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x Toe Comings and Goings of People
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items of
Public Interest.
Mrs. M. P. Burnett and little
sou left Saturday for an extended
visit with her mother in Baker City.
Mrs. George Paul arrived Sun
day for a visit with relatives.
Logan Hays and wife and G.
X,. Paul were among the Portland
ECUTsionists in town for a lew
.hours Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Koha
-and daughter, arrived Friday ev
ening for a short visit with rela
tives.. A license to wed was issued
.Friday last co Frank Follett and
i,aura C. Johnson.
Joseph Emrick, of Portlaud,
has been a Corvallis visitor since
A suit for divorce was filed
"Thursday by Daisy S'evens against
J. E. Stevens. The couple were
married in Nebraska in 1893. Cruel
and inhuman treatment is the cause
First boy My papa knows
more than your papa does.
Second boy I bet he doesn't. Did
you ever see my papa ? His fore
faead reaches 'way back of his
"Papa" was becoming im
patient at the lateness of the boar
when he remarked, "I cant see why
?tfeat young fellow who is calling on
Minnie hasn't sense enough to go
fhome. It's near midnight." "The
dear little brothel" of the family
just then Came in heard his fathers
remark, and ventured some; light
"He can't go, father. Sister's sit
ting on him."
-Tire annual Senior excursion
4o Newport occurred Saturday In
spite of threatening weather an uo
msally large crowd , made the trip.
Albany and Philomath were well
a-epresented and quite a number of
.people drdve from Monmouth to
Corvallis to join the excursionists.
In all, between 500 and 600 per
sons made the trip. The O. A. C.
Jadet regiment band furnished mu
sic At the beach a few persons
went in surf bathing but the major
ity spent the time strolling along
the shore, visiting points of interest
and in gathering great bunches of
beautiful rhododendrons.
.V large crowd attended the ice
cream social at Simpson's chapel
tTiday evening, and the report is
" that the occasion was very pleasant.
VAn.excelJent program was render
ed, that included a reading by Mrs.
E. H. Belknap, vocal solos by E.
H. Belknap, Mr. McCloskey and W.
L Belknap, a mandolin solo by Mr.
McCloskey recitations by Miss Floy
"Hawley, Miss Kyle, Miss Bennett
.-and two children, besides which the
Bellfotmtain band furnished music.
. About 12 gallons of ice cream were
..sold during the evening.
Mr. Christian Schocher and
"Miss Rose Bandi were married in
' Corvallis Thursday evening at the
residence of A. Leder, Rev. C. J.
Beyerlein of the German Lutheran
.church, performing the ceremony.
'The groom is a well known farmer
of Blodgett and the bride had ar
rived from Switzerland the day pre
viaus to the ceremony. Mr.
v Schocher has resided in Benton
-county about twenty years. Two
years ago he visited Switzerland,
iis native land, and at that time
the betrothal occurred.
Monday morning a man occu
piecTa chair in Spencer's barber
shop. His head was bowed in his
' hands. At brief intervals he utter
ed stifled groans that were surely
-laden with human misery, and now
and again the gentleman shuddered
from evident agony. Compassion
filled the hearts of everyone who
entered the barber shop, but the sit
uation was such that none essayed
- to make inquiry as to the troubled
man's identity nor to the cause of
his anguish. Everybody deemed
it best to leave him with his sorrow
or whatever-" might ail him. until
' the pangs of torment should in a
. itneasure run their course. And,
too, there was p. sacrednesi about
. the man' s attitude which forbade
- intrusion. Still, the situation be
came more and more intense until a
gentleman mysteriously motioned
..Spencer through the rear door and
Una low, hushed tone inquired the
rtrouble. - In a like manner Spencer
stated -that the sufferer was Dr.
' "Blank and further said, (the words
' seeming to cling to his trembling
' lips) "he's got a boil on his nose."
Which Gives Rise to Some
Residents of the north-west sub
urbs of the city complain that a
great deal of rubbish is carted frbm
town and dumped in the highways
of their neighborhood. S. H.
