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    Corvallis Times
ForWcmans Building It is
to Cost Nearly Seventy
Thousand Snook
the man.
The contract has been let for the
erection of a Womans building at
the Colleee. The great structure
will he out uo bv the man who
built Agricultural Hall. He is H.
Snook, the well known Salem con'
tractor, and one'who became very
popular with Corvallisites during
the months that he was engaged in
the construction of Agricultural
The new building is to be of Cas
cade granite in the first or what is
called the basement story, and
Pioneer sand stone is to be the ma
terial for the two upper stones.
The cost completed is to be $69,
345, and the contractor has until
July 1, 1907 to complete the work.
All the bida were on a basis of com
pleting the structure by September
1, 1907, but the building committee
insisted on the earlier date in order
that furnishings and all other ar
rangements could be fully ' complet
ed by the opening of college a yeai
The building will be the most
imposing as well as the most ex
pensive structure on the college
campus. It is to occupy the most
beautiful eminence on which the
Hogg house stands. It will neces'
sitate the removal of the athletic
field to some other spot a year
hence, and will be so placed as to
present a magnificent prospect to
those who view it from anywhere
in Corvallis, or from the C. & E.
railroad. The plan bas been so
arranged that the ground plan will
. be of the shape of a letter F, with
the projections westward, and with
the stem running north and south.
The north and south length is 188
feet, of which 138 feet has a width
of 48 feet. About the center is a
boiler and , a steam heating
arrangement. At the south end
is an L 103 feet long by 50 feet
wide. The building will accommo
date 200 girls, in addition to the
dressmaking, household science
and probably the music and draw-'
ing department". The architectur
al arrangenien is such that ultim
ately when required, an L can be
added to the north end, the effect of
which will be to add rooms for 100
girls and heighten the architectural
effect of the structure.
The attendance of girls at the col
lege last year was 212; of boys.
523. Formerly the attendance of
boys and girls was about equal. It
is believed that the lack of such ac
commodations as the new building
will afford is what accounts for the
unequal distribution of the sexes
attending the institution.
The contract was awarded yes
terday morning by the building
Lawn social at the Presbyterian
church next week.
Goats for Sale.
65 head. Inquire of G. Bareing
er, or Ind. phone 51 Oakridge line
Alsea party please notice.
Fine Platinums and Aristo Plati
no Photos at the Corvallis Studio.
For Sale.
House 6 rooms and barn, 3 lots in Jobs
House 7 rooms, barn, 4 lots near the
House 7 rooms, barn, 12 lots in Wil
kins Addition.
Inquire of S. H. Moore, Ind. phone,
7id, or any 01 tne real estate men :
For Sale
A male Poland, China pig one
year old. Can be "seen at my place
two miles south of this city.
Samuel Whitesides.
Women and girls over 16 years
to work in shirt factory. Good
wages, steady work, Oregon City,
Woolen Mills, Oregon City, Or.
' Found.
A ladies gold watch and chain
Owner can have same Iby proving
property and paying tor this no
tice. Enquire of Mrs. Tim Dow
Economy fruit jars for sale by P.
