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' J
Vol . XlX -No. 3
B.F. rsvnra man
And Proprietor - -
Notice ol Final Settlement.'
In the Mattel ot tile Estate ) .
Louisa Irwin, deceased. ) .'- "
Kotlce is hereby given that the undersigned
as executor of the last will and testament of
Loula Irwin, deceusad, has filed Ms final ac
count as such executor with the clerk of the
county court of the state of Oiegon, for Benton
county, and the said court has fixed Saturday,
the 8th dyof September, 1906, at the hour of
two o'clock in the alter noon as the time, and
the county com t room in the court house in Cor
vallis Oregon, aa the place for healing any and
all objections to the bald account, and for the
settlement thereof.
Dated this August 10, 1906.
Executor of the last will and testament of Lou
isa Irwin, deceased.
In the circuit court In the state of Oregon, for
Benton county.
Catherine Boehringer, Plaintiff, "
Oregon and California Railroad '.Co., I
and Union Trust Company. Dell's. J
To Union Trust Company, the above named de
fendant: In the name of the stnte of Oregon you are
hereby summoned and leqnlred to appear and
answer the compUlnt of the plaintiff in the
above entitled suit, la the above entitled
court, now on file In the office of
the cleikof said couit on or before the last da r
of the time prescribed in the order for pabllca
lion of this summons made by the county jadge
of Benton county, state of Oiegon (which order
is herein after referred to) to wit: August 81,
1906, and you are hereby notified that if you fail
- to appear and answer the said complaint as
herein required, for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to the above entitled court lor the re
lief demanded in her said comp'aiut, to-wit:
that the defendent O. & C. R. K. Co. make, a
deed to plaintiff conveying the N. W. quarter of
N. W. quarter of Section 29, Township 13 8.,
R.tW., in Benton county, Oregon; that defend
ant Union Trust Company join in said deed,
and that if defendants ret use to make such deed
then that the decree of the above entitled
conrt stand in lieu thereof.
This summons is published in the Corvallis
Times newspaper once a week for six succes
sive and consecutive weeks, beginning with
the Issue July 20, 1906 and ending with
tne issue of August ol, 1906. in pursuance
of the directions contained In an order
made by the Hon. K. Woodward, county
Judge of Benton county, Oregon, dated July
16, 1906. Date of first publication hereof is July
20, 1906,
Plaintiffs Attorney,
Notice to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given that the nndersigned,
Melcena Wright haa been appointed admuuStra
trlx of the estate of Thomas J. Wright, deceased.
All persons having claims against said estate
are hereby required to present the same, duly
verified as by la w required, at the office of J, F.
Yates wi.hin six mouths from the date of this
no' lee.
Dated at Corvallis, Or., Aug. 14, MOT..
Administratrix of the tsiaie ot Thomas J
Wright, deceased.
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Literature Sent Oat by Democratic
Congressional Committee Charg
es That Roosevelt is Play
- in g Double With Peo
ple and Trusts.
New Haven. Aug. I9. When
nnn of fisnrop N. 'Rir'h'e nnnn Anna
I D "f"
'at Eist Hampton, encountered yes
terday a red-eyed adder, one of the
most poisonous snakes found here
about, and the enake fastened hie
fangs in the dog's leg, Rich mourn
ed and thought hip dog was done
for. But having himself tried suc
cessfully the whiskey antidote for
snakebites, Rich thought it might
work with equal success on the dog.
He rushed the wounded animal
home and poured whiskey down
him until the dog exhibited a lord
ly jag. The 1 g swelled to huge
proportions, but Rich announced to
day that the swelling had subsided
and the favorite dog was on the
road to recovery both from the jag
and the snakebite.
Washington, Aug. 22. Taedem
ocratic Congressional campaign
inaugurated tonight a vitriolic
personal attack cn the president of
the United States that makes the
philippics of Tillman in his wildest
moments as tame as one of the
Rollo Btcries by comparison. This
attack inveeting the present contest
for control of the 60th congress with
a previously unthought-of bitterness
was promulgated through what is
probably oneof tbe most remarkable
pieces of literature ever emanating
from a national political committee.
"A faker," "four flusber," "the
deepest scheming politician in the
country," "in collusion with the
trusts." These are some of the
quali ies attributed to President
Roosevelt by Coarles A Edwards,
secretary of the democratic con-
cretS:onal committee daring the
last few eampaiges and at present
serving in (be same capacity, in a
statement issued this evening from
tbe committee headquarters in this
city. Mr. Edwards formerly was
Washington correspondent for a
Texas newspaper.
