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afurday Mm 4tb
Mason Fruit Jars, any size, Pints, Quarts or
Half Gallons, per dozen, 6o
1 dozen to each family.
Extra Rubber Rings, the 10c kind, 5c per doz
Ladies and Boys Hop Picking Gloves 5c a pr.
Mens Hop Picking Gloves 9c a pr.
One pair to each person.
For advertisements in this column the rate
of 15 cents per line will be charged.
Saturday Only
Call in Person. No Phone , Order s Filled.
Established 1844.
Corvallis, Oregon
The People's Store.
v- Our - f
is Now on
And for 30 days we will offer the entire stock of dry-
goods, boots and shoes, clothing etc at extra special pri
ces. Space will not permit us to quote prices on every
article. But following are a few to give vou an idea , of
some of the special bargains.
Extra Special
$12 5o Suits at ....$1000
14 00 do il ao
15 00 do : 12 00
16 5o do 13 20
18 00 do 14 40
Extra Special ,
f2 50 Boys suit at (i 95
3 00 do .;. 2 25
3 50 do 2 85
4 00 do 3 10
4 50 do 345
Extra Special
Si 00 Ladies Skirts at. ......... t 75
3 so do 2 eo
4 50 do 2 75
5 5o do 3 00
6 5 do 4 50
Extra Special
$ 75 Ladies waists at. $ 40
1 25 do 80
1 50 do 1 00
2 00 do 1 25
Odd lot of waists worth $1, 1.50 and
1.75 at 25c
Summer Dress Goods worth 15c, 20c, and 25c, reduced to 10c
t F T MTT T TTP'Q Corvallis, Or.
P. S. When you see it in our Ad, its so.
Moses Brothers
You will always find us up and
and oar prices leasonable.
For Boots and Shoes
for Men, Women and children, hats, caps underwear, every
day and a tLiilf, ladies skirts, mens and boys suits
Also a Fine Line of Groceries
crockery and everything that is needed in a grocery de
Look Out for Moses Bros
quick delivery wagon. Listen for the bell and you will find
there is something donig
For a Fine Line
Guns, Fishing Tackle and
Base Ball Goods
go to
We carry the Famous Bristol Fishing Rods.
Born, Sunday to Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Taylor, a son.
Prof. W. T. Shaw left today
for a month's visit with relatives
and friends in Minnesota.
Mr5. J. A. Spangler left yes
terday for a month at Newport,
where Miss Lulu has a cottage in
Lester Porterfield, tre well
known O. A. C. student passed
through town yesterday, en route
home from a sojourn of 'several
days at Newport. His limb, which
was tract urea some time ago is
completely recovered and as strong
as ever. It has not been determin
ed whecher or not he will return tc
co lege next month.
Albany Herald: On Friday
evening at Plainview the Advance
thresher owned by Whealdon,
Wheeler & Blatchford was burned
as the result of a hot box. When
the fire was discovered the entire
interior of the machine was in
flames. The loss is between $700
and' $800. The machine had just
started on the second season's run
and the loss at this time of the year
is a most serious one to the owners.
Work was begun this morning
on the Taylor brick, the contract
for which was awarded to Charles
Heckert a few days ago. The con
struction of the walls and founda
tion .has been sublet to Mr. Ham
mellof Albany. The foundation
and walls in the rear of the old
wooden building that now occupies
the site will be built first, after
which the old structure will be
hauled off to the boneyard..
The cement sidewalk ordi
nance has had an electrical effect in
securing the construction of new
wooden walks. The rush to put in
new walks before the cement ordi
nance should go into effect has been
spectacular, and with the result
that the sawmill is overwhelmed
with the demand for sidewalk lum
ber and cannot fill orders as fast as
presented. Yesterday there were
orders for 1,000 lineal feet more of
sidewalk, than there is sidewalk
lumber in the yard. Walks are be
ing built alpng unfrequented streets
and in obscure places where it is
not likely the owner ever thought
of building a walk until the cement
apparition stalked into his startled
presence. .
-The Eighth grade graduating
exercises of the Alsea public schools
occurs at Alsea Grange Hall next
Monday evening at 8 o'clock. The
program and members of the class
follow: Music, orchestra; invoca
tion, W. D. Risley; salutatory,
Jesse Hay den; music, orchestra;
class history. Pearl Hayden;
recitation, Bonham Tom; class
prophecy, Ethel Cathcart; vocal
solo, Miss Edr a Buster; valedicto
ry, Agnes Hammersley; music, or
chestra: presentation oi diplomas.