M. Zierolf.
In Annual Session in Interest
of O AC Things That
Were Done. '
It is probable that Dr. Thomas
M. Gatch will retire from the pres
idency of the State College at the
end of the coming college year. The
plan is entirely voluntary on the
part of Dr. Gatch and is said to
have been contemplated for some
time. The first public mention of
it occurred at Wednesday's meet
ing of the board of regents, when
a resolution embodying the an
nouncement of his purpose and ap
propriately expressing the sentiment
of the board toward Dr. Gatch
was proposed and unanimously
adopted. The resolution is as fol
lows: Whereas, after an illustrious
career of half a century as an edu
cator.. Dr. Thomas M. Gatch, the
illustrious president of the Oregon
Agricultural College, has expressed
a desire to retire in the near future
from the headship of this institu
tion, and
Whereas, it seldom falls to the lot
of man as an educator to write a
record so replete with years and so
rich in honor and lustre as is the
distinguished service of 50 consecu
tive years rendered by Dr. Gatch
as follows, towit: Professor of
natural science, University of the
Pacific, Santa Clara, California,
1856; principal Santa Cruz public
schools, 1857; professor of mathe
matics University of the Pacific,
1858: professor of ancient languages
University of the Pacific, 1859;
president Willamette University,
Salem, Oregon, i860 to 1866: prin
cipal Santa Cruz public schools,
1866; principal Portland Academy,
1867 to 1870; president Willamette
University, 1870 to 1880; princi
pal Wasco Academy, 1881 to 1887;
president University of Washing
ton, 1887 to 1895; professor of po
litical and social science, Univer
sity of Washington, 1895 to 1897;
president Oregon Agricultural Col
lege, 1897 to the present time; and
therefore be it
Resolved, that we, the board of
regents of the Oregon Agricultural
Cellege, in annual meeting assembl
ed, renewing our confidence and
faith in Dr. Gatch as an illustrious
and wise educator, learn with deep
regret of his expressed purpose of
seeking retirement from the head
ship ot this institution, and that
it is only with the greatest reluct
ance that we consent thereto; and
be it further
Resolved, that we recommend
Dr. Gatch to the trustees of the
Carnegie! Foundation as oue whose
notable service to the causeof edu
cation makes him a conspicuous ex-
mple of an educator whos; career
deserves recognition and reward,
and that, in the name of the Oregon
Agricultural College and acting for
it, we request that Dr. Gatch be
admitted to the privileges and
benefits of the said C?rnegie Found
ation. The presentation of the resolu
tion was a matter of complete sur
prise to most of the members of the
board. It brought out regretful
and eulogistic remarks by many
members, notable among whom
were Governor Chamberlain, W
P. Keady, Mrs. Waldo and Cap
tain Apperson, all of whom paid
high tribute to the talents, wisdom
and achievements of Dr. Gatch as
an educator. There was mention
of kis long service and of the
great growth that has almost uni
versally attended institutions that
have passed under his administra
tion. As is well known, Willam
ette University under his reign
grew to be a big university with an
attendance of more than 400, al
most double what it has ever been
since that time, the University of
Washington doubled in enrollment,
attaining an enrollment of 600 and
receding by a large per cent after
his retirement, and that the State
College of Oregon with its unequal
led growth during his time from
317 to 735, the present figures be
ing more than double that of any
other institution in Oregon.
Dr. Gatch s present plan is the
result of his own personal inclina
tion. - At, the last Commencement
time he attained the half century
mark in his career as an educator,
the 50 years having followed each
other in active service and without
a break. It is doubtful if there is
another record so remarkable in the
country. Others may have served
as long, and with as great distinc
tion, but few if any have served
each year consecutively, without
ever being out of the harness. To
be, after such service at the head
of an institution involving the com
plications ot detail in management
incident to the headship of the
State College requires the most
strenusus effort, and it is no marvel
if Dr. Gatch has, after his long
and illustrious record, determined
to lay it aside.
The Quinlan-McCully incident
was considered by the board and a
committee was appointed to make
an investigation. The committee
is, Governor Chamberlain, State
Superintendent Ackerman and
Captain Apperson. The situation
is that the war department requests
the suspension of Cadet McCully
and a reference of his case to the
faculty for action, together with an
apology to be made to lieutenant
Quinlan, stating that if these sug
gestions are followed the secretary
of war will give personal supervision
to the selection of an officer to be
detailed for service at the State col
lege. In harmony with the request
Cadet McCully was suspended
pending an investigation by the
committee of which Governor
Chamberlain is the head. The
committee was given full power to
act, and is to report findings to the
board and to the war department.
The department is invited to send a
representative to be present at the
investigation, ' which contemplates
also that Lieut. Quinlan may al
so be present., ,
The board, conferred the degree
of Ph. D. on Superintendent Acker
man and made the title of C. M.
McKellips, assistant professor.
The ad interim selection of J. H.
Mc Dougal as assistant professor of
electrical engineering and that of
Mark McAllister as instructor in
woodwork was confirmed.
And Its Writer Makes Threats
It Came to Victor Hurt.
The anonymous letter writer has
begun operations on O. y. Hurt.
As though his cup of bitterness
were not already sufficiently filled
the chap who attacks from ambush
and never comes out from cover,
has begun his assault. An un
signed letter containing threats was
received by Mr. Hurt Tuesday. It
was dated at Portland Sunday and
postmarked at Portland Monday.
