoffice is to be locat
ed in a building according to the
following specifications, taken from
the Portland Journal of last Wed
nesdav: For Corvallis the depart
ment accepted the proposal of Arch'
le J. Johnson to lease new quarters
for the postoffice on the north side
of Madison street, between First and
Second streets, for a term of five
years from November 1, 1906, in
eluding complete equipment of heat,
light, safe and water
Mr. Johnson is out cf town, and
the foregoing facts from the Journ
al are all that is known relative to
the" contract between him and the
government. That he is to furn
ish the postoffice fittings and that
they are to cost $4,000 is pretty
definitely understood. That the
office will be removed to the new
place early in November certainly
not later than' December 1st, is ful
ly expected. That when the new
modern office is finally in service it
will be a place to which all Corval
lisites will show the stranger with
pride and satisfaction, is certain.
When to the splendid college build
ings and grounds, the first-class
court house and grounds, the very
creditable city hall, Hotel rvalhs,
fine bank buildings and the splend
id mountain water system is added
a modern postoffice, Corvallis
One of the most glaring exhi
bitions of cussedness that ever
transpired in this town is the re
moval of flowers and plants from
the gardens at the city hall. In
most instances they are palled up
by the roots and carried away.
They were put there by public spir
ited persons for the beautification
of the town, and, after the dilapi
dation that had surrounded the hall
for years, it would seem that there
would have been none mean enough
to undo what had been done. Hell
isn't hot enough for the skunks or
skuskesses that do it. The place
is watched now and all the penal
ties cf the law will be summarily
dealt out in case of a capture. It
is of some in erest to add, that cer
tain parties are suspected.
FOR SALE. A good heating stove,
cheap. Applv to Mrs. Fitzmaurice,
8th St. Wuestefeldt block.
FOR SALE. 20 head of horses and
mules from 2 to 4 years old. Four
miles s. w. of Albany 011 Oakyille
road. B. L.Taylor, KFD 3.
FOR SALE CHEAP. Cart and harness.
Hollenberg & Cady.
FOR SALE A good buggy at a bar
gain. Independent phone 238. Cor
vallis. Mrs. Annette Jacobs.
Sunday Excursion
on the
Corvalis & Eastern Railroad
To Newport and Return.
Sunday excursions will leave tlbany aft
7:30, Corvallis 8, Philomath 8:12, Wraa
8:30, Blodget 8:50, Summit 9:0s, Nash,
ville 9:25. Eddy ville 10, Morrison lo$
Elk Cijy 10:30, Toledo 10:55 a. m.
Euery Juoday duriijn tb upinor
F(aiQ or Sbin
Season or 3-day tickets good tiding o re
turning on Sunday excursions irons sk
points. Fare for round trip:
Albany, Corvallis. Philomath $1 s
Philomath to Chitwood o
Morrison to Storrs 7S
Toledo, Mill 4 and Oysterville
Numerous attractions, including bM&
concert, turf bathing, life saving drtttti
beating, fishing aod gathering ptctty
water agats.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK Bld Hsvcau
IO to 13 and a to .
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oreg&
Hop Pickers.
Who desire to pick hops in the
Island Home Hop yard will please
leave their names at Thatcher &
Johnson's store or address John
Feller, Corvallis, Ore.
Oswald West.
VeterinarT Surgeon & Dentist
O&ce 1011 Main st Ind 204
Residence 1220 4th st Ind 382L.
WANTED 50 cars of oats and wheat.
Will ship from nearest B. B. station,
get the prices of others, then get mine,
Send sample of grain.' I keep all kinds
ot farm seeds. Yours tor business,
L. L. Brooks, Corvallis, Or.
Kline's private fire department
wzs completed yesterday, and there
was a test. From the alley back of
the store, a stream was thrown
from a two inch hose through a
five-eighths nozzle across the
walk on the other side of the block,
a distance ot lull 120 ieet. ihe
efficacy of three such streams in or
about the store in case of a blaze
would, it will be seen, be .very
eat. The wonder is that other
establishments do not make similar
provisions for fighting fire. ;
The County board of Equaliza
tion has been in session all week.