Supt. Denman; music, orchestra.
School District No 29: Ethel Cath
cart, Pearl Hayden, Jesse Hayden
School District No. 42: Agnes
Hammersley, Bonham Tom.
A team in the delivery line
managed to send two vehicles to the
repair shop yesterday. The horses
which were driven by Young-Lew
is, took a spin in the forenoon, and
by the time the performance was
over, the wagon was out of com
mission. Early in the afternoon
there was a second performance
and another wagon, borrowed
from Levi Oren was also sent to the
shop for a long line of repair. ; In
the latter engagement the horses
started near the Ireland grocery
store and collided, with a telephone
pole near Small's. A wheel was left
there and by the time Miller's was
reached most of the running gear
was on the ground and traveling
necessarilv slow with the result
that there was a capture in that vi
cinity. A vehicle from one of the
livery stables was put behind the
team and up to the present the way
ward horses have . been kept under
Standing on Main street and
looking west on Jefferson, one can
observe the effect of obedience to
the grass cutting and cleaning or
dinances. Beginning at the Gra
ham & Wells corner, and extend
ing a distance of several blocks
westward on both sides of the street
everything is tidy and clean, and
the whole appearance most pleas
ing to the eye. As this stretch of
street is, so the whole town would
be were there proper observation of
the, ordinances passed by the city
council. Such observance' would
soon cause all the town to become
interested in tidiness of appearance,
and the result would be a sightli
ness of situation that would make
Corvallis the' envy of home-seekers
and home owners elsewhere. It
would make property more sought,
and thereby more valuable.
Mrs. .H W. Kaupisch left Fri
day for a Newport visit.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Grugett
left Sunday for a five days' stay at
Lebanon and other Valley towns.
Miss Bessie Ireland returned
Saturday from a week's stay at
D. Vance of Seattle, was the
guest over Sunday of Corvallis
Milton W; Smith, a prominent
attorney of Portland, accompanied
by his daughter, was doing busi
ness in town Saturday.
Mrs. B. W. Johnson returned
Saturday evening from a three
weeks' visit in Portland and at
Long Beach. v
Rev. and Mrs. - Bush, Miss
Nellie Marvin and Philip Gerhart
returned today from atripto Mary's
Have Dr. Lowe cure your head
and eye aches with a pair of his su
perior glasses Consult him Aug.
the 8th and 9th at Hotel Corvallis.
An intormal dance was given
at Raymond's hall Friday evening.
About twenty-five young people
were present.
Dr. Bowen Lester left Sunday
for Belknap Springs. He will be
absent several weeks and expects
to rough it.
Many Samples Come to th e
College for Test Prison
Lard with Tallow Content.
A. J. Johnson and family are
to leave in a day or two for a camp
ing trip to Yachats, to be absent
the rest of the month.
The new residence of Ells
worth Erwin was completed yester
day and will be occupied by its
owner and family in a day or two
Wednesday and Thursday of
this week Dr. Lowe the well known
oculo-optieian will be at Hotel Cor
vallis. Have him test your eyes
for glasses. 7
Two hundred and forty excur
sioniats made the trip to Newport
and return on Sunday s trains
Sixty five of them went from Cor
The tide of seaside travel ebbs
and flows. One hundred and thir
ty five seasiders came out yesterday
and four coach loads, jammed full.
went in.
There has been a big rush at tl t
chemical laboratory at the college
for several weeks past in the ana
lyzation of . waters. Samples of
water in use and for proposed use
for domestic purposes have been re
ceived from cities in all prts ot the
state for analysis. The realization
hat pure water is an important
consideration in life has been made
emphatic by events of recent oc
curence in the state, and the var
ious commuuities are becoming
more and more alive to the fact.
The lead by Corvallis in the in
stallation of a Mountain water sys
tem has set other localities to , con
sidering the subject, and the con
sequence of it all is that a largely
increased number of samples of
water for analysis is reacning the
OAC chemists. Some of the
samples prove to be good water
and others are discovered to be
totally unfit for use, showing that
without knowledge of the fact,
many a community is consuming
water that is a fruitful source of dis
ease, Among otner waters recent
ly received for analysis was a sam
pie from the Eugene water system
It was not analyzed because re
ceived too long a period alter it
was taken from the mains, and also
because of the absence of Prof.