It was apparently in the natural
handwriting of the sender, no at
tempt at disguise being observable
There was some bad spelling, but
in other respects the letter was
fairly good in appearance. It in
tormed Mr. Hurt that he must not
attempt to aid in the defense of his
daughter. Also that he must pro
vide a monument foi George
Mitchell s grave or he would be
The letter was taken to Portland
by Perry Mitchell and compared
witn one 01 similar character re
ceived by Mrs. Burgess Starr of
that city. The contents were some
what similar, though in the case of
Mrs. Starr the threat was that if
she did not do as the writer direct
ed she would be "cut to pieces.' !
In the matter of handwriting, how
ever, the letteis were totally un
like, and were apparently not writ
ten by the same person.
Along with this unpleasant letter
Mr." Hurt is receiving a great
many letters every day, some from
friends and others from total strang
ers, all containing kindly expres
sions ot sympathy and respect
enquiring if they cannot be of
Come to the Ice Cream social at
McFarland chapel Thursday even
ing, July 26th.
A. Bargain.
163 acres known as the Cauthorn
place on Peak road must be sold at
once. 30 acres in crop. House of
5 rooms, new barn, 50 x 60 ft. 30
acres of heavy timber, balance pas
ture, running water on place. This
is a bargain at $1,600.
Ambler & Watters, agents.
For Sale.
Cream separator and five head of milk
cows. Inquire of Frank Skinner,
Wren, Benton county.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office a? stir i 1 5 iru-.t 8 ri ck
Idence oa tin cm:; r t It so n '
Seventh st. Push v 1 o fix
Get yonr Economy
Zierolf s.
fruit1 jars at
Ice and ice cream delivered by
the Corvallis Creamery Co. in large
or small quantities to any part of
the city.
Notice is hereby Riven that the clerk
of school district No. 9 Benton county,
-will receive bids to paint the old school
building: roof, one coat, and body of
building, two coats, work and materials
to be first class. Give cost of labor, also
contract price for labor and materials.
The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids, and no bid will be re
ceived after 9 a. m. July 10th. Specifi
cations can be seen at the office of Clerk
Buchanan, in vthe Court house.
.ct -Our
Annual Mid-Summer
Sale is Now on
And for 30 days we will offer the entire stock of dry
goods, boots and shoes, clothing etc at extra special pri
ces. . , Space will not permit us to quote prices on every
article. But following are a few to give you an idea of
some of the special bargains.
Extra Special
$12 5o Suits at $10 00
14 00 do il jo
15 00 ; d0 12 00
16 5o ' do 13 20
18 00 do 14 40
Extra Special
$2 50 Boys writ at 1 95
3 00 do 2 25
3 5o do 2 85
4 00 do 3 10
4 5o do 345
Summer Dress. Goods worth
of 17 T HTTT T
b A 1 vi 1 1 ,1
P. S. When you see it in our
You may bend, you may twist,
You may turn as you will,
But the shape and the smartness
Will cling to them still.
This means Cohn Block ready made suits.
A few Summer Suits left at 20 percent discount to
close them out. Sold by
Dealer in all Mens Furnishings.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Moses Brothers
You will always find us up and coming
and our prices leasonable.
For Boots and Shoes
for Men, Women and children, hats, caps underwear, every
day and a sbiilf , ladies skirts, mens and boys suits
Also a Fine Line of Groceries
crockery and everything that is needed in a grocery de
partment. Look Out for Moses Bros
quick delivery wagon. Listen for the bell and you will find
there is something donig
Remember Blackledge is Here
We have just received 45 Mai
lable Iron Beds, all prices, from
$2 90 up. One thousand yards
Matting, just in. New wall
Paper just received. Lower
than any house jnBenton county
The new folding j Go-Carts are
For Pl)3:j,JWj')l.v3:k, avj.
We don't have time to change our ads every week, 'but
we sell goods to beat the band.
Dont buy until you see our large stock of House Furnish-
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Extra Special
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$ 75 Ladies waists at. $ 40
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Odd lot of waists worth $1, 1.50 and
1.75 at 25c
loc, 20c, and 25c, reduced to 10c
ThTP'Q Corvallis, Or.
,1 ;i u
Ad, its so.
Sunday Excursion
on the
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad
To Newport and Return.
