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Tde Cimitii and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion ind O'JEr Iteois of
Public Interest.
Services a: Plymouth Sunday
at 3 o'clock.
Rev. and Mrs. Handsaker are
in Eugene attending the bedside of
the former's father, vho is seriously
"Children's Dav Service" will
le observed at the M. E. church.
South, Sunday at n a. m. At 8
p. tn. ths tegular church service.
Miss Vera Chambers entertain
ed tbe High school class at her
home Siturday evening. Dainty
refreshments were served, ind all
present had a delightful time.
J. A. Gilkey has received
a telegram announcing the death mt
his youngest brother who was acci
dentally killed while engaged in
bridge work on tbe Northern Pacif
ic railroad in Washington.
On Decoration Day there will
foe the usual services in the ceme
tery at Monroe. The services will
begin at eleven o'clock, and will
consist of speaking, music and oth--r
Articles of incorporation have
been filed at the clerk's office" by
the congregation of the Church of
God. I he incorporators are, E.
A. Morgan, J. J. Cady and W. P.
Darby. 'J he church is located in
Jobs addition.
The Memorial sermon to the
Grand Army Post will be preached
by R.ev. E. F. Creen in the Con
gregational church Sunday morn
ine at ii o'clock. The members of
the G. A. R. Post and VV. R. C.
will attend in a body. The public
is earnestly invited to attend.
United Evangelical church.
Sunday morning subject, "Our Du
ties Toward God," the first -of a
.-series of sermons on the Ten Com
:mand merits. Evening subject,
"What Our Flag Stands For," a
service in anticipation of Memorial
Day. C. T. Hurd, pastor.
Congregational chuich. The
-.morning service will be devotea to
he Grand Army and Woman's
.Relief Corps. Sermon and music
, -appropriate to the occasion. Even
ing sermon at 8, "The Ooe Word
that Ruins Thousands. What is
The Ladies of the Congregation --al
church held their regular month
ly missiontry meeting at the home
of Mrs. Martha Burnett, Wednes
day afternoon. Mrs. R. J. Nichols
presided and led the devotional ex
ercises. Mrs. Emile Pernot assist
ed in entertaining. There were vo
cal solos by Mrs. C. E. Peterson,
and Miss Hettie Lilly; a paper by
Mrs. F. Berchtold and a reading' by
Aliss Campbell. There was a re
, port of the association meeting held
at Albany. Light refreshments
were served.
Within the past few days sev
enteen cream separators have been
taken into that section of country
embracing Lobster, Five Rivers
and lower part of Alsea. Many
ranchers in these localities are pre--paring
to enter a branch of the
dairying inJustry and there is con
sider. :ib!
11 petition tor their pro
duct. The ere im is brought to by wagon, in some in
stances neatly 60 miles, and it may
be eispo-erl in' here or shipped by
rail U) other oluls.
A nt;.v eteinu'ry company has
been organized in Corvallis. The
papers are being prepared for pur
poses of incorporation. The offi
cers are, Guy Seeley, president, J.
T. Cresou, vice president, and B.
B. Arnold, secretary and treasurer.
The name of the new establishment
is to be the Corvallis Ice and Butter
Company. The machinery for the
creamery has been ordered and the
building is in preparation. It is to
be located at the present ice works
owned by Seeley, Creson and Ar
nold, and is to be an addition to
that establishment.
Prol". H. T. French visited old
Corvallis ftierds on Tuesday, being
a guest at the L. F. Wilson home.
He was in the Willamette Valley
buying goats, of which he is taking
a carload to Idaho for experimental
purposes. The university of Ida
ho of which he is director of the
experiment station, is much handi
capped this year by 4he loss of its
ddffiir.istration building which was
destroyed by fire in the winter.
The building is to be rebuilt, and
along with it a fine new mining
building, and an agricultural build
ing for Prof. French, the latter of
which is to cost $50,000.
Premiums for Rose Fair.
Lit of premiums at the Rose
Show Jure ist. The entrees will
close promptly at 4 o'clock. Doors
open to tbe public at 8 o'clock.
Class i Best single specimen
roses, ist, $y, 2nd, $1.50. No les
than eight named varieties.
Class 2 Best decorated dicing
table, 1st, $3; 2nd, $1.50.