Moore is making dire threats against
the practice. Pethaps he may not
go to the extremes to which he
would be justifiable in going, but it
is safe to say that people who make
a dumping ground of the roads
passing his place, would better de
sist. It is unfortunate that everybody
can not have their yards cleaned
up, their trash hauled away, and in
fact have everything done for them
at fome other person's expense, but
such arrangement has not yet been
fully completed. Still, many peo
ple do the next best thing and car
ry their refuse into the street or
county road to bt come an eye sore
to the public. Corvallis has a legal
and common dumping ground and
town residents should have their
rubbish hauled to that place even if
they have to "pay canage. All citi
zens are obligated to society. This
involves a duty, and such duty
should be performed even at some
inconvenience and expense. Any
way, don't try to bury your neigh
bor nor the public, with your back
yard rubbish. When you dump a
lot of trash into a low place in the
street, don't for a moment think,
nor suppose anybody else will think
that you are" benefitting the high
way. Lots of things that we want
cost money, and we can as well af
ford to pay for decency as for any
thing else. So if we have to pay
for having our filth hauled away to
the proper place, let us do so cheer
fully. Premiums for Rose Fair.
List of premiums at the Rose
Show May 31st. The entrees will
close promptly at 4 o'clock. Doors
open to the public at 8 o' clock.
Class 1 Best single specimen
roses, 1st, $3; 2nd, $1,50. No less
than eight named varieties.
Class 2 Best decorated dining
table, 1st, $3; 2nd, $1.50.
Class 3 Best collection climbers,
1st, $1.50; 2nd, $ .75.
Class 4 Best set piece, 1st, $1.50
2nd, .75.
Class 5 Best artistically arrang
ed vase of roses, 1st, .75; 2nd, .50
Class 6 Best exhibit 4 of wild
flowers by children under 15 years,
1st. .75; 2nd, .50.
Class 7 Best bouquet of cut flow
ers, 1st,. .75; 2nd, .50.
All exhibits must be g own by
the exhibitor, except Class 6.
Entry fee, Classes 1 and 2, each
25 cents. ,
Classes 3 and 4, 15 cents. Classes
5, 6, 7, 10 cents.
New Allovers at the Bazaar.
The date of the "Carnival of
Roses" given by the Presbyterians,
is Thursday and Friday evening,
May 31st and June 1st. On Thurs
day evening Rev. Babcock ot Salem
will render several violin selections,
and some of the best local vocalists
will be on the program. Friday
evening the young people will give
the very popular farce, "Aunt
Jerusha's Quilting - Party." This
farce is prepared under the direc
tion of Mrs. Chester Proebstel, and
deserves liberal patronage. Com
mencing at 11 a. m. Friday, they
will serve a chicken pie dinner, and
a good one at 25 cents. At the
Opera House.
Imported Black Percheron Stallion
55296 Potache 4 0064
Will make the season of 1906 at
Abbott's feed barn, Corvallis, Ore.
Potache was winner of 1st prize
at St. Louis Fair; 1st at American
Royal Live Stock Show, Kansas
City; 1st at Government Show in
France; also International Live
Stock show at Chicago 1904.
Mares from a distance will be
furnished first class pasture. Terms
$25 to insure.
T. K. Fawcett,
Corvallis, Oregon.
What kind of corn is best for
Oregon? Yellow Dent. Who has
it? Zierolf.
Ice Cream at Campbell's bakery
and confectionery.
Inoculated Red Clover Alsike Rape,
Alfalfa, Speltz White clover and Arti
chokes. Land plaster, that will double
the yield. See seed at Wellsuer&
Gray's store.
L. L. Brooks.
Notice is hereby given that I will
not pay any bills that are not con
tracted by myself, or on my written
order. Lewis Hartley.
Corvallis, May 19, 1906.
Commencement Exercises of
Public Schools to be
Held Thursday.
The year term of Philomath
public school closed last Friday.
The commencement exercises of
the school will occur next Monday
evening in the college chapel. Supt.
Denman will address the graduating
class and award diplomas- Four
teen will graduate from the eighth
grade. The program will consist
of a salutation, a class history, a
valedictory, and musical selections.
After the exercises of the evening
Prof, and Mrs. Fulkerson will give
a class reception in the commercial
rooms of the college.
Prof, and Mrs. Fulkerson have
been retained s teachers in the
public ichool for another year.
