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    No Reserve
No Reserve
l rS ,'v. :
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No Reserve
Corvallis Times
Official Paper of Benton County.
The exposure by Lincoln" Steff
ens of the motives and influences
that control the American senate
make interesting reading jti t now,
when there is a movement itf Ore
gon to prevent the selection of; sen
ator by direct vote, as is now" pos
sible under the Primary law... .In
language so plain that it cannot be
misunderstood, Mr. Steff ens charg
es that the senate is in reality, he
agent and champion of rich express
companies, . railroad companies, of
syndicates and combines and that
it legislates in the interest of these
rather than for the benefit of the
people. In fact, some of the sena
tors have admitted to Mr.Steffens
the very things he charges against
them as will be seen in an article on
the first page . of this paper. , The
exposure makes 'it important that
the primary law with reference to
direct vote for senator be adhered
to in Oregon by requiring legisla
tive candidates to sign statement
number i. With Oregon thus lead
ing the way the other states will
soon adopt similar plans, , and in.
but a little while all the senators
will have to run the gauntlet of the
people which will mean that the
senate will soon be purged of
trust agents and corporation law
yers like , the Depews, the Plattsj
the Aldriches, " the Forakers, the"
, Elklns and all the others of their
If his friends are urging Victor
Moses to again allow the use of his
name for county clerk, it is no
more than might have been expect
ed. " No man who - has served as
county.clerk has been more capable,
more painstaking, or more oblig
ing. Both as a private citizen and
as a public official, he has been all
his constituents could have desired,
A Startler at
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Sale Commences
Saturday, Mar 24.
and the consequence is that they do
not wish him now, as he proposes,
to retire from: his position, but to
stand for re-electjLqn. There .is no
better way, to promote the interests
of, the county,; as .well as , to encour
age faithful, service, than ' by elect
ing and reflecting to office as faith
ful an official as Victor Moses has
been. . ' . ;, .
; Grand Display. ,
Fine display ' of millinery next
Thursday" and Friday- at Mrs. J.
Mason's. .
j For Sale.
- Section 23, Kings Val
ley at $2 . 50 per acre.
X. B. Lyons,
a-; Craftonville, Calif.
' The S. P. is selling round trip tickets
between Corvallis and Portland for $3,
good going Saturdays or Sundays and re
turning Sunday or Monday following,
either on West or East side, bnt good on
ly on afternoon' train from ' Albany to
Portland on Saturdays if East side is tak
en. '. Passengers to pay local fare be
tween Corvallis and Albany.
For' Sale.
r Vetch and Cheat and Clover hay;
White seed oats. : "
Also one fine M." B.' torn. '
. T. A. Logsden.
Ind. phone 55, Mf.: View line.
Notice to Bidders. . ; -
Sealed bids will be received' by ' .the
sewer committee until, six o'clock pi m,
February 16; 1906, for the " construction
of a sewer through blocks 14? 15 and 16
N. B. & P.Avery's Addition to the; city
of Corvallis. according to the plans and
specifications oii file! In the office of the
Police Judge. The right is reserved to
reject any and all bids. ' ,
- Geo. E. Lilly.
. R.. H. Colbert.
P. Avery. , .
' Sewer Committee.
One Dollar Saved Represent .' Tea
- "'Dbllape' Kariied. . j 1
The average man Joes not save to exceed
ten per cent of his earnings. .'He must spend
nine . dollars , in . Hying expenses for every
dollar saved, ,, That being the case he can
not be too careful, about unnecessary ex
penses. ' "Very often a few cents properly in
vested' like buying edsfbr bit garden, will
save several .dollars outlay later on. It is
the same in buying Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It cost
but a few cents, and a bottle of it in the house
often saves a doctor's bill of several dollars.
For sale by Graham & Wortham.