In all, riot more than three dozen
taxpayers have appeared to raise a
kick against their taxes. There
are something like 2.000 taxpayers
in tne county, and the most of them
are saving tt-eir vials of wrath to
uncork at taxpaying time to the
sheriff, who has nothing to do with
the fixing of the taxes. Of the
two or three dozen who have ap
peared before the board, only a few
have asked for their assess
ments to be lowered, and not one
demanded a raise. A reduction of
$245 was made in Judge Wood
ward's assessment, and a slight re
duction was made for Fred Bu
chanan. The two railroads that traverse
Benton county pay taxes this year
almost double that of former years.
The valuation per mile has been
practically doubled by Assessor
Davis. The C. & E. which has 36
miles of track in Benton is assessed at
$4,000 a mile on its track and $205
a mile for rolling stock. The total
valuation of its property in the
county is $160,000. It was $85,
000 last year. The Southern Pa
cific pays on a valuation of $104,'
000, its track being valued at $8,-
000 per mile and its rolling stock
at $480. Its mileage in the county
is 12 miles. Neither railroad has
so far had its officials before the
county board of equalization, pro
testing against the new assessment
will be a town to
for none of them.
take a back seat
BUGGY FOR SALE. Splendid, nearly
new top buggy, with pole. Also young
Tersey-Holstein cow, trash this tall
Inquire of Milton P. Morgan, Inde
pendent phone 3O0.
PUBLIC SALE. I will sell at auction at
my farm one mile south of Monroe, on
Saturday, bept. 8, at 10 a. m; the fol
lowing described property: 200 Goats,
.' 50heep, 4--wo year old Colts, 2
Clydesdale Mares, 1 Roadster, 2 Ter
sey Cows, 1 Jersey Heifer, 2 Hogs, 10
dozen Urown L,egnorn Wens. 1 new
disc plow, 1 drag harrow, 1 spring
tooth harrow, 1 disc harrow, 1 walkng
plow. 1 set harness, 1 farm wagon,
hack, 1 buggy, hay rope, new barrel
churn, cook stove, household furnitnre
and other articles. Terms cash in
hand. John Coffee.
Zierolf Building.
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton CoaaOp
Physician & Surgeom,
OS:e i
id sacs 1
Seventh .
11 I t 1
5 irai-.t 3 -tit
:r .j? Ii lit 1
1 1 1 1 1 1 t i
cheat seed. Phone 51 Mt. View line.
Joseph Bryant.
Widow Discovered Part of
Land She Bought in Ben
ton Belonged to Rail
rdad. Interest attaches to the case of
Mrs. Alvina Robinson and the ex
perience she has had with a farm
she purchased in Benton county.
Three years ago she arrived from
the East and bought a place on the
Peak road a dozen or fifteen miles
westward horn Corvallis. There
was 30 acres of land under cultiva
tion and comfortable farm buildings
on the ranch. Not lone ago. as a
result of a survey, she discovered
that 15 acres or one-h?lf of her cul
tivated land was on a quaiter'own-
ed by the railroad company. Of
equal importance to her was the
discovery made at the same time
that the farm, building were also
on the railroad section. , It was all
a most unwelcome discovery for out
in that country 15 acres of tillable
land is a good part of a farm and
thelo6Softhe 15 acres that is on
the railroad section means much to
her. She is a widowed lady and of
most excellent character; She sup
posed when she made the purchase
that all that was inside the fence
was to become hers. This week
she was before the county board of
equalization asking for a reduction
of her assessment on the eround
that she had been the past three years
paying on land that did. not belong
to her, the whole property, build
ings and railroad land having ; also
been included in this year's assess
ment. Her petition was granted
by the board. .
For Sale 1 offer my entire poultry out
fit and business consisting of 200 fowls,
three incubators, one bone grinder, one
grit urinder, one rlover cutter. Cheap
it taken toon, S. H. Moore, Corval
lis, Ore. RFD 3. Ind. phone 713.
FOR SALE Two good cows, both will
be fiesh in September, one a register
ed Jersey. Oae fiae Htckney year
ling colt. One pony cart; all at a bar
gain if taken soon. J. A. Gil key, Col
lege Hill, Corvallis.
FOR SALE. Six horse engine and 12
borse boiler in aood repair, and cream
ery fixture", to he sold separately or as
a u hole, and at a bxagain . George Tav
lor. Independent phone 497.