Sunday excursions will leave Albany at
7:30, Corvallis 8, Philomath 8:12, Wren
8:30, Blodget 8:50, Summit 9:0s, Nash
ville 9:25. Eddyville 10, Morrison 10:21,
Elk Ci;y 10:30, Toledo 10:55 a. m.
Euery $uniay during tb 5uAlmer
Iain or Sblr;
Season or 3-day tickets good going or re
turning on Sunday excursions from all
points. Fare for round trip:
Albany, Corvallis, Philomath $1 5O
Philomath to Chitwood 1 00
Morrison to Storrs 75
Toledo, Mill 4 and Oysterville 50
Numerous attractions, including band
concert, turf bathing, life saving drills,
beating, fishing and gathering pretty
water agats.
Banking Company
Cobtalus, Oregon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
; SEATTXE f r.iif,
MW YORK Messrs. J. P. Men-ran & Co
i CHICAGO- National Bank of The Kepub
I Ho.
LONDON, ENG. N M Rothschilds & Sons
CANADA. Ciller- Rank of Canada
Northern Pacific.
2 Daily Trains 2
Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
and the East.
2 Trains Daily 2
Denver, Lincoln, Omaha Kan
sas City St. Louis and East,
Four dally trains between Portland and Seattle
Pullman First-class sleeping cars. Pullman
Tourist sleeping cars, Dining cars night and day.
Observation and Parlor cars.
The regular Yellowstone Park Boute via. Liv
ingston and Gardiner, Mont., the government
official entrance to the Park.
Park season June 1st to September 20th.
See Europe if yon will but see America first.
Start right See Yellowstone National Park
Nature's greatest wonderland.
Wonderland Th3 famous Northern Paciflo
book can be had lor the asking or six cents by
The Route of the "North Coart Lsmited" the
Only Electric Lighted Moiorn Train from Port
land to the East.
The ticket office at Portland b at 255 Morrison
street, corner Third ; A. r. Carlton, Assistant
General Passenger Agent. Portland, Or.
Newport, Yaquina Bay, Breitenbush
Hot Springs From All S. P. and
C & E. Points.
On and after June 1, 1906, the Southern Paclfle,
in connection with the Corvallis & Eastern rail
road, will have on sale round trip tickets from
points on their lines to Newport, Yaquina and
Detroit at low rates, good for return until Octo
ber 10, 1306.
Three-day tickets to Newport and Yaquina,
good going Saturdays and returning Mondays,
are also ou sale from all East Side points, Fort
land to Eugene, Inclusive, and from all West
side points, enabling people to visit their famil
ies and spend Sunday at the seaside.
Season tickets from all East Side points. Port
and to Eugene, inclusive, and from all Wes
Side points, are also on sale to Detroit at very
low rates, with stop-over privileges at Mill City
or any point East, enabling tourists to visit the
Santiam and Breitenbush Hot Springs In the
Cascade Mountains, which can be reached In
one day.
Season tickets good for return from all points
until Oct. 10. Three-day tickets good going Sat
urdays and returning Mondays only. Tickets
for Portland and vicinity good for return via.
the East or West Side. Tickets from Eugene
and vicinity will be good going via the Lebanon
Springfield branch. Baggage on Newport tickets
checked through to Newport; on Yaquina tick
ets to Yaquina only. Sunday excursions to New
port on the O. & E. will begin June 10th or 17t h
and run every Sunday thereafter, leaving Alba
ny at 7:30 a. m.; leaving Corvallis 8 a. m :
S. P. trains connect With IheO. & E. at Albany
and Corvallis for Yaquina and Newport. Trains
on the C. & E. for Detroit will leave Albany at
7:30 a. m., enabling tourists to the Hot Springs
to reach there tne same aay, Trams from ana
to Corvallis connect with all East Side trains oa
the 8. P.
Fall Information as to r ates, time tables, etc.,
can be obtained on application to J. C. Mayo
Gen. Pass. Agt. C. & E. K., Albany; A. L. Craig,
G. P. A. 8. P. Co., Portland, or ts any S, P. or O.
&E. agent.
Sates from Corvallis to Newport, $3.75;
To Yaquina, t&35.
Three-day rate from Corvallis to Newport, 12.56.
Have you tried the Economy
fruit jar? -; Zierolf keeps themv
Economy fruit jars at Thatcher
& Johnson's.