Pernot, from whom a bacteriologic
al analysis in particular was wanted.
No fee is charged for the ana
lysis of waters, the woik being for
the public health, in which res
pect the college is giving to the
state a valuable service aside from
its educational work. A great
deal of the work in the chemical
and bacteriological laboratories is
in the gratis category, and for the
public f weal.
1 ne otner day, lara sola Dy a
dealer to the state penitentiary was
analyzed. It turned out to be part
lard and part tallow, and in conse
quence was subsequently condema
ed by the prison authorities.
Sunday Excursion
on the
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad
To Newport and Return.
Sunday excursions will leave Albany at
7:30, Corvallis 8, Philomath 8:12, Wren
8:30, Blodpet 8:50, Summit 9:0s Nash
ville 9:25. Eddyville 10, Morrison lo:al,
Elk Cijy 10:30, Toledo 10:55 a. m.
Euery 5uoday durioo$ tb Rummer
Hair or Sbii)
Season or 3-day tickets good going or re
turning on Sunday excursions from all
points. Fare for round trip:
Albany, Corvallis, Philomath $1 5O
Philomath to Ohitwood 1 00
Morrison to Storrs 75
Toledo, Will 4 and Oysterville 50
Numerous attractions, including band
concert, tnrf bathing, life saving drills,
boating, fishing and gathering pretty
water agat?.
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK Bldg". Honroi
10 to 13 and a to 41.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 P. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & ham's drug store.
-Misses Mabel and Edith Keady
left Saturday, for-Sodayille for-rn
outing witn Misses Mary and Mar
garet Sutherland.
wuuam miter, wire and
daughters arrived Sunday from
two weeks camping trip in Alsea
They were with the Denman' s who
returned last week.
Men wanted. Saw mill and
lumberyard laborers $2. 25 per day
Woodsmen $2.25 to $3.00. Steady
work. Apply to Booth-Kelly Lum
ber Co. Eugene, Or. tr.
-. Prof. Tartar's summer school
for teachers came to an end Friday,
after a five weeks' session. It was
very successful, Prof. Tartar being
one of the best school men in the
Valley. Eighteen teachers took
the course.
Misses Berthile and Ivy Bar
clay gave a dinner party Sunday
evening to a number of friends,
followed by launching. The guests
were, Misses Belle Ranney, Bertha
Thrasher, Lillian Ranney. Messrs.
Charles Porter, Sam Hartsock,
Ralph Pruett, Harry Auld and M.
M. Long.
"Waiter, bring me some iodo
form s.)up, a germ-proof steak, and
some sterilized potatoes." ' Yes,
tab. What'll you have to drink,
sab?" "I guess I'll have some an
tiseptic tea. And, by the way, tell
the bar-keep to. fix me a listerine
cocktail for an appetizer."
The painters are rapidly finish
ing the new building on Mam
street which is to house the electric
light office and appliances,1 and the
work of wiring the place has be
gun. It will be occupied in a day
or two. This building was omitted
in the enumeration of new struct
ures in process of erection, in a list
printed in Friday's Times.
Along with their good wishes,
their friends are receiving a hand
some pocket match safe from the
real estate firm of J. L. Lewis &
Company. It is both substantial
and neat, and on the one side is the
legend, "This match safe is worth
from $5 to $20 to you if you bring
me a satisfactory purchaser for a
farm." On the other side is this
J. L. Lewis- & Co have large and
small farms for sale or rent; money
to loan on good securities."
Tl IT 1-A . .
, ivixs. nrama i K.iine, press
correspondent ot Ellsworth Corps,
No. 7, reports that ", Ex-Governor
bamuel R. Van Sant has been ap
pointed ; chief . marshall of the big
urana Army parade In Mmneapo
lis on Wednesday August 15th by
commander in Chief Tanner . Mrs,
Kline leaves Wednesday to. attend
the National Convention W. R. C
which meets at Minneapolis during
next weex.
Veterinar" Surgeon
Office Winesrar & Snows Barn
O&ce Phone Ind 328
" " Bell 441
Resident " Ind 389
Zierolf Building.
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
In Benton A Grand Jury's
Report Thereon Advised
New Arrangements.