Mrs. Clara Waldo, state, lecturer
of the Grange, returned Monday
morning from Atsea where on Sat
urday she delivered an address in
behalf of the order, before a par
ent's meeting held there by Supt.
Woman's Trials.
The bitter trail in a woman's "life Is to
he childless. Who can tell how hard the
struggle may have been ere she learnt to
resign herself to her lonely lot? The ab
sence of this link to bind marital life
together, the absence of this one pledge
to mutual affection is a common disap
pointment. Many unfortunate couples
become estranged thereby. Even if they
do not drift apart, one may read the whole
extent of their disappointment in the eyes
of such a childless couple when they rest
on the children of others. To them the
largest family does not seem too numerous.
In many cases of barrenness or childr
lessness the obstacle to child-bearing is
easily removed by the cure of weakness on
the part of the-woman. Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription has been the means of
restoring health -and fruttfuhtess to many
a barren woman, to the great Joy I the
household. In other, but rare cases, the
obstruction to the bearing of children has
been found to be of a suTgical character,
but easily removable by painless operative
treatment at the Invalids' Hotel and Sur
gical Institute. Buffalo, N. Y., over which
Dr. Pierce of the "Favorite Prescription"
fame presides. In all cases where chil
dren are desired and are absent, an effort
should be made to-find out the real cause,
since it is generally so easily removed by
proper treatment.
In all the various weaknesses, displace
ments, prolapsus, inflammation and de
bilitating, catarrhal drains and in all
cases of nervousness and debility, Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the most
efficient remedy that can possibly be used.
It has to its credit hundreds of thousands
of cures more in fact than any other
remedy put up for sale through druggists,
especially for woman's use. The Ingredi
ents of which the " Favorite Prescription "
is composed have received the most
positive endorsement from the leading
medical writers on Materia Medica of all
the several schools of practice. All the
ingredients are printed in plain English
on the wrapper enclosing the bottle, so
that any woman making use of this
famous medicine may know exactly what
she is taking. Dr Pierce takes bis,, pa
tients into his full confidence, which he
can afford to do as the formula after
which the "Favorite Prescription" is
made will bear the most careful exam
ination. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
best and safest laxative for women.
Profit by This and Find Safeguard
Against Many Ills.
Nothing ia more important to Corrallis
th-m the good health of her people. How
they fill their place in this busy
10 n unless they are well?
No one trouble ia responsible for more
n.-Tvous ill?, sleeplessness, general debil
i y. weakness, ' bark-aches, rheumatic
pi'is, even ill-temper and peevishness,
ti u indigestion.
Fortunately a combination of reme-di-
s, called Mi-o-na stomach tablets, has
bt -u discovered that absolutely cares in
digestion and restores to health and
strength the whole digestive system. The
use of Mi-o-na is a safeguard against ma
ny ilk ; it acts directly upon the gastric
glands, restores perfect action to the di
gestive organs, aids the assimilation of
food, and so strengthens the whole di
gestive system that yon can eat anything
at any time without fear of indigestion.
Just one little tablet out of a 5O cent
bo of Mi-o-na bffore meals for a few
days, and you will soon regain perfect
health and strength, and be able to eat
anvthin? digestible withont fear ofstom-
! ach difficulties. ' '
So reliable is Mi-o-na in curing all
forms of stomach weakness and troubles
that Graham & Wells give a signed guar
antee thai the remedy will cost nothing
unless it cures. Mi-o-na sells for 50 cents
and is invaluable to any one who suffers
with indigestion, nervousness or week
Mr. J. Mon Foo. an experiened
compounder of Chinese medicines,
successor to the? late Hong Wo
Tong, of Albany, Oregon, is now
t prepared to furnish Chinese medi-
cine to an. ne unaersignea rec
ommends him and guarantees satis
faction. '
Call or write him at No. nj
West Second Street, Albany, Ore.
Jim Westfall.
Ice and ice cream delivered on
Sunday any part of the city by
Corvallis Creamery Co.
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in His House,. "
"We would not be without Chamberlain's
Cough Kemedy. It is kept on hand contin
ually in our home," says W. W. Kearney,
editor of the Independent, Lowry City, Mo.
That is just what every family should do.
