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For advertisements in this column the rate
of 15 cents per line will be charged.
F the East-
church, South, at n a. m., "An
Intercessory Prayer of St. Paul."
At 8 p. m., "Regeneration."
Died, at Summit, Sunday June
io, little Wilbur Carltcn, aged 7
years. For the past three years the
lad had been an invalid, being con
fined to his bed most of the time.
C. A. Bareinger on Indepen
dent rural phone line has 45 goats
and 20 kids for sale at ruling prices.
They can be seen at the Bareinger
farm 9 miles s. w. of this city
Private news is to the effet
that they had a pretty stiff earth
quake shock in San Francisco the
other night. The tremors shook
things up so vigorously that many
people were badly frightened. .
Presbyterian church. Subject
of sermon at 11 a. m., "The Mind
of God." C. E. meeting with spe
cial program 7 p. m. Children's
service at 8 with illustrated sermon
and chalk talk, subject, "The Inn
keeper and the Spies."
A party of Corvallisites leaves
tomorrow for the East. . They are
Mr. and Mrs.. J. H. Moore, who go
to the vicinity of Peoria, Illinois,
and Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Taylor
who go to Independence, Missouri.
All will be absent two or three
The notice of the chief of 00-
lice that gates must not be swung
. outward over the sidewalk and that
barbed wire must not be used in
fences in the city limits, appears
! elsewhere. The measures alluded
., to in the notice are provided for in
new ordinances passed by the city
council, and Chief I,ane gives not
ice that they must be observed or
the penalty will be applied.
The German Lutheran congre
gations f Corvallis and Albany will
hold their aanual Missionary Festi-
val next Sunday at Albany. Ger
man preaching at 10 a. m. by Rev.
H. C. Ebeling of Forest Grove, and
English preaching at 2 p. m. by
Rev. W. H, Behrens, of Portland.
' All are welcome.
A carload of furniture from
S. L. Kline's San Francisco home
arrived Wednesday. It will be
stored until the completion of the
new residence Mr. Kline is to erect
at te corner of Jefferson and
Fourth. Mr. Kline went to San
Francisco two weeks ago to sell his
house there. He is expected home
in a few days. '
Suit has been begun in the cir
cuit court against Melinda D. Starr
:' for the collection of the sum of $1,
000. The plaintiff is J. T. Bridges.
. formerlv one of the land officials at
Roseburg. Bridges holds a note
executed in 1903 against Mrs. Gar-
linghouse, mother of the defendant
for money alleged to have been ad
vanced by plaintiff. About a year
ago Mrs. Garlinghouse died and
Mfs Starr, her daughter, became
administratrix of the estate. The
claim was presented by Bridges but
was disallowed by the administra
trix, and the suit is the result.
The 64th birthday of Mrs. H.
F. Fischer was celebrated -with a
surprise and tea given by her
daughters, Mrs. Klger and Mrs
Elgin at the family home Tuesday.
- The afternoon was very pleasantly
spent, and many congratulations
were showered upon the guest of
honor. The guests present were,
Mrs. P. Avery, Mrs. M. E. Lee,
Mrs. Wells, Mrs. Wiles, Mrs. Ki
ger, Mrs. Yates, Mrs. Ann Smith,
' Mrs. Berchtold, Mrs. Jacobs and
Mrs. withycombe.
An informal test of the powers
of the new water system for fire
purposes was made by Fire Chief
tferry yesterday afternoon. A sev
en; eighths inch and an inch nozzle
were used on a hose attached to the
fire plug at the Graham &"Wells
corner. A solid stream sfater
was inrown trom the middle of
Main to the alley and more a dis-
tnnrp of TAn rm fav mritr. 1.1.
v w ow yg iLil Liic
vwind blowing strenuously the water
was lifted to a height of. 20 feet of
more over a fifty foot telephone
poie. ini pressure, according to
tne water gauge is 77 pounds. The
pressure stood at 75 pounds while
tne test was in progress.
em I
Miss Agnes Wilson and Mrs.
Mary Bryson spent Wednesday af
ternoon in Albany.
Miss Alice Jones entertained a
few friends informally Tuesday
evening in honor ot Miss Bess
Yates of Vancouver.
Rev. and Mrs. Rexroad visited
at the McCausland home Thursday.
Rev. Rexroad is principal of the
Harrisburg schools.
