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For advertisements in this column the rate
of 15 cents per line will be charged.
Sam Hartsock was the guest
over Sunday of Salem friends.
Frank Thrasher of Portland,
was the guest of Corvallis relatives
and friends over Sunday.
Robert Gilbert returned to De
troit Monday after an over Sunday
visit with Corvallis friends.
Some Corvallisites are going to
celebrate at Peoria, where there is
to be a barbecue and picnic.
Kline's team 16, Oak Grove
10. '"The above score is the result
of the baseball game played on the
flat, Sunday.
To accommodate those who
wish to buy, J. M. Nolan & Son's
store will be open Tuesday evening
July 2nd until 9 o'clock.
Men wanted. Saw mill and
lumber yard laborers $2.25 per day.
Woodsmen $2.25 to $3.00. Steady
work. Apply to Booth-Kelly Lum
ber Co., Eugene, Oregon.
Fifty four Corvallisites made
the trip to Newport and return , on
the regular- excursion Sunday.
With the advent of the hot days
the excursion grows in popularity.
Miss Lulu . Gunther has re
signed her position as operator in
the Bell office, and leaves today for
Portland where she will hereafter
A large business continues to
be done in vetch seed, in spite of
the lateness of the season. .Con
siderable quantities of old seed are
being shipped East and to Canada.
L. It. Brooks is looking for an ad
ditional carload to finish out an or
der for three carloads. The price
paid for old seed is $1.85. New
seed is contracted at $1.50.
A $2,200 residence is .rapidly
nearing completion on the L. L.
Brooks farm, replacing the home
destroyed by fire April 1st of this
year. Charles McHenry is the
carpenter and Ed Felton, the plast
erer. The building is to be equip
ped with hot and cold water, bath,
toilet and other modern conven
iences, and will be an. ideal farm
home. x
Private letters announce the
arrival at Schenectady, .New York,
of E. E. Bradley and M.JC. Haw
ley of the late graduating class at
OAC. An even dozen OAC lada
are now with the General Electric
Company in that city, ,-and all of
them are excellent ' students. A
letter says that from the OAC col
ony, the General Electric people
are learning that there are people
west of the Rocky mountains, and all the people from the Far
West are not cowboys.
Punderson Avery arrived. Fri
day evening from a business trip to
San Fraucisco. The all important
matter in that city just now is,
what are the insurance companies
going to do? A few are paying
dollar for doliar on their policies;
but many are quibbling, dodging
and offering compromises". Mr.
Avery, Gibson, and others bad a
policy in the Traders " of Chicago
on $10,000 worth of canned salmon
and the company offered to pay 60
cents on the dollar. The offer was
refused, and a suit will be brought
in the hope of forcing the million
aire stockholders of the company to
pay in full.
Lester M. Iceland. Two-story
frame dwelling, East Twenty-seventh
street between East Pine and
East Ash, $2,600. This appears in
the list of building permits publish
ed by the Portland papers of June
30th. Daniel W. Pritchard, for
merly of the 0. A. C. woodworking-department,
and Harry Schuet
te late resident of this county are
the contractors. Mr. Pritchard and
Mr. Schuette have been engaged
in expert finishing work but have
begun conti acting for themselves
by erecting a house for Mr. Leland,
who was formerly connected with
theO. A. C. printing department.
Corvallisites are going in va
rious directions to celebrate the 4th
tomorrow. Four places will draw
from the town, towit: Philomath,
Salem, Newport and the Cascades.
The largest delegation will go eith
er to Philomath or to the mountains.
Both places are popular with the
public. The accessibility of Philo
math will probably attract the larg
er contingent, though the cheap ex
cursion .offered by the Odd Fellows
will draw largely to the front. The
original supply of . tickets was ex
fa austed and a new quota has been
ordered. A number of people are
leaving this afternoon for Newport,
a rate of $2.50 for the round trip,
good three days, having been offer
ed by the company. The day
promises to be quiet enough in Cor
vallis. The Cascade train leaves at
All kinds of Fireworks at
Campbell's bakery.
Dow Walker spent Saturday
in this city, a guest at the M. M.
Davis home.
Mrs. Clifford Gould and child
ren left yesterday to spend a month
at the Whitaker farm.
W. Gifford Nash of Portland
passed through this city Saturday,
enroute to Nashvilla, where he ex
pects to visit his brothers for some
The ladies of the W. C. T. U.
are urged to be present at the reg
ular meeting this week, as import
ant business is to come before the
society. .
Mrs. J. E. Brattnober and Miss
Oleta Pettigrove of Seattle are vis
iting Mrs. H. C. Herron of Irish
Mrs. Charles Everett and chil
dren left Monday for Portland.
Mr. Everett has been employed
there for some time and the family
expect to make Portland their
The building at the northeast
corner of Jefferson and Main, has
been purchased by Miss Ella John
son, the milliner, who occupies it
with her establishment. The price
paid Mrs. Maud Hemphill, late
owner of the property, was between
$2,000 and $2,500, the figure not
having been made public.