When kept at hand ready for instant use, a
cold may be checked at the outset and cured
In much less time than after it has become
jettled in the system. This remedy is also
without a peer for croup in children, and
will prevent the attack when given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even after
the croupy cough appears, which can only be
done when the remedy is kept at hand. For
sale by Graham & Worthan:
Monmouth State Normal School.
June 27 to Aug. 7th and Aug. 13 to Sept. 7th. First six weeks devoted
to special preparation for County and State Exams. Last four wetks a
cominu-.tion of Normal instruction &nd spei isl attention to Pimary Me
thods with model pupil claste-.
Faculty of over Twenty Instructors
Regular Normal Faculty assisted by noted college and public school eduotors.
Tuition 1st Term $7;50 2nd $5.
For catalog, summer school cicular or other information write Prts. E. D. Ressler,
Monmouth, Oregon.
Remember Blackledge is Here
We have just received 45fcMaI
lable Iron Beds, all prices, from
$2 90 up. One thousand yards
Matting, just. in. New wall.
Paper just received. - Lowjar
than any house in Benton county
The newfolding Go-Cartsare
here -;v
For Floors, Woodwork, etc.
We don't have time to change ourjads every week, but
we sell goods to beat the band.
Dont buy until you see our large stock of House Furnish
ing Goods 4 rooms full. Acme Washer.
Remember Blackledge is Here
The Gem Cigar Store
.All Leading Brands of Key West and Domestic Cigars. Whist and Poolroom.
Jack Melne, prop.
$8 Leather Suit Case
For every dollars worth of goods purchased at my store yon will
get a ticket entitling you to a chance in the drawing for an elegant
suit case, the more tickets, the more chances. Drawing to take
place at my store at 4 p. m. Saturday June 9th, The cheapest store
in town to by clothing and mens furnishings.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Hand Cream
Hand Cream Seperators sold on $5 months pay
ments. Several different makes. Write yourname
and address below and send to Independence Creamery
Independence, Oregon; for particulars and information
about the dairy industry.
Name .........: Address"....
We are not inclined to spend much time in
writing advertisements we prefer to let our goods
and customers speak for themselves.
6. B Horning
0. V. Galloway
of Yamhill County
Democratic Nominee for Representative
in Congress.
The First National Binkof Corval-
he, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative laoking business.
Loan money on approved efcu
lity. Drafts bought and sold and
money traneferredto tbe principal
cities of i he United Statep, Eu
rope and f-ireign countries.
Veterinary Surgeon
Office Winegar & Snows Barn
Office Phone Ind 328
" Bell 441
Resident " Ind 389
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Honrs 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & ham's drug store.-
Zierolf Building.
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
Physician & Surgeon
umce, room 14, Bans BIdg. Hoarsi
lO to 12 and 2 to 4.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office a.) tiiri i i 3 irust 3 'i; '
Idence o-T tit zicise : .vim
Seventh jt. em; i ... . u i
Banking Company
Corvaxjus, Orbgon.
Responsibility. $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Boys County, City ad School '
Principal Correspondents.
PORTLAND (riio Bank o
SEATTLE f California
NEW TOBE Messrs. J. P. Morgan St Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The Repub
lic. LONDON, ENG. N M Rothschilds A Sons
CAN AD A .mice Rank of Canada
Northern Pacific.
2 Daily Trains 2
Duluth, Minneapolis, St. Paul
and the East.
2 Trains Daily 2
Denver, Lincoln, Omaha Kan
sas City St. Louis and East,
Four daily trains between Portland and Seattle
Pullman ! fsl class sleeping carp, Pullman
Tourist sleepii.g ciirs, Dlnlngcara night and day,
Observation and Parlor cars.
The regular Yellowstone Park B-ute via. Liv
ingston and Gardiner, Mont., the government
official entrance to the Park.
Park season June 1st to September 20th.
See Europe If you will but see America first.
Start right. See Yellowstone National Park
Nature's greatest wonderland.
Wonderland The famous Northern Paciflo
book can be had Ir the asking or six cents by
The Route of the "North Ooart Lamited" the
Only Electric Lighted Modtvn Train from Port
land to the East.
The ticket office at Portland Is at 155 M orrlson
street, corner Third; A. D Carlton, Assistant
General Passenger Agent. Portland, Or,