The Kline baseball team is to
play a game on the flat Sunday af
ternoon with a picked team 01 old
veterans, who played star ball in
the recent
Caleb Davis and daughter,
Miss Bertha, have gone to the
farm three miles west of town where
they will spend the summer.
. Miles Belden, who has been in
Corvallis for a day or two, leaves
today, in company with Arthur
Bouquet, for the , Bohemia mines.
After a few days visit with Cor
vallis friends Miss Edna Buster left
yesterday to spend the summer with
her parents in Alsea. She was ac
companied by Miss Mertie Harring
ton. Tuesday evening Mr3. Taylor
Porter gave a Flinch party in hon
or of her neice Miss Maud Banks of
Denver, Colorado. Her guests
numbered twenty.
On the way to Corvallis Wed
nesday, Walter Kiser lost a purse
containing $46. On the way home
the same evening, after leaving an
advertisement with the Times for
it, he found his purse with the mon
ey all safe.
iidwin K.ose is visiting tor a
day or two at home. He has been
absent from Corvallis seven months
partly in Eastern Oregon and partly
in Portland, having been engaged
most of the time as a carpenter. He
is to leave in a day or two for Carl
ton to work on a big Methodist
church building for the erection of
which Newt Adams and G. H
Carl of Corvallis have the contract
Harold Strong 'received Wed
nesday evening the notification that
he had been admitted to the prac
tice of law by the Oregon supreme
court. With other applicants, he
took the examination at Salem on
the 15th inst. His knowledge of
law was secured in a course at
Stanford which . institution he has
been attending . for the past four
years, and from which he will re
ceive his degree of I. 1,. D. in Au
gust. More than half the wool clip
in Benton is said to have been sold.
All of the big lots but three or four
have passed into the hands of buy
ers. Among the lots unsold are
those of T. W. B. Smith, Dock
McBee and Roy Rickard. Twenty
three cents is said to be the best
price obtainable in Corvallis now,
with Cotswold one to three cents
kslow that. A 70,000 pound pool
sold at McMinnville a few days ago
at 23 5 8. The pool is the largest
formed this year in the Willamette
Valley. MaDy ot the big lots were
sold at 25 with delivery to be made
subsequent to the sale.
-The funeral of the late H. E.
Burns, who was killed in a railroad
accident at Los Angeles last week,
occurred from the home of E. W.
Strong yesterday afternoon. Many
friends of the family were in atten
dance, and there were many gifts
of flowers. The service was con
ducted by Rev. Vincent and the in
terment was in Newton cemetery.
The deceased was 46 years of age,
and was a man of very high char
acter. The survivors are the wife
and son. . Later accounts of the
accident are to the effect that Mr.
Burns was on his bicycle in the sta
tion yard. A growth of eucalyptus
trees obscured from view a train
that was approaching swiftly from
the direction that Mr. Burns was
going. All unaware until it was
too late, the wheelman pursued his
course until struck by the speeding
Live kicks, but all to no avail,
are registered against the insurance
companies by those who insure.
The advance of 2$ percent in the
rates, on account of the San Fran
cisco earthquake, to be applied to
all new policies as they are written
is the occasion of the dissatisfaction.
Those who have it to pay say Ore
gon is not in the siesmic zone and
that her people ought not to be
mulcted by millionaire insurance
men now to make up for losses the
companies have sustained byrea
son . of earthquakes in California
The injustice of the new rates is as
patent as can be, but how to" avoid
them is a query difficult to answer.
It might be a good thing for Ore
gon capitalists to start their own in
surance company on the old rate
basis. They would be very sure to
do the business, and the business
would be very sure to be profitable,
provided the policies were written
in Oregon where there are no earth
quakes, blizzards, cyclones or other
Local news on first page.
A late shipment into Portland
was a train load of beef cattle from
The doctor's daughter Papa,
can you fix dolly? I operated on
her and all her utensils are coming
out. -V
"Do you think the widow will
break his will?" "Won't be nec
essary. She did that long before
she became a widow.
Mrs. J. Scott of Albany, was
the guest of Corvallis relatives this
week. ;. . "'
Paul Johnson, late publisher of
the Argus at Albany, has fled the
state, leaving his creditors and his
family behind.
Rev. and Mrs. P. A. Moses left
today to spend the summer with
their daughter,' Mrs. W. D. Jenks
at Tangent.