Class 3 Best collection climbers,
ist, $1.50; 2nd, $ .75.
Class 4 Best set piece, ist, $1.50
2nd, .75.
Class 5 Best artistically arrang
ed vase of roses, ist, .73; 2nd, .50.
Class 6 Best exhibit of wild
flowers by children under 15 years,
ist. .75; 2nd, .50.
Class 7 Bent bouquetofcutflow
ers, i-t. .75; 2nd, .50.
All exhibits must be g own by
the exhibitor, except Class 6.
Eti'iy fee. Classes 1 and 2, each
25 cents.
Classes 3 and 4, 15 cents. Classes
5, 6, 7, 10 cents.
S. O Wa'k'DB nom'nse at the
hands of the prohibition raiy uf
Bpq'.oq equity fir tbe office of state
penator of said couDty, is 29 3 ears
ot age, born in Oregon and for 28
years a retidtn. of Ben on county.
If elected be hereby declaies bim
pelf committed to the following ser
vice. Fits1. To ttudy to become
acquainted with tbe seeds of his
constiueuty. Second To use all
Gd-gtven powers during fe-sion of
legislature to elect U. S. senator as
chosen by people, to maintain and
increase the tfEciencv of our educa
tional in-ti'utloD8 that they may
successfully pursue their work
which bus bt-en and. will be the dc;
teroiloirg of our rapid advancement
la civic improvement, and, at leg
isjitiye S's-uens to oppose, by vote
and lutluenc, all us less and uc
necessary apprcpriationf and graftp,
a id tu strive by all laudibls means
lo.fKcure legislation that will be f ir
the good of nil and u'jt 'or the tole
bei era t of a few, 10 tbe end that the
con an n people may as fur as po
sibie have money to provide house
hold comforts ibruagh iower taxeB
and just government.
Whereas the Village Improve
ment Society of Corvallis and the
Benton County Citizens League
have requested the City Council of
Corvallis to name a day to be set
apart by the citizens of said city to
be devoted to cleaning up the streets,
public grounds, lawns and yards
within the corporate limits of said
city, and
Whereas, by unanimous vote
of the City Council, it was resolved
at a meeting, May 21st that Mon
day the 28th day of May be set
apart as such a day for cleaning up
said city. By authority of said
o "n u u 7lvii
Council I hereby designate Monday ,
the 28th day oi May, 1900, as
cleaning up day and request all
authorities and citizens of the town
to devote this day to cleaning up
and beautifying the city.
Alex Rennie,
Pres. City Council.
A mass meeting to further the
plans of the above proclamation is
called for Thursday night at City
Imported Black Percheron Stallion
55296 Potache 40064
Will mnlrp trip. cpaQon nf inn at
Will maite me Season Or I9OO at
Abbott's feed bam, Corvallis, Ore-
, - . r ' .
Potaclie Was Winner OI ISt prize J
. t i?n:-. ,.. 4- a
01. iuuia i au, lai. ai inuciiwu
Roal Live Stock bhow, Kansas
City; ist at Government Show in
France; also International L,ive
Stock show at Chicago 1904.
Mares from a distance will be
furnished first class pasture. Terms
$25 to insure.
T. K. Fawcett,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Ice Cream at Campbell s bakery
and confectioners7.
Inoculated Red Clover Alaike Rape,
Alfalfa, Speltz White clover and Arti
chokes. Xand plaster, that will double
the yield. See seed at Wellsher &.
Gray's store.
I 1. Brooks.
What Supreme Justice Sullivan
says of Woman Suffrage.
I most earnestly endorse the prir -ciple
of "government by the con
sent of the governed." In Idaho a
constitutional amendment was a
dopted in 1896, at the general elec
tion that year, granting, to women
the equal right or. suffrage with the
men of our state. Since the sdo,
tion of that amendment I have care
fully observed the workings of
woman suffrage in this state, and
am fully convinced that it has been
conducive to the betterment of the
sccial and political conditions of the
people of this state. The women
of Idaho take an interest in the po
litical affairs of the town, city, coun
ty and state, and their influence
therein has elevated the political
standard much in advance of what
it was ten years ago. At our gen
eral elections a very large percent
age of tbe women vote, and woman
suffrage is now favored by a large
majority of the electors if
our state. I most earnestly endorse
it, and sincerely hope that the good
men of Oregon will endorse that
priuciple at your coming state elec
tion by an overwhelming majority.