At a meeting of the Watters
court Saturday, the salary of the
county ferryman was reduced to $42
per month. The change from $50
to 42 was because of the occupan
cy of the .newly built ferry house
which will save the .ferryman $8 to
$10 per month.
The new cement entrances to
the Administration building at the
college have been completed, and
are very sightly. They are semi
circular in form and with their easy
steps materially improve appear
ances. They are located at the
north and south entrances of he
Administration building.
The eangr that has been con
necting consumers with the moun
tain water mains has been engaged
since yesterday morning in conect
ing city sewers with the new sys
tem. The work is in response to
the request of the city council,
which at a meeting Friday night
adopted a resolution instructing the
water commission tc supply moun
tain water for sewer flushing. It
is expected that the sewers will all
be connected by ... this evening and
that the work of supplying consum
ers with mountain water will be re
sumed at once. ; , f.. .
. Sheriff Burnett and Deputy
District Attorney Bryson are to go
to Seattle to testify in the Mitchell
case. They were subpoenaed re-
i cently by the defense with the un
j derstanding that they would go to
j Seattle it telegraphed for. later. The
i contingency being dependent on
whether or not the admission of
their testimony could be secured.
Sunday both received word to ap
pear at the trial, and both expect to
reach Seattle by Thursday morning
in time for tne opening of court.
Both witnesses were present at ex
aminations of Creffield as to his
sanity, and also at similar exami
nations of many of his victims.
Both went also to the Hurt house
tt the time of the big excitement
over Rollerisin in the spectacular
days two or three years ago, when
it first broke out ia the community.
Those who use the county fer
ry now have a new convenience. A
telephone has been added to the ap
pliances lor rousting the lerryman
at the call of duty. It runs from
the new lerry house to a box on the
east siaeot tne river. instead ot
bellowing about and pawing the
earth for half an hour or so, with a
gentle refrain of wicked cuss words,
all a belated traveler has to do now,
is to open the telephone box", lift off
the receiver and request the ferry
man id get out of bed and bring the
boat over at once. The new. device is
lung saver and possibly more or
less of a soul saver. It costs noth
ing, arrangments having been made
with the Independent people to do
free switching forever on that line.
Fiscal Operations of Benton County Report of County Clerk
at the Close of Watter's Administration Nine Thous
and in Warrants now Outstanding.
At its closing meeting Saturday, a report of its stewardship was
made to the retiring commissioner's court by County Clerk Moses. The
report is self explanatory and is as follows:
Following is a report of the financial condition of Benton County,
State of Oregon, from July 7th, A. D., 1902 to June 30th, A. D., 1906
both inclusive, showing the financial condition of Benton CoUnty, at
beginning of the administration oi the present County Court, the condi
tion of said County on 1st day 01 July, ot ypars 1903, 1904, 1905, and
June 30, 1906, the latter date being the termination of term of this Court.
July 7, 1902 to July 1, 1903.
I find that on July 6, 1902, 5 p. m., the amount of outstanding
County Warrants was $22,966.90, and cash in Treasury
applicable to payment County Warrants $1,896.64, said
date being the end of the "Woodward" administration,
and following table will show the amount of warrants is
sued and amount of warrants redeemed annually thereafter
on July 1.
July 6 1902, Debtor To County warrants outstanding, $22,966.90
July 1, 1903. Debtor To County Warrants issued from July 7,
1902 to July r, r903 inclusive, 27,481.51
Total, 50,448.41
July i, 1003, Credit by Warrants redeemed from July 7, 1902
to July 1, 1903, 48,328.38
July 1, 1903, Debtor, total amount warrants outstanding
I further find that on said July 1. 1903, the County Treasurer
had on hand money applicable to payment of outstanding
.warrants '
leaving cash net Resources,
July 1, 1903 to July 1, 1904.
issued July
1, 1903, to
July 1, 1903, To County Warrants
July 1, 1904, To County Warrants
July 1, 1904. .
July 1, 1904, By County Warrants paid July 1, 1904,
Total amount warrants outstanding July 1, 1904,
On July 1, 1904, the County Treasurer had on hand cash
applicable to payment outstanding warrants 6,274.36
July 1, 1904, Credit by net cash Resources, 2,338.70
29. 39- '5
July 1, 1904 to July J, 19o5.
July 1, 1904, Dr. To county warrants outstanding and unpaid, $3935 66
July 1, 190J, Dr. To warrants issued lrom July 1, 1904-July,
1905, ... 29088.81
lotai 33024.47
July 1, 1905, Cr. By warrants redeemed Jul. 1, 1904-Jul. 1,1905 22811.34
July 1, 1905, Dr. lo total amount outstanding warrants 10213 13
On July 1, 190 s, the County Ireasurer had on hands cash
applicable to payment county warrants 4714.16
July 1, 1905, Net indebtedness 5438.97
. July 1, 19o5 to June 1, 1906, inclusive.