The grand jury at the April
term of the circuit court visited the
Benton poor tarm, and made a re
port. The report led to th pur
chase by the Watter s court of a i
farm and to a plan of keeping the
paupers thereon. The report in
full is as follows:
We have made a careful and ex
tensive investigation into the con
ditions at the poor farm and the
treatment received by the inmates
thereof, and find as follows: That
proper care, nursing, and medical
treatment is not furnished the in
mates during sickness nor to those
unable to care for themselves that
the keeper of the farm is accustom
ed to give drugs and medicines oth
er than simple household remedies
to the inmates without proper pre
scriptions and does not uniformly
obey the instructions of the county L
physician with reference to medical
treatment of patients who are in
mates ot the poor farm.
That the sanitary conditions
are pocr and cleanliness of person
and sunoundings on the part of
the inmates is not enforced. That
the inmates-are comfortably housed
and clothed and that food furnished
is sufficient in quality and quantity
but that it is not always cleanly nor
properly cooked by reason of the
fact that the cooking is largely done
by an epileptic charge of the county
who is not a fit person to perform
such services. We recommend that
the county officers immediately take
steps to enforce a more csreful
compliance with the contract for
keeping the county charges with
relerence to the above matters and
that at the expiration of such con
tract the same be not renewed with
the present keeper of the county
charges unless, the above objections
have been remedied.
"We recommend that the county
charges be kept at some place near
the county seat if practicable, and
we recommend to the careful and
favorable consideration of the
county court the "purchase of a site
and erection of a building for hous-.
ing and keeping such charges and
the proper furnishing thereof by the
county. We fuither recommend
that in future contracts the matter
of medical treatment and the fur
nishing of medicines or drugs to in
mates be excluded and not pro
vided for therein, and that, proper
arrangements be made independent
of such contract therefor.
PAtjI.Trtjit? Henry ScflHiEKi,B;
J. H. Dorsey, A. G. Allen,
J. E. Buchanan James Pfotjts,
J. G. Horning," '
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned,
administrator ot the estate ot Pamella Winkle,
deceased, has filed in the county court of the
state oi Oregon, lor Benton county, his final ac
count as such administrator of said estate, and
that Monday, the 6th day ot August. 1906, at the
hour ot 10 o'clock has been fixed by said court
as the time for heariDg of objections to said re
port and the settlement thereof.
Administrator of the estate of Pamelia Winkle ,
Dated June SO, 1906.
Notice of Final Settlements
In the Hatter or the Estate 1
of i
Jambs 0. Irwin, deceased. j
Notice is hereby given that the undresignedr
ss administrator of the i state of James C. Irwin,
deceased, has filed his final ai count with the
elerk of the county court of the state of Oregon,
for Benton county, and the aid court has fixed
Monday the 6th day of August, 1906, at the hour
of two o'clock In the alter noon as the time, and
the county court room in the court house in Cor
vallis, Oregon, as the place for hearing any and
all objections to the said account, and lor the
settlement thereof.
Dated this July 6, 1906
Administrator of the estate of James C. Irwin,
. dt ceases.
The FirBt National Bank of Corval
iie, Oregon, traopacts a general
. confeivative banking business.
L-n5 money on approved Pfcu
xity. grafts bought and sold and
-. money tran6fnrredto the principal
citite of the United, Statep, Eu
rope and foreign countries.
Mr. J. Mon Foo, an experienced com
pounder of Chinese medicinen, successor
to the late Hong Wo Ton?, of Albany,
Oregon, is now prepared to furnish Chi
nese medicine to all. The undersigned
rfcraimeLda him and guarantees satis
faction. Call or write him at No. 117 West Sec
ond Street, Albany, Oregon.
Jim Westfall.
Physician & Surgeon,
0;S 1
idstwe i
5 :
, It 30a
Economy fruit
& Johnson's.
jars at Thatcher
Go East
at reduced rates. The Southern
Pacific company announces reduced
round trip rates to the East for the
season of 1906 as follows:
Corvallis to Chicago and return,
$73.95. St. Louis, $69.95. Mil
wankie, $72.15. St. Paul and Min
neapolis, $62.45. Sioux City, Coun
cil Bluffs, Omaha, St. Joseph, At
chinson," Leavenworth and Kansas
City, $62.45.
Sale dates June 4, 6, 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3: August 7, 8, 9, Sept.
8, 10. ;
Limit going, 10 days.
Return limit 90 days but not af
ter Oct. 31st.