President Roosevelt's v ejection
of himself into the congressional
campaign by means of his letter to
Representative Jamea Watson, of
Indiana, the republican whip of the
Houee, has brought oat the demo
cratic attack upon him. The state
ment prepared and issued by Mr.
Edwarda follow in part:
"President Roosevelt is attempt
ing to dominate this congressional
fight. Hislettir to Congressman
James E. Watson of Indiana has
proved tbe assertion. He tells tbe
country through this Utter to Mr.
Watson that the republicans must
do in this campaign to ' win the
"Tbe chief thing in the letter to
Mr. WatEon from lbs President of
the United States is not that Mr.
Watson amounts to a thing in the
world, but his declaration that the
tariff question mast be relegated to
the rear and await republican re
vision in their own time and od-
' r i unity, thus continuing to sub-
re tne interests 01 tne larin-iea
monopolies that grow fat on the
people's pocketbooks.
"The thing for which Mr. Presi
dent Roosevelt is pluming himself
most in this letter for which be
lakes greatest credit consists of octopus-chasing
and trust-busting.
There are two brands of trust-busting,
the chasing of octopuses
and the butting of trusts that
are odius and the chasing of octo
puses and tbe busting of trusts that
are popular. As yet Mr. President
Roosevelt has only undertaken the
first of those: he has not yet assail
ed a popular monopoly.
".Now there is an octopus in this
land of ours the head devil ofi the
whole layout, namely the tariff oc
topus. This is a very popular oc
topus. It can muster au immense
majority in either wing of the 59th
congress It is the octopus Colonel
Bryan is anxious to smite, hip and
thigh, and it was narrated around
that Colonel Roosevelt bad a rod in
pickle for it that was to be burst
under the monsters belly in the
closing boars of the late momentu
oua season; but, like General Beau
regard at Shiloc; the yresident ap
pears to have argued that it was
glory enough : for one session, for
the whole country was applauding
his exploits in behalf of democratic
policies. Not one thing has he re
commended, and not one thing was
done by his republican 59th con
gress, first session, that did notem
inat e from democratic brains or
was not stolen from democratic
"Mr. President Roosevelt brags
about tbe first eeesion of the s9th
congress passing a generous naval
bill, carrying on tbe idea that there
mutt be a big navy in order to
maintain the Monroe doctrine and
other things. It did. It paseed a
bill carrying an appropriation for
millions of dollars in tbe interest of
the armor-plate trust, a few days
ago an independent, anti-trust armor
plate company made bids for those
steel vessels, and Mr. Roosevelt's
secretary of the navy refused to
give the contract to the lowest bid
der .(the anti-truet bidder), and
compelled them to divide with the
"If there is any one thing that
ought to convince the people of this
country that the president of tbe
United States, with his full knowl
edge of the transaction, is trying
to play honest and consistent with
tne in in tne interest ot an econom
ical, just, conservative' acd decent
government, that transaction ought
to dissipate it. It shows him to be
in collusion with every trust man
agement in the United States.
"President Roosevelt already has
got the republican buck ague con
cerning the complexion of the next
House of representatives. He is
simply a badly scared man, and he
knows what a democratic House
means for him and bis rotten ad
ministration. That's why he is
getting so busy in this fight for the
iiouse. lie would ratner nave a
republican House that would pass
tbe same old resolutiocs reiusing to
investigate the postoffice depart
ment and tbe other departments of
the government than tell tbe truth
and bave a congress that would in
vestigate and let tbe country bave
the truth. The people ot tbe coun
try democrats end republicans
alike seem to have got it stuck in
to their crop that Me. Roosevelt is
infallible and can do no wrong;
that be is working honestly and
consistently in their interests, when
the real truth is tbat he is a fakir
and four-floeher and the deepest
scheming politican in all the
St. Petersburg, Aug. . 25. Four
revolutionists arrived at M. Stoly-
pin s villa on Aptikaresy Island
at 3:20 p. m. today io a coach.
Iwo of them were die sed in tbe
uniform of gendarmes, the third
was dressed as a driver acd was on
the box of tbe coach acd the fourth
man was in private clothes.
Two of the men entered tbe villa
under the pretext of making an im
portant report to the premier, but
were not permitted to enter nis 0.
fice. - Then one of the men thiew a
bomb into tbe reception room arid a
teirible explosion followed. Tbe
bouse was nearly destroyed. The
man who threw tbe .tomb was
killed, but the premier who wa in
his office wss unirjured. H'.s
daughter is eaid to have bad both
ner legs broken end tbe premier s
3-jear-old son wss severely wound
Firemen who arrived on the scene
immediately atter tbe explosion
found a horrible scene. Many mu
tilaled corpses and a large number
of wounded and lacerated persons
were lyirig around tbe plot where
the bomb exploded.