July i, 1905, Dr. To amount warrants outstanding
July 1, 1906, Dr, To amount of warrants issued from July 1,
. 1905 to June 30, 1906, both inclusive
July 1, 1906, Cr. By warrants redeemed from Jul. 1, 190s, to
June 30, 1906, both inclusive
July 1, 1900, lotai amount ot warrants outstanding and unpaid 10542. 15
Of the aboveamount ofwarrants unpaid thesumof $129.51
is on special road funds, of which there is money on hands
to pay. I further find that on June 30, 1906, at 5 p. tn.
the County Treasurer has cash on hands applicable to pay
ment of outstanding county warrants the sum of $877.37
and the road warrants $129.51. 106.81
July 1, 1906, Net indebtedness 9535-27
Included in the items of expenses for year July. 1905, to July 1
1906, is the sum of over $2500.00 special road tax, lor
which the County Court has to issue warrants, on such
special funds; Lewis and Clark Fair, $1695.60; purchase
Poor Farm, $5400.00; Exhibit Court House, $173.91.
The following table will show the amount paid in salaries, for
care of county poor, elections, bridges, femes, and roads,
Salaries of County officers $7184.89.
County poor 1840.41
Elections 592.10
Bridges, ferries add roads 13121.74
Lewis and Clark Fair
Otherobjects 4742.37
Total Expenditure $27481.51
State of Oregon
County of Benton
; 1657.98
$27319,12 $29088.81 $39497-23
For Sale
Stock ranch, 295 acres in Bel
knap settlement, 20 miles south
west of Corvallis, running water,
house, barn and orchard, unlimited
outrange, $6 per acre, terms easy.
Independent phone . 555, drop r,
Bellfountain. Address,
A. W. Hawley, R. F. D, 1,
Monroe, Ore.
T , . . .. .
ice ana ice cream delivered on
Sunday any part of the city by
Corvallis Creamery Co. .
fiean the 8 KM You Have Always Bougft
I, Victor P. Moses, County Clerk of Benton County, Oregon,
hereby certify the foregoing statement to be a true and correct state
ment of the financial condition of Benton County, for the years ending
July, 1902, 1903, 2904. 1905, and June 30, 1906, as shown by the rec
ords in my office, and in my care and custody.
Witness my hand and official seal this 30th day of !June. 1906.
County Clerk, Benton County.Ore.
Our store will be closed Friday
July 6th in order to go through
stock and arrange for our Great
Mid-Summer Sale,
Ice and ice cream delivered by
the Corvallis Creamery Co. in large
or small quantities to any part of
the city.
A Shoe Lesson!
That each you how to vaftke your feet feel a Iicme em
bodied in every pair of
Ralston Health Shoes
When you put on Ralstons
you ean feel sure you've done
the best for your feet in point
ef oth comfort and style. Q
Ralston shoes are built on a
structural principle worked
out from a close study of the
foot asnature made it.
Did you ?ver notice how the firm,
dose-packed sand of a smooth sea
beaoh supports and fits every part
of the foot? i Ralston Health Shoes
fit that way.
Come in and try on a pair.
The People's Store.
Established J 864.
Corvallis, Oregon
Newport Will Celebrate
The Glorious Fx
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad
Will make special excursion three-day rates from Albany, Corvallis, Phil
omath and all points west. Fare for round trip:
Albany, Corvallis and Phikmath.. $2.50
Wren, Harris, Blodgett and Summit $2.00
Tickets -will be good going Tuesday July yd, find returning Thursday July 5th,
giving three days at the coast. Special attractions have been arranged by the
people of Newport, including boat racing, ftot rating, fire works, e pceches, bend
concerts, ball, etc. Valuable prizes given fo all contests, t
Come and Help tkem Celebrate.
Lady crackers
Cannon "
Rizaracker Fireeracker
Zip Bum Bah
Gun Hodes, Gn Nodes
Huh Rah, Rah
Rockets J
Roman candle
Mines . E
Pin wheels-
Etc, Etc.
-nn mi-
-1 a
Moses Brothers
. You will always find us up and coming
and our prioas leascmable.
For Boots and Shoes
for Men, Women and children, bat?, caps underwear, every
day and a 1 1 iilf, ladies skirts, mans and boys suits
Also a Fine Line of Groceries
crockery and everything that is needed in a grocery de
partment. Look Out for Moses Bros
quick delivery wagon. Listen for the bell and you will find
there is something domg
. . For Sale.
Cream separator and five head of milk
cows. . Inquire of Frank Skinner,
Wren, Benton county.
Ices and Creams!
We are now prepared to provide the public with Ices
Water Ices, creams, Sherberts, and everything in this line.'
v Special Fancy Orders
For soeial functions solicited. We cater to the whole
public and guarantee the best at reasonable prices. : When
you want anything in our line remember us.
Our own special free delivery to any part of the city
large or. smalLJ ; ;
Corvallis Creamery Company.