Kor Sale.
Three piece Mahogany Marble top ed
room suit; good box Heater; 2 burner
oil stove. Bargain if taken soon.
S. L. Kline's Residence.
For Sale.
House 6 rooms and barn. 3 lots in Jobs
House 7 rooms, barn, 4 lots near the
College. .
House 7 rooms, brn, 12 lots in Wil
kins Addition.
Inquire of S. H. Moore, Ind. phone,
713, or any of the real estate men .
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cos.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Honrs 1 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may b
eft at Graham & t'- 'ham's drug etoie.
Go East
at reduced rates. The Southexsi
Pacific company announces redncerl
round trip rates to ihe E-st lor the -season
of 1906 as follows:
Corvallis to Chicago and return,
$73-95- St. Louis, $69.95.
waukie, $72.15. St. Paul and Man- -neapolis,
$62.45. SiotxCity, Cotn -cil
Bluffs, Omaha, Bu Joseph, At- -chinson,
Leavenworth and Kansas
City, $62.45.
Sale dates June 4, 6. 7, 23, 25; .
July 2, 3. August 7,8, 9, SepU.
8, 10.
Limit going, 10 days.
Return limit 90 days but not af
ter Oct. 31st.
Well Drilling.
J. E. Sloper is prepared to sink wells
through qnick sand and gravel. Rock
drilling a specialty. Inquire of J: R.
Smith & Co., or address J. E. Sloper,
C01 voi lis, OrffcO'i.
The End of the World
of troubles that robbed E H Wolfe ot
Bear Grove, la, of all usefulness, came
when he began taking -Electric Bitters.
He writes: "Two years ago Ridney trou
ble caused me great suffering, which I
would never have snrvived bad I not tak
en Flectric Bitters. They also cured me
of General Debility." Sure cure for all
Stomach. Liver and Kidney complaints,
Blood diseases, Headache, Dizziness and
Weakness or bodily decline.- Price 60c.
Guaranteed by Allen & Woodward, drug,
' - Mr. J. Mon Foo, ' an experienced com
pounder of Chinese medicines, successor
to the late Hong Wo Tohg, of Albany,
Oregon, is now prepared to furnish Chi
nese medicine to all. ' The undersigned
recommends him and guarantees satis
faction, s
Call or write him at No. 117 West Sec
ond Street, Albany, Oregon.
Jim Westfall.
Cory a His & Eastern
Trains From and to Yaquina
No 1
Leaves Yaquina 6.55 a. n
Leaves Corvallis 10.45 a. m
Arrives Albb.nv... 11:40:1.01
No 2
Leaves Albany i2;iop. ra.
Leaves Corvallis. i:05 P- 10
Arrives Yaquina 5 :oo p. m
no 3 ; .
Leaves Albany for Detroit. . 7:30 a. im
Arrive Detroit 12:30 p. m
No 4
Leaves Detroit. . . 1:00 p. ta
Arrive Albany 5:55 p. m
No 8
Leaves Albany 7:05 a. m
Arrives Corvallis 8:33 a, m,
No 10
Leaves Albany 3:50 p. n
Arrive Corvallis 4:30 p. m
No 6
Leaves Albany 7:35 p. xa
Arrives Coivallis 8:15 p. i
No 5
Leaves Corvallis -6:30 a. n
Arrive Albany 7 10 a. n
No 9 . :
Leaves Ccrvallis 1:30 p. m
Arriyea Albny 2:10 p. m
No 7 '
Leaves Cor val. is 6:00 p. m
Arrive Albany 6:40 p. m
No 11 "
Leave CotoIHb t 1 -oo a. Di
Arrive A Ibau y 1 1 .42 a. m
No 12 j
Leaves Albap y 12:45 p m
Arrives Con allis j .33 p. m
A 11 the ') conprc wuh S"U'hpyn
Pacific con 1 pa n tinii u bu th at Aibanj
end Corvcfiii hs h. II a trains for Detroit
giving dir( Service to Newport at.d ad
jacent beachrs, as well as Breitenbusb
Hot Springs
For funlit-r information applv t '' v
J. (J. MaYO, G.11 Agt
B. H. Bol-f Ht A tuny,
H. H. CitU(. ittcl loading.