Yours for woman suffrage, .
Isaac N. Sullivan,
Justice of the Supreme Court.
Boise, Idaho, April 1906.
What kind of corn is best for
Oregon ? Yellow Dent. Who has
it? Zierolf.
A. L Ferringtpn the ,
; From Albany
Thursday. May 3 ist
"' If ybu have any' old carpets
drop a card 'care genera! deli
very, this city, and have him
call and make prices.
Profit by This and Find Safeguard
Aginst Many Ills.
Nothing is more important to Corvallis
than the good health of her people. How
rairtbey fill their place in this busy
town Unless they are well?
No one trouble is responsible for more
nervous ills, sleeplessness, general debil
ity, weakness,' back-ache-, rheumatic
pains, even ill-temper and peevishness,
than indigestion. . , -.
Fortunately a combination of reme
dies, called Mi-o-na stomach tablets, has
been discovered that absolutely cures in
digestion' and. restores to health and
strength ;the whole digestive system. The
use of Mi-o-na is a safeguard against ma
ny illf; it acts directlyupon the gastric
til inds, restores perfect' action to the di
irestive ergans, aids the assimilation of
i( d, and bo strengthens the whole; rii
fsdve system that yon can eat anything
at tiny lime without fear of indigestion.
Just one little tablet out of a 5O cent
t- x of Mi-o-na before meals for a few
f and yon will soon regain perfect
) ' dth and strength, and be able to eat
h thing digestible withont fear ofstom
a '. difficulties.
. reliable is Mi-o-na in ruring all
f' ins of stomach weakness and troubles
li. t Graham & Wells give a signed guar-at-
e tha tbe remedy will cost nothing
ti. less it cures. Mi-o-na sells for 51) cents
si -I is invaluable to any one who suffers
with indigestion, nervousness or week
Mr. J. Mon Foo, an ' experiened
compounder of Chinese medicine"!,
successor to the late Hong Wo
Tong, of Albany, Oregon, is now
prepared to furnish Chinese medi
cine to all. The undersigned rec-
ommends him and guarantees satis-
f . &
Call or write him at No. i7.
West Second Street, Albany, Ore.
Jim Westfall.
Ice and ice cream delivered on
Sunday any part of the city by
Corvallis Creamery Co.
Notice of
Guardian's Sale
of Real
Notice is hereby given that on Saturday, the 9th
day of June, 1906, at tbe hour of two o'clock, in
the afternoon of said day, at the front door of
tbe county court house In the city of Corvallis,
in Benton countv. state of Oregon, I will ofier
I Ior bHle aud seU t0 tne nigfaest bidder tor cash
nhnd. all the rtehtL title, interest and estate
Archibald Johnson, in and to: An undivided
XA interest in and to the following described real
estate. to:wIt: Fractional N E of Sec. SO;
S EJ. of sec. 19: V ! of don. land claim of Cyn-
. thlct E. Johnson, and the heirs at law of John
Feichter. deceased. Not. No. 2171, claim No. 54
Fractional N K of sec. 28; fractional S of
sec. 21; also, beginning at the quarter Bection
corner between sections 19 and '20, and run
thence 8. with section line 49.62 chains to claim
line of claim No. 54; thence with said claim
line toU W corner of said claim NO. 54. thenee
north 23 69 chains to where center line passes
through section 20; thence west 518 chains to
beglunine; also, beginning at N W corner of
John t. lortr donation land claim, and run
thence S. 27 03 chains: thence . 73 chains to
the state road: thence i olio wine alonir state
road N 4 deg. 30 min. E. 27.08 chains ; thence W.75
cnains to Diace oi oeeinnine. ah ot tne above situ
ate, being and lying in township 13 South, Bange
o west oi tne t uiamene m eriaian in isenton
county. Oreeon.
Said sale is made under and in pursuance of a
license and order of Bale made by the county
court of the state of Oregon for Benton county,
on May 10, 1906, In the matter of the guardian
ship of Archibald Johnson, an insane person,
authorizing, licensing and empowering Cyntbia
E. Johnson: as guardian of baid Archibald John
son, insane, to sell the above described real es
tate at pubile auction to the highest bidder for
cash in nand, and to dispose of the proceeds in
the manner prescribed by law,
Dated this May 11, 1906.