Miss Paseey A fortune teller
has told me where I should find
my future husband. Mrs. Stipulate
Goodness! Give me her address
at once! Perhaps she could tell me
where my present one is.
A picked team of players went
over to Brownsville yesterday to
take part in the base ball tourna
ment in progress there, the occasion
being the annual picnic of the Pio
neers. Among those in the team
is Long Brothers, Claude Swaun
and Floyd Huff.
New cement steps are being
placed at the north and south en
trances of the administration build
ing at the college. Bach set of
steps is in the form of a half circle,
the radius being eleven feet. They
are built of cement and will be very
substantial. The work is being
done by John Bier & Son.
Farmers are beginning to
make the annual inquiry as to the
price of binding twine. , If the
weather is right they will commence
to buy it early next month. Local
dealers say the price will be about
the same as last year. - Then Stan
dard went at about 12 1-2 and Clo
ver Leaf in the neighborhood of 14.
The figures here named are not au
There is to be a meeting to
night of the Water Committee at
which the accounts in rffie "construc
tion of the water works will be cast
up, and a balance figured out. The
work is completed so far as origin
al construction Is concerned, and
all that remains are odds and ends,
such as would naturally be incident
al to a new building, a new machine
or anything else newly construct
ed. The work of connecting con
sumers is expected to begin to
morrow. The rates fixed by the Water
Committee far household use are the
same as have been in vogue with
the old Water Company
there is neither toilet or
rate is $1 per month. Toilet is 50
cents and bath 25 cents extra. The
rate for lawn sprinkling is $3 to $5
for the season, according to thenum
ber of lots irrigated. It is expect
ed that these rates will remain in
.vogue until the Commission shall
be able to make them lower. The
question of reduction will depend
of course upon the number of con
sumers and the aggregate revenue.
If no accident happens at the
C. & E. station in the near future,
persons in the habit of being about
tkere will be agreeably dissapoint
ed. Intense rivalry has sprung up
among the news boys to be first
down town with the evening papers
and to facilitate matter? they board
the arriving train while it is yet in
motion. There are a number of
them, and their struggles to b; first
up trie steps ot the car, with the
train still moving swiftly, is a scary
spectacle. A harrowing fear of
some mother's boy under the cruel
car wheel possesses some bf the old
er people who are wont to look on
when the train comes in each even
ing. A strenuous city ordinance
prohibits the boarding of a train
while it is in motion.
Those who have seen it, say
the reservoir of the Mountain water
system is a thing of beauty. The
cement lining is now covered with
a coating of black ' asphalt, and the
effect when the big tank is filled
with clear mountain water is a deep
blue characteristic 01 a clear sky.
The stand pipe in the center of the
water rises eight feet above the sur
face and spouts water like a foun
tain. A party of business men
went out yesterday to see the thing
perform, and returned enthusiastic
as to the;work. The engineer in
charge of the construction of the
McMinnville water system was in
town tne otner day, and- alter a vis
it to it, he declared the Corvallis
reservoir to be the most perfect ar
rangement of the kind he had ever
seen. The reservoif- is now com
pleted and full of water. Its ca
pacity is 250,000 gallons.
President Gatch is at Newport.
He ie accompanied by hie grandson.
Yesterday was the longest day
in the year.
Joseph Pa'tereon came out from
Newport Thursday to consult a
Mr. Chester Prrebstel ba
been confined to her bed for the
past three weeks with illness.
Mi-sea Luta and Ctaricoa Briegs
of Atchison, Kansas, arrived Sun
day for a two week's visit with their
cousin Mrs. A. L. Koieely.
The two-story residence of J.
II. Harris is being pcslei to com
pletion od lots near the Southern
Pacific ttition. It is to contain
eight large rooms, and will be a
huuie f the first cluss. Its cost will
be about $2,ooo. Mr. Goldeon is
the builder.-
Congregational church: Morn
ing eermon, "The Larger Life for
Every Ooe Its Source, lis G'owtb,
I's Perioanene." Evening sermon,
"The Plare of TJlun in the Plan of
redemp'ioD." There will be ser
vice at Plymouth at 3 o'clock.
In the probate court R R Long
has petitioned for letters of admin
istration in tbe estate of Fred Long,
who died in Lane county in Decem
ber. The value of the estate is
$1550 and the father, John Lorg,
is the sole hsir.