Among those killed were General
Zameatim, who during the war with
Tacan was chief of communication.
Syracuse, Aug. 18. Thomas Ma-
loney. a clerk in a drugstore, was
so surprised today at the appear
ance in the store of bis sister, whom
he believed to have been killed in
the San Francisco earthquake and
fire, that be grabbed un a tumbler
of benzine and gulped down its con
tents. A doctor used a stomach
pump, and in a couple of hours Ma
loney was ame to welcome bis sis
A Mystery Solved.
"How to keep off periodic attacks of
billiousness and babitnal constipation
was a mystery that Dr King's New Life
Pills solved for me," writes John N Pleas
ant, of Magnolia, Ind. Tbe only pills
that are guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction to everybody or money refunded
Only 25c at Allen & Woodward's drug
CLARES. Notable Attentions Shon Bryan at
Paris Murder Relics Sold in
a Church Girl Threw
Chemicals in Rival's .
Spokane, Wash., Aug. 23. The
death of O. O. Peck, a millionaire
mine owner, in this city recalls the
fact tbat a donkey was declared by
Judge Norman Buck, of the Su
preme court of Idaho, to have shar
ed in the discovery of the $15,000,
000 Bunker Hill and Sullivan mine
and thereby secured for its owner a
one-third interest in this famous
"From the of witnesses,"
the court's opinion reads, "this
court is of the opinion that tbe
Bunker Hill mine was discovered
by Peck's jackass, Phil O'Rourke
and N. S. Kellogg. As plaintiff
owns tbe jackass be is entitled to
one-third interest in the Bunker
Hill claim and a one-fourth interest
in tbe Sullivan."
. There is much more to the opin
ion, but this ebows that the learned
jurist credited tbe donkey with a
full share in the discovery. Fur
thermore, Peck thereby obtained a
tille which he subsequently sold for
a fortune tbat enabled him to spend
the remainder of his days in afflu
ence. Stranger than any story in tbe
annals of mining is that of the dis
covery of the famous mine in the
neart ot tne (Jotur d Alene moun
tains in Central Idaho. Kellogg
was a prospector, who bad been
grubstaked by Cooper and Peck, 01
this city. One day be visited tbe
latter and exhibited a specimen of
ore that be bad found in the vicini
ty of what now constitutes the Ban
ker Hill and Sullivan mine. Peck
pronounced the ore worthless and de
clined to continue the partnership.
Kellogg fell in with O'Rourke, a
Colorado miner, who pronounced the
ore valuable and joined Kellogg in
a second expedition. This time
Harry Baer and Jacob Goetz, of
Spokane, grubstaked the pair.
The two men chanced upon tbe
Burro, which was owned by Peck,
but had been turned out to forage
fur itself until its owner had further
need of its services. Kellogg and
O'Rourke impressed it into service
as a pack animaJ, without notify
ing Peck. Within a month thej
bad discover-d the gieitest mine
the Coeur d'Alenes has ever re
When Peck discovered tbat his
burro bad foimed one of the party
he brought suit to bave bis interest
established and the cturt sustained
his contention.
Parif, Aug. 23. Mr. Bryan has
come and gone. No American who
has been in Paris attracted so much
attention, or occaeicned rroie com
ment. Tbe interest tbat tbe French
population tcok in bis visit was re
matkable. Although be bad tele
graphed a week before for rooms at
the Hotel Continental, the only ac
commcdatioos available fur him
were three little rooms on tbe third
floor, wholly inadequate for a party
of six.
"This is like camping cut," said
Mr. Bryan to bis secretary. The
distinguished traveler was obliged
t3 bava bis bedroom transformed
into a study and reception room,
where he passed much time dictat
ing telegrams and receiving visitors,
wbile Mrs. Bryan drove about tbe
city and visied tbe great storee.
Wh n Mr. Brian's presence be
came known all visiting and lesi
dent America swooped down upon
the hotel. The clerks say that never
had any visitor such stacks of mail
and telegrams, ncr w as ever any
one so much asked for at the desk.
Mr. Bryan received numerous
letters begging him to stay a week
so that the American colony, irre
spective of politics, might organize
a dlnter and hear him talk. He
confessed tbat be was tempted to
break bis plans in view of the cor
diality of the request", but said that
it was necessary ior him to keep to
his programme, as important cor
respondence was following by
scheduled stages. Besides be was
most anxious to take the opportun
ity to see Spain, especially Grena-
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