Guardian of said Archibald Johnson.
Monmouth State
june 27 10 Aug. 7th aud Aug. 13 to
continuation of Normal instruction and spe il attention to Pjimary Me-
thods with model oupil classc. . -
Faculty of over Tw-nty Instructors
Regular Normal Faculty assisted by noted college and public school educators.
Tuition 1st Term $7.50 2nd $5.
For catalog, summer school cicolar or other information write Pres. E. D. Ressler,
Monmouth. Oregon.
Rememtier Blackledge is Here
We have just received 45TMaI
lable Iron Beds, all prices, from
$2 90 up. One thousand yards
Matting, just in. New wall
Paper just received. Lower
than any house in Benton county
The newjfolding Go-Cartsare
gFor Floors, Woodwork, etc.
We don't have time to change ourjads every week, but
. we sell goods to beat the band. ;. i
Dont buy until you"see our large stock of House Furnish
ing Goods 4 rooms full. Acme Washer.
Remember Blackledge is Here
The Gem Cigar Store
All Leading Brands of. Key West and Domestic Cigars Whist and Poolroom.
Jack Milne, prop.
For every dollars worth of goods purchased at my store yon will
get a ticket entitling you to a chance in the drawing for an elegant
suit case, the more tickets,. the more chances. Drawing to take
place at my store at 4 p. m. Saturday June 9th. The cheapest store
in town to by clothing and mens furnishings.
Corvallis, ;':
Hand Cream Separators.
Hand Cream Seperators sold on $5 months pay
ments. Several different makes. Write yourJname
and address below and send to Independence Creamery
Independence, Oregon; for particulars and information
about the dairy industry.
Name Address
. B.
We are not inclined
writing advertisements
and customers speak for themselves.
6. B.
- - .
Normal School.
Sept. 7th. First six weeks devoted 1
Suit Case
to spend much time in
we prefer to let our goods
Horning '
0. V Galloway
of Yamhill County
Democratic Nominee for Representative
in Congreaf.
The First National Bank of Corval
lis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative tanking "business.
Loan money ou approved ptcu-
.' rity. Drafts bought and sold and
mooey trautferred to the principal
cities of (he Unitsd States, Eu
rope and foreign countries.
,. . . Veterinary Surgeon
O&ce Winegar & Snows Barn
Office Phone Ind 328
" " Bell 441
Resident " Ind 389
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postofBce. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Honrs 10 to
12a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & - ham's drug store.
Zierolf Building1.
Onlv Set Abstract Books in Benton County
Physician & Surgeon -Office,
room 14, BanK BldsJ. Honrsi
lO to la and a to A.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon.
! G. r. farra;
Physician & Surgeon,
Office a? -iciiriii B irajr.t 3-ik
idence oa til jitter i '
Seventht. c 1 i: i . . i
Banking . Company
Corvalus, Oregon
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents.
SEATTLE f California
NEW YORK Afeaar.. J. :. Mr(tan A Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of Tne Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG.-N M Rothschilds A Sons !
CANADA. Unlet- Rank of Canada
Northern Pacific.
2 Daily Trains 2
Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
and the East.
2 Trains Daily 2
Denver, LincolD, Omaha Kan
sas City St. Louis and East,
Four daily trains between Portland and Seattle
PulTrann ! !'' class sleepitig cars. Pullman
Tourist slett'1' cars. Dining cars night and day.
Observation and Parlor cars.
The regular Yellowstone Park B-mte via. Liv
iDgstnn aud Gardiner Mont., the government
otiicial entrance to the Park.
Park season June 1st to September 20th.
See Europe if you will bHt see America first.
8'art right, fcee Yellowstone Rational Park
Nature's greatest wonderland.
Wonderland The famous Northern Pacific
book can be had xor the asking; or six cents by
The Route of the "North Coart Lsmlted" the
Only Electric Lighted Modnrn Train from Port
land to the East.
The ticket office at Portland Is at 255 Morrison
street, corner Third ; A. D. Carlton, Assistant
General Passenger Agent Portland, Or,