The lig rewepapers col time
to boom Governor Cbambeilain for
national politics. But the governor
with fine appreciation of his etate
and the people of bis etate, says he
would rather be governor of Oregon
and that his highest ambition is
to give the state the best adminis
tration it ever had.
Thursday afternoon, a party
consisting of Mr. and Mrs. McKel
lips. Misses Mabel Withycombe and
Mary Nolan, F. L. Kent and John
McDougal, left this city in a row
boat with Albany as their destina
tion. Their only stop was at Hub
ville, where a delicious luncheon
was eaten. They returned on the
8:15 train anxious to repeat the
Thursday afternoon the Ladies
Whist Club met for the last time
this season at the home of Mies
Eda Jacobs. The parlors were lit
erally banked with magnificent
roses, the air being heavily laden
with their fragrance. After two
hours "Tof progressive whist, a dainty
luncheon for which the Jacobs home
is famous, was enjoyed by the twen
ty ladies present. Beeides the mem
bers of the club, the guests were:
Mrs. M. E. Lee, Mrs. John Smith,
Mrs. B. F. Irvine and the MisseB
: Briggs of Atchison, Kansas.
The Corvallis players wrn a
pame of base ball at the Btj- ns
ville picnic yesterday and are play
ing again this afternoon. They also
won the relay race. Tie team is,
Cooper, catcher; Huff, Pitcher; Os
car Long, let base; Swann, 2d base;
5 Jones, 3d base: M M Lone, ehoit
bath, theBstP Bujeu, uouieter aoa onracK,
outfielders. Tbe crowd at tbe pic
nic is said to be enormous.
Last Wednesday, a point lace
handkerchief on" college grounds or
in college armory. Finder will
please leave at Kline's store.
The First National Bank of Corval
lis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative banking business.
Loans money on approved Pfcu
rity. Drafts bought and sold and
mosey transferredto the principal
4ties of the United States. Eu-
ropetmd foreign countries.
English Shire Stallion.
Imported English Shire stallion
7972 Southill Ranger 18366 will
make the season of 1906 as follows
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurs
days at Abbott barn Corvallis, an
days and Saturdavs at Monroe Frd
Mondays at Watkin's place 12,
miles south of Corvallis.
Southill Ranger is a beautiful
dark dapple bay, 17 1-4 hands high
an weighs 2150 pounds.
Terms: $20 to insure with foal or
$25 to insure a living colt.
W. C. Belknap,
Veterinary Surgeon :
OlSce Winegar & Snows ; Barn
Office Phone Ind 328
" " Bell 44,1
Resident " Ind 389
Zierolf Building. -
Odfy Set Abstract Books in Benton County
A Shoe
That each you how 4o nnke your feet feel at home em
bodied in ery pair of
The People's Store.
Established 1864.
The Gem Oioar Store
All Leading Brands of Key West and Doaaeettc Cigars. Whist and Pool'room.
Jack Mjune,
Lady crackers
Tire "
Rizaracker Fwacker
Zip Bum Bah
Gun Nodes, Gmo Hades
Cannon "
Huh Rah,
Moses Brother;
You will always find
and our prices easonable.
For Boots and Shoes
for Men, Women and children, "hatp. caps underwear, every
day and a i iitf. ladies skirts, mns and boys suits
Also a Fine Line of Groceries
- crockeiy and everything that is needed in a grocery de
partment. .
Look Out for Moses Bros,
quiek delivery wagon. Listen for the bell and you will find
there is something donig
Ices and Creams
We are now prepared to provide the public with Ices
Water Ices, creams, Sherberts, and everything in this line.
Special Fancy Orders
For soeial mictions solicited. We cater to the
public and guarantee the best at reasonable prices,
you, want anything in our line remember us." '
-Our own special free delivery to any part of the
large or small.1!
, Corvallis Creamery Company,
Rdkton Health Shoes
u -
Wbep yoi. put on Ralston a
yu can feel sure you've done
Ctebest for your feet in point
of both comfort and style. ;j
Salston shoes are built on a
structural principle worked
mmt from a close study of the
loot as' nature made it.
D'd you ?ver notice how the firm,
eiose-packed sand of a smooth sea
beaeb supports and fits every part
of the footxRalston Health Shoea
fit that way.
Come in and try on a pair.
Corvallis, Oregon
jrir- T
Roman candle
Pin wheels
Et,c, Etc.
s up and