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zhe Camings aud uoings ot Feopie
Social Gossip, Personal Men
tion and Other Items oi
Public Interest.
Miea Hlen V. Crawford vieit
ed Albany relatives Situniay.
PendletoD is wide aweke. She
liae voted to pave ten blocks of ber
busioets streets.
Ctl Thrasher left Monday to
attend the funeral of Mayor Ct arlee
Gris?en of MsMionville.
Heory Woribam te at home
II 1 ' J aiLCJ v U nuciuwi' v. . . ...
at Newport.
She We never hear of any
women after-dinner speakers. He
.2o; can't wait until a'ter dinner.
They tell everything they know be
fore dinner. j
Roeehurg Review: The differ
ence between John D. Rocki-felltr
TIT J TU T Rnr.lrori.11er T 19
that the former is an heir apparent
and the latter baa no bair apparent.
Lebanon Express-Advance:
MiS3 B9rtha Wltnoan leiurnea
home yesterday from the O. A. C.
t Carvallis, where she has teen
taking a elx months' coarse in mu-
i .AanmA toanKlnor mn-
-8io the first of next month.
A letter received in Eugene
'trom an Easterner saye: "I am
thinking of locating in Eugene,
but I hear the typhoid fever is rag
ing at that piece so much that the
town is quarantined and trains are
not allowed to Etop, and the town
hat. horl . lis Violnprl ho thfl stftt. '
Albany . Democrat: Maud
Hoffman, an actress with a nation
al reputation, who formerly resided
ia CorvalliH, and has several good
friends in Albany, is said to have
recently declared that when she re
tires from the stage she will be glad
to return to Oregon to spend the
-retraining days of her life.
Ciass work for the spring tprm
- at the college was resumed tcdiy.
Matriculation began yesterday and
up to noon 508 had registered, tl e
number being 63 more than at the
close of the same day lastyear. The
spring enrollment is thus the laig
est by far io the bictory of the col
Mr. aod Mn. Quinlan fxp:ct
to leave Saturday. They are al
ready packing their household f
' fectP, preraraiory to departure.
Tbey go to Hollywood fur a visit
with rditives before Lientecant
WUU:ldU lUlUn UI3 ICilliiCUIi Ufa 1' Ul
r .. : . i . u;. ..... ... I?..-.
AVingaif, New Mexico, in
May. Mr. aod Mre. Currin are to
occupy irir Lous.
The p iff line of the citv wsUr
works bus reached the ) eartof Cor
vallis. As the Times goes to -pres
" the excavators nave passed into Jef
ferson street between Fifth and
Sixth, and expect to complete this
tid of the line by tomorrow night
or early Thursday morning. After
that there is three miles of line to
to 9 put in at tha other end and the
work will be done. Mr. Mitchell
expects to finish it by within 30
-days, cr by May 1st. Engineer
Miller will soon begin construction
of the reservoir.
Eugene Guard: It may be in
teresting to note that Attorney R.
S. Bryson, who has the scarlet fe
ver, contracted the disease by occu
pying a room in the Commercial
Club building as an office, the room
severtl years ago when the build
ing was used as a residence having
been occupied by a scarlet fever pa
tient. Mr. Bryson is secretary of
'i-tia Crm mcrnlfl 1 fMllH anil KoBDnonil
"" """J " -" ru"
a great deal of bis time in that
room. Wben the building was arriv
ed recently to make room for Drf
Paine's fine new brick block' to bta
occupied by the club, it was given
a shaken up, and the scarlet fever
germs which had remained in the
walls were communicated to "Mr.
Bryson, This etory may seem
-strange, but this Is the only explan
ation the physicians can give as to
; how M r. Bryson contracted ihe
'-disease. -
-At a meeting Monday night,
tt. ... ---A i J i- .
the distribution system in Oorvallis
of wood stave pipe, such as has
oeen usea on tne pipe 11ne.1t woum
have cost $8,240 additional to have
built the town mains of steel pipe.
Expenditures and estimates to date
show that building the system of
wood, save half a mile of steel pipe
to be laid on Main street, would
. practically consume all the money
from the bond issue. To have built
a steel distiibution system would
have involved problems the board
could cot well surmount. Besides,
exhaustive investigation of the sub
3 ect has led a large per centage to
i believe the wooden pipe to be
t better than cheap metal. The ord
er for the pipe for the distribution
-vBtem was sent yesterday to the
factory. A ;
, !j7 Born, March 21st, to Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Post a daughter.
i Born, Sunday, to Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Whitney, a ' daughter.
Arthur Lilly 2nd J. C. Lowe
were visitors in Albany Sunday.
Prof. Charles Johnson return
ed Monday from a visit in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilbert of
Salem were guests of Miss Edna Ir
vine over Sunday.
Miss Letha Patton came over
from Albany Friday night for Miss
Pauline Davis' birthday party.
Karl Steiwer of Jefferson was
the guest of "Mundyville" friends
from Saturday until Monday.
C. L- Proebstel returned Mon
day from a seveial days' visit with
his wife io Portland.
Mrs. B. A. Cathey returned
home yesterday from a three weeks
visit in Southern Oregon.
Dr. Lowe, the well known eye
specialist, will be at Corvallis April
the 5th and 6th.
The incoming trains were
crowded yesterday with students
returning from vacation visits.
Mrs. A. L- Knisely and child
ren returned Sunday from a five
months' visit with Eastern rel
atives. Rev. Simpson left Monday for
McMinnville where he is to hold
a series 01 meetings during the
Mrs. John Wells and Mrs.
King of Couer d' Alene, Idaho, left
yesterday for a visit at Toledo. "
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lipton of
Falls City are guests at the home
of Mr and Mrs, -Walter Taylor.
Miss Cecil Erwin was an over-
Sunday visitor at the Chauncey
Barclay home, in Southern Benton.
Ralph Cady, son of J. J , left
yesterday to engage with his broth
er in the laundry business at Day
ton, Washington.
Miss Eva Starr, who has been
confined at home with illness for
over a week, is slightly improved,
but is not able to Jae out.
A? H. Cramer arrived yester
day from Nebraska. He is the son
of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Cramer ot
College hill. He will occupy a
farm tbat he has leased near Belle-
There are no quotations yet
for wool. AH the signs however,
according to the statement of local
dealers, point to good prices again
this season. The figure is not ex
pected to be as high as last year,
but a dealer said yesterday that he
would not be surprised to see the
market start off at 23 or 24 cents.
The foundation on lots at the
N01 tbeast corner of Adams and
Eighth is shortly lo have a building
on it. "c T. H.- Crawford, who re
cently purchased the site from Prof.
Horner will begin building a home
there as soon as the weather settles.
The architect is now at work on a
model for the building.
Mohair is quoted at 29 cents in
the local market. Several very
good lots have been delivered et
that figure. Dealers say the pros
pects and price abroad are. not en
couraging for better figures. : They
add that, because of the prevailing
styles, mohair" is not to enter as
largely as usual into the materials
for ladies' dress good" and that as
a result the demand will be consid
erably lessened.'
Miss Pauline Davis was at
home to her friends on the occasion
of her eighteenth birthday Friday
evening. The guests were enter
tained with marbles and cards.
After lunch was served, Misses Al
len; Cooper and Davis gave a short
vocal arid j Instrumental "program.
Miss DaVis"; guests were;" Misses
Mabel Withycombe, , Mary Danne
man, Letha Patton, of Albany,
Louise Cooper : Mary; Nolan, Edna
Irvine, Juliet Cooper, Bess Danne
man, Edna Allen and Mabel Da
vis; Messrs. Tom Nolan, Charlie
Watts, Cyril Brownell, Sam Da
mon, Lytnan Bundy, Charlie Shen
ofield, Ray Walker, John Withy
combe and Kenneth Cooper.
Workmen have been cutting
away, and pruning the huge maples
at therold Add-on corner, north
across che street from the Presby
terian church. The property pass
ed recently into the hands of S. L,.
Kline who is preparing to build a
home there. The plans for the
building are now under advisement
and the purpose is to begin con
struction as soon as the weather is
favorable. The building is to be
of cottage design with basement for
furnace heat and other conveniences
and with all the living rooms on
the first floor. The building site
comprises two lots. The. old house
now on the spot will, as soon as the
streets are dry enough to permit, be
moved to the north end of town on
lots formerly owned by Sheriff Bur
nett Which have been acquired by
Mr, Kline.
At "Belief ountam.
The politic-il pot tbat ban been sior
raeriog f jr come tim now be
ginning to to 1.
Mr. and M s. Fred C. Waters tf
E miri, are -visiting relatives in this
Bannie O iks arrived home Wed
need ay from P.ntand where he bae
been in thK ho'piiBl fur six weeks
Mr. Wilson aud family have re
turned to their home on Gr-en
Peak, whre tbey expect to reside
in the future.
Charles Perin made a trip to Co:
vallis for Woodcock & Taylor, Wednesday,-.
The b-iiid was agreeably turprir
ed on Tuesday evening, hy the la
dies of this place. Refreshmerts
were served, after which can
dy pulling was the order, at a late
Mr. Sifson and family have mov
d back into this neighborhood.
Mrs. Cox, a t-i-ter of George R.
Iall, is spendicg a few weeks at
Newpoit before returning to her
home in the eai-t.
Forty years ago, Dr. Pierce searched
Nature's laboratory for a remedy with
which to supplant the ignorant and vi
cious methods of treatment, with alco
holic stimulants, then in vogue, and still
too commonly prescribed and advised for
woman's peculiar ailments.
Nature abounds with most efficient rem
edies, and in Lady's Slipper root, Black
Cohosh root, -Unicorn root, Blue Cohosh
root and Golden Seal root, Dr. Pierce
found medicinal properties, which when
extracted and preserved by the use of
chemically pure glycerine, have proven
most potent in making weak women
strong and sick women well: It contains
no alcohol; is not a "patent medicine,"
nor 'a secret one either.
"I was stiff ertng with nervous headache,
pains In the back and dizziness, so that at
times X had to lie down fur hours before I
could raise my head." writes Mrs. Mary M.
Thomas, of 337 Winston Street, Los Angeles.
Cal. "After taking the first bottle of 'Fa
eorite Prescription," however. I was so pleased
with the results that I kept on taking it until
1 1 was restored to health and strength. I
shall never be without this great medicine,
and shall take a few doses when 1 do not
feel strong."
One of the principal uses or Dr. Pierce 3
Favorite Prescription is the preparation
of prospective mothers lor th
trial and danger that 'comes when a child
is born. The "Prescription" is strength
ening and invigorating and lessens pain
.and danger. It insures the perfect
and the perfect health of both
mother and child. Every woman should
I;tsow these things before she really needs
! know them. There are many things in
i'r. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Ad-vi-r.
that every woman ought to know,
i'i'.is ooiebrated work reached a sale of
'. - Cm copies at $1.50 each. The expense
;f production having thus been covered,
it is now being given away. A copy will
! ' svMt to any address on receipt of 21
-"-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing
'.'.(. or. in cloth binding for 31 stamps.
i.:.-oss Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.
n't Be Hoodwinked, h15SS&
. v or-persuaded into accepting a substitute
, ha Original Little Liver Pills, first put
i bv old Dr. R V. Pierce, over 40 years ago,
ti-i cailed Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
:::v'vi been much Imitated but never
. One or two are laxative, three or
... -ailiartic
Publfc concerts owe their Tllrect en
couragement to John Banister, who
had won fame by his playing on the
violin and who succeeded the cele
brated Baltzar as leader of Charles II.'s
L.ind of twenty-four violins. Pepys, In
1 'i entry In his diary for February,
l :i7, tells us the court gossip of the
t'. '.y "how the king's viallin Banister
i.i mad that the king hath a French
i.. m come to be chief of some part of
i'i.i! king's muslque."
T !anlster'3 concerts at the close of the
y ar 1672 were advertised in the Lon-
iv, -n Gazette as follows: "These are to
t re; notice that at Mr. John Banister's
h.ivise' (now called the Mustek School),
over against ; the George... tavern In
White Fryers, the present Monday will
be thnslck performed by excellent mas
ters,". beginning precisely at 4 of the
elock in the afternoon, and every after
noon for th'6 future precisely at the
same hour." -
Four years later oh we read again:
"At the Academy;, in- Little Lincoln's
Inn. Fields win begin the' first part of
the Parley, of.' Instruments', composed
by Mr. John Banister.". ..he admission
was at this time as a rule a shilling.
and these concerts seem to have been
held pretty regularly down to within
short time of Banister's death, which
took place in 1679. Chambers' Journal,
Thia Class of Vehicle First Appeared
In Paris In 1662.
'e omnibus appeared in Paris In
16v 3 a "carrosse a cinq sous" (coach
for t."- "jnce halfpenny), by authority
ot Louxj XIV., under the management
of Pascal, the mystic and philosopher.
Whether this eminent thinker originat
ed the Idea is not clear, but there Is no
doubt that his influence assisted in the
establishment of the service under the
auspices of a royal decree.
Later on these earliest omnibuses
ceased to run owing to lack of support,
and did not reappear in Paris until
1827, when Lafltte, the banker, who
was among the largest proprietors,
was credited with originating the re
vived service. ,
The new coaches started to ply In
London on July 4, 1829, when the first
one left Paddlngton for the Bank of
England, and another ran from the
bank to the Yorkshire Stingo, New
toad. These first British busses were
known from the man who organized
them as "Shiilibeers," and the conduc
tors of the first two are said to have
been the sons of British naval officers.
Three horses drew them, and they cap
rled twenty-two passengers, all Inside
j Practical Shoer & General Blacksmith j
i Prices for general shoe- a Careful attention given
I ing. Setting 25c a shoe, knee hitting, interfering,
I New shoes $1.50 ahorse. I lameness. Treatment I
I No 6 and over $2. I without extra charge. I
emember Blackledge is Hero
We have just received 45 Mai
lable Iron Beds, all prices, from
$2 90 up. One thousand yards
Matting, just in. New wall
Paper just received. Lower
than any house in Benton county
The new folding Go-Carts Jare
For Floors, Woodwork, etc.
Wedon't have time to change our ads every week, but
we sell goods to beat the band.
Dont buy until you see our large stock of House Furnish
ing Goods 4 rooms full. Acme Washer.
Remember Blackledge is Here
Glothin and Shoe Store
First we buy our clothing from the factory, we get
the same prices as the city stores.
Second it costs us about one-tenth asmuch to run our
store as the city ones and we save you that differ-
r ence which is from $2 to $6 per suit.
Third we have the best makes of ready-to-wear clo
thing. A. K. RUSS
we are not inclined
writing advertisements
and customers speak for
G. B Horning
Sure Pop
You will always find us up and coming
c and our prices reasonable.
' FOR . k. ..
Boots and shoes for men, women and children, hats.
caps, underwear, everyday and Sunday shirts
ladies skirts, mens and boys suits in fact;;
things to numerous to mention,
A fine line of groceries, crockery and everything that
is needed in a grocery department
For Moses Bros quick delivery wagon. Listen for the
bell and you will find there is something doing
is the Best
. &
to spend mucn time in
we prefer to let our goods
themselves. -
B rotifers
The First National Bank of Corval
lis, Oregon, transacts a general
conservative ranking business.
Loan money on approved secu
rity. Drafts bought and sold and
money traosferredto tbe principal
cities of the United States, Eu
rope and foreign countries.
Veterinary Surgeon
Office Winegar & Snows Barn
O&ce Phone Ind 328
" Bell 441
Resident " Ind 389
Physician & Surgeon
Office over postoffice. Residence Cor.
Fifth and Jefferson streets. Hours 10 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m. Orders may be
eft at Graham & - -ham's drug store.
Zierolf Building.
Only Set Abstract Books in Benton County
Physician & Surgeon
Office, room 14, BanK BIdg. Hoorn
IO to 12 and 2 to 4.
Phone, office 83. Residence 351.
Corvallis, Oregon.
E. R. Bryson,
Physician & Surgeon,
Office stairs i a 3 itn'X Brick
idence oa tS-s cjrier j;" iilmi
Seventh it. Pin; i u, i
C. H. Newth,
Physician and Surgeon
Philomath, Oregon.
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in His House.
"We would not be without Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It is kept on hand contin
ually in our home," says W. W. Kearney,
editor of the Independent, Lowry City, Mo.
That is just what every family should do.
When kept at hand ready for instant use, a
cold may be checked at the outset and cured
in much less time than after it has become
settled in the system. This remedy is also
without a peer for croup in children, and
will prevent the attack when given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even after
the croupy cough appears, which can only be
done when the remedy is kept at hand. For
sale by Graham & Vortham:
Banking Company
Corvallis, Oregon.
Responsibility, $100,000
Deals in Foreign and Domestic
Bays County, City and School
Principal Correspondents
The Bank o
NEW YORK Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Co.
CHICAGO National Bank of The Repub.
- Ho.
LONDON, ENG. N M Rothschilds A Sons ;
CAN AD A . Untcc Bank of Canada
In the circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton County.
Myrtle Benson, Plaintiff,)
John T. Benson, Deft. )
To John D. Benson, the above named defend
ant: Iu the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby summoned and required to appear and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff In the
above entitled suit In the above entitled court,
now on file in the office of the clerk of said court
on or before iii- lat day of the time prescribed
in the order fur publication of this summons
made by the county judge of Benton county,
state of Oregon which order Is hereinafter re
ferred to to-wit, March 23d. 1906, and you are
hereby notified that If you fall so to appear and
answer the said complaint as herein required,
for want thereof the plaintiff will apply to the
above entitled court tor the relief demanded in
her said complaint, namely, for a decree ot
divorce from the said defendant forever f issolv
lng the marriage contract existing between the
plaintiff and Said defendant, and for such other
further and different rule, order or relief, as to
the court may seem proper.
This summons is published In the Corvallis
Times once a week for six successive and oon
secutive weeks, beginning with the issue of
February 9, 1906., and ending with the issue ot
March 23, 1906, under and In pursuance of the
directions contained in an order made by the
Hon. Virgil E. Walters, county Judge of Benton
county, Oregon, being the county where the
above entitled suit is pending in the above en
titled circuit court, dated February 8, 1906.
Date of first publication hereof is February
1906. E. E. WILSON,
Plaintiffs Attorney.