Greatest, Grandest and most Stupendous Sale of
But Has Not Accepted Coun
ty Clerk Moses and His , '
Constituents, v
So far, the democrats are without
a candidate for county .clerk. In
short, no man among them is a
seeker after office. The function of
the late gathering of , their clans
was to awaken inthem a willingness
to allow their names to be used.
From the very .first it has' been the
understanding ...that County Clerk
Moses did not wish a re-nomination
His friend?, both democrats and re
publicans, in all parts of the county
have urged him to stand for. re
election. . In all cases. : he ha.s re
turned the invariable answer that
he is not and does not wish to be in
the fight. ,; At the democratic meet
ing Friday evening, he was further
urged to allow his name to be used
for clers. He has made an exem
plary official, and his . friends real
ize that his record is , such as to
make him almost invincible, if he
enters the field. The vote, . asking
him to go on the ticket was unani
mous and enthusiastic. Speeches
in his. favor, and referring to his
splendid work as an official were
greeted with enthusiastic, applause.
The meeting adjourned, however,
without an acceptance from , him,
There has been no acceptance since.
At the meeting, he made a brief ad
dress, .thanking' his i friends of all
parties for their support In the past
He . ; said: ; This evening,
while we . are gathered here in
an informal way . to plan for the
general welfare of , the local democ
racy, I trust that a few words from
one of your servants will no( be out
of place." "There are7times, when
men who are public servants should
render to those who reposed confi
dence jnf hem, an acconnt of their
stewardshipr-this is an occasion of
that kind. The honors you have
conferred Upon me, I have endeav
ored t wear with becoming modes
ty, and with a consciousness of my
faults and short " comings; the re;
sponsibilities you have entrusted to
me, I have met and discharged, to
the best of my. ability, and yet not
my ability alone, but I have had',
and been upheld by your support
and; constant rco-bpefation; I have
tried at all times to meet these re
sponsibilities and measure: up to
these requirements, in the letter as
well as in the spirit; the confidence
Son's that will bring Men
you reposed in me I have been care
ful not to betray, either in the small
or more important interests commit
ted to me. .
. That the work of my office might
have been done better I will not de;
ny; but in all I have sought to do
my best, In my official acts, I have
known, no man, not party, but all
men and all parties. The office you
gave me by your suffrage, and the
assistance;of my friends of the other
political parties in the county, , and
the honor conferred upon me in
such act, I have . sought to merit,
ind I expect to retire fromjthe office
of clerk at end of this - term, fally
trusting that not one who gave, me
his vote, has ever had j occasion to
regret such act. ; The honor of hav
ing been your servant, I will always
cherish, , - t
1 1 feel that whatever may be pref
erence of my friends, or the politic
al views of those who have voted
for me, I have this consciousness,
that I have not doneoan act to gain
a friend; but have so acted as to
merit the good will, confidence and
friendship of every man.
.;. Dry Slab Wood.
At the Corvallis sawmill,' delivered
anywhere in' town per load, cash
on delivery. feb27-lm.
. - ' ' For Sale. -
Defiance Seed Wheat extra good.'
Seven.ty five, , cnts per bushel. ,
: , Address F. M.Sharp, .
r - j , , Corvallis, R. F. D. 1.
Seed is at the farm, known as the
chpll place, , at Granger., ,;
j ; a A. Spring ' Opening. ;
..?Come and see my fine display of
pattern hats and .up-to-date milli
nery. Thursday, and Friday, Mar.:
22 and 23. z
v ; v 4 Mrs. C. A. Gould.
Always Keeps Cnamberlain'e Congh
Remedy .In Hie .House." ! 5
;"We would not be without Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. : It is kept On hand contin -Ually
in bur home," says Wi!W. Kearney,
editor of the Independent, Lowry City, Mo.
That is just what every family , should do.
.When kepi at' hand ready for instant use, a
cold may be checked at' the Outset and cured
in much less time' than after it has become
jettled in the system, This remedy , is also
without a peer, for croup in children, and
will prevent' the' attack when given as soon
as the child becomes hoarse, or even after
the croupy cough appears, which can only be
done when the remedy is kept at hand. For
sale by Graham & Wortham, ' , -
Circuit Court Meets Next Week List
of Cases on the Docket.
Mary E. Coon, T. M. Coon et al
plaintiff, versus A. L. Coon, Defen
dant suit for sale of real property.
' Thos. Whitehorn, J. W. Ingle et
al, plaintiff versus W. G. Emery,
P. Avery et al, defendant suit injun
ction. Laura Burr plaintiff versus Agnes
C. McElroy and J. C. McElroy,
defendants. For confirmation of
sale. ' ' " , : ' V '
Catherine Boehringer, plaintiff
versus Oregon & California railroad
Company, The Farmers Loan &
Trust Co., corporations, defend
ants. Suit.
The State of Oregon, plaintiff,
versus, Chas. M. Kline, Merwin
McMaines, Jack Milne and John
Doe whose true name is unknown,
defendants. . Appeal from J. P
Court.. ; -
The State-of Oregon, plaintiff,
versus Chas. M. Kline, and Jack
Milne, defendants. Appeal from J.
P. Court.
The . State of Oregon, plaintiff,
versus Chas. M. Kline, Merwin
McMaines, Jack Milne, dependents.
Appeal from J. P. Court, ,
The State of .Oregon plaintiff,
versus Chas.' M. Kline Menvin
McMaines arid C. C. Geer, defend
ants. ' Appeal from J. P. Court.
James Lv Lewis,, plaintiff,' versus
Spencer Bicknell, defendant." Act
ion for damages.
Plutarch Lewis, plaintiff, versus
Almeda Lewis, defendant. Suit
divorce.' J V ...
Myrtle Befison7 plaintiff, versus
John T. Benson ; -' defendant! Suit
rThe State of Oregon, plaintiff,
versus " Carl ; Pressley , defendant.
Recog'.:- --.r.' "h!.:
t Cecil. I. Turner, plaintiff, versus
Bert .burner, defendant. Suit di
vorce. ---" 1
Albert Kemp, plaintiff, versus
Martha A. Kemp, defendant. Suit
divorce. 'ff-rn , . . .
R. V. Moore,, plaintiff, versus M.
May Moore, defendant. : Suit di
vorce. . ' ; ';' " ' '
R. E. Fawver, plaintiff,' versus
John W. Fawver, defendant. Suit
, Nettie Carden, plalntuf, versus
Everett Carden, defendant. Suit
No Reserve
. Amy A. Humiston, plaintiff, ver
sus Curtis Stimson and Lettie Stim
son, defendants. Suit.
Geo. W. Parker, plaintiff, versus
W. H. James, defendant. Action
for damages.
Mehala Stewart, Jehial Stewart,
Lafayette Stewart and Melissa Mc
Mahan, plaintiffs, versus Henrietta
Randall, defendant. Suit to set
aside deed. 1
- Rape seed for sale
cents per pound.
at Kline's; 7
Hay for Sale.
Good cheat.
Inquire of M. M.
For County Recorder.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the democratic nom
ination for the office of county re
corder, subject to the decision of
the voters, at the primaries April
Hari,ey L. Haia.
Competent girl to assist in gener
al housework.
" Apply to Mrs. A. Wilhelm,
Monroe, Or.
51 Ceota Per Setting
For egge. Beet brown Leghorns.
J. B. Irvine, Corvallis.
City or country work, country a
specialty;" reasonable rates. Inde
pendent phene. 852, or 362. En
quire of J. R. Smith.
. , Read, Fullerton .& Hubler,
Oak wood, stove lengths,
at Saw Mill Co. : I '
Order Seeds Now.
T Red "Clover : AUike, Alfalfa, Rap
Speltz and Artichokes. I can furnish
inoculated seeds and land plaster, that
will double the yield. See sample of
seed at Wellsher & Gray's store.
Wanted 80 ton Vetch seed lor May
shipment. ' : .
" - L